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And this is why Monaco and Switzerland exist.

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Does this mean that we will get more EDD checks and stimulus checks?

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>tax company shares meaning company just goes bankcrupt

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sorry but these faggots trying to bend the world to their will because they got government subsidies and have a trillion dollars should be taxed into poverty

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a safe haven for kikes to flee to after destroying their host nation?

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oh no! bezos will only be worth $179 billion instead of $184 billion. that's it, Amazon is bankrupt. can you imagine paying 2.5% tax?? crazy

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Holy shit are the US becoming Germany now?

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biz is unironically against something that don't apply to any of them....

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In the end they will tax the middle class more and rich still pay 0 taxes.

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Ironically nobody else would have to pay tax if we only taxed these three people

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Lmfaoooo Amazon has paid like 0 dollars in taxes for a decade. The whole business model originally was geared around undercutting competition by offering high priced products WITHOUT having people pay state taxes on the item.

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>he still hasnt made a billion on crypto

ask me how i know youre new

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no, it's going to big businesses and israel

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Switzerland has high taxes..

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you're literally retarted

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Why are the left always so envious and desperate to steal?

They see a broken system, and their knee jerk reaction is to steal from others to give the impression of fairness, rather than attempting to change the system that gave rise to it in the first place.

I hope they pass a wealth tax. I hope everyone with 2m+ leaves overnight. I hope liberals with 1m in assets get taxed through the nose to pay for gibs. Accelerate the collapse. The US is a third world country, pushing away all the useful human capital is a great move.

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This, retards are easily fooled by things that never happen and miss what happens here in reality

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That's Israel.

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money locked in stocks is not liquid. bezos goes to sell those shares and the price tanks. leftists are so fucking stupid it hurta

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isnt like 99% of their money tied up in stocks? its not like elon has 150billion in his bank account or a billion dollar salary

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Why give all the power to the oligarchs? I see nothing wrong

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Switzerland has a wealth tax

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But better weather than this shithole.

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>tax the super rich
tax what? unrealized capital gains? stonks will crash to zero
the money printer should be stopped
inflation is a hidden taxation
taxation is theft
without inflation billionaire would stop increasing they funny money printed out of thin air by the fed

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principles matter you communist fuckwit
how stupid do you have to be to write such nonsense?

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The left are evil parasites, they are not even human. Communists are the absolute scum of the earth.

The left wing dream world is that everyone is equal(ly poor and miserable).

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This is just a distraction because its never gonna happen. The real question is what are they actually hiding if they’re pushing this out to distract the normies?

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Because you can’t change the system without regulation and libertarianism has the fatal flaw of believing humanity has good intentions. The wealth didn’t trickle down. People just took it and used as much as they could to completely destroy competition and now we live in hellish landscape dominated by huge companies.

We have to fix broken Republican policies that were extremely illogical with regulation to get back the middle class. Something has to happen from a compression to happen or another Great Depression will. I would rather have minimal taxes, but we need to look back to when America was a more prosperous nation and learn from that time period.

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To make taxes a good idea, one has to assume that the government can use the money taxed better than the person being taxed. And you have to be uniquely gifted with retardation to assume that.

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I vote we take all of cuckerbuergs money and leave Musk and Bezos alone. The last 2 actually make society better, jew boi makes the world worse.

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they don't understand that anon, nor do the nogs who voted biden in

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you are implying that hyperinflation won’t make these taxes apply to you.

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Most leftists are not communists. I fucking hate communists. I’m still left wing.

I dream of a world where college and medical expenses are not a setback to the most talented people within society. Where the de facto caste system which enables the children of rich to behave like jackasses goes away. I dream of a world where anyone with talents and merits has the tools at their disposal to develop them without severe fear of poverty.

People who just don’t work should get comparably fucked over in this system.

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jesus fuc you are stupid. look back in time and tell me what the money supply looked like , what the national debt was like, what the welfare aystem looked like. you're fucking stupid

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Yeay, you're a commie mate.

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Bezos has made the world considerably worse. He actively has tried to kill smaller businesses with price fixing. Amazon has sold items at extremely low, if not negative marginal profit in order to bankrupt competitors.

This is illegal but extremely hard to prove. Despite this, he has lost court cases on the matter and Amazon still evade taxes while his workers are forced to collect welfare.

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I hear Monaco's a great place, but crowded.

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well it applies to the world and I'm part of the world

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Anon this is the most retarded post I've seen this week. Well done, but you wont get any more serious responses from me. Lurk more, youre too stupid.

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Na I think we should own property. Learn what communism is dumbass. I have socialist tendencies but America’s military and roadway systems are inherently socialist. It’s a spectrum. I just think we should help high performing people out instead of pushing them down. I would like to see America to have more equality, because inequality leads to an oligarchy.

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>They see a broken system, and their knee jerk reaction is to steal from others to give the impression of fairness, rather than attempting to change the system that gave rise to it in the first place.
Communism is based on redistribution not creation,
Russian communists were fighting Spanish communists to keep them from stopping Spain from becoming capitalist...
.. as the capitalist phase is seen as necessary for wealth creation and preparing the true revolution.
The funny part is that this redistribution principle is currently even applied to history and intellectual property, with little intention if creating new original content/wealth.

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>People who just don’t work should get comparably fucked over in this system.

seethe harder wagie commie

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Great addition. However look at the conditions leading up to the Great Depression and research the great compression. FDR’s policies were good for America.

We need hand outs for high performing people. We do not need hand outs for people who are not trying to improve their way of life.

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america was prosperous from coming out of ww2 the strongest world power and the boomers reaped the benefits. wtf policies are you even talking about.

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Lol I’m doing pretty well for myself. I just can’t believe I had a 4.0 gpa and couldn’t get a full scholarship.

