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https://wiki.techxodus.org/ (welcoming contributors)


>Ron Braxman on the dangers of big tech (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED VIEWING):

>The Cuck List (companies and people to boycott):

>Website for finding alternatives (always favor free & open source) (read comments and reviews):


>School principal suspended after teaching students about Big Tech censorship

>Government Demands for Amazon Data Shot Up 800 Percent in 2020

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Buy Monero.

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Bump supporting the cause

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cab you elaborate on your image instead of just posting a bunch of logos???

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Based /pol/biz/raelite.

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I'll bump for the cause as well

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Can you read the wiki instead of asking pointless questions?

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Good topic OP. Shame I'm too far in iOS to give it up. I suppose I could make it purely my FEHeroes phone.

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Shit. Just found Paradox Interactive in the boycott list. Guess I'll torrent from now on.

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What do you mean too far in? Android phones function mostly the same way, except you can remove the spyware.

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>checks out peertube
>page loads up full of half naked women and videos of why it's okay to be a pedophile
uhhh kys FBI glownigger, Bitchute is based the only place that lets you openly call out the lolocaust and hosts the Christchurch shooting

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definitely don't give bitchute any of your money. I don't know how good bitcoin is as an investment, but bitcoin is an enemy of freedom and anonymity.

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Peertube is software you idiot. There is no one single instance, there are 500+ and anyone can self-host one and choose who to federate with.

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>Bitchute is based the only place that lets you openly call out the lolocaust
Also, no. They censor holocaust denial among other things now.

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even if you go look through the instances half this shit is french pornography faggot

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So? It's still just software you stupid idiot. It's the only truly decentralized alternative to youtube.

Also you're a complete moron who can only look at an OP image, and ignore the information that actually matters.

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So, I'm going to run a binary to access a search engine, and have to run a server from my house? Lmao, I'll stick to google.

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That's one way of admitting you're an illiterate moron. Keep licking those corporate boots though.

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Enemy = kill

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NAYRT, I'll elaborate on those I know.
Mastodon is a free (as in freedom) collection of programs that allows you to make your own Twitter-like websites and services. Someone hosts a Mastodon instance, often themed around something (ie. technology, anime), and people can browse it using programs known as clients (can be a website, an android/ios app, etc.).
Mastodon instances are particularly popular in Japan. The four biggest instances are Japanese AFAIK.
Anyone can run a Mastodon instance, and you can use an account from one instance to connect to others.
PeerTube is a video-sharing platform that is built around the torrent protocol, This means that instead of downloading videos from the owners' servers (like on Youtube), you instead get it from other users. Its purpose is to avoid a single point of centralization that can delete or block videos at will.
Searx and the other one are search engines. You use them to search for stuff on the web, just like you do with Google. Except there is no Google, and anyone can run its own Searx instance. I'm not sure how it works for giving you results, or if they are specific to each instance. I'm not familiar with the other one.
Don't think I need to explain bitcoin.
Monero is a secure, low-fee and private cryptocoin. I personally really like this coin because it has good fundamentals. Either way, both Monero and Bitcoin are recommended there because they're decentralized solutions to problems that required a centralized solution beforehand.
ungoogled-chromium is a Chromium fork that focus on removing any integration with Google services. It's fantastic by itself and I recommend using it on Debian.
Likewise, LibreWolf is a fork of Firefox built with data collection disabled (Firefox, in contrast with their marketing campaigns, do collect a lot of data by default).

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No, thanks.

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>only true decentralized alternative
jesus christ you fediverse faggots always crying about muh decentralization, meanwhile the product is garbage and used by borderline criminal pedophiles predominantly

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So why enter this thread, corporate cattle?

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>no arguments
>y-you faggots! t-this free product early in development is garbage! a-and only used by criminals and pedophiles[citation needed]!!!
I get it, you're a complete moron. Time for you to swallow your pride and move on.

