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How are you guys earning extra dough with your free time at home? I've been selling honey from my indoor beehives at the local flea market and making bank.

Share your small businesses / side gigs etc.

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Seems dangerous. What are you gonna do when a grizzly bear busts through that window and starts eating your crunchy honey wood?

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>make thread about business and finance
>pushed to bottom page cus of 50 bobo and pink wojak threads

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i figure most houses have a bottle of honey anyway (same difference) and bears usually just stick to trashcans

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bump for you fren

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that actually sounds kinda fun. how much did it cost to set up?
i do some indoor mushroom growing, the boring kind. i haven't tried selling them though.

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Beekeeping is based and fresh natural honey is amazing, but goddamn, I'm not keeping a fucking bee nest in my house.
This is why I need to buy fucking land....

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I have like 10,000 bucks I could possibly invest into buying something to re-sell, but I have no idea what to do. Cocaine crossed my mind, but I'd rather do something legal

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Onlyfans, hide your face. Done

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do you know anything about cars? what is your area of expertise?

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this looks comfy but what if it breaks or something

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How do you harvest the honey anon

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actually how do you even get the honey out without letting a bunch of bees into your house

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Garloid farming has been the easiest money of my life, desu

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Those are some tasty looking garloids

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You flip happy meal toys?

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Grizzly bears are just like us, it would be bigoted not to let that poor bear refugee into your house.

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You pipe smoke into an opening that's not the tube, so they all fly down the tube to your outdoor area or a container. You could also just hang the hexagons on the wall and then remove and carry outside to harvest.

OP, if you know someone who will buy it grow weed, many states are legal/decriminalized and don't care about small grows

If you don't know anyone who will buy it locally, its too much of a hassle to ship. Instead, GROW MUSHROOMS and sell them on the darknet. Mushrooms are retarded stupid easy to grow and the initial investment is in the low hundreds.

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Not exactly home, bit almost. I do a bit of blacksmithing. My stonk goal is to have some income from them so I can then accept only the jobs i like and no fucking fences and metal bed frames.

Pic is my jig for making heads on caulking irons used for wooden boatbuilding and maintenance.

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If you're making easy money, I'm gonna go ahead and assume that you're churming out low-quality tap-water fed garls

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what if the bees get out and u just have mad bees in ur house wtf

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thats cool, do you ever pretend you're like a rpg npc blacksmith? I would

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You sell the toys on ebay?

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Jannies immediately delete WFH threads, because they work from home.. but FOR FREE

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Why did the WFH thread from this morning get deleted (not archived)? I was about to post to it.

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Make a metal dildo wagie!

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You mean like saying "hi there, I am Charsi, blacksmith here in camp" every time the cooling forge matches the one ingame visually? Yeah a bit...

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Not that easy. psilocybin is weak bitch when it comes to infections and usually gets wiped out fairly easy and fast.

Long time to wait before fruiting as well

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High test , beekeeping is extremely based.

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I'm not really educated in anything in particular. Probably why I'm unemployed and only trade cryptocurrency full time right now.. But I would like to be able to sell something

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Wait....what do you do to get the honey out?

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If you can figure out postage selling perfume decants on eBay might work. Buy expensive niche fragrances and sell 2-5ml samples way marked up.

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Has anyone thought about being a weapons dealer? People who buy guns online have to send it to you and you give it to them for a few after a background check. Seems like easy money, it’s like dealing drugs (always customers no matter what) but legal

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be careful anon, don't feed your garloid with water it affects the quality of milk

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An acquaintance of mine does this. He's making 6 figures from it and never has to work. But I think it's a connections thing and he had the right connections.

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>weapons dealer
lol, its called an ffl anon and while its easy in some states not so easy in others. Here in ca they make you jump through flaming hoops to get an ffl.

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Thats fucking cool anon, please explain more

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well obviously the advice wasnt for califags. Im in florida and my closest BudsGunShop dealer is some guy doing it out of his garage RIGHT NEXT TO A PUBLIC SCHOOL. I google mapped his address and you can see the highschool football field in the background lol. I called him too. seemed like a nice guy desu. Never bought that gun though

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Thats the kind of guy you want next to a public school though. He's literally been background checked to hell and back, not only that but almost all of them are associated with leo's or are former leos.

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Thats pretty interesting with the design.

I'm pretty new to thid but I've been trying to set up a video game merch shop (mostly keycharms), like those booths in the artist alley at nerd conventions, but haven't been too successful with the whole pr stuff. I wouldn't mind if i make small batches and just try to sell a variety of stuff but a lot of companies want minimum order of 50 or whatever. Muh wallet...

Anyone have specific tips/methods for getting a small business rolling?

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Sounds terrible desu man, having to make little shit yourself constantly would be a huge drag. Would you contract it out to people making stuff for you?

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you will have several hundred new friends. how do you lose in this situation anon?

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what am i looking at here?

