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Why is link mooning

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It's not it's literally just crabbing between $25-$35.

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Because I sold at $13. If I bought back in it would retrace to $10. You ungrateful fucks should be paying me to stay out of your holds.

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Because fundamentally things HAVE changed

10x in scalabilty

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because i bought back in low

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real question is why isn't link working its way back up to $200 from $110? link's price action over the past six months has imprisoned linkies in a psychic prison.

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it's not. sadly.

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Do you think the price of ether will fall now that OCR has been released? From what I understand, lower gas fees may take out some of the buy pressure.

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Buy, I want more.

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Kys. You can maybe use that word when Chainlink will hit $40. At this rate that looks doubtful because these faggot pieces of shit scumbag fucking whales won’t let us moon. I’M SO FUCKING SICK OF THESE CUNTS.

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Yeah, I mean OCR really proved itself with those 10x savings in gas fees. Really lead to the sell pressure being eased by- oh, wait. Nothing fucking changed with OCR. WHY THE FUCK WOULD VAPOURWARE ARBITRUM BULLSHIT FUCKING DO ANYTHING?

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it won't.

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It was only recently released.
>sell pressure being eased
I'm not asking about sell pressure being eased. I'm wondering if it might increase the sell pressure on eth.

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>Recovering to where it was before dip

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It's undervalued. Take a look at the market, LINK has clear x4 this month to do in order to be at least fairly valued.

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Cool, so I guess that means we’re going to dump 4x as hard. LINK does the complete opposite of what it should be doing.

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>slight pump
won't moon till staking
dyor on jigstack and lave some cash on the side when it's out

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LINK has never held a pump, back to 25 tomorrow

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Yes. Link has never gone up in value. In fact, it’s still below ICO price.
>stinkies btfo

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Pumps 4 dollars, goes down 3 dollars, same shit as always
$50 eoy

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>down 30%+
>why is link mooning

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Niggers tongue my anus

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