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Why do these threads always turn into a political fuckfest.
It’s obvious this is a distraction purely because its a popular narrative to tax the rich. The rich don’t own cash but assets so they won’t get taxed.
The real discussion should be what are they hiding using this as a smokescreen?

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>with little intention of creating new original content/wealth.
An even more odd attempt of redistribution.

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Some background on why, besides the atomic bomb (made by Jews unrionically), America became a global hegemonic superpower.

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Not only that but we could confiscate all their wealth, every last penny, and that would not even make a dent in the size of the government debt that has been created.

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not taxing the rich is unironically part of why the country is a nigger dump hellhole. and the other piece would be too much tax/regulation on the lower middle through upper middle classes.

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I'd be fine with more taxes as long as it didn't go to dindus

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I pay more taxes than them and I make minimum wage.

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>I dream of a world where college and medical expenses are not a setback to the most talented people within society
That's called Europe.

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they want the inflation rather than a few hoarding trillions

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If you think they’d ever pay the taxes you’re smooth brain

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If you ever think you've made it, go to Monaco to be reminded of the hyper wealthy.

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>libertsrianism believes humanity has good intentions
Lmao what commie retard have you been listening to?

The only problem with libertarianism its modern follwers that think it just means government bad. Read hoppe gorilla nigger

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Would selling them OTC also push down the price?

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>principles matter
So I take it you tore your stimmies up?

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The most effective way to stop the welfare problem in the long run would be mandetory contraception/sterilization in exchange for state handouts. Fertile = no money.

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you could take everything all billionaires own and it wouldn't sate you faggots for more than a couple weeks

>> No.30043267

There's nothing stopping you giving your mony to anyone you want.
Why do you wish to use other peoples money, and on what moral grounds to you justify taking their money from them, for your own political aims?

>> No.30043295

infrastructure would be a good idea. but we all know what "infrastructure" means in the jewnited states of nigmerica. not new bridges or gigabit fiber to rural areas. it means $50 billion subway projects for niggers (who will get free rides through theft or subsidies) or solar panel installations for federal government buildings (with the money being distributed to scam companies like solyndra, or just siphoned off by shell companies owned by senate/congress kikes.)

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Sorry your jobless now because bezzoz had to liquidate 5% of his physical assets to pay tax

>> No.30043327

That sucks, usa college system is completely fucked in how stupidly expensive can be.
That said I'm from a country with "free" college and except 3 or 4 degrees it's complete dogshit filled with marxism propaganda to the brim where half of the time you can't even have normal clases because of all the political movements and shit going around campus (like people from x lefty party interrupting class to promote some sjw bullcrap etc or literally not having classes half of the week etc).

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nah they swim in big vaults of money like scrooge mcduck

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> Explanation for the length of the compression's lasting have attributed to the lack of immigrant labor in the US during that time (immigrants often not being able to vote and so support their political interests)
wtf i love democrat policies now

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does anybody see that? zuckerberg cannot be fucking human
and bezos has those sepuku eyes, you know he's done some ugly shit
there is something wrong about those people

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>That's called Europe.
The US idea of college is getting drunk in an expensive campus dorm on a loan.
Free college in the way it's interpreted by the US-left doesn't exist.
Free in "free-college" countries means you're free to listen to lectures and take tests.

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>chud vote smaller numbers
>chud dumb
>chud pay

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Bingo. Also would be easy money for bears. Just open shorts every year and wait for the April crash. If I was in a foreign nation and able to trade on the US stock market... that's exactly what I'd do. You'd own the economy within a decade without cheating and while playing by the house rules.

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Gates’ “wife” is definitely a man.

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who gives a fuck?
most of you fags make minimum wage and only a few fags are in the 6 figure hell

also fuck elon musk, tax that fucking jew

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>take out a 100k loan to get wasted at a frat party
Do americans really? I bet most people would forgo the sterotypical movie college experience in exchange for not drowning in undefaultable debt

>> No.30043556

>He isn't european
Kek, kill your whole society you are sending toxic ideas overseas.

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It’s America. We literally, unironically are programmed to believe that the rich are a superior breed of human beings to us and that we need to cater to their every whim. The serf mentality is very real. Look how hard they fight to protect people who actively hate them.

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Trumptards detected
rope yourself inbreds!

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Can confirm. I feel like a dirty peasant with 56k link but I'll fight to hell and back no new tax laws are made the system is already broken as hell

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who gives a fuck
go eat them
problem is, if you faggots actually used your little guillotine prank, in minecraft, it wouldn't end there because if you liquidated all their assets how long do you think that will fuel the gibs? a couple months, then what?

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>implying those guys aren't just who the actual super rich want you to believe are the richest men in the world

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the WHOLE fuckimg world pays taxes one way or another
Trump fucked crypto taxes and he was "anti commie"
How can you explain something to someone that is literally retarded?

holy fuck, America deserves to fall

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First intelligent post in this thread, well done anon. Rest are shit-flinging apes.

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then they print out money, give it to people who buy up the cheapies. or go full communist and have the government buy up the stock.

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>principles matter you communist fuckwit

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Can't wait to take down capitalists and seize all private land.

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>third (or whatever) richest man in the world
>bed a tranny every night for the past 3 decades

>> No.30044233

You misspelled monero

>> No.30044296

More billionaires is bad everyone, trust me I'm poor

>> No.30044417


Good cucky


This is what I’m talking about. Americans are so brainwashed they believe taxing the super rich is communism.

>> No.30044522

Do people really think Bezos got a billion in liquid assets?

>> No.30044524

I don't beleive in lizardpeople, but god damn Zucc looks like he is constantly suppressing the urge to blink sideways.

