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Or is it already unironically too late?

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JRT and OGN. You're welcome.

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ignore this faggot trying to get you to buy his bags

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Rubic rhymes with Rumic

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Cake will 10x

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Your best and safest bet is to settle for .1 BTC

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What's the sui stack on RBC?

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10k lol 100k is the make it stack my nigger

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Nothing under 5k at this buy in, preferably 10k.

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Yeah, grab $SHIB, I recommend you grab 100 billion inorder to make it. Thank me later when the red wojak memes fly off on biz in a year or so.

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Checked. Stack up.

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not gonna start shilling $BOND but do it

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Union before main net. $30M cap. hasn't mooned.

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avoid Rubic at all costs they're all trying to unload a scam dex token, the " team " behind it is are fiverr free lancers who will " pose " as a legit all white team for pajeet rugpulls.

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I would try ZNN

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Ignore everyone in this thread and dyor. There are plenty of projects that can still prevent sudoku but you won't hear them here.

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This is the dumbest FUD I have ever seen and easily disproven. Rubic going to a dollar EOW

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COTI (25,000) Radix (20,000)

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Looks interesting. Will it have a platform similar to Uniswap, then?

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xsn on bitfinex you can buy 1000xsn for 300 dollars

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10K ASKO probably your best bet rn

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So red pill me on ASKO...I tried to figure out what the deal is with ASKO but they don't really even have a white paper...

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ECOMI. Still under a cent. DYOR.

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Unironically the 1000x biz is missing out on like fucking idiots.

Dawn Song - Prof at Berkeley, most published in the space
Live mainnet
Apart of chinas BSN
20% staking apy already active
Can run on eth copy and pasting a link
Partnered with Google unironically
Partnered with many fortune 500 companies
Rise threads get deleted by jannies

If anyone took 3 seconds to do research...





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This shit even has a binance listing. I'll read about it but this unironically seems like a good investment.

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buy 500 Rarible

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fellas wassup. what is the annual income from bonuses issued by the project? at least about

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I have some of this, but what do you think are our make it and suicide stacks?

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>and easily disproven
Go right ahead.

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You can buy it on KuCoin with USDT in the USA but I don’t know how to transfer it out if I were to do that. Any help?

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Suicide is 10k make it 100k. Because it has the 10x the circulating supply of link.

Honestly link is bigger so add some cushion to those numbers but this going to 10-30 dollars within a year isn't even remotely delusional. They're going to unlock noncollaterlized loans on the blockchain and that is just part of their usecase. They are going to secure the data economy and already have with genomic data. You can stake your info and create yield with your data and have complete control without risk of it taking into the wrong hands. And again, this is already up and running not some 2017 shitpaper pipe dream.

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You can send it and stake with bitpie. I was hesitant at first but it's what the company recomends. I apologize this isn't the official article. I'm busy but this will point you in the right direction.

Delegating was a 2 click process. Also you get to witness how cheap and fast the network is.

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Isn't rubic a scam? Real question, I just assumed based on the threads shilling it

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Thank you.

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Thanks fren. I will read their papers.

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Suicide stack of buidl's just 100. Been crabbing at an average of $5 for a few weeks. v.5's happening soon.

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TORN, it has top tier devs and lots of OG Ethereum devs contribute and use it (even Vitalik) but not sure if it's a good buy right now, AP mining is still in development and there isn't a financial incentive to lock TORN tokens in governance yet.

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Is that why every single thread I hear about these shitcoins and none of the good ones with actual devs on them and fin relationships

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Ya looks interesting, but I'm currently reading through this...

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owning any xrp will make you wan to commit suicide

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Howiecoin $10 EOM

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OGN is in a downtrend faggot

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10k LTO is doable still.

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Is this one of those coins that's so early, it's still complicated and slightly confusing to buy? I would buy into this on Friday if I can figure it out. I'm a noob though, so I don't fully understand it.

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Is this not the type of coin you can just buy with FIAT? I wanted to buy some Rubic a few days ago, but having to get it with USDT confused me. I am trying to not be a coinlett, I am still learning.

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Raging alt season bull market and XRP can't even break a dollar. Its the ultimate masochist coin. Ask me how I know.

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You just buy usdt with fiat and send it to binance. Or kucoin if you're a burger. I've never used kucoin so I'm not sure if you can send fiat there. Maybe another anon can help.

Then send it to bitpie wallet (strange i know but it's what is recommended) and you can stake off bitpie in 2 clicks. Different nodes have different APYs. Ocean stake is a good one with size+apy

MIT is running a node btw but its only 5% apy

Here's a bitpie article on how to stake.


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affordable :
Kadena, Olyseum, AntiMatter, Route

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some coins take awhile

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You still have a chance of making it anon

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Thanks for the advice, anon. Im currently at work so I don't have time to properly read through all the details and parse that info, but I will definitely be looking at this later. Thanks anon.

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I know I haven't sold...its just kind of funny watching everything including Dogecoin moon and I'm sitting here like a retard with my schizo coin.

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PNK is in a very good place to buy right now. Once L2 is added it will be back in no time.

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Have a stacklet already, should I buy MORE ?

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10k is a suicide stack.

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What exchange can I look at this on, brother?

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itt: everyone trying to sell their shitcoin bags

just stick to eth

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And what's the ETH suicide stack you big faggot ? How is ETH gonna do X1000 from here ?

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Buy Monero

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You can't make it with ETH anymore, in 10 years we will already be old

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>implying a shitcoin you chose will do x1000 instead of going to zero soon

not sure what a minimum wage is, but just put peanuts like 6000 usd in eth and hold it

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I want to but I don't know how.

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2.1 BSV is still doable

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How big is your stack?

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Where tf do you guys get altcoins in the us please I've tried the recommended bs of fucking coinbase and binance(us) and I'm just getting cucked more and more I just want good coins!!!
pic rel is me watching qlc chain go up to almost 9¢ when I would have gotten in at 2¢ if each fucking thing I checked and finally got access to would just let me buy REEE THIS ASSET IS NOT SUPPORTED BY COINBASE REEE NO FUCKING RESULTS IN BINANCE I'M SO FUCKING PEEVED

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Unfortunately it is ONLY on Uniswap because the team refuses to pay for listings anywhere else (they're all autistic about decentralization).

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Yes, but you will need kneepads wagie.

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