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what the fuck is this? im so intrigued

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How much space would one need to raise some goats to start making goat cheese on the side? With and without the goat tower.

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Are you serious on these hives OP or just meming? I keep bees too, they survived their first winter, wooh!

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How about this for a side gig

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he's making mustard gas

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Depending on the quality of the land, it's usually recommended to have about 2-10 goats per acre of pasture.

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Is this some sort of cum lube for baddragon dildos?

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I can't even tell what's ironic

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What i usually do is just find a company who can make it and they ship to me so i ship the stuff out when someone orders. So just made to order, no contract.

The issue is that the company i found that has good turnaround time has each one cost 5-6 bucks to make and i sell for twice the price, minus packaging costs. Its decent if i sell a good amount but that's the other issue lmao. I was only able to sell ~14 out of 50, with 10 of it being from a game i barely play now.

I do some art commissions for side gig but i have more fun making those little shits or something tangible lol. Just want to more of it without killing my pocket.

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pajeets pay jannies to let their scamtoken threads stay up. no one pays jannies for wfh chad threads. jannies need their protection money.

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Check out Appen/lionbridge jobs, they're lame but pay correctly (depending on your country)
Thank me later.

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My wife just brought home the kids from school with a happy meal minutes after I saw this post and I looked up the cards. What in the world?

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goats produce a laughably small amount of milk. Nearly all goat cheese makers also raise cows and make a mixed milk cheese

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I've got this niche as fuck idea that I've already developed a network and designs for, but actually materializing it is an issue. I've got someone for a prototype.. would I just make the product for him and then schedule appointments with nearby people in my network (met, known professional contacts who have a constant client stream that could benefit from my product) to show it off, see their offer? Am I missing anything? I have $8000 to my name and I just quit my job due to its distance from my parents, one of which is dying. So I'm living with them, rent/food is taken care of.

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I have a business idea I could be working on but sadly I've been very lazy this winter. I want to blame SAD but I take vit D supps anyway. God I need to fix my laziness or at least browse 4chan less.

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Is it patentable? Might look into submitting a patent and make sure your design of whatever it is doesn't encroach on anything. Our patent system is retarded and I've seen courts favor stuff that isn't even remotely similar because of how stupid everyone is now. Other than that, if it's cheap enough to make a prototype of then I'd say go ahead.

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What the fuck is going on here?

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I take furniture that people have dumped on their front gardens like benches, take them home sand and paint them shabby chic and sell them to dumb whores for massive mark up. I can do one in half a day and sell for around £150 give or take depends what it is and how dumb they are.

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low premium chad cum lube canister -> many high premium cum lube bottelies to sell to sad virgins
also, some of his own cum to inflate the supply, I presume

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It's retard easy dude. You can even buy kits if you're a complete moron and you will be harvesting in like 2 months.

The way most people start spores now is using bags of uncle bens rice that they microwave. It's not rocket science, trust me.

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I'm in the UK too, where the fuck do you see people dumping furniture outside? You live up north?

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I make structural design for concrete structures.
I also render stuff on twinmotion and lumion for architect projects because it's easy money since they hate using that kind of software.
Sometimes I draw architecture plans on Revit too when the person kind of know what he wants (I'm not an architect so it's not like I can help with ideas of what kind of style or whatever he should use on his house).

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make guns sell them on the darknet profit

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>cum lube
Just googled this and nearly threw up

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The few companies that make this product seem to have a uniform design for the purpose of mass manufacturing but it's actually pretty difficult to make a S M L type of fitting, this product can be very different for each person. What I want to do is provide a more direct, craftsman grade service where every product is different. Perhaps a portion of it would need to remain the same for every iteration, like an attachment, but overall I want to create art.

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Just tell us what it is or fuck off loser. Rest assured we're all super intrigued by your ebay enterprise that makes you $200 a month.

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No I think he meant he's stealing benches out of peoples' gardens, painting them, and then selling them.

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First day on 4chan? Welcome! Now go watch 2girls1cup and boku no pico then you can fit right in.

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Since you're not an architect, how do you even get people to pay you?
Do you just model the designs for a company and send them out?

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Yea it's all over mate, if you go to the nicer areas it's rarer but you get much better furniture from them

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Yes thanks mate I moved down south from Newcastle last year and live in a village now, barely see any of that about. Could have a drive around the nearest towns/cities or put on facebook that i;ll collect old unwanted furniture

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photo editor for home interior magazines and for real estate photographers.

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>i do some indoor mushroom growing, the boring kind. i haven't tried selling them though.
The non drug meme mushrooms can sell quite well. Theres a farmers market nearby where a mushroom guy sells shitake and some other ones. Pretty sure he makes a boatload each time they set up. Cash business too.