>> No.30044527

There has to be a way to tax them that doesn't involve forcing them to liquidate 2% of their assets every year and tank the market. I'm all for taxing their capital gains at a 2% higher rate but forcing them to sell to cover a tax bill on paper gains is retarded

>> No.30044553

Ya that's what I'm interested in. Elon is contractionally obligated to not sell any TSLA until 2023. Are they gunna take all his remaining cash/assets outside of that or force him to give up shares of tsla to the govt?

>> No.30044614

This is exactly what happens with 'earned' interest on lending platforms. They don't want you to win

>> No.30044818

I am amazed at how there are so many people here in this thread unironically believe taxing (filthy) rich people will kill the economy.
The arguments here are basically that if you even dare to touch them, everything goes to shit.
The real problem is tax evasion by the companies, imo. Solution would be a harmonized international tax law. If Amazon et al. would have to pay their fair share, Bezos and Co. wouldn't get to be so rich on paper.

>> No.30044918

>tax the rich
Most of the time, entrepreneurs like Jeff got rich by 'consoooomerism'. Had people not been fucking sheeps and buying shit online, his business wouldn't have been able to sustain. For the case of ecommerce, volume beats everything and amazon held monopolistic market share.

Jews are a different case because it involves the highest order of filth and kikery. Jeff was literally an orphan and a faggot in a closet

>> No.30044934

>a world where college and medical expenses are not a setback
have to kill the loan/insurance jew for this

>> No.30044970

the real problems like outsourcing, immigration, (((free trade))), overregulation, lack of subsidies for global market competition, etc. are never addressed and will never be addressed. you saw how hard both sides screeched when rump dared to impose tarrifs on the chinks. the only solution that ever gains attention is taxing the rich, and even then it never goes far. bread and ciruses, senate kikes and congress kikes putting on a performance for their nigger cattle audience.

>> No.30045037

I can't wait till the day America is in Civil War and private companies are forced to hire private militias which will be key to maintaining victory and order and the next gov will not even attempt to enable legislation to disband them. with link going to 1k I'll have 56m usd. It's not my duty to help Jamal and hose get a mortgage

>> No.30045060

*I* am going to put a bullet in your skull if you engage in terroristic activity against me and my kin.

>> No.30045087

Dumbass. Stocks are inherently resistant to inflation. Inflation will not erode your wealth if you're 100% in stocks.

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Fun fact: China's tax to gdp ratio is lower than any country in the western hemisphere's. Which countries seem to be in decline and which seem to be on the rise again? Remind me commiefags, is it the "capitalist" nations with 40% tax rates and restrictive market controls or the "communist" one with a 20% tax rate with zero intellectual property protection that's basically ancapistan at the ground level?

>> No.30045120

>outsourcing, immigration, (((free trade))),

Literally capitalism.

>tariffs, lack of subsidies

Oh so now you want government intervention in the market when it benefits you

>> No.30045143

All the things you mentioned were pushed to the extreme by the US and the US grew wealthy bc of it. Now it comes back, biting you in the ass. So, I'd say it would be a wise move to find international solutions to the most pressing problems.

>> No.30045191


I noticed you left out the SEO’s, forced technology transfers, industrial espionage, massive tariffs and starvation wages and lack of safety/environmental regulation. Although capitalists want those last two points.

>> No.30045227

> IF Link goes to 1k
> IF I get to keep my crypto in whatever system I might end up in
> IF I don't get assraped by those nice militias

>> No.30045235

TAX THE SUPER RICH is ok, and I'm no commie but progress of the general population is a need if you don't want a society full of niggers or pajeets.

>> No.30045240

already jobless because of that kike leading the way to the new wfh economy that literally destroyed the world thanks to big tech

>> No.30045246

I guarantee you these billionaires would pay next to nothing while the middle class gets thrashed again, like all leftist policies designed to "eat the rich". In the end, all you eat is your social/financial mobility.

>> No.30045289

Oh yes, tax them so we can have equity advisory boards and reparations kumbaya circles.
I don’t want it.

>> No.30045361

Where will the tax dollars go? To more wars against sand niggers? More handouts for city niggers? More anti white propaganda?

>> No.30045421

damn i just realized how retarded this is

>> No.30045426

i have no idea what you are trying to say but i will rightfully assume that it is retarded, borne of an 85 IQ niggerbrain.

>> No.30045463

No amount of redistribution will save the cultural and racial catastrophe that the US are.

>but we need to look back to when America was a more prosperous nation and learn from that time period.

So like 90% white, christian, patriarchal and segregated? Sorry but moving numbers around won't change that.

>> No.30045486

Agree with this, these billionaires shouldn't have to pay tax because of these costly programs, we should pay instead.

>> No.30045545
File: 146 KB, 1003x915, budget.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


We should pause to take a look at where this is all going for once

>> No.30045553

It's all of these things and yet really none of them. We want more than we can produce, and we are chock full of unproductive retards and parasites -- and it's getting worse. All the dysfunction you're seeing is a natural byproduct of a larger system myopically reacting to problems it doesn't fully understand (because it's full of people who don't understand).

For the sake of argument, imagine that we magically 2x-ed our output in all sectors of the economy. The little miscalibrations in tax law and regulation, etc. would be rendered absolutely irrelevant. Then consider why we can't 2x on production -- because we aren't good enough to do that, and haven't been for a long time (not because of the aforementioned miscalibrations, or even their effect in aggregate). We don't have the tech, or the skills, or the desperation necessary to do it. The closest we came was the advent of modern computing, and that coincided with the annihilation of our industrial base. We need a development that catalyzes a sort of renaissance in this country, and until that happens we have front row seats on the decline.

