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What's your profession?
What's worth getting into nowdays?

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I'm in business school and don't know what to specialize in

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How can a man with that much money still be JUST'ing.

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wealth management
its pretty based
i did law school > business school for 2 masters
>law firm >swiss bank
I make a lot of money not doing very much

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IT/coding started taking classes during the rona. best decision i made.

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Manufacturing engineer. I wear a mask 8hrs a day and argue with retards over menial bullshit. Mechanical engineering degree but been in manufacturing for too many years, so I can’t get cool design jobs. My salary is a joke.
I want to kms. Trying to teach myself programming but idk how the fuck to get a job with random GitHub shit. At this point I might quit and burn through my savings until I grow the balls to jump off a bridge

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Chemical engineering
Not that much money but pretty cool projects

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I work for a small telecom company that gets work contracted to them by att and Verizon. I pretty much do secretary level stuff - maybe slightly higher level than that but not much. I made 47k in 2019, but they cut my salary and work in half in 2020. I barely do anything now to be honest with you and I make 1k every two weeks before taxes + great healthcare coverage. Honestly they only keep my cus my dad is a big wig at att (nepotism) but my dads retiring soon so I’m worthless soon

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I'm a professional Chainlink (ticker: LINK) holder.

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If you don’t know, choose accounting. Easiest path to a decent paying job.

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Where’s his mask??

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Oh and it’s all remote, so it’s a pretty sweet gig if I could just find a side business to start. Always wanted to screen print offensive shirts for current events or something like that.

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I thought accounting was dead? Once womxn flood a career path it's game over for wage growth.

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I'm a professional 4chan shitposter (board: BIZ).

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I’m 27 years old, a graphic designer, making $74k a year. Kind of already at the top of the salary range unless I learn web design or UX but even then I’d cap out around $140k max. I also fucking hate this consumer marketing bullshit. Might take the learn2code meme.

Been unironically thinking about going back to school for premed to pursue an MD in psychiatry. Psychedelic research on mental health and running a practice in Colorado, Washington, or Vermont would be the coolest shit ever.

Any anons have experience switching careers?

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Imagine being a billionaire and stuck married to an ugly chink

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I build storefronts for marketing websites. More or less. But I only make 50k. Then last month I made 500k selling NFTs of my art and old drawings.
Giving some real thought to quitting, but im a coward.

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I work in HR. In school for tech support. Trying to get any job in crypto, but learning crypto development because there's no way I'll be doing A+ tech support with crypto based on the job listings. Not there yet with the web3 crypto dev, but I see the possibility on the horizon with each problem I solve.

Not your country, but what do you think of LCX?

Why not do crypto / eth dev? I see tons of jobs for it and it's multiplying like crazy.

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that job will soon be automated

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software dev. I've always loved coding, so im pretty much getting paid pursuing my hobby, which is nice.

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I do quality control for an electronics firm specializing in semiconductors, it's alright but listening to pessimistic low paid bums yapping and complaining about everything gets old fast

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I am a crypto trader. About 2 years ago, I bought Waves with the recommendation of my friend. Later, I gradually learned the dynamics of the market. Now I am doing this job full time.

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Don't join the army
>t. Current armyfag

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>What's your profession?
rope maker
>What's worth getting into nowdays?
alt coins.

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your basic enterprise applications will get automated, but you will never entirely replace competent software developers. Also data science/AI/solidity devs are going to be in high demand in the next 10-20 years, so you'll always have a job as a dev.

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>fudding an entire career path

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I'm an accountant. It's pretty worth getting into, but takes a fucklong time now because you need a masters degree and the CPA exam is only getting harder.

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Keep in mind you have to listen to people's bullshit all day every day. I couldn't do it personally. I couldn't bring myself to care.

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IT specialist
literally doing everything it related

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AI qoomers FUD all jobs except dev for some reason. Somehow these people have it in their heads that politicians will allow the entire labor economy to disappear. It's a NEET fantasy desu.

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ya who will code a fcking ai retard?

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I was a videographer for a college football team before corona. sick ass job and I got to travel with the team across the country. I left when I got a new boss and he gave all the trips to this native bitch who sucked at the job. basically been unemployed and depressed ever since doin odd jobs to get by. since I made some crypto gains it would be cool if I were to work for another college doing the same shit. just a bummer I got cock blocked by the new boss when I worked so fucking hard. makes me never want to wage again

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Investment banking

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This is what the brainlets think.

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Professional video game player

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That’s how pharmacy went. Used to be a 4 year degree for a 6 figure job, now it’s a doctoral degree and they’re desperately trying to expand roles to make everyone feel more important at the same time not compensating anyone for the expanse.

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IT manager for a US based, Chinese owned computer recycler. I spend my days wiping hard drives and browsing 4chan. Play OSRS on occasion when im extra bored.

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i'm an accountant at a big corporate. it's gay as hell and i strongly recommend you do something like software development instead.

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I assume you already have some reputation as an artist? And not everyone can make $$$ there?

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Are you Indian?

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should have gone public retard

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I'm a MD

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i did a year in audit at EY. it was even gayer. this career is for fucking dumb niggers, if you have a brain you can make 50% more in 50% less time in software. i'm doing learn to code meme and quitting this dumb nigger profession within the next 1-2 years.

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Data scientist, just finished my masters. Thesis turned out better than expected so we boutta publish that. I'd say the entire Analytics/ML field is going to boom hard until we hit a computational wall again.

The demand is crazy and the money is good, but learn statistics first.

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Chocolate brown, not poo brown

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you are a huge retard, congrats

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Currently learning Norwegian full time so I can study architecture for free in Oslo.

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Laughable now, sure, but in who knows... thousands, millions of years, maybe?

If you think about it, that's kind of what our bodies are.

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He is the embodiment of autism

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let me guess, you're one of the """"transaction services"""" retards that LARPs as a MBB consultant when you're just doing dumb nigger accounting work for 15% more money?

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27 year old video editor. Been full time for 3 years at current company, make about 45k but I hate my employers. Trying to switch back to freelance.

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sour grapes from an audit retard

yes I'm in advisory, and yes I make more than you

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any cybersecurity professionals here?
better future than data science or software engineering?

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>Big sweatshops like Deloitte, cuckcenture, EY

Christ, I would pay them good money to not send me job offers.

Maritime related analytics has great cash. Very few people know wtf to do with data yet everyone tries to get in. Getting a formal education in that means you get to curbstomp them

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lmao. literally no one envies you, you idiot nigger retard.

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Construction. It’s an old trade. I do well.

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Nice. Is it worth the time and resources in your opinion? Do you love or hate your life? I want to become a psychiatrist but I feel like it’s akin to joining the military in terms of commitment level.

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I remember a time when on /biz/ I would say "that job will soon be automated" to someone in the IT field and people wouldn't respond, or just laugh at my ridiculousness like >>30055154 but now their are so many fucking tourist here. This town has gone to shit!

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I'm a dishwasher. My job is pretty good on a resume though, I'm in charge of like 3 or 4 other guys, I deal with shipping and receiving and I work pretty much autonomously.
I'm 24 making 16 dollars an hour, I think sometime this year or next I should get into a trade, like carpetry/plumbing/electrical work.
Then i would be eligible for like, lead work on construction sites or maybe a cushy building maintenance job. Trade work is also always good for starting your own buisness and helping friends with projects too. It would make me a more useful guy all around.

