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Tom Gonser said blockchain was 13x too expensive for adoption. With OCR bringing that down to 30% too expensive, I was waiting for Arbitrum to sell. However, it just came to my attention that Vitalik himself was endorsing Arbitrum. I do not trust Vitalik. Never have, never will. If he’s shilling Arbitrum, I’m out. I’ll wait until The Man Himself (Sergey) solves this problem the proper way. See you in 2024.

I was waiting for Arbitrum

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Is this real? Where did you take that picture? I didn’t know Vitalik was involved with Arbitrum. How do I profit from this? Arbi token?

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Fucking convoluted shill posts. Stop being such a god damn kike faggot op

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Just focus on your potty training, Ranjeet. Worry about hoarding Rupees once you've stopped shitting on the streets.

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You have no idea how deep this rabbit hole goes, but SN was probably involved in creating of ETH too

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Does a chicken fear a raspberry flashlight?

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Fuck you you skelly lover. Belly4life.

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Wait until you get a load of this:

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