>> No.30045637


Keep getting mad at businesses cutting their labor costs and the fact that Daddy Trump didn’t give your failing industry a handout

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>>30043556 >>30043656
>>30043687 >>30043757
>>30043959 >>30043963
>>30043968 >>30044072
>>30044099 >>30044125
>>30044175 >>30044181
>>30044198 >>30044233
>>30044296 >>30044417
>>30044522 >>30044524
>>30044527 >>30044553
>>30044614 >>30044818
>>30044918 >>30044934
>>30044970 >>30045037
>>30045060 >>30045087
>>30045096 >>30045120
>>30045143 >>30045191
>>30045227 >>30045235
>>30045240 >>30045246
>>30045289 >>30045361
>>30045421 >>30045426
>>30045463 >>30045486
>>30045545 >>30045553

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>> No.30045673

You don't have to actually live there

>> No.30045687

>trillion dollar stimulus
>tax 3 dudes 10 billion

>> No.30045689

You're as mentally ill as /pol/tards. Take your meds.

>> No.30045693

globalization means nothing more than a race to equilibrium wages, at best. global standard of living a lot lower than what we're used to. then consider we're approaching a mentally retarded spic/mulatto majority and we'll be lucky to get equilibrium wages in light of global competition.

>> No.30045711

>communism has the fatal flaw of believing humanity has good intentions.

>> No.30045798

Fuck these billionaires.
I make less than 100k and should pay ZERO fucking income tax.

>> No.30045866
File: 75 KB, 1080x1438, FB_IMG_1590693393512.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Taxes fund Police Brutality
Checkmate Communists

>> No.30045876

how do you transfer fiat to monero or buy things with your monero stack without government noticing?

>> No.30045885

What does it matter how much we tax these fags if the government is going to operate at a huge deficit either way?

>> No.30045890

I've seen this theater before. The outcome is usually, somehow, that they just levy heavier taxation on the middle class and upper middle class.

In minecraft, I'm putting all my wealth in my physical possession.

>> No.30045921

Musk and bezos have all their wealth in the stock as unrealized gains is impossible to touch that without fucking every single person.

Retarded commies think musk has 180 billion in house checking account

>> No.30045924

Fucking government wants to tax based on worth now. So now that we taxed you on what you earn and then again when you buy we feel the next step is to get what you save too.

Seriously what is wrong with these fucks. And before you think its only going to be the uber rich it will work its way to paper millionaires soon after which isnt exactly hard to get to anymore with house prices and the monopoly money getting pumped out on the daily.

>> No.30045939

the left wants a handout
the right helps themselves
this is why people with money are conservative, they earned that, and leftist niggers want to take what's not theirs on an hourly basis

>> No.30045943
File: 767 KB, 2048x1442, 00epgates1-superJumbo-v3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying he doesn't keep the jew wife for show and further his zionist agenda
>implying he doesn't fuck underage boys and girls on the daily

>> No.30046061

Imagine being a nigger-tier IQ subhuman who cannot discriminate income and wealth.

>> No.30046107

>Medicare & Health
There are people from America on this board that still consoom HFCS and sugar on the daily, along with their Big Pharma meds required for basic daily function, then make posts like this. MUH MONEY

>> No.30046174
File: 526 KB, 2048x1367, 00Snapsoda-ShoppingCart-superJumbo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"soda" being the default drink of choice tells you everything you need to know about america.

>> No.30046308

I was thinking this was a candidate future as well, but I'm not sure the (((boomer))) dream of mixing everyone into a brown soup will really happen -- with globalization, you can accidentally create new heterogeneity in populations because competent people are more likely to locate each-other (and reproduce, rather than having to pick that one girl from your hometown or a nearby town like it used to be). Society will atomize, yes, and in the wreckage you'll get a lot more subhumans and a lot more, for lack of a better term, superhumans. Highly competent people are no longer islands that have to flat-out carry everyone and everything around them -- they can just leave the baggage until they're in good company, and this is exactly what's happening. Globalization is only producing new groups of people that will destroy the old order, globohomo included, and impose whatever they want in its place.

In a previous era, all those dumb single mothers that Tyrone is now running a train on would have been accepted as valid occupants of society. No longer happening -- have to be smarter and have better control to avoid social suicide and banishment. It is darwinian enough to move things forward.

>> No.30046340

this is why your people have never built successful civilization, because “if it doesn’t affect me directly idgaf about that shit ehehehehehehehehe imagine putting effort into safeguarding your living environment eehehheeheheh dumb gringos wow let me move in with you wtf racist”

>> No.30046520

Income tax really should be 0. That is the best way to stimulate the economy.

>> No.30046584

Did they ever close the hedgefund loophole? They talked about it during Bush, Obama for 8 years and then just kinda forgot about it. Was that even a thing. Or is the financial lobby too strong.

Why make new taxes when old loopholes haven't even gotten closed.

>> No.30046682

These are the same people that will shit on you for eating healthy. They don't want to put in the effort to learn how to diet properly.
>organic is liberal hocus pocus
The monsanto chemicals have taken over their minds.

>> No.30047164

It's a tax on high achievers. Think about the implications of that. Totally finished.

>> No.30047190

>Richfags rig the system againt Joe blow from making it
>Gets so bad they even try to make it illegal for you you to buy a stock they are shorting
>Can literally erase your presence off the internet if you say shit they don't like
>Get your tax dollars in bailouts every time they run their businesses into the ground (literally socialism)

Nigger billionaires have had communism for decades. Probably since the Regan era. You are just a useful idiot.

>> No.30047314


income tax is an invention of the new liberals 100 years ago, so that they could virtue signal already

>> No.30047379

Eat meat daily, avoid plant "foods" as much as possible and you will never need a doctor.

>> No.30047408

Interesting theory anon.

>> No.30047454

imagine clicking on all that

>> No.30047523

If income tax were gone id be out of non house debt in a year and house debt within 5.

>> No.30047779

I work at the usda, I can tell you with certainty that organic certification is a total crock.

>> No.30047797

>Most leftists are not communists.

>> No.30047843

A 99% wealth tax on the rich wouldn't even be enough to fix the gaping hole that is the US state and federal deficit.