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I'm a conservation ecologist. I derive a good deal of satisfaction from it, but it has been a long and difficult road to get to my current position.

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The gi bill is beyond good. Get in on the scam while you can

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>Why not do crypto / eth dev
Really good idea honestly. I started cryptozombies to learn solidity, I just need to stick to it.

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no one envies an auditor so retarded that he dropped out to industry either lmfao

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she has to be a CCP spy right? he can surely do better than that. even for a chink she's hideous

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I'm currently in nursing school. I want to do a masters get my NP and open up a dermatology clinic where I give fillers and botox injections to insecure womens for lots of money

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Many Norwegian schools offer their programs in English for foreigners. I don't know about architecture, but you could save yourself some time.

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i got a 25% raise with 1 year experience. and as miserable and cuckholded as this profession is, i now make $87k 3 years into my career. but none of this matters. i don't feel like rotting my brain away earning pennies for kike slavedriver masters. have fun crunching numbers of the rest of your life -- sorry, i mean providing """"ADVISORY SERVICES"""" -- like a retard.

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That sounds based as fuck. Godspeed anon, go 10x long on roasties being roasties. Also buy $COTY

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34 y/o HR Analyst. 90k a year with tons of bennies and working from home for 1 yrs plus. Work for my County so promotion opportunities are endless and they can't really fire you after you make it past probation unless you are literally trying to. Only been here 2 yrs, after getting a business degree (easy). Degree was paid for by uncle sam and 8 years of hunting terrorists.

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I have already 3x'd you

Good job retard

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>senior manager/director level
professional wagie, very impressive. are the last 15 years of your life nothing but waging for shekelstein?

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I'm in school getting a chemical engineering degree right now. What am I in for?

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wow they both look unironically happy and in love.

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I think it's worth it because I enjoy my job and the payment is really good compared to the rest (I make 50x my country's min wage). But it takes too long to start making money, for me it was 9 years. But once you start working things get better.

I used to hate my life on college/residency, but now with crypto gains and actually working I'm loving it. I'm going to finish my cardiology fellowship next year btw.

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okay, cool story bro

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newfag detected

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Psychoanalyzing people and helping them understand their own frame of thought sounds a hell of a lot better than putting up with the bullshit I do in (((marketing)))

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Im a lowly staff accountant at a corporation fresh out of college. Gonna try to get on with the fed govt doing anything in their financial dept here. Dad works there and a bunch of friends so should be easy. I couldnt give less of a shit about what im doing. All of these jobs are monkey nigger brain work anyways. Just want that cozy salary, benefits, and time off with the gov. I just do shit in excel all day and invest all my money. Feels cozy

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They were hard work, but absolutely worth it IMO. If I got cold feet and bailed to industry I'd be much poorer than I am now.

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Fucking based. Norwegian architecture school is probably leagues better than american anyway

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Would u say the hard work was worth the pay? Im currently on a middling route of low ambition and just wanting to purchase a home in a rural area and fuck off from society and work part time somewhere after saving a bunch for a few years. Will i want to kms eventually not busting ass in a career?

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>What's your profession?
Network Engineer
>What's worth getting into nowdays?
AWS infrastructure (How to into: Udemy AWS courses by Stephane Maarek, Learn Python, Learn basics of Linux)
Salary: $100,000-$150,000
>she has to be a CCP spy right?
Anyone that grew up in MMainland China is a spy for the CCP.

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Go plumbing anon. Go plumbing, learn to weld, and get a job with the military building subs or doing other work like that. Those fucking guys i swear to god they work 6 hours max and the money govmunt pours on them is obscene

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yeah federal government is based if you can deal with it. i'm going full steam ahead with leaving the profession, but if i had to stick with it i would 100% get a job in government and just do the bare minimum and ride the automatic promotion waves.

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Right on thanks for the reply. I’ll be 28 in a month so assuming I start premed this fall and fast track everything, I would be practicing by the time I’m 38 if I’m lucky. I’ve read that residency though you can still make $70k a year which isnt bad. And then practicing you could be up to $200k-400k (in America).

But that 9 year academic meat grinder is extremely daunting. I’m trying to imagine what else I’d be doing in the next decade that could be as fulfilling from an emotional and financial stand point.

And congrats on finishing up your fellowship anon that’s huge.

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I just finished 6 years in the navy. I'm waiting a year or two for schools to normalize their curriculum and classroom learning post covid, and then i'm using to GI Bill to do ~ s o m e t h i n g ~. I have no idea what yet.

I want a good work life balance, but I also want lots of fucking money.

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Yes. I regularly got performance bonuses and I don't have the busy season pressure that audit and tax accountants have. I still have a busy season, it's just not as bad.

Currently I'm nearly matching my salary in investment income, and I could retire in probably 5 years if I wanted to.

As far as fucking off and working part time, that's not something I've ever been interested in so I can't speak to that, but I can say it was possible for me to do that comfortably about 5 years ago.

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Automation / Controls Engineer. went to school for electrical engineering (and philosophy). Used to work at a factory programming PLCs, HMIs, etc, now I work in corporate and do more consulting on projects. it's fairly comfy, tho I miss the plant work and bullshitting the maintenance guys and operators. these jobs are ALWAYS looking for people, you can't outsource this sort of shit. if the computer running the factory breaks, for the most part you need to physically be there to troubleshoot and fix.

>> No.30057411

I'm a bartender, student, and Cashier/ Pharmacy Tech (about to quit that last job, way too much with school).

>what's worth getting into
Depends how smart you are.

>business school
If you can specialize in something related to tech or AI that is the way to go of course.

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CNC Machining/programming
I do some CAD/CAM and part changes sometimes
Then i just sit there browsing /biz/ all day
It's great

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Go GS then. No degree needed. Comfy, do nothing job, and tons of benefits.

>> No.30057928

Im thinking about getting a couple beehives and starting bee colonies to produce honey and wax for candles. I make candles in my freetime but the biggest cost is wax. If i can make bees wax (its easy) for free then id theoretically be able to make a shitton upcharging to hipster niggers on etsy. Probably going to try and ramp this up into a business i can support myself with. Also want those sick business owner tax loopholes

>> No.30057955

Why would I do anything short of starting my own firm?

I'm set to make managing partner soon. I have no desire to leave this track.

>> No.30057966

I work in a lab as an assistant. 30k a year but I get to shitpost on /biz/ all day between pipetting

>> No.30057970

What's UX design like? How's the money? Can it be done remotely and in less than 5 hours a day?

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>muhhh board used to be so based
>newfag detected
>must virtue signal on an anon board
getting some real midwit energy

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I'm in school hoping to graduate with a statistics degree in two more years. Anything I should be teaching myself while in school? I'm hoping to get into data science but I haven't learned any coding or computer networking yet. I'm not sure what the entry level would expect me to know.

>> No.30058193

how much? also american?

>> No.30058345

Do it now. But because you're on 4chan I have to add: You shouldn't do this if you harbor serious racist or sexist views bc you can fuck someones shit up badly.

>> No.30058362

It seems like the obvious choice for anyone browsing this site who doesn't know what to do

For anyone who is curious: if you wanna find out what skills people are looking for, just read the job descriptions

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File: 189 KB, 900x600, colorful-hundertwasserhaus-architecture-of-vienna-view-brch-photography.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You should maybe pay a little more and study architecture in Vienna. I've heard Oslo's architecture is soulless and boring. Vienna is the most magnificent capital city of Europe, Austrians managed to mix 18th-century imperial monuments with modern buildings tastefully, it's the comfiest city I've ever visited.

