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Hello /biz/. About a week ago I started getting into the stock market, and I have learned a lot. But I am not sure how to do research in the ways a lot of you do. I can look at graphs and stuff, and I can read articles on the future of the industry/company, but how do you really understand the numbers? And where do you even get the numbers?

Same for crypto too. How do you look at a coin, especially the small ones, and know if they're a dud or not?

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Read whitepapers, like 300 whitepapers, you'll basically become a computer scientist and know what's bullshit marketing or not

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And where does one find white papers? Do i need to sign up for a specific service or do i need to contact a company for them? I googled it and all i see are some old ones from 2018

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by killing yourself newfag
>biz pepe.jpg

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Its a pepe i posted on biz. sue me

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>And where does one find white papers
uh, every coin listed on coingecko thats worth a damn should have a website and the site should have a white paper dude

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>About a week ago I started getting into the stock market, and I have learned a lot.
>I can look at graphs and stuf

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>s worth a damn should have

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All the information for stocks is available for free on Yahoo Finance. The balance sheet, cash flows, income statement, short interest, etc. Check the company's investor page and listen to most recent earnings call and what they are doing. Learn about the company's you invest in.

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Just buy high sell low

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