>> No.30047937

>I work for the USDA
It's not. You should be put in prison for spreading these lies. Look into sustainable eating, if you believe that you are a glowie or truly retarded. The size of chicken breasts of organic and non should tell you enough of what they are putting in it. Organic tastes 100x better too. Sorry your're priced out of good food.

>> No.30048123

>principles matter you communist fuckwit
>Ultra rich shouldn’t have to pay taxes like poor people do

>> No.30048213

probably justification to tax income even more.

>> No.30048235

oh no, wanna start a gofundme for them OP?

>> No.30048282

Implying they wouldn't find a loophole or way to avoid paying.

>> No.30048463

No you don't

>> No.30048646

>biz is unironically against something that don't apply to any of them....
But but but /biz/ told me the we were all going to "make it?!"

>> No.30049492

Hilarious! That amount of money wouldn't even come close to paying just the interest on the national debt for one year. American Socialists are inherently incapable of simple math. They can't comprehend just how insanely irresponsible and corrupt the government actually is and so think it is a good idea to take money from people who actually DO something for a living and give it to politicians who are the lowest scum the country can produce.

>> No.30049787

>Why make new taxes when old loopholes haven't even gotten closed.
To appease the plebs. In a shit system like a democracy you have to pretend to relate to the people to gain stability, because your legitimacy comes from usurping an imaginary will of the people. Doesn't matter what or how retarded or even how detrimental the proposal is, as long as it satisfies the jealously of the plebs and their slave morality you will gain legitimacy for yourself. It is essentially trading the future for the now.

>> No.30051225

It's not about the tax, it's what you do with it. After WWII, the top bracket was 90%. Thet used it to pay down debt, and invest in growing the overall output of the economy. They they fucked it up, with gibs , "affiramtive action" and the like. Subsidising poverty. Paying poor people to stay poor. And that's the whole fucking problem that sunk the Roman Empire, "Bread and Circus " , or in this case, UBI and ESPN .

>> No.30051288

They're "hoarding" shares in their company which they created. They don't sit on a pile of gold like a dragon.

>> No.30051725

No like, there's thousands of things that don't apply to certain people, only other, that are cared about. This though? Applies to the tiniest fraction of America possible and to the most priviledge. Fuck em. They can share. They were never meant to hoard all the wealth they AMERICA created in the first place. That's not what made the US great.

>> No.30051806


retarded nonsense

>> No.30051946

>n that we will get more EDD checks and stimulus checks?
i live in IOM

>> No.30052362

Luckily none of /biz/ fits under that bill

>> No.30052415

Fuck I hate trying having a conversation with fools like you constantly interjecting. It's ALWAYS the libs and the leftoids. No matter what it is, they're your boogy man. And it's funny since it's the Cons that put the US in these situations in the first place. America's economy is in the toilet due to Reagan, Bush Jr, and Trump. Obama fixed all the fuck up and it roaring just for Trump to crash it. Now Biden will fix it again just for some of the red retard to drive it off a cliff. fuck off with your "libbies did it!" stupid shit.

>> No.30052546

The source is literally
>dude trust me

>> No.30052611


>> No.30052686

Jannies one of you forgot your meds and thinks he’s CZ.

>> No.30052741

lmao, I legit thought this board would be either too IQ or just too boring for /leftypol/ retards to hang out in.

>> No.30052784

why not though? these people would spend that money on an old vase without a second thought. i don't think anyone earning less than 100k a year should pay any tax.

they should introduce celebrity taxes too. fuck these hollywood cunts earning ridiculous sums and pro sports players. just fucking tax the hell out of them.

>> No.30052820
File: 208 KB, 549x386, Hands.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This... Fuck Bezo's. Guy has gutted America's mom and pop shops, thanks to evading state taxes.
Sad that AOC of all people had to tell that faggot to kick rocks.
Anyone advocating for this POS is nothing more than a libertarian cuckold.

>> No.30052824
File: 58 KB, 492x166, i feel great.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>doesn't include the debt we're taking on in order to pay the interest on our debt

>> No.30052867

Well the legislation only taxes those with over 50m and also has 40% exit tax lmao. Good luck leaving.

>> No.30052969
File: 721 KB, 976x736, Jnpc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I am amazed at how there are so many people here in this thread unironically believe taxing (filthy) rich people will kill the economy.

decades of goy brainwashing on MSM.

>> No.30053058

That isn’t even that much money for those guys.... middle classes are taxed much more heavily and the value of their dollar isn’t used to position better dollars, they have to spend them to get by. I don’t see what the issue here is. We need smarter taxes.

>> No.30054378

you are just extremely naive if you don't think the people with $1000/h lawyers and accountants won't come up with a way to move the money around and minimize how much they pay in taxes.

>> No.30054521

What is that? 13 billion?
Fed budget is 1.4 trillion

>> No.30054625
File: 972 KB, 1011x1088, 1614602502121.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

$15 billion dollars from these three will really do something...

>> No.30054792

>im not a communist
>proceeds to talk about communism

>> No.30054806

I'm sure your local underprivileged blacks will be happy to receive this money you racist.

>> No.30054886

I'll take fries with my burger, thanks.

>> No.30055035
File: 53 KB, 500x600, 79D87A85-A53C-4437-80E3-A23B14B6F748.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Welcome to Amerikka


>> No.30055068

>talents and merits has the tools at their disposal to develop them without severe fear of poverty
Bro, only dumb retards are poor. Smart people always find a way to make money, make something of their lives and get ahead.

>> No.30055086

This almost always how it goes and the US goobermint will ensure it will do this.

>> No.30055115

What’s the point of tax in modern day time? We have nothing to show for our tax dollars except giving all the money to brown people. The money just ends up making it back to the elite when they spend the money on the latest toys/shoes. It’s not like the taxes hurt the elite in this sense only the middle working class.