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>recommends you watch a video on odysee
>doesnt shill odysee instead of jewtube

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>no arguments
these products are only adopted by criminals and retards
>here use this federated porn network to organize political opposition
goodluck with that, meanwhile the wiki recommends you use cancer like Signal that was literally approved by the CIA. keep larping as a cyber warrior

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To read through your argument of course and arrive at my own conclusion. I have no problem with the amount of information I provide to these companies. I never use my real name/address/phone number, am always browsing with a VPN, and never make purchases online except for with XMR. I think that the "security" I would gain by taking the next step and joining some bullshit instanced p2p service would be greatly outweighed by the annoyance and lack of content. I understand it's probably fun as a hobby or whatever but just seems pointless lol.

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>only looks at the OP image
>doesn't read the wiki

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What's wrong with Brave?

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>these products are only adopted by criminals and retards
A claim which you cannot prove. This just further highlights your stupidity.
>meanwhile the wiki recommends you use cancer like Signal that was literally approved by the CIA
I sure do love it when tech-illiterate morons like you think they know what they're talking about.

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nigger fuck off back to /g/ or /pol/

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>I have no problem with the amount of information I provide to these companies
Because you're corporate cattle.
>am always browsing with a VPN
And evidently, you're a complete moron too.

VPNs barely do anything and have a very specific legitimate use-case. You are retarded for thinking they protect you on the internet.

>I think that the "security" I would gain by taking the next step and joining some bullshit instanced p2p service would be greatly outweighed by the annoyance and lack of content
You're also completely missing the point of the movement, moron. By all means keep contributing to the monopoly like the sheep you are.

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not gonna click your cp link buddy

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Google analytics.
Encourage you to watch ads for scamcoins.
Can't even withdraw said shitty scamcoins without handing over all your personal information.
Ungoogled Chromium is better in every way.

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I understand the morality behind it, but it doesn't matter. 4 billion people are using the internet with absolutely no conciousness about their privacy, and always will, which is more than enough to ensure supremacy of these mega-corporations. Feel free to continue doing it for yourself, but drop the "w-w-we can make a difference if we all use this Decentralized-instanced-peer to peer-torrent based video sharing information platform" argument. It just isn't true. Esoteric and/or illegal discussions necessitate platforms like this. Me watching YouTube videos about cars and Runescape does not.

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Cry more idiot.

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>don't know what i'm talking about
>literally funded by a CIA spinoff
I sure do love it when tech-illiterate morons like you larp as tech literate ones.

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Already answered your earlier post, idiot. Morons like you will always be morons, too stupid to even use software that allows you to utilize big tech without letting your data get harvested.

Keep thinking your shitty little VPN "protects" you, idiot.

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This list is shit. Glowbait thread Brave and BAT for the win. Everyone else go fuck themselves. I'm out.

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I am so fucking deep into Google and MS I can't get out bros I just can't I am sorry but my future is a centralized sheep being milked to death by Big Tech I am so so sorry

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You aren't making a difference for anyone but yourself, and that is why I will never completely move to platforms such as these listed. Drop the "corporate cattle" line as well, very fucking cringe. I get that you run LFS and type on an IBM keyboard and think you are a warrior, but I promise you will grow out of it. Most oldfags here came from /g/ and grew out of the same phase you are going through 6+ years ago.

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>literally funded by a CIA spinoff
Meanwhile the Signal encryption protocol is still yet to be cracked and is considered the gold standard by just about every cryptography expert, and it now has a userbase of 60 million, making it an increasingly viable alternative for those looking to drop Whatsapp.

Idiots like you will always cry about things you have 0 understanding of. That's what makes you stupid.

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Nah, you're just a moron.

>> No.29929061

>muh signal encryption
oh gee the CIA can't break Signal's encryption, no shit sherlock, they can only do a million other things to get your data. But what's it matter if the company that makes Signal is a spinoff of theirs? They have the source code anyway.

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>You aren't making a difference for anyone but yourself
It's a movement anyone is free to take part in, but well beyond corporate cattle idiots like yourself.
>Drop the "corporate cattle" line as well, very fucking cringe
Thanks, now I'm further incentivized to use it.