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Joinin the army in the summer with 18x contract

>> No.30058500

Seems like a huge leap anon, from learning to weld to building submarines. I'd probably have to put a couple years into the national guard or the coast guard for something like that, right?

>> No.30058528

Do you really think zucc is attracted to the same things as regular humans?
He probably had her DNA analyzed and determined that the combination of their genes would give the most autistic high IQ offspring.

>> No.30058628

Europeans are descended from Atlanteans who are in turn come from the Pleiades. We are literally descended from gods.

“But muh black man cant cope with his inferiority therefore i have to stoop to his degraded level of existence.” Kys


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I was in school for political science but dropped out because I hated the school and major. currently a retail wagie while I figure out what I want to go back to school for.

>> No.30058672

sorry, replied to the wrong Anon.
I meant >>30057811
for >>30057359

>> No.30058676

Soon to be a professional ceiling ornament, tranny.

>> No.30058682

Boring as fuck financial analyst job ~ £32k . Good pay to sit at home and do maybe 2 hours work though I guess...

>> No.30058711

does libra help with building up coding knowledge? ive no experience with it at all but its something i want to get into

>> No.30058735

The fuck is this fucked up ultra-jew chink and ultra-jew rat picture?


>> No.30058759

Don't listen to this guy. Put 3 years into a tech job in the military. Say you're suicidal and get out with 100% GI bill and get hired literally anywhere that needs field service guys. Travel for a few years making 100k with overtime and doing your degree online for free. Once you have a degree you'll also have a healthy savings and years of experience+ you'll get hired easier for being a vet.

>> No.30058773

This guy is a alien right? Look at that fucking skin...

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I did 4 years of statistics for my bachelor. You'll need mostly R for it, just don't be completely retarded and you'll be fine. Graduating with just the skills you have from undergrad is enough for a junior level data analyst position.
(During these years you can do the statistical analysis for other peoples' projects if they pay you. The money is good if they're undergrad doctors etc. >500 )

For the data sci part you'll most likely need:
R, Python, SQL, obviously excel, hadoop/spark, keras or pytorch and
solid linear algebra skills

What uni?

>> No.30058904

Mechanic, industrial. Barely making it in leaf land, most jobs available are service industry minimum wage billshit. Do something technical its the only think keeping me in demand since we flooded our country with a bunch of pakis with dollar store degrees from street shitter University, dunno bout you though

>> No.30058956

If you live in Virginia, the shipyard here is building the Virginia class subs. They will hire 1-armed monkeys if they can put a bead on a steel plate

>> No.30059080

I live right up in PA, I dunno maybe I'll get into welding.

>> No.30059116

Sorry friend but I'm mostly Black myself and can't relate to your conspiracy theories even though we have our own crazies who say shit like this.

You're entitled to believe that shit man but a Psychiatrist shouldn't be in that field if they believe they are inherently superior the way that you do.

>> No.30059186

Yeah I'm sure you love that more than being a PolySci kid lmao

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my experience: graduated as an engineer and worked at a factory. hated it initially and wanted to go into psychiatry as well (the philosophical aspects of it are extremely fascinating: we are proscribing pills that arguably changes someone's *self*, how do the pills work, what does it mean to be mentally ill, is it all biological driven, etc etc). So I did the following

a) read a bunch of books on psychiatry and philosophy of psychiatry
b) e-mailed some of the authors
c) volunteered at a psych / mental health ward for a couple months

What I learned: (1) Psychiatry is currently bunk. We DON'T CASUALLY UNDERSTAND how the drugs work, instead we infer via statistics that the drugs do XYZ on people with ABC illness. It's black magic, and when I pushed some of these psychiatrists, they agreed with me (2) Psychiatrists pretty much just do med management. Hospital "techs" and social workers are the ones that talk with the patient, see how they're doing, write reports on the patient for the psychiatrist to go over, etc etc. It's all very clinical and technical and bureaucratic. Any idealism you have about the field will be crushed to a pulp. Imagine living in a Kafka novel.

From a professional psychiatrist I spoke with on whether I should join the field

>I hope you make your decision soundly. From a philosophical perspective, in my view, psychiatry’s philosophy is not what you think; it’s a good deal worse. But that doesn’t mean it will always be this way. The question is whether it’s worth your while, and just as importantly, whether you can make it any better.

good luck anon. you'd be taking a MAJOR STEP. prereqs, med school. The time and money spent is insane. I'm sure you could do it, but just think on it.

>> No.30059300

All races are superior to niggers. Except maybe abbos.

>> No.30059399

Enroll in a local community college that teaches robotics, or start working with CAD designs, I see tons of postings for it. You just have to retool your already high-value skillset. Don't get pigeonholed.

>> No.30059513

You should highly consider fucking around with screenprinting, use this as an opportunity to pick up a separate skill. Your gonna be stuck in admin if you dont.

>> No.30059643

I've worked in 5 different industries, it gets easier for each change. You have to start near the bottom but changing careers a lot helps filter out the bullshit wagie jobs from quality opportunities to learn and grow. Take some community college courses and speak to a prof

>> No.30059715

Did you go to a crazy school or did you elevate yourself in other ways?

>> No.30059722

Could you link your art? I'm curious to see

>> No.30059725

Clinical psychologist - running my own small clinic. $100.000 last year - went down because of COVID
Well it's a very meaningful job, and I often only work 4 hours a day

>> No.30059763

Yeah yeah whatever I'm sure you feel great about that- regardless Psychiatrists should certainly not hold these views

>> No.30059774

Is Insurance Agent a good career?

>> No.30059928

>mostly nigger

Lmao we got a mutant over here

>> No.30060038

Too bad, they all do.

>> No.30060131

If you can understand pen testing and do find exploits this the best career path by far, lots of investment in time/effort on your end but the autonomy is probably the best next to a lottery winner.

>> No.30060195

170k a year and no I'm european working in Switzerland
no clue desu never looked into it

>> No.30060238

Infosec analyst
Idk, but I work from home and its been comfy as fuck

>> No.30060304

Undertaker. Business going strong.

>> No.30060346

Business school is a generalist degree

>> No.30060355

i went to a pretty good school in my country but its mostly cause I networked throughout all my years
I went to all meets and greets, conferences etc. and always kept the contact and asked questions
might sound dumb but it helped me so much when out of school

>> No.30060429

I didnt do any of that tryhard shit and still landed a comfy job and multiple paid internships. Kys

>> No.30060438

Best advice to anyone learning coding. Learn math first, get up to calculus. Once you can do a basic calculus problem you can solve any software problems.

>> No.30060470

>multiple paid internships.
thats an achievement ?
I guess gratz for achieving low standards

>> No.30060561

I study German, probably gonna double major in French. I want to teach or get into academia.

>> No.30060582

Nice. I’m and EKG tech and work with a number of great cardiologists. I’m pursuing a different path in healthcare, but I always thought cardiology was a good option. Will you be doing EP?

>> No.30060647
File: 117 KB, 627x733, 1614117993649.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

freelance musician

>> No.30060693

As opposed to what nigger? An unpaid internship? Kys

>> No.30060811

How do you cope knowing that everyone hates HR?