>> No.30055182



>> No.30055193

i would change nationality lol

>> No.30055228
File: 242 KB, 500x272, 1614353511121.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't you dare to talk about the chosen ones

>> No.30055272

News story 1 year from now, Musk, Bezos and Zuck are all enjoying their new Russian citizenships.

>> No.30055280

*This, that’s

>> No.30055346

taxes and public debt is the only for public servants to get money, because otherwise nobody would give them a salary for their ''work''.
So those people take money from the general population, then pay themselves with this, first and foremost, and they say they always spend the rest on the general population.

>> No.30055579

Just print more money to give to them so the US dollar can finally take its place behind the Zimbabwe fun buck.

>> No.30055586 [DELETED] 
File: 1.65 MB, 4518x2280, DoubleEagleHighRelief.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>imagine keeping your wealth in stocks that are registered by the government
>imagine keeping your wealth in bitcoin that is registered by the government and open on the blockchain for anyone to see and track
why didn't there retards just buy gold lol

>> No.30055620

>America's economy is in the toilet due to Reagan, Bush Jr, and Trump. Obama fixed all the fuck up and it roaring just for Trump to crash it
Are you retarded? Trump's economy crashed due to the coofs and states shutting down, nothing to do with the federal gov. How dumb are you?

>> No.30055644

>nooo don't tax billionaires! they rule us peasants by the grace of god!
> noooooo it is actually impossible to tax billionaires you see they may the wealthiest people but somehow their wealth is in forms that just, just, uh... YOU CAN'T TAX IT
>noooooo if you tax the richest people on earth somehow untold death and destruction will happen to the people who aren't the richest people on earth, you will anger the gods!

>> No.30055705
File: 1.65 MB, 4518x2280, DoubleEagleHighRelief.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>30042051 (OP)
>imagine keeping your wealth in stocks that are registered by the government
>imagine keeping your wealth in bitcoin that is registered by the government and open on the blockchain for anyone to see and track
why didn't these retards just buy gold lol

>> No.30055706
File: 2.89 MB, 540x360, 1614352324732.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Enough. The digits have spoken. All in favour of taking kikes money.? Yea nay?

>> No.30055740

temporarily embarrassed millionaires

>> No.30055853

Taxing in this manner forces massive stock sell offs every year. It's stupid. Raise realized cap gains on the rich if you must tax the rich.

>> No.30055948

Trumps economy could've been saved if he did fuck all about the GLOBAL PANDEMIC YOU FUCKWITS HOLY SHIT DO I HAVE TO SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU?

>> No.30056079

>he did fuck all about the GLOBAL PANDEMIC
Looks like we have a retard lmao. He shutdown travel with china and did lots of other crap. Honestly, I do agree he should've told states to fuck off with the lockdowns over the meme flu, and told them to only focus on the people that are actually effected by it, super old boomers and fags with aids. Honestly fuck those two groups though, let them die

>> No.30056088

>Lmfaoooo Amazon has paid like 0 dollars in taxes for a decade.
Not true. Carrying forward your losses is a perfectly legal tactic.

>> No.30056092

>noooo if you tax the billionaires, you will actually tax people who aren't billionaires, trust me guys you are all just temporarily embarrassed billionaires, don't think about how the system could never possibly support that outcome.
>Just trust me a tax on them will be a tax on YOU, so PLEASE don't tax the billionaires! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
>PLEASE don't tax my masters! Daddy Musk needs all that money and i might make that money someday too! He DESERVES to rule us!

>> No.30056154

>entire global supply chains shut down or grind to a halt

>> No.30056163

kek good luck actually getting your money lmao

>> No.30056171
File: 50 KB, 900x900, 15780970_1816839718556517_4018510752277759499_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone who says "tax the rich" is completely idiotic and short sighted...

>implying the US government deserves the money more than anyone else
>implying the US government has ever wisely used money
>implying a raise in taxes wont make its way to you too
>implying those billionaires taxes wont just go right back to bailing them out again later

Stop using taxes as a way to punish people. you are only giving your overlords more power over you

>> No.30056240

i cried


>> No.30056289


Imagine thinking letting 45k people from China into the US is “””””””shutting down travel””"”” lmao. No wonder you lot think a Jew-NWO-pedophile conspiracy stole the election.

>> No.30056305

we never hear flat tax speak... why ?

>> No.30056364

I don't have a problem with Amazon making obscene amounts of wealth in a fair competition to serve customers.
The problem is it's not a fair competition.Much of the past year, Amazon has been artificially subsidized by the government because of local business shutdowns and the fake pandemic.
Amazon has also been artificially subsidized by the post office giving them favorable rates as well. (and arguably other things)
If your goal is to eliminate wealth disparities, going to a free and open market as fast as possible so small businesses can recover and start hiring and investing again is the only move that makes sense.

>> No.30056389

Just take America's wealth elsewhere and leave it a empty poor husk filled with dumb browns.

>> No.30056475

Explain to me why replacing federal income tax with federal wealth tax, and state income, property, and sales tax with state land value tax wouldn't be good for the economy.

>> No.30056487

This is congress we are talking about here they’d only do things pre approved by the people in charge. If it works out that the rich end up paying that amount then thats surprising. Keep in mind most of the tax “loopholes” that everyone likes to complain about are there to help entities with a large amount of assets and came from congress.

>> No.30056617
File: 80 KB, 720x441, israpedo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No Israel is where the pedophiles go.

>> No.30056700

Kraken via wire, then to your own wallet. It really isn't difficult if you're not a normies.

>> No.30056744

Why doesnt the post office charge amazon more for taking their packages?

>> No.30056771

AHHH NOOO these people who have wealth that could sustain a hundred generations of their offspring might get taxed.

