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$1-5k range... is there any unironic opportunities still out there or have the space shuttles already launched for Elysium?


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You could afford a suicide stack of ALBT

Partnered with LINK & QNT

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10k NOIA you subhuman trash
Told you already in the last thread

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bump (this is not a financial advice btw)

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try mobit global

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not sure what the size of a SENT make it stack is but it's still relatively affordable at $.015 despite all the gains.

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Just bought a stack of eRSDL...entire market is crashing, eRSDL is mooning...

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It's a long term play don't expect instant moon. You will make it though fren

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Honestly $Aergo if you look at their backing and FA. Nothing meme tier. Also, once their partnership with Samsung gets more developed things will go hard fast

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SALE suicide stack is pretty small because of the amount of tokens. Grab a bag. Gonna pump in 3 hours with the Matic integration

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ASKO suicide stack is about $1k.

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With $5000 you can buy 12500 Fantom.
That will be $125000 in a year/next bull run.
You should also stake. If you stake that for 1 year you get 264 fanties per month (3,169 in a year) which will be 30000 american dollars.

Also, insider info, throw $1000 into REQ.

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DFT. At least click the thread and read. A suistack is merely 100 DFT.

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this gif really fucks with me

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Do your research.

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not financial advice

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FTM will probably dump hard during the bear market, like 70-90%

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ADA. Announcement tomorrow too.

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It's funny how everything suggested is way off it's ath indicating bag holders wanting to unload. Algo hbar xrp albt blah blah blah

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That's actually interesting. Such a small market cap that a sui stack is unironically possible even for a minimum wagie.

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nice trips anon
this NOIA Syntropy shit looks like a legit long term project

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XMR if you can wait 10 years

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didn't the FTM blockchain just shit a brick? some validators are still offline
Even Mark Cuban sold his stack kek

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Yep FTM is dead. But FTM has their marketing team shilling /biz/. Don't buy that shit.

Careful there. LTC is promising privacy. It's over for monero if true.

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All in on Monero.

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Get in on BAT while you can. Still under .50 and recovers better than any other alt. $20-50 End of 2022

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Fantom holder here when did Mark Cuban ever buy ftm? News to me.

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go all in on ASKO. If people did actual research you'd see the easy potential

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kek did you not know that the network consensus protocol was dead for 7 hours too?


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This Gif is real?

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Try for a 10k LTO

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>some validators are still offline
???? source?
it was down for 7 hours but they fixed. it shouldn't happen again.

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for fuck's sake biz why do I have to spoon feed these uninformed new fags


>downtime 265788 seconds

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do some research regarding orbiv2. very low market cap.

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>Careful there. LTC is promising privacy. It's over for monero if true.

just be a chad and hold both, whichever one wins will more than double and more than cover losses even if the loser goes to zero

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5k into ROSE

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As people have said, HBAR

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Dude, keep quiet on syntropy.

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