>> No.30060850

Getting an intership in the US can be super difficult. I had a 3.2 GPA and no one wanted to touch me. Meanwhile the only nigger in my entire class of 300 people, had a GPA of 1.3 for most of his time got multiple offers. He now works for the US Census bureau.

>> No.30060960

Kek i was basically that guy. Had a 2.6 gpa overall. Major gpa was way below 2 i think. Never have been asked about it by anyone. Gpa literally doesnt matter

>> No.30061177

unemployed aerospace eng graduate in UK
i'm very broke. turns out I don't like the field as much as i thought, i'm considering enrolling for masters in comp sci 2021/22. in the meantime im selfteaching

>> No.30061216

PhD student in mathematics making 40k a year. Pretty comfy, but i make sure to practice programming regularly in case I should go to the industry.

>> No.30061254

do you think they have sex?

>> No.30061337

>they took the tryhard pill

Oh no no no no. So glad i didnt go through a hellish schooling and take on shitloads of debt just to meet someone elses expectations. I partied and smoked crack my wntire time in uni and am making more than u two kek

>> No.30061343

quality engineer checking in, company i work for needs one of you guys. i also want to kms, and am trying to learn programming or something else. i have been in manufacturing since 2000 fucking 4 almost 20 freakin years and most of it a giant waste

>> No.30061381
File: 92 KB, 997x665, 1614707339685.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also im in tech and i make good money and work remotely from southeast asia and do whatever the fuck i want but i hate it my job is useless these companies mean nothing to me and id rather have the freedom to work on meaningful projects that don't make any money

>> No.30061416

How does it feel to know that everything you have in life comes from people assuming that you're retarded due to your skin color and lowering the bar?

>> No.30061466
File: 96 KB, 512x317, 1611490597374.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's very cool anon, bees are good to have around, and you cut down on wax costs
very groovy

>> No.30061500

i missed your post but am the quality 'engineer' (really by title only) also in electronics, place has sorta changed to medical devices. i make decent money for no completed degree but absolutely hate every fuckin second, and most of the job is just listening to boomers argue over dumb shit

>> No.30061538

Im white? Lmao

>> No.30061599

Yes indeed. It sucks hives are so expensive tho. Id like to have a couple. My home has a 15x35 ft widows walk on the roof. Id like to get at least 5 large hives setup there

>> No.30061714

interesting, whats needed to get into this? you have a family that has a funeral home or something? sounds based

>> No.30061860
File: 30 KB, 500x375, 1612536050115.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>software engineer at an investment bank here, its fucking boring but the pay is great.

>> No.30061918

Lmao, you're 4 years too late for Data Science hype meme, literally, any useful ML/AI use already been packed into an easy API at your favorite cloud providers, Data Engineering > Data Science

>> No.30062182

Consultant. Anything stem related is gonna be the move desu. If ur non-stem try to get into consulting if you wanna be paid

>> No.30062340

you can do a apprenticeship at an existing undertaker or open your own business.
people die all the time so you will never go out of business if you are doing a good job (comforting people etc). plus you hear the best stories of life. big minus is - nobody wants to hang around with you and women dislike you.

>> No.30062376 [DELETED] 

You guys heard of NEXT Chain? With the pioneering use of decentralized technology, they have built the next version of Blockchain, Next.Chain. The ground-breaking Next.chain acts as a backbone of Next.exchange allowing, instant trading of coins and tokens with utmost security and reliability. They don’t plan on simply deploying a Blockchain and digital asset exchange platform, they aim to become leaders in the Blockchain field. Join them on Telegram @nextchain

>> No.30062672

Glad to hear, fellow literary anon! I have also been thinking about going back to college to study language and literature. What kind of work is there to do in academia?

>> No.30062818


If youre skills include sloppy beads and breathing and nothing else, they will start you around 6 figures.

And remember, submarine is just a fuck load of pipes. Honestly that's all it is. Shit pipes oil pipes water pipes air pipes.

What's GS?

>> No.30062861

Thanks for this reply. I'm going to a local California state school. I figure if I can learn enough programming or other skills on my own it will be smart to cheap out on the school. I took a screenshot of your reply and I'll start looking into beginner lessons for R, thanks again.

>> No.30062909
File: 238 KB, 656x770, 1613398517960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mortgage loan officer

please send help

>> No.30062951

get yourself an ergodox and learn to sit/stand properly or get fucked for life.

>> No.30063022

I never understood why in the fuck Excel is necessary for data science positions. Can't you just process shit with Pandas and be done with it?

>> No.30063058

are you enlisted or O?

>> No.30063072

you should be emotionally stable and be someone who people can rely on. there always is much organizing to do like decorations for the funeral and stuff. many people cant cope with the end and need someone who can take the burdens off of them. and of course you shouldnt have a problem with dead people.

>> No.30063123

Is there any hope with languages? I want to become a translator but the more I read about the field the less I want to do it, it doesn't seem very profitable

>> No.30063187

Lol. Isn’t IQ testing derived from the field of Psychology? It would be more surprising for Psychiatrists/Psychologists to not think there was some form of racial realism and hierarchy at play.

>> No.30063226

>claiming for shitty coins
>lose everything
>whooping 4ch on every topic

I am not stupid to go this way, my portfolio with GSX, I know how to do win-win operations

>> No.30063572


thats what my GF does. It's lower end money to start since you get random art students in the mix during hiring seasons. Lots of temp work


those are my only friends that own houses before 30 and have their finances together - military to medical leave/or GI bill to college.


How western PA are you? lol. I actually moved to Philadelphia for work


this is a chad move. Investment bankers I used to work with when attached to our wealth team was a stressful job in the office/the only team with a code of what you can have on your desk and work attire
ITT go into tech

>> No.30063810

learn fucking web design right now it's so easy bitch just do it

i taught my graphic design student gf basic html/css/javascript in like a day just get on codeacademy right the fuck now and do the basic javascript course, then after that maybe do reactjs/vuejs for more web design.

also look into the p5.js library after doing some javascript if reactjs/vuejs looks annoying or intimidating or whatever. javascript+ that library will give you the tools you need to do whatever

>> No.30063955

I'm >>30056049
Grew up and went to undergrad in that area of PA.

>> No.30064049

why do germans use the same word for SHE, THEY and YOU

>> No.30064141


>> No.30064302

I got my own mobile phone shop .
Help a lot of old people so that's nice

>> No.30064411
File: 14 KB, 197x285, anon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wow that is really interesting undertakeranon, why do you feel nobody likes you, are you viewed as Death? if i ever get fully fed up and quit my quality job (or get fired) this may be something i can get into.

t.single lonely no friend oldfag

>> No.30064421

I'm a dentist in yurop so no student loans as we have free education. Pay is awesome but hate my job and hate people so probably gonna quit or just work part time and do something more fun soon.

>> No.30064500

i have been to a cadaever lab for an anatomy class in high school, i think i can handle that side of it, however i'm not exactly level headed or emotionally stable, mental health iffy at best.

is there a person that deals with the dead but not the social aspect healing side?

>> No.30064580

Low-level delivery driver retard checking in.

Anyone know or involved in being a wind turbine technication?

Reading up, there looks to be major demand for it, with decent wages and a much shorter than most trades, certification period.

>> No.30064873

Yeh specialize in something geared towards tech. Or accounting. Or both. Investment banking if you want to work some 80 hour weeks.