NOOOOOO not the heckin taxerinos

>> No.30056790

zuck is a robot so they want to tax a robot

>> No.30056851

Choices are pay $5b annually in tax or pay $4000 to renounce citizenship and live pretty much wherever the fuck you want to live, guess which option is going to be chosen.

>> No.30056885
File: 113 KB, 1920x1080, _0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>good luck leaving
*BTC moons to $10M*
>Wait, what just happened?

>> No.30056890

bezos will pay 5.7 billion in taxes when a pepsi costs 10,000 dollars

>> No.30056899

Nooo not the heckin billiinairinos
What if their great great great grand kids end up only sorta rich?

>> No.30056982

This. Policy is retarded because the ultra rich will kike their way around it

>> No.30057049

So in 2 months?

>> No.30057060

But how would they run for president then

>> No.30057063

ahhh, you poor little leftists, you just don't get it. they won't pay a dime of this dex. you will, however, pay twice as much for anything you want to buy on Amazon, and that extra money will pay the tax.

>good goy

>> No.30057131

What coins do you own?

>> No.30057187

Damn, is this real? Did Based Biden finally fix the retarded burger country?

>> No.30057253

that's Israel

>> No.30057306
File: 63 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30057325

you're gonna fucking starve fag lol

>> No.30057421

>they liquidates as many assets as they can and move almost everything out
>already have trillions in a foreign tax haven for this moment
>US finally sucked dry all the marrow gone
>try to capture them
>they just hire PMCs and the soldiers chasing the rich down

>> No.30057424

Democrats see a problem and apply completely retarded solutions. Throw these niggers in jail, don't collapse the fucking market because you're too stupid or cowardly to cut through the bullshit

>> No.30057645


>> No.30057651

>libertarianism has the fatal flaw of believing humanity has good intentions. The wealth didn't trickle down
This isnt what libertarianism is, or what it's about. Republicucks push trickle down. A libertarian accepts that humanity is morally fucked and plays the game accordingly instead of lying to the people about there being a way to change their lot in life by taxing highly illiquid markets, praying that the man who's pocket you're trying to pick is dumb enough to stick around, or that naturally capitalist black market economics can somehow be ignored in our utopian wonderland. It's an ideology based in brutal honesty, and you are supposed to take your licks up front so that you can invest accordingly for yourself and your family later.

>> No.30057708
File: 42 KB, 451x264, 20210222_134442.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why does /biz/support these people? I'm not even communist, but these people LITERALLY want to enslave you. They should be killed, not taxed.
Everything they do is against your interest a a non billionaire. Their business tactics are meant to destroy everything that allows for small scale communities to thrive in order to globalize their monopolies. They create machines/services that are literally meant to brainwash you and they aren't even subtle about it.
And /biz/is angry that they have to pay taxes??

>> No.30057908

yes but communism isnt the answer

>> No.30057909

>America at its most prosperous had stricter laws for the wealthy and more aggressive unions
>retards keep pushing Reaganism

>> No.30057988

Then break up the monopolies fine them and tax the companies like normal. Why has congress let these clear monopolies still be around? I mean there is now more than enough seats held by democrats to do so.

>> No.30058139

>why has congress let these monopolies still be around
because libertarians have achieved what they want: small government. and (((big business)))

>> No.30058181

>taxing people will somehow lead to more unions and lesa monopolies

>> No.30058185

You mean perfectly legal kike jujitsu.
I can't wait for this country to actually implement taxes. Too bad it'll never actually happen.

>> No.30058239

What are you talking about...? Democrat? They have LITERALLY brainwashed you dude. You sound like a retarded facebook boomer

>> No.30058251

Does that include the Rothschilds?

>> No.30058280

Wow! $13 billion dollars will cover half of an extra payout to Israel alright!!!

>> No.30058298


If Bezos, Musk, Zuck and Cook all has a battle royale who would win?

I think it would come down to Bezos and Musk with Bezos ultimately winning

>> No.30058448

>I'd be fine with more taxes as long as it didn't go to dindus
I am the exact opposite. I say fuck taxes. At least implement NESARA and a flat tax for everyone to fuckin pay rich or poor. Corporation or individual. No loopholes or exceptions. This current system is broken and you can blame the Federal Reserve. We dont need them. BLM/antifa should direct their energy towards there in minecraft.

>> No.30058466

One day, it will be shoot on sight for you idiot fags.

>> No.30058468

Yes, you retard. Open up a history book jesus CHRIST

>> No.30058554

Yes and leftism contends the government is a necessary evil to control the unhealthy desires of man.

People should be able to own private property — but not at an investment. You can’t own 30 houses and rent them out as an investment would a good one. “Smart people always make it...”

I made it out of the hell that was poverty but MANY do not. Many smart people get hooked on opioids and die. Poverty is hell.

>> No.30058595

Yeah im sure that once the government gets their cut they'll decide to stop the union busting that these people do (lol)

>> No.30058618

the only real challenge would be bezos bc he got hardened at least aesthetically from before and after pics of when he was getting started versus now. Mark the cuck(((berg))) is a onions weakling

>> No.30058638

It could, and they would still end up the owners of everything.

>> No.30058678

Kek not sharing my make it ticket with you
I will say I bought a bunch of LINK in 2017
But that's a given

>> No.30058722

I remember not understanding how Currency was created, or knowing of the Rothschilds et.al.

>> No.30058748

when children are learning about parasites in school i dont know why the jews arent apart of theat course? the most potent, vile, hazardous to your health parasite is not on the list with tapeworms, round worms etc

>> No.30058761

Anon I know you have a big brain and dont think about government in the terms of the two party system. But, officially yes democrats have a majority in congress and have the presidency. The same party has been pushing for these policies and no shit all of the US congressmen are corrupt neoliberal corporatists primed for globohomo. Im just pointing out that what’s proposed does fuck all in general and is probably the least effective way of going about knocking down the megacorps.