What's wrong, cattle? Are you sensitive to being labeled exactly what you are? A braindead farm animal for the elites? You are 100% corporate cattle, and a complete moron to boot.

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>they can only do a million other things to get your data
You cannot escape the NSA no matter what you use, moron. Signal just happens to be one of the best messaging apps with widespread adoption.
>But what's it matter if the company that makes Signal is a spinoff of theirs?
You're not even coherent here, moron.
>They have the source code anyway.
The source code is open and licensed under GPL, idiot.

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take your meds, schizo

>> No.29929356

Wow, I had no idea there were so many people out there who care so much about my freedom that they without any thought in the back of their head made all these free platforms for me to consume.

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go back to /pol/

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>no argument
No problem, idiot. Keep being the corporate cattle you are.

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How about you go back to whatever subreddit you came from, cuck?

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I'm with you on not using shit tier norman sites and all, but then you throw this weird boomer schizo list of "traitor" companies in there....weren't you just implying that you don't trust this country/agree with the powers that be facilitating the use of our data en masse? But then you turn around and post some gay "traitor" list because you feel like they have betrayed your beloved cuck country? Which is it?

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unless you're living in a cabin innawoods they got you by the balls. the only argument against win10, for example, is that it's slow and bloated as shit. keep being autistic though, it's a free country and you're free to choose the services which you like

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>you cannot escape the NSA
you're the one who even brought up encryption, retard.
>you're not even coherent
what's not coherent? I'm asking you, why does it not matter that signal is linked to the CIA?
>the source code is open
oh okay so I'm just supposed to trust there's no backdoors and the people working on it who are on the CIA's bankroll are just being good ethical engineers

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what's wrong with DuckDuckGo? no mention of it in the wiki, I use it with Opera

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Runned by a leftists subhuman who is intolerant of anyone who disagrees with him.

>> No.29929723

>you're the one who even brought up encryption, retard.
You're the one who cried about Signal without understanding what you're talking about, idiot.
>what's not coherent? I'm asking you, why does it not matter that signal is linked to the CIA?
First learn basic english before making your next post, idiot.
>oh okay so I'm just supposed to trust there's no backdoors and the people working on it who are on the CIA's bankroll are just being good ethical engineers
You could also trust people far more intelligent and tech-literate than you examine the source code, but seeing as you think you're a genius, I guess that would be too much to ask.

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Based thx anon

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No, I own stock in big tech

>> No.29929792

>they got you by the balls
No, moron, there are still plenty of ways to escape the prism, you're just trying to cope with your personal dependence on big tech.

For example, Ungoogled Chromium is a braindead easy choice over Google Chrome, because it's the same browser without all the google telemetry.

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anything peddled by /pol/ these days is never gonna make it

>> No.29929968

Mastodon is software. Nobody "runs" it.

Poa.st is a Mastodon instance: https://poa.st/
with no SJWism whatsoever. There are literally hundreds of instances like this, which get blocked by the SJW instances:


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I did look at your wiki, faggot, and it's virtually unreadable, a shitload of links with no context.
Garbage like this is why companies like Google are successful in the first place, programmers are complete balls at setting up anything usable that doesn't require you to stand up a Docker instance and download 35 libraries from a package manager no one's heard of.

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Imagine thinking all you have to do is disable google telemetry. Anon, it goes so much deeper than this. _______ are here right now.

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>private and secure software
>p-peddled by /pol/! w-won't make it!!
based retard.

>> No.29930083

>"hey everyone use this CIA made messaging app"
>"hey why are you complaining about this"
lol, again, Signal is shit, literally has the CIA balls deep in it and you're recomending it over other apps, fuck off.
>first learn basic english
oh boohoo i made a couple typos here lemme rephrase my question: Why does it not matter that the CIA is materially linked to signal? Explain you literal waste of space.
>you could also trust people far more intelligent than you
lol, like you do? I'm guessing that means you trust literally anyone

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It's less than two weeks old, retard. A wiki is supposed to have contributors, did the whole "welcoming contributors" thing slip through that tiny brain of yours?