>> No.30064994

no i dont think im viewed as death. it may be subconcious. maybe thats easier in a city than in a small town.

assumabily yes - in a big enough business you can only prep the dead but thats nothing you will want to do 100%. it will get boring over time and is not good for mental health.

>> No.30065059

>pay is awsome
choose one

>> No.30065086

Zucc is probably a fag. She was with him before he made the money. So it's not an issue for him to stick by her. She gets dosh and he gets a beard.

>> No.30065094
File: 81 KB, 667x705, 1613652562173.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

32 yo spaniard. Tech Lead. 57K €.

I'm fine here. Its a good salary for the country and I work full remote, but I'm listening to other offers.
Absolutely terrible at crypto. Currently I'm lost as fuck.

>> No.30065179

thanks anon, admit it does scare me, i might end up in me being your next customer. i deal with some bad depression fairly often. regardless thanks for answering i find it all very interesting.

>> No.30065320

Software engineer. Pay is good but I hate grinding away on boring shitty projects and making other people money. I wish I knew how to utilize my skills to be able to work for myself

>> No.30065590

its a part of life and makes you wonder.
if you work in the business you see life differently and enjoy it more because you are constantly reminded that it will end one day. there are sad stories you hear but many good things, too. you should cherish and enjoy every minute you have on this earth.

>> No.30065602
File: 113 KB, 207x290, 13r43faegs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Technical writer. Making 90k base + bonus/benefits takes me a little over 100k. It's pretty comfy but boring and I'm probably going to pivot into something else.

>> No.30065674
File: 10 KB, 450x450, 1601263139396.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>accounting major
>thought shitcoin knowledge would convert into a blockchain career
>get laughed at in interviews
>finally get a job in IT audit where the manager is real with me and tells me to shut the fuck up with the blockchain shit and be realistic
>4 years later 100k MCOL CISA, CISSP, working in cybersecurity and IT strategy
>job security is rock solid due to endless amounts of regulation and people not knowing what the fuck cybersecurity actually is
>still no gf though so fuck my life

>> No.30065823
File: 8 KB, 254x198, feels.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based, yea in a weird way its sorta the ultimate depression fixer, better than any drug or counseling imaginable. you have a near daily reminder that life indeed is short and special.

thanks fren

>> No.30065879

Way late on the reply buy i'm on the eastern side, like an hour north of you, in the lehigh valley.
The only jobs here are service work and warehouse work because of all the colleges and... warehouses.

>> No.30065946

26yo spaniard. Tech artist. 32k€.
Full remote, and I absolutely love the job/studio, don't want to leave.
But I can't help but wonder if I should work for a richer country a earn x3.

>> No.30066045

Went to trade school as a horticulturist, now I have an easy seasonal government job and I grow weed for an operation on the side, at this point I'm just burning time for crypto to grow.

>> No.30066048

BASED Netrunner anon.. that is the best card game out there. too bad it's over.

>> No.30067030

I mean, I don't like my job, and I'm also an artist, but I see that if I keep working on my technical skills, after I've developed for a few years, this experience could help me with being part of the hiring process for crypto projects. There are many elements to running a business.

>> No.30067141

Where are you self teaching bruv? Any ideas what you wanna focus on?

>> No.30067260

what you write?

>> No.30067589

Puedes tantear el mercado, no pierdes nada asi.
Pero no lo hagas solo por dinero. Sobre todo tu viniendo de diseño, te recomendaria ir a vivir a otros paises ahora que tienes full remote(no se si lo tienes temporal). Pero por cambiar de perspectivas y todo eso creo que siempre esta bien.

>> No.30067709

Pavement inspector....

>> No.30067723

actual AI anon here, you meatbags are all wagie scum

>> No.30068091

What does this mean

>> No.30068226

No profession currently, im returning to college to study in accounting and aiming to work in finance. Goal is to be financial advisor or something along those lines for companies. Aware of the rise of AI in the field so im going to do my best to get to higher level positions that dont worry about that quickly, and obtain some skills that at least let me operate the AI used if they do replace me before I get to higher level positions and I suggest other anons do the same, Im shit at computers and math but even a little bit helps. Only things worth doing these days not shittng with you is either going to a trade, own business, or something like finance where you might need some schooling but potential wages are unlimited, give you time to do other things to make money on the side, and industries you can get into is boundless, dont become a specialist if you dont have to/want to. Pre-law, STEM,pre-med is good but think REALLLLLYY hard if you enjoy the idea of being in college for 5+ years slaving away. I wanted to be a lawyer but said no because being in school that long is revolting. Every other career financially speaking is stupid and should only be pursued if its a passion

>> No.30068347

Is it worth earning CCNA cert at this point if I'm just getting into the career path?

>> No.30068471

I'm not from america but I am familiar with the process since I have a couple friends who are practicing there, and I considered moving to america going through USMLE but gave up because it's better for me to stay here in my country.

You have 4 years pre med and 4 years med school, then you go thru residency and it depends, in your case since you want to be a psychiatrist it's 4 more years so total of 12. But you can pick other specialties and start to work sooner. I started everything when I was 21 but I had a 5 classmates who were all 30+ and I can tell you that they're happy now (all on their 40s) so go for it anon! And thx

Nice anon. I still don't know if I want to do an advanced fellowship but who knows, if I choose to I'll go for preventive cardiology.

>> No.30068548

Thanks for the feelios

>> No.30068639

question for other anons in finance or anything similar, are those online finance courses a waste of time? Im getting an associates but if I dont have to get a bachelors and get up there with raw skill and dedication I rather do that and avoid the time wasted in college. However I dont know if employers give a shit about how much I self study or pay. Any actual employers here I would like to hear from as well, I like self studying but everything tells me employers like it but unless I have a degree its a no go

>> No.30068690

For real. Find a girl from small town flyover who is pretty with good personality simple as.

His physiognomy isn't one of a happy or fulfilled person. Money doesn't buy you meaning I guess.

Seeing miserable rich ppl is a potential blackpill.

>> No.30068721

Zuckerberg and his wife both look like they were created in a lab

>> No.30068728

>What's your profession?
Being a rich asshole. I was born this way and i will die this way.

>> No.30068859

Which one of these is your profession?

>> No.30068883

Thats a fancy name for always on call salesman

>> No.30068885


>> No.30068944

26 yo fed. 73k promoting to to 87k this month.

My current job is primarily helping baby boomers schedule things in Outlook. So that's fine. Everyone's nice and the work is noble.

BAT $5 EOY unironically

>> No.30069179

software documentation

>> No.30069269

Wtf, first time finding this
>sit/stand properly
I've got a chair cushion from Purple, does that count? Purple as in the company that makes mattresses

>> No.30069271

What do you do all day?

>> No.30069379

fantasize about a woman wanting to touch my tiny benis

>> No.30069522

Biotech. I make ~$100,000 as a scientist. Including equity, maybe another $40,000 at today’s (pre-IPO) value.

>> No.30069525

If you actually wanted to know what the drugs do study pharmacology or neuroscience.

>> No.30069726

SIEM engineer at a bank here. Little work, low pressure and the pay is on par with software developers (got 4 years of experience). Feeling pretty comfy overall.

Used to be in network security before that. Shit was gay as fuck. Spent most of my time troubleshooting network issues, instead of working on security related stuff. Almost had a mental breakdown when Corona hit and everyone started gang raping the VPNs.

