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tough luck

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Literally gambled his life away. I do not pity this creature. He will die so that others might learn.

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Why do newfags automatically believe everything they read on reddit of all pla... oh never mind

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I posted before clicking the link because I believed what I read on /biz/. Seems the op of this thread is a faggot and the op of the reddit thread is a nigger.
Now I actually hope he really is dying of liver aids or whatever the fuck he is claiming.

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I should go beg on Reddit saying I lost all my savings in pajeet shitcoin rugpulls and that I need the money for gender reassignment surgery.

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Imagine trusting a centralized shitcoin that can freeze your funds at will

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Couldnt he of just applied for medicate?

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This dude is a 1337 PAJ337. going right for the I'm dying from cancer card.

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You guys are heartless. I hope u all die from live cancer.

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It sounds like a grift. Idk why tomochain would dig their heels in over $50k if this was true

>We got to be careful given the conflicting stories. I would be glad if my suspicion were false, but I have seen many frauds that feed on human compassion. So far he hasn't shown any evidences that he own TOMO or own any wallet that has TOMO anywhere. He should provide evidence immediately before continuing with his stories. We also want to know the real story.

tomochain's full response

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He should go to a state that has Obamacare.

Whatever the reason the company did not give back the token is omitted.

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but but...muh etheruem is dead

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If you are putting money you need to live into cryptocurrency you are mentally retarded for real.

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every bull run there's at least one crazy story on reddit you can't even make up. In 2017 there was some dude that was manipulated into selling all his bags and buy an expensive home in a state he never lived in by his wife. She divorces him and they have a settlement where she takes 80% of the gains + paid off house and he is left with a paltry 25k. Turns out she schemed this whole thing with a lawyer.

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did he at least get to have her and her boyfriend's children's custody?

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Yeah no. If you read the comments they aren't his tokens. They are his friends. He wants to claim his dead friend's tokens. Holy SHIT how JEWISH CAN YOU BEEEEEE????"?

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the story wasn't over-the-top cuckold fantasy like that.

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>liver failure

Speaking from past experience with people with "liver failure", they're either an alcoholic who destroyed their liver, a drug addict who destroyed their liver, a sex addict who destroyed their liver, or most likely all three.

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>"free" healthcare means this retard's life would be saved

People probably wouldn't give up their organs in that case.

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>socialized healthcare
>spare organs for everyone
do millennials believe that?

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Has he shown any evidence that he actually owns the TOMO? If it's just his faggot sob story then fuck him, he's probably scamming.

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>do millennials believe that?
why do you think they push for abortions and euthanasia so much? Socialized healthcare requires organ and tissue farming.

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NGMI lmao

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Another one bites the dust

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Found a link
>The OP and his friends appeared on our telegram chat and forum on Friday representing two stories about his lost TOMO; the first one is about the fact that he is dying of liver failure as described in the post above, the second one is about his friend passing away already.
The plot thickens...

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Sounds like a scam, I knew a guy with liver failure and he looked like shit and was 70, he was able to recover and went back to normal looking.

People wouldn't be posting unless they had some disease where it waxes and wanes.

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This sounds like the "my dog is sick send crypto" scam.

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How stupid do you have to be to lose money in crypto. This shit is like a free money machine

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