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basically everything I want to watch isn't on peertube. Why would I force myself to use a shittier service out of principle? Also it's filled to the brim with porn. What the fuck kind of YT knock off is that supposed to be?

No one uses crypto to pay for day to day transactions

twitter alternatives have no users in comparison to twitter

do i need to go on? your autistic little "freedom" sites are garbage compared to the real deal

>> No.29930144

>Imagine thinking all you have to do
Who said that's all you have to do? I said that's one step anyone can take.

>> No.29930197

>CIA made messaging app
Confirmed idiot. You still can't prove your claims. Discarding the rest of your post.

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The most pertinent question is why would anyone like OP want to use any kind of social media in the first place?

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>there are still plenty of ways to escape the prism

>> No.29930309

>basically everything I want to watch isn't on peertube
Why are there so many colossal idiots like you who only ever click the OP image, and don't read a shred of the other information provided?

Who gives a shit about Peertube. You've been given like 7-8 different alternatives, including privacy-focused front-ends for youtube like Freetube and Newpipe, but because one little column in a bait image triggers you, that's all your microscopic brain can focus on.

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bump. research “agorism” anons

>> No.29930331

i mean i took a quick glance at peertube and the homepage was filled with naked women. i am certain that, once you dig down, you will find actual CP

>> No.29930367

>What the fuck kind of YT knock off is that supposed to be?
Here's a start: it's software you moron. Anyone can self-host it and upload whatever they want without being regulated by a central authority.

It's not the software's problem you were too much of a dumbshit to believe it's just like youtube, without actually understanding anything about it.

>> No.29930381

I'm supposed to write your documentation for the project you're shilling to me?
I'm going to say it in caps this time for your Reddit-tier brain, YOU NEED TO TELL PEOPLE WHY THEY SHOULD INSTALL YOUR SOFTWARE THEY'VE NEVER HEARD OF BEFORE THEY WILL INSTALL YOUR HARDWARE. Stop with this DYOR bullshit, successful software projects don't follow that philosophy.

>> No.29930397

you don't get it. all of your services are trash and will never become good enough for the average consumer because all they have is their faggy little "le ebin privacy freedumb" sales gimmick that no one except autistic fucks like you care about.

>> No.29930430

>I'm supposed to write your documentation for the project you're shilling to me?
No, idiots like you should stay far away from resources designed to help less knowledgeable people.

>> No.29930486

It's the only place MouthyBuddha uploads so I'll use it for now.

>> No.29930501

>no argument
>go on an irrelevant tangent
Like the tiny-brained double-digit IQ moron you are. You will always be corporate cattle.

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Anon, you're going to have a fucking aneurysm. Calm down a little bit, nobody is going to get on board with any of this stuff if this is the only way you know how to react to anyone who attempts to question the usefulness of it.

>> No.29930665

>financially and materially tied to CIA by the Open technology fund run by the united states
>no proof
discard yourself dumb shit

>> No.29930668

your pajeet tier services will never gain traction. you don't know the first thing about marketing and whenever someone says something that you don't agree with you call them corporate cattle. you'll be throwing autistic fits over perfectly fine software while the rest of civilized society is going to look at you and wonder what the fuck you've been smoking

>> No.29930685

That's my fucking point, that your documentation is incomprehensible to someone like me that writes code for a living, there's no goddamn way normies will ever figure this shit out.
You're starting to glow hard, I'm out of here. Enjoy your "wiki".

>> No.29930694

No, if you're going to act like you know what you're talking about to justify your dependence on big tech, you deserve to be correctly labeled a retard.

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>> No.29930757

So is Google, yet you continue using Google like the moron you are.

>> No.29930774

>except you can remove the spyware.
its literally the other way fren

>> No.29930816

Nah, you're just an illiterate moron.