>> No.30058764

>bought a bunch of LINK in 2017
Why are you so retarded then?

>> No.30058768

retards that think there is only 3 billionaires in America

this kind of law is retarded though, taxing wealth is nice but not stocks, it's dumb, we don't even do that here in europe

>> No.30058772

Smart leftism. Dumb leftism is “just give everyone a thousand dollars.”

If someone proves they’re worthy, they deserve money to accomplish their goals. STEM degrees should be absolutely free. Computer science degrees — free.

Feminist armpit hair growing workshops — not free.

>> No.30058785






>> No.30058793


I wonder if the gov sells shares when they receive them, I work for a tech company and get paid in shares but I automatically see only about 70% of the shares I earned show up in my brokerage account due to taxes.

>> No.30058872
File: 184 KB, 650x558, 1585437258785.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's over. Chyna won.

>> No.30058987

God why do women get degrees complaining about how they’re not successful instead of becoming successful? What the fuck is wrong with American culture?

>> No.30059018
File: 54 KB, 1024x956, _116329004_1cabceb5-828a-4512-aba6-75511eebb3f0-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>isarel is the joo safe haven
>isarel is getting more vaccines than anyone in the world

so how does this fit in in the /pol/tard anti vaccines narrative

>> No.30059026

oh my it's staked, I forgot, I'm done for lmao
good I didn’t go for this shit they tried to spam on /biz/ today
my portfolio with yvs and their staking model. top pearl on yield market with modern terms

>> No.30059090

Let me explain how this will be implemented:
>2021 - tax on billionaires passed
>2022 - oh wait, these classes of income get special exemptions, so none of the billionaires actually pay the tax
>2023 - oh shit, we have a budget shortfall, let's lower the threshhold to $100 million. that's still a lot!
>2024 - oh shit, the budget is still short, actually let's just make it a tax on all wealth including your crypto, stocks, and 401k plan
This is exactly what they did with income tax. It was only applied on the richest 1% when it went into effect.

>> No.30059132

Stop being a bootlicking bitch
It's not a good look

>> No.30059217

America as a nation is dead just accept that already

>> No.30059228
File: 34 KB, 645x770, 16025701156106.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>30046174 >>30046308
>>30046340 >>30046520
>>30046584 >>30046682
>>30047164 >>30047190
>>30047314 >>30047379
>>30047408 >>30047454
>>30047523 >>30047779
>>30047797 >>30047843
>>30047937 >>30048123
>>30048213 >>30048235
>>30048282 >>30048463
>>30048646 >>30049492
>>30049787 >>30051225
>>30051288 >>30051725
>>30051806 >>30051946
>>30052362 >>30052415
>>30052546 >>30052611
>>30052686 >>30052741
>>30052784 >>30052820
>>30052824 >>30052867
>>30052969 >>30053058
>>30054378 >>30054521
>>30054625 >>30054792
>>30054806 >>30054886
>>30055035 >>30055068
>>30055086 >>30055115
>>30055182 >>30055193
>>30055228 >>30055272
>>30055280 >>30055346
>>30055579 >>30055620
>>30055644 >>30055705
>>30055706 >>30055740
>>30055853 >>30055948
>>30056079 >>30056088
>>30056092 >>30056154
>>30056163 >>30056171
>>30056240 >>30056289
>>30056305 >>30056364
>>30056389 >>30056475
>>30056487 >>30056617
>>30056700 >>30056744
>>30056771 >>30056790
>>30056851 >>30056885
>>30056890 >>30056899
>>30056982 >>30057049
>>30057060 >>30057063
>>30057131 >>30057187
>>30057253 >>30057306
>>30057325 >>30057421
>>30057424 >>30057645
>>30057651 >>30057708
>>30057908 >>30057909
>>30057988 >>30058139
>>30058181 >>30058185
>>30058239 >>30058251
>>30058280 >>30058298
>>30058448 >>30058466
>>30058468 >>30058554
>>30058595 >>30058618
>>30058638 >>30058678
>>30058722 >>30058748
>>30058761 >>30058764
>>30058768 >>30058772
>>30058785 >>30058793
>>30058872 >>30058987
>>30059018 >>30059026

>> No.30059242

I think Tim Cooke could be quite catty though, scratching and hair pulling etc

>> No.30059260
File: 846 KB, 320x576, 1563651323184.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Halfwit here. Fell ass backwards into wealth by holding buttcoin since 2013. Of course I diversified since then and hold property and boomer financial instruments including caveman rocks. If buttcoin does another bullrun I'll quickly reach ~35MUSD total networth. Otherwise I will reach it anyway in a couple of years. Should I be worried? A lot of commies coming out of the woodwork even in IRL of late. Currently live in Puerto Rico because fuck feeding lazy commies. They should get jobs those lazy gibs wanting fagots.

>> No.30059281

>he doesn’t realize that introducing an unrealized capital gain tax will force you to sell

>> No.30059359

They just take 2% of everyone's shares a year, then keep it
After some time the government will own everything, you'll own nothing and they do something evil that makes you happy about it

>> No.30059408

you guys are just as pathetic as you are in your /pol/ raids buddy. Imagine a so called "lefty" shilling for the democrats lmao.

>> No.30059451

Yes, secure your assets elsewhere and make sure you have a good plan for when things inevitably go to shit state side.

>> No.30059470
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>> No.30059485

>doesn't know that all of the federal spending data is available to the public, thus anyone can make a pie graph.
You have to be 18+ to post here

>> No.30059526

I'm not even burger and I know this has been done in the past. Nigger

>> No.30059615


>> No.30059623

It won't happen because these numbers are fabricated. I wonder what dumbass came up with this chart

>> No.30059624

How come we never tax people who's last name ends in berg?

>> No.30059718


>> No.30059770

This is truly the end isn't it. Fuck.

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