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ruh roh

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ugh ogh

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It’s Chainlink’s turn to pull an ADA/BNB

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Go back

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>Is it all speculation
Cardano may work out in the future, but for now it literally doesn't do anything yet; but it mooned to the top 3 like it was nothing.

Meanwhile Chainlink has many dozens of actual active users, securing over $10 billion in Defi, and it gets suppressed every time it pumps a single USD.
I've been holding ADA since it got on Coinbase, and think Charles is honestly pretty based, but it's kinda ridiculous.

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Literally says “token” what a hand tip since 99% of people don’t know the difference between token and “coin.”

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>$10 billion

It’s closer to $50 billion now. Surely over $100bn by EOY

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Even if you don’t assume sinister agendas businesses, successful ones anyhow, operate on “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it” templates for a vast majority of the space.

If a service is already securing large valuation the move to decentralized derivatives will simply take place in the infrastructure that is already working not what “may” work with investment

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Dont worry, its just dumb fuck boomers who cant understand Bitcoins going to die and their hedge fund moneys going with it. Alts are what they should be in, but alts are impossible to predictably invest in with low risk, so the rich will stay poor yet again. Irony.

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It does have a use case, but correct me if I'm wrong - link is not a store of value. How would it replace bitcoin?

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>the move to decentralized derivatives will simply take place in the infrastructure that is already working
You mean like ISDA?

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>ADA must be good investment because muh big green number!

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>He doesn’t know

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Know what?
That ISDA's work on smart derivatives is tied to Chainlink?
I've known for a while.

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>ctrl+f coffee
8 results

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Sorry taken out of context read like FUD been an early morning

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cofe tiem

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Def coffe teim. Little weary from the hodl.

I just want to get on to chopping wood and growing my beard at my cabin in the wilderness while bleeding edge fintech running on Starlink pays me passive income from decentralized dragon dildo and tranny hormone derivatives.

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Top 1% of Chainlink wallets hold 80% of the coins. You will be eternally dumped on by whales. Also the token isn't needed whatsoever and the core product they offer comes down to a JSON parser that could be duplicated very easily by anyone that wants to. Everything else they do is just bloatware.

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>Top 1% of Chainlink wallets hold 80% of the coins.
Protip: that includes the dev wallets.
You ape.

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7000 LINK is a top 1% wallet you priced out pajeet. It’s probably lower than that now actually.

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>7000 LINK is a top 1% wallet

Is this true wtf? How I do I have a top wallet?

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only cuz you got dubs my manimal
>link is not a store of value
link is (will be) the collateral token and also payments token for use on the Chainlink network
Node operators will stake it as collateral when feeding data to high value jobs, and it will be slashed should nodes violate whatever set of conditions the creator of the service agreement set. This is what Sergey calls explicit staking. The exact details haven't been revealed, but anons theorized that a vast majority of LINK will be locked up in staking contracts (eventually) which leads us to a low float high fdv scenario. Sure operators will sell a bit from time to time to cover costs, but I don't see why anyone would let more LINK go than they have to considering it's free money (cash flow generating asset)
This is the 90 IQ explanation

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>ctrl F, no hits

top kek

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It was true like 6 months ago it’s probably lower now. 99.9% of the planet has no idea what LINK is dude. Even people in crypto think it’s just a price feed.

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>99.9% of the planet has no idea what LINK is dude
At least parties like Citi know lol.
The rest will follow in due time.

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Algorands already been in open partnership since its conception
Algo solves the oracle problem without charging for the data.

Sorry guys
Nothing personal

You're all about to be priced out by the only coin that has been granted immediate regulatory clarity and is already running brazils stable coin
Usdc minted on its blockchain
Mastercard partnership
Marshall islands running its sov

Oh and the comfy partnerships with 16 central banks.

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7000 LINK puts you in top 4500 wallets approx. or in the top .9% of 470,000 wallets. So yeah it’s lower now.

By EOY 5000 will prob be too 1%

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>Sorry guys
Better give Citibank a call to let them know.
I'm sure they'll be devastated.

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Op bls baleet

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Nobody in the top 1% sell Chainlink retard they only accumulate more.

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