>> No.29930914

>your pajeet tier services will never gain traction
Based on nothing other than the opinion of a tech-illiterate moron like yourself.
>you don't know the first thing about marketing and whenever someone says something that you don't agree with you call them corporate cattle
No, I'm just correctly labeling you an idiot, because you think you know what you're talking about when, in reality, you're just a moron who clicks an image and doesn't bother reading anything else.

I'm not interested in "marketing" to stupid people like you. I'm fully aware cattle like you will always be cattle, and you will always look to rationalize your idiocy, and refuse to explore anything that questions it.

>> No.29930951

tl;dr, stay irrelevant cuck

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File: 69 KB, 220x220, 23432423423.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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You will still be an idiot at the end of the day.

>> No.29931289

Why's this shitty thread on /biz/? Gb2/pol/ you gay nigger

>> No.29931371

Cry more idiot.

>> No.29931477

The internet was a mistake.

>> No.29931539

Congrats dude you figured out how to stop Google from spying on you while you jerk off to HD BLACKED cuckold porn. How is this /biz/ related though?

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Android vs Apple to the end, keep an eye out for new phones. If Elon musk makes a new cellphone. It's over.

>> No.29935358

Use Android, and install a clean AOSP Rom with all the google removed and built-in signature spoofing for Play Store Apps not available on F-Droid.

>> No.29935434

If people just used what's in the right column, the most powerful companies in the world that are more powerful than countries would be powerless.

>> No.29935567


>> No.29935622

Peertube is absolutely complete utter garbage, fuck off

>> No.29935646

>only checking the OP image
Like the complete and utter moron you are.

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File: 105 KB, 719x1354, DumbFuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>hurrr, wat about Google, which I'm sure you use. I win.

Speak for yourself, faggot. Gapp-less AOSP coming through. You got btfo, admit it. Signal is def a honeypot. You think news & kike media shilled it for nothing? When's that ever happen?? Never, that's when. How big is that nose on Moxie BTW? Huge, that's how big. Christ.

They admittedly use Google & Amazon servers, offer zero transparency reports (unheard of for a privacy focused company), their fucking server software hasn't been made public since 2016. You're legit retarded if you think otherwise.

Use Session or something p2p like Briar.

>> No.29935839

Peertube is fantastic. Using bittorrent and federation together with an opensource streaming video server is genius.

>> No.29935909

GrapheneOS pretty comfy

>> No.29935926

>You got btfo, admit it.
Where? You still haven't posted evidence, idiot.
A random screencap of github is not evidence either, moron.

Yes, Signal is centralized, yes, that isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea, which is why it's like the 10th ranked messaging recommendation in the wiki you idiot. That being said, the encryption protocol is still tight, everyone who understands cryptography knows how strong it is, and the client is free and open source.

>Use Session
Changing protocols to something brand new. That garbage will literally be unusable for years.

>> No.29935968

You glow deeply, desu.

>> No.29936260

Damnit, when did 4chanX fix noscript captcha?

>> No.29936272


>unusable for years

And that's how I know you're the Signal shill that hangs out in /g/. Get a new line. Lol, fucking Kike. Say hi to CIA Moxie for me. We all know what you're doing server side.

>> No.29936339

>no argument
No problem idiot.
Don't take my word for it, go an ask any cryptography expert what they think. Encryption protocols take years of testing to prove they're worth it; only a moron like you would think a brand new Protocol like Session's will be safe and secure from day 1.

>> No.29936366
File: 36 KB, 900x507, brave browser.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ignore Brave

crazy that the fucking freaks and trannies are still trying to FUD Brave after all this time. They will never give it up.

>> No.29936435

>built in google analytics
>google search engine by default
>encourages ad watching
>scamcoin integration
>have to give away all your personal details to withdraw batshit tokens
>worse than ungoogled chromium in every way
But by all means, keep burying your head in the sand, retard.

>> No.29936713
File: 21 KB, 600x600, frog back.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>built in google analytics
Wrong. Check https://brave.com/privacy-updates-1/ for more. Brave identifies Google Analytics as a tracker and blocks it.