>> No.30069736

>finally get a job in IT audit where the manager is real with me and tells me to shut the fuck up with the blockchain shit and be realistic
motherfucker saved your life what a good man

>> No.30069895

been using my GI Bill after Navy and these online CS classes feel more comfy than in-person. Normally they're in-person but I still get the same Housing Allowance for doing them online.

I'd take some gen ed classes if I were you. Can get them done online.

>> No.30069937

You make 100k 4 years out of college with an accounting bachelor? Is it HCOL? I’m set to make like 90k max in audit after 4 years in HCOL

>> No.30070136

Masters in CS.
2 years wagecucking experience but quit a year ago.
Now I work as a professional chainlink holder, I hold my linkies (bought in 2017) from the time I wake up until I go to sleep, then hold them while I'm sleeping.
Comfiest job but it's been getting stressful lately because professional scamdano holders are making more money.

>> No.30070243

what kind of things did you teach yourself? python/networking?

>> No.30070552
File: 80 KB, 755x560, 1613949724545.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Male prostitute. Sell yourself online not on the streets.

>> No.30070620


>> No.30070808

App developer, making $50k/yr off this one app so far

>> No.30070822
File: 71 KB, 1024x958, 5CCBB3A4-E2D5-4F21-AF61-AE8B42753A7E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30070901

Ex-network fag here.
CCNA has become more of a mid-level certification in the last couple of years. They simply cramped too much shit into it. CompTIA Net+ would be a better time/effort investment for snatching an entry level job.

>> No.30071090

I do already have a BFA in graphic design (lol) so rather then a 4 year undergrad study I can do 2 years of independent premed courses to satisfy the medschool requirements. However it is still a decade long commitment... Thanks for the encouragement though, I’ll be doing some serious soul searching this year to plan my next steps.

>> No.30071335

finishing my msc in pure math this summer, got one bsc in CS and one in math. not sure what jobs to apply for desu but ill start in a week or two

>> No.30071490

i have a math BS but my plans have been derailed after getting rejected from every pure math program, how do I learn to code in 3-6 months and get good enough to get a high paying (6 figure) job? Do I just grind leetcode all day?

>> No.30071570
File: 64 KB, 800x800, 1605783180777.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

university dropout, somehow managed to become an investment fund custodian with almost no relevant education and zero experience, pretty fucking pleased with myself

>> No.30071604
File: 177 KB, 1200x1187, isok.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mfw wanted to go for pure math PhD but got rejected from literally every fucking program
t. 3.8GPA at mid tier UC, grad classes, 1 publication, job, good rec letters fml

>> No.30071777

26. Leaf.
I'm a public servant, and process EI claims. 64k/yr, no education except high school. Dropped out of Uni in my 3rd year. Up for promotion to assistant manager.
It's easy work, but boring. You also have to deal with some real nasty people on the phone sometimes and fight the urge to call them a nigger, or to kill themselves.

Hoping to be part of a moon mission soon so I can throw a few million into ETFs and dividend stocks so I can just fuck off and enjoy the rest of my life without being a wageslave.

>> No.30071806
File: 387 KB, 1028x1600, plato.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

still don't know what academic mathematicians do.. can you all shed light? are you up in Plato's Heaven all day trying to conceptualize objective mathematical truths?

t. brainlet engineer

>> No.30071831

>Do I just grind leetcode all day?
Honestly, not a bad idea. If you're in any way competent at solving leetcode challenges then you'll be able to get a job somewhere. You're not going to get paid tonnes and it's not going to be some fortune 500 company but you'll easily get a job. More and more companies are looking for problem solvers rather than "coders" these days because there's far more jobs than there are people. I work in infrastructure support (devops basically) and literally every job I've got has been from not being a huge autismo and showing that I have good communication skills, ability to learn on the job and solve problems on my own. I work with people who fundamentally have better backgrounds than me but when shit hits the fan they panic or if they ever have to think for themselves to solve a problem they're totally lost meanwhile when my boss comes to me I literally tell him "I have no fucking idea what's going on but we'll figure it out and get it resolved".

>> No.30071877

Man, you have 3k USD, it would be good for you to pour everything into one coin, and not be distracted small things

> listen to this shillers on / biz / and get fuckcoin
> lose everything all in once

And this is way to do a real PROFIT:
> get GSX and hold
x10 is available soon. EZ!

>> No.30071920

Doesn't matter if you're taking home $400k a year

>> No.30071992

Your GRE probably sucked and you are a white male

>> No.30072005
File: 100 KB, 736x552, SleepyDog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Police officer. I'm happy where I ended up, but I wouldn't be comfortable recommending the job.
That being said every state, county, city, and town force needs people. Nearly all pay enough to support a family and there are some where at top pay you may even be considered wealthy.
Open to questions.

>> No.30072179

Hey it’s you again, the American pajeet yea? What would you have done differently if you could start your degree from the beginning again? I’m a freshman in maths and my professor is offering me two projects to work on, basically he likes me, and I want to make more publications early on instead of being utterly devastated when I apply for grad school. It’s much easier to get into grad school in Eastern Europe but I have my sights on Asia since I’m a SEAmonkey. I hope you get accepted to grad school next round of admissions.

>> No.30072189

Electrical Engineering undergrad here doing a masters in data science. How badly did I fuck up? I didn't I'm enjoying my classes but I didn't realize how oversaturated the DS job market was before I started. Trying to get into clinical data science / biostatistics.

>> No.30072217
File: 249 KB, 880x620, notlikethis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

math is actually a pretty broad field, most mathematicians just try to work on unsolved abstract problems. For example, a paper I recently wrote was concerned with finding the topological properties of subsum sets. There are a lot of problems (twin prime conjecture, Riemann Hypothesis) that we have no idea on how to prove rigorously, but geniuses like Terrence Tao are working on it.
tldr yeah pretty much, guess I'm too retarded to go to grad school tho

>> No.30072230

they're the ones that type up the answers in the back of your algebra book

>> No.30072279

Banking and for a while econ dev which is better translated as business lobbyist.
Worth getting into? I have no idea dude. Finance is super fat and saturated, would not recommend. Trades are always a good idea especially because you can be a sole proprietor easily.
If I could do it all over again I would've stayed in agriculture. No I'm not kidding.
I know it's hard to get this through the heads of the youfs but happy points >>> money, and, money =! happy points.
>you get an approval, you get an approval, everyone gets an approval

>> No.30072307
File: 863 KB, 980x1200, 1612797509102.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, but HR whores need to see that on your resume regardless. I prefer pandas too.
Objectively false. There is a lot of demand still, and my particular niche has a ridiculous need for people.

R should be fairly easy to start with. Start with basic data manipulation then try to move into statistical tests ( after you understand the theory), then regression and more funky shit. THEN you ditch R almost entirely and do classification tasks with python and keras instead.

>> No.30072388

yes it's me. If you are going to grad school, I would publish as many things as you can and have a really strong relationship with professors. Utilize your time wisely, ie do summer programs as well. Apply to as many programs as you can, while keeping your GPA up. I don't know too much about Eastern Europe, but I'm convinced you need to be as close to perfection as possible. Take graduate classes, putnams, etc and do as well as you can in them. also im not the best person to ask since I thought I was a strong student but after getting destroyed I guess not

>> No.30072421
File: 1.39 MB, 640x800, 1605604608518.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this is a chad move
thanks i guess but my work is unfulfilling and my manager is pajeet that only cares about building his CV like pic related. I am incredibly disillusioned about this company and investment banking in general. The bureaucracy is mind numbing, any change has to have 30+ approvals and needs to be done only on weekends. The politics is insane, ever since that nigger OD'd on fentanyl all they care about is diversity and inclusion. Im just going to use them for more training/experience and then quit after coof. Even if I don't have anything lined up.

