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>hates faggots
>knows covid is a scam
>tries to protect your privay
>wants to make you rich with BAT
>titty fucks jennie's big knockers

Name one person in crypto more based than Eich. I'll wait.

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Not to mention in his Wikipedia it says

>known for: JavaScript, opposition to same sex marriage

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God I fucking love Brendan. He is easy 160iq+. Listen to him on lex fridman

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Too bad Brave is malware. Why couldn't he have just hired gorhill and shipped it with ublock origin

And don't get me started about their referral link botnet

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Fuck off schizo, we're getting tired of you.

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Ive been using brave for years, its great

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ah fuck hes back. lets see the neocities """"article""""

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Pick one and only one.

>Built-in Ad-blocker written in C++ and Rust, partially based on uBO
>Regarded as a top tier privacy and security-centric browser by credentialed academic researchers
>Optional integrated private Tor tabs
>Optional integrated lightweight torrent client for inspecting a torrent's content before you pass it off to your actual client (qBT, of course)
>Best in class protection against fingerprinting via contextually driven randomization algorithms
>Last implicit stand of Whiteness against the zogged up censorship-loving browsers like Firefox and Chrome
>Made by Brendan 'Kill a Kike' Eich, a bona fide political refugee being hunted by the ADL and pozilla
>Simply using it sends a message to the zog zombies that you will not bend the knee

- https://www.scss.tcd.ie/Doug.Leith/pubs/browser_privacy.pdf
- https://github.com/brave/ad-block
- https://github.com/brave/adblock-rust
- https://arxiv.org/pdf/1811.08460.pdf
- https://brave.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/table-browser-protections.pdf
- https://lukesmith.xyz/articles/brave.html
- https://dottotech.com/brave-browser-review/

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well well well, look who it is

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When I hit $500k, I'm going all in on BAT.

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lmao, this niggers want to scaml fucking trash on /biz/
I don’t trust this spam
>SWG and Binance Smart Chain
>That’s our future

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Easily the most based. Literally ourguy.

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