>google search engine by default
Wrong again. You can set your own search engine. Default on privacy mode is Duck Duck Go. It's up to the user, customizable, as are many features on Brave.

>encourages ad watching
Weird way to say "it automatically blocks all third party ads by default."

>>scamcoin integration
Yeah ok, you're a tranny. Not even arguing in good faith anymore, you fucking tranny faggotnigger.

Fuck you. You'll never be a woman, faggot.

>> No.29936764
File: 223 KB, 640x418, mfw I bought bitcoin at $100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just realized the tranny has posted 40+ times in this thread. Total fucking schizo. What a loser!

>> No.29936769

I have no clue what that is

>> No.29936784
File: 50 KB, 600x600, 1612315315136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

PDX has been pozzed since they decided to release 100 DLCs for CK2 all the way back in 2013, where have you been?

>> No.29936835

>Default on privacy mode
Who gives a shit about privacy mode? Means nothing.

>Weird way to say "it automatically blocks all third party ads by default."
and still wants you to watch them for their scamcoins.

>Yeah ok, you're a tranny. Not even arguing in good faith anymore, you fucking tranny faggotnigger.
No, you're just an idiot with no argument.
Good job handing over your real name, address and everything for those scamcoins, dumbass.

Brave will always be trash:


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File: 710 KB, 6720x4232, batty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

absolutely based
I dunno about you but this post got me feelin' a little batty

>> No.29936909

Anon, I understand you care very deeply about privacy, but how do we get the masses to care about it and switch?

>> No.29936927

what's the point of mastodon if one option leaning instances will just block others that they don't agree with, how is that different than twitter fucking over any right options and those people just using something else to communicate with each other, like gab? it's either centralized bubbles or decentralized bubbles

>> No.29936955

>brave committed donation fraud

>> No.29936989

by watching this: https://odysee.com/@RobBraxmanTech:6/Big-Tech--The-Other-Shoe-has-not-Dropped!-(Worse-Things-Coming):0

>> No.29937055

options that don’t swing politically in any way are good, we gotta get rid of blue/red social media dichotomy and just go off of law (or not kek)

>> No.29937161

You are correct. That is the main problem with decentralized social media, at least the software using the activitypub protocol. It's impossible to create one big community with everyone connected when so many instances have all kinds of different blocklists.

I actually believe centralized is the only way forward, but not Twitter or Gab. Maybe something similar to LBRY.

>> No.29937191


>> No.29937212

I think the point is that the network and everything would still be there if you decided to switch to a different one that wasn't censoring.
So someone from basedsite can still interact with someone from uncensoredsite unless cuck site has them blocked

>> No.29937228


>> No.29937234

>doesnt mention urbit

>> No.29937874

I have yet to find an easy to set up alt to Google Photos that also has decent search and auto cloud backup. Also Youtube with a MORE robust history function and a way to transfer over my likes and playlists. Get me that and I'll consider it.

>> No.29937953

Blocking and banishing is still a problem on centralized services if you haven't noticed. It's almost as if you can't force association even on centralized services.
The blocking argument against mastodon/pleroma is like a retard scrambling to come up with something to not use it.

>> No.29938273

stop using 4chan op it spies on you

>> No.29938368

>missing the point of the movement

>> No.29938626

there was a point to all that flavor of the moths shitware ?

>> No.29938650

Signal is open source retard
Everyone can see the code and what it's doing
That's why it's better than Whatsapp and Telegram which are closed source

>> No.29938664

It's not my problem an idiot like yourself can't read.

>> No.29938722

post pic or ur just a larping faggot

>> No.29938903

if faggot == lapringAgain:

>> No.29938961

Is this a fucking bait?
I think it is.. What about :
Microsoft - > Windows, Office
Android / Apple smartphones
Gmail / other emails

Those are hard to unpoz. Not just changing a fucking web browser

>> No.29939007

>resorting to samefagging
Like the idiot you are.

Considering you're too retarded to look at anything besides the OP image, interpret it however you will.

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