>> No.30072508

subject GRE was cancelled due to covid. I got a 330 on the regular one. I'm also an indian male so yeah my fault for not pretending to be a tranny

>> No.30072612

Sale medical devices. Some jobs are comfy and require little work after you’ve worked your territory for a couple years to get the relationships. I make 125k a year and work 10 hrs a week.

>> No.30072623

i find coding pretty boring but im sure if i just spend all my time grinding it I can do it. What's a realistic salary to expect? How can I work my way up to 6 figures? am i disadvantaged for just having a math degree? am i even being realistic since i have no projects or experience? pls help grad school was my dream and having it destroyed really makes me anxious for my future

>> No.30072630

go away fuckin newfag

>> No.30072713


My gf (well now we are engaged) did med school over season, is in her first year or residency.

The pay is about 55k a year on average. It's ALOT of work to get a good MCAT score, finish med school, get amazing scores on board exams etc. Not to mention the debt.

The scariest part is getting into residency. There are limited spots and every year you don't match it gets statistically harder. Look up the match/soap threads in reddit the past few years on the med school sub, it's depressing.

Don't do it for the money, because even with 215k starting salary of a physician who finished residency, if your med school debt is 200k, it could take 10 years to pay back. You won't want to live frugally until you start residency, so (living at home and paying off loans in 2 years) might not be feasible.

>> No.30072950

i feel for you mate. almost went that route myself

>> No.30073063

meant for

>> No.30073074

>Why not do crypto / eth dev? I see tons of jobs for it and it's multiplying like crazy.
How do I get into that area of programming and find jobs like that? Are they posted on indeed or something?

>> No.30073260

Thanks mate. I’ll listen to your advice. Keeping GPA up is tough, I agree. Based on whatever data I could get my hand on every year there are only 3 students in a batch with perfect scores for a whole academic year. I got that going for me now, but it’s a precarious position. Yea I also have the delusion of being a good student, but really I’m just old and I spent free time studying. I don’t know how old you are, but I’m almost 24 and I’m a freshman. Waging and the military have deducted a massive chunk of time from my life, so I’m going all out no brakes.

>> No.30073451

I am an engineer working in the offshore industry. Pay is just okay nowadays, but its nice working in a non pozzed industry

>> No.30073580

im 21, I went straight from high school to college. Luckily I have parental support so I'm not too stressed financially, but since I graduate I need to get a job or get kicked out. Since I have no practical skills being a pure math autist for the past 4 years, I am pretty stressed over it. Haven't slept or eaten in a couple days since im still trying to figure out what the fuck I need to do

>> No.30073703

Lineman, solid pay with great overtime and hazard pay. Enjoyable work I recommend,

>> No.30073707

Ophthalmologist. Pays okay-ish in my country but at least I get to shoot lasers and shit

>> No.30073742

are you going full time?

also what s the rate of pay for BAH?

>> No.30073792

Covid certainly hasn't helped but I've been working in getting more gigs with some high-end event bands that pay well so it could be a lot worse

>> No.30073799


Word, thank you for the insights. I’m not necessarily doing it for the money, I find analytical psychology and psychiatry and the mind in general to be the most fascinating aspect of life. So to get into a career path associated with such would be awesome. But good money is nice.

I’m most worried about studying for and scoring well on the MCAT. I was historically a lazy student but also I’ve matured a lot since my undergrad. Residency doesn’t frighten me as much to be honest since I fortunately have the advantage of nepotism through friends and family which I would for sure leverage.

I’d also be fortunate enough to live at home and commute to NYC if I got accepted into a med school there.

But still, the debt, the time, and the coursework are daunting. I’ll take some time to think about it, no reason to rush into anything. I might start by volunteering/shadowing a friend at the hospital to see if it’s a lifestyle I’d actually enjoy and I’m not just romanticizing it.

And grats fren on your engagement and to your fiancee for scoring a residency

>> No.30073824

Lineman? What kind of line? Like electrical lines?

>> No.30074018
File: 120 KB, 828x826, Unedtitl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30074148

Mobile Application E-Commerce (M-Commerce).


>> No.30074191

I'm a first-year student in a top 20 CS program in the US, so according to /biz/, I should be set. The problem is that I hate it, and I have no idea what else to go into. I settled on CS because I'm generally interested in technology and I want to make good money, but I've never enjoyed programming. My only real passion is making music, but I also don't want to disappoint my parents, so I need to study something. I feel like I could do anything, but I don't particularly want to do anything.

I'm physically anxious about my future at all times, but for some reason reading these threads helps.

>> No.30074313

Yea, full time. I go to school here in Central Florida and get paid $1950/mo~. Pay varies per city and state. Ironically, if you went to school in NYC or Cali, you'd probably bank $3800/mo, doesn't have to be in-person but I don't know how long this covid remote will last.

>> No.30074386
File: 231 KB, 600x642, 1614188872740.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm just getting started with ML, it's over for me ain't it???
Algorithmic trading, would you use python or c++?

>> No.30074396

Stick with it and get a comfy coding job below your skill level where you can half ass it and do 8 hours worth of work in 2 hours and make 6 figures while you spend the majority of your time making music. This is what my old roommate does and he’s max comfy. It helps that he’s a c++ wizard savant.

>> No.30074433

I've almost finished my Nuclear Physics PhD and trying to pivot into medical physics for a stable high-paying career.
I want a house and kids this decade not dying for grant money, getting paid squat, and working 60+ hour weeks.

>> No.30074486

Kill yourself

>> No.30074499

either stop being a bitch and do something in CS or learn something else fast, unless you literally cant do ANYTHING else besides that music shit dont you dare even consider doing something artistic. Also stop listening to your parents they're old and retarded, do what you want according to your research but dont be stupid

>> No.30074512
File: 134 KB, 960x719, A1F48271-DFA6-4EE7-83AC-63D3C0C3D9AF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck no but I’m a 34yr old doomer so I’m stuck with this career till EV and driverless semi’s close us down

>> No.30074558

Data science is all about experience. No one cares about a "data science" degree. With a masters apply to analytics roles and try to work your way up. Most real data scientists have PhDs.

>> No.30074622

That’s rough. Well I made some money wage cuckin it in fast food and then in a bistro type place back of house. I didn’t have the foresight to apply for a math program until two years of wagie life convinced me to. Currently on a scholarship which is max comfy. I feel for you, shit sucks ass.

>> No.30074636
File: 35 KB, 720x960, 121071864_3295045767199176_5689647587607755113_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you're an ADHD fuckhead like me wildland firefighting is pretty wicked. Every deploy is basically 14 days of camping and hiking with guaranteed 110+ hrs a week.

>> No.30074996
File: 391 KB, 733x544, 1606632437532.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do not use ML to trade, go for ARIMA time series. Even then its a crapshoot, the best way to invest is filtering bullshit on /smg/. Now if you can write a bot to quantify "bullishness".. thats a different story.

