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-25% engulfing weekly candle
>volume increase on selling
This dump is bullish guys!!!!

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It literally is bullish though. This is a bear trap, retard.

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im going long for the monday pump. it always pumps on monday.

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just like last monday rite

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This is obviously over, but I'm hoping for a crab at least, not an eternal dump

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Sure.. kek

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they keep believing kek

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based and checked

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It's over. Open shorts while you still can

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There's nothing to check...

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>This dump is bullish guys!!!!
I am unironically investing in my long term ability to accumulate BTC more than ever right now

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look at ethusd monthly

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>descending wedge with bullish divergence forming on multiple timeframes is not bullish

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go back retard

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Are u retarded?

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Delete that you tard, we need to gobble up the shorts for the rocket, don't tell them.

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Get out

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This month’s candle isn’t even as big as the one we had at the end of January...

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it's time to accumulate
alt season is coming!

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kys u fucking demihuman and never comeback

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high quality bait kek

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Newfag here, isn't this shit just going to dump even more tomorrow & tuesday just like last week? Or do you guys think it's bottomed out right now?

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Fuck off faggot r*dditor
Go join the 41%

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>This dump is bullish guys!!!!
It actually is. And oh what a big surprise.

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>charting stamp data
i see you fren

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why bullish?
we are going to 39k
and 18 usd x Link

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nice digits

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>based and checked
this just tells you how many newfags are in the game now

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Will probably dump more with stock market. That's correcting a bit as well. Check futures tomorrow..

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Checked and based fellow Redditor!

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Redditchad, I kneel...

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Hopium thank you

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WTf newfag it’s not a get

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alt season will come in autumn at the earliest

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Is the only market you pay attention to crypto? There's a reason for this sell off and its not over.

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based and redpilled

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are you insecure your shorts will get completely liquidated, like all the previous dips?

are you afraid you'll be a nocoiner all the way to 200k USD?


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haha, i like this one, he can stay.

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based on what?

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More like 15k-ish, but after one more peak.

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>More like 15k-ish, but after one more peak
>after one more peak

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I mean not necessarily, but if you look at the monthly trend for how much support was rising and exclude the bull run, this would go in line for the bottom for next month. Would be higher if it crabs more than crashes.

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>It literally is bullish though. This is a bear trap, retard.

Buy the dip so I can unload by bags reeee

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Oh, you meant why the peak, if you zoom out a bit it doesn't seem that steep of a rise to me to be unsustainable, needs one more large pump, not saying I'm certain, but that's what I expect.

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Granted that's if you don't zoom out even more.

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The Nasdaq will drag crypto down with it this week

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Literal, unironic delusion

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OP is literally committing a felony by speculating on unlicensed securities. I'm not saying this for upvotes or karmatic gains, but rather to save all of you from federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison. The smart play here would be to make a comprehensive list of all your felonious transactions, report to your local IRS field station tomorrow morning and please ignorance. Wearing your Sunday best would not hurt either.

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>engulfing weekly candle
what does it mean

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