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Are you pulling my leg, OP? Assuming your hives look like the quite literally copy-pasted hives in your image there's no way you're gonna get any honey out of that or be able to manage the bees properly. Unless its just hives for the sake of hives, then you're gonna have mad Varroa

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>local flea market
>making bank.
Shit hat never happened for 500 Alex. Yeah I'm sure the unwashed horde of mexicans and loser flippers came there to buy premium honey

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I jerk off gay dudes on grindr for $50 a pop. Can usually fit in around 3-4 a week on top of my day job. Makes for a nice side income. And no im not gay

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Why would you let them in? They have to knock first.

>> No.30067749

do they ever get violent?

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Yea collecting unwanted furniture works too mate done that a few times, gumtree and marketplace are your best friends. It's not for everyone but if you like working with your hands it's a good little earner, plus you meet some nice birds from time to time.

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Never had any issues. I typically aim for twinks or older guys. And only whites. Im a pretty strong guy so i dont have to worry much. I keep my german shepard in the room as well so hell protect me

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Are you making lights

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Then it becomes a home security system
>burglar enters your house
>release the bees

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The "architect jobs" I sometimes do are basically just software monkey stuff.
It's usually not for companies, most of the time it's people wanting to build their own house. Sometimes small contractors that havent any engineers, but only carpenters, brick layers etc. Then there's the older architects I know who dont understand or dont like the 3d rendering stuff and pay me to do it because they know I know how to.
It's usually people who already know me as a civil engineer, or someone who knows me recommended me to them.

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So what, mate? It's a living, and better than sitting around buying meaningless shit like dogecoins

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Yo, American here, so I couldn't buy any growkits, but I started with Uncle Ben's, and even though it's an easy intro to mycology, it was a fucking bitch to get things going. You only have visibility through the bottom of the bag, so more than half the bags I thought were completely colonized turned out to have trich when I opened them (glad I did it all outside). Eventually I was successful, though.
Now I'm able to cut time down by at least a couple weeks by doing grain transfers/cloning on agar, and then mixing the agar into brown rice-filled mason jars after steam sterilizing them.
There's a learning curve but give it enough time and failure, and you'll get the hang of it. I'm just now trying my first clone of a king oyster mushroom I scored at an asian market, so hopefully as I get better with these things over time I can get into growing gourmet mushrooms to sell to local high-end restaurants.

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Advertise the service as a female-owned business and you'll probably get lonely men slinging their furniture at you, just to get the chance to meet.

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Dunno if I could bust if the dog was watching.

>> No.30068085

you dont really think its real cum, do you?

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This is a comfy bread.

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oh shit it's staked, I forgot, I'm done for lmao
good I didn’t go for this rubbish they tried to scam on /biz/ today
my wallet with yvs and their farm system. top pearl on yield market with contemporary terms

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Great idea

>> No.30068299

Checked and lold

>> No.30068323

This sounds like fun. What are some other fun sounding side gigs?

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Do you have any recommendations for reading material to learn how to do this? I mostly want eat them with my beef dishes, but I'd love to grow enough to sell at my local farmers market. There's already a mushroom seller there, but there's enough demand for the premium ones that adding my supply won't kill everyone's margins.

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d2 remastered coming out soon anon.

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based boss

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You're thinking of vampires anon

>> No.30068874

My boss said we aren't going back to the building anytime soon feels good

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I've started raising Chickens and have begun to sell the eggs; Surprising easy beyond the day I had to spend setting up the chicken coop -- For some reason taking care of the Chicks when they were small was spiritually fulfilling as well.

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Don't the birds get scared off by l the noise?

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Cannabis growery. I don't even smoke.

- Financials: 8 plants, 580gr dry yield, 250eur total costs, 2550eur revenue, 2300eur earnings. Outdoor grow with some light supplementation with an old lamp I got for free.

- Time spent: 10min/day watering, light trimming, low-stress training, 45min/weekend on trimming, potting, etc, a few hours on harvest, trimming and drying.

I don't even smoke, I like gardening and this was the plant with the highest crop earnings I in can think off. I sold everything through one friend. Only downside was the paranoia.

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>assuming this isnt a grizzly bear's house

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Hell yeah.

I downloaded a .pdf of Mycelium Running, but I never got around to reading it. Honestly my ADHD-ass just got hyperfocused and spent hundreds of hours over a month or so reading everything I could on the internet. Every time I thought of something new I looked it up. Still do. There are forums out there like Shroomery that have been online for 20 years; they're quite efficient at getting you to standing on the shoulders of giants quickly. After I was comfortable with my general understanding of mycology, I've just been building on it through anecdotal experience/imperial evidence.

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Tried growing from kit once using the tek with the IKEA box and holes and perlite. Everything looked great, massive shrooms and all! Until I harvested them and aspergillus infected the hollow inside of the stem, wtf.

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Was considering starting some FCG9 manufacturing, but I really don't want to be dealing with the type of buyer that needs several home made guns.

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i smile every time i see this meme, its like the game but more fun

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My ladies before harvest, I miss them.

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>he doesn't source actual semen for his butt toys

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Nah, it's kind of a cosmetic attachment to a medical device.

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