I use python almost exclusively, but then again I'm not bound by time complexity in my current tasks.

>> No.30075127

Tell me data anon, is crypto actually a casino

>> No.30075158

Experience is required yes, but let's not pretend you have good chances of getting called for an interview without a masters...
The "real data scientists" get their PhD AFTER getting a job with their masters degree.

>> No.30075172

Listen to this guy, I’m a graphic designer and I make $74k a year and that puts me in the 95th percentile of income in my field lmao. Art is neat but it’s stupid competitive at first and then the growth is limited if you’re lucky enough to get to the “top”. Grinding for the next 10 years means I’ll be able to work 60 hour weeks as an art/creative director and make like $140k lol. Or I could move to NYC, LA, or Seattle and kill myself in advertising. Currently exploring career switching.

>> No.30075191

Don't worry, I don't plan on making a career out of music. I know what the odds of success are there. I'm just trying to figure out what to do for a living, and forcing myself to do something I don't enjoy for the next 45 years doesn't seem like a good plan.

>> No.30075233

Habría que ver que países, porque probablemente sea mas caro que aquí.
Lo ideal seria trabajar para esos países, pero vivir aquí barato.

>> No.30075346

Fund Administration. Get into Alternative Asset investments.

>> No.30075355

i did law (UK)

paid fuck all and work with cunts all day, doesn't even carry prestige it used to

looking to change trajectory once i have a few years pqe

>> No.30075446
File: 11 KB, 640x794, 1610470567326.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I won't pretend to know much about crypto but I personally think it is very useful. Making wall st. jews seethe is just a bonus

>> No.30075460

meant for

meant for
fuck im so stressed out bros

>> No.30075487

i dunno man
futures looking sketchy

>> No.30075545

Building mechanic was in 3D but couldnt deal with retards and people not working and complaining.

Now all I gotta do is do my job and barely speak to retards other than other tradesmen, so 0 nonsense.

My boss is pretty chill, my chinese coworker is a cool guy with a very interesting lifestory, his wife makes awesome dumplings.

Sometimes its stressful but most of the time its do my shit in AM and relax.

Wish I just did this earlier. Love the fact that you gotta be competent as useless retards are flushed out.

Dont have to worry about losing my job, so its fine for now while I save and invest.

Just need to figure out an easy 2nd income, maybe making tshirts as Im good with photoshop.

>> No.30075563

Distribution lines specifically yeah. Usually above ground but I've done below ground work as well.

>> No.30075582
File: 95 KB, 1024x576, 1609119652122m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot to answer the actual question kek.
No I don't think it is, but you'll have more success modelling based on sentiment than fundamentals imo. I don't think BTC and others are """priced in""" yet, cause the public has no idea wtf they are.

>> No.30075595

Agri Insurance underwriter. It's pretty comfy but boring half of the time.

>> No.30075662

I guess just be a wagie? If there aren’t jobs that’s that. I dislike programming too.

>> No.30075680


a dude did this in my high school locker room, saw his giant cock and now i'm bi

>> No.30075735

I will study real estate economics

>> No.30075827

Thank you for your vote of confidence anon. I will absolutely try and find a way to index sentiment. I’m a shitty math major but I’m very interested to figure out the relationship between sentiment and prices. Kinda like the pink wojak index but actually buying/selling based on it.

>> No.30075843

I'm now balls-deep in CS with two semesters left. Kinda hate it too, since it feels like I'm slaving way my mind. And yet, I was pretty comfy taking care of gen eds, electives, and not-so-brain intensive CS classes. On my third year, Computer Science I definitely made me question my major too but I lucked out with a tutor.
I like this anon's idea >>30074396

>> No.30075908

>any cybersecurity professionals here?
done it all anon, security operations engineer, SIEM eng, cyber incident response, security consulting. my advice is to start in some sort of IT support/generalist role at a large corporation while you study security certs and learn about corporate network/systems structures. a lot of people try and enter straight into it from nothing but those guys are never as good and basically stay as an analyst their whole time (suicide material)

>> No.30076326

Coding is cool and then you get to loop invariants and data structures and want to blow your brains out even if it comes naturally

t. minored in CS

>> No.30076515

Paramedic and a firefighter.

Next pandemic I’m quitting.

>> No.30076584
File: 7 KB, 225x225, 1611671169029.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's just my take on the subject. I believe the chans, reddit, stocktwits etc. are all goldmines, even twatter. The problem imo lies in binarizing whatever the sentiment alanysis NNs shit out with "bullishness" and "bearishness".

Now that I'm done with my thesis I'm unironically going to make a wojak index. If it's successful I'll spam it here for you fags, screenshot this.

>> No.30076621

my parents gave me an option when they found out im rejected: either get a job that uses my degree and is high paying enough that I won't be a dissapointment or get out. I can't lose my housing since I have no real savings besides some crypto. Thus I somehow need to find a job in coding since it actually pays well. Fucking hell man I was so looking forward to going to grad school. I even started studying in advance for it so I'd be prepared. Maybe i should unironically an hero, it feels like theres no fucking meaning anymore.

>> No.30076633

wojak index already exists

>> No.30076649

Kill yourself Capicoli

>> No.30076734

someone able to meme make her have a screwdriver instead kek

>> No.30076766

Dangerously based. I’ll try and do the same but clearly I won’t be anywhere near a pro. YGMI

>> No.30076842
File: 133 KB, 1242x1387, 1614330257601.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>used sklearn to cluster the pixels based on color, and generate a color distribution diagram. The clustering is trained on a combination between the webpage and a sample of wojak pictures to ensure the pink wojak color has its own cluster.

Obviously I'm talking about something more sophisticated here friend.

>> No.30077104

I also was keen to see how interest in a coin affects it. Sort of roping in Google search interests. As well as specific sources like whalealerts. And absolutely keeping a bot watching Musk’s tweets to buy whatever he talks about. My belief is that there is a way to attach a weight to the opinions of certain influential individuals. For instance, a crypto influencer has high influence but below that of a celebrity. Certain demographics and criteria should affect the weight. Somewhere along the line I believe we’re working with weighted graphs again.

>> No.30077136

(Hoping this thread isn't dead)
I'm doing the same, any tips? Well done btw

>> No.30077159
File: 50 KB, 615x621, 1604748459808.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't fall for the dunning kruger memes friend. Go out there and try your best, you'll find that the people you consider "pros" are usually just slightly more confident in what they're talking about.
Not to mention that with a math major you're likely much further ahead than the rest, I got my bachelors in stats.

>> No.30077346

Cheers. Before this thread dies just wanna say thanks for the encouragement. Good luck anon, and I’ll post my index if it ever makes it out here. Who knows, maybe we’ll meet again on this board. Small world. Good night.

>> No.30077565
File: 95 KB, 1000x800, 1602339281524.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're already on the right track imo anon, especially with elon's twitter kek.

We're all gonna make it, don't let any gay bearfag tell you otherwise

>> No.30077614

dude's my personal patron saint yea
i made the jump to industry so that factors into the bump.

>> No.30077618

I bought 2,000 grt at $0.53 and another 2,000 at $1.93. I've lost a few thousand. Not even sweating it. I wanted to die before I invested all my money in crypto and stocks. Nothing has changed. Not planning to sell at a loss, but it doesn't matter if I did anyway. I'll never be happy. Only 21 btw.

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