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>taxed on income
>taxed on gains
>taxed twice as much if you pull your gains out without waiting for fucking ever
>poorfags are the only ones that cant wait 3 years for an investment
>taxed when you buy shit
>taxed you buy a car
>taxed when you buy a house
>pay taxes for house for life
>taxed if you get dividends even reinvesting them
>despite this still have no health insurance

its fucking impossible to get rich without waiting 90 years or being born rich. you lose 50% of your shit before it even touches your hands

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Racist post op.

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Stop being so anti-semitic

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>buy crypto
>not realising gains until the gains are “fuck you money”

This is my strategy.

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This, there is literally nothing wrong with jews.

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>taxed on gains
think again
>POV: you are an IRS agent

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This. Stop criticising the chosen

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>dont pay taxes
>get robbed with gun pointed at head
>get thrown in a cage with 300 other dudes

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Look at equipment write offs or otherwise try to spin things up a year in advance once you get into higher effective tax brackets

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Don't forget
>taxed if you leave the country

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Lmao just buy gift cards

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i dont consume i only want cars and houses

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stop voting for men that wear makeup

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We shall go to war

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and you call others poorfags. move to texas or have fun rotting in your shithole... loser

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Reported for anti sentimitic sentiment

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The tax rate on your short term investments are not any higher than your regular income.

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this is my income

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I owe $28,000 in crypto to crypto "gains" and am fucking done reporting crypto from now on until I'm rich enough to use a tax lawyer.

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jesus christ its enough to pay a mortgage

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Almost like it's designed that way intentionally for some reason.

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I should not pay a drop of tax until I own a house and my networth is in excess of $500,000 or until my networth is $1,000,000.

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where are the candidates that don't wear makeup?

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Taxed twice on the money your children inherit.

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Why the fuck are they taxing my income in the first place? They literally just print money to pay for everything anyway!

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This is why DeFi will be the wild west

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Thank goodness I bought hotdog last year and offset my gains

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only a thing because governments bow to central banks lending out currency with interest

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Taxed on interest is the one that infuriates me. I've already paid tax, from earnings, and put money away like a good normie. Then they tax it again. I swear they are laughing at me, me personally.

Income tax should never be above 10%, rich fags included. It's mostly wasted on dumb shit anyway, I can do that myself.

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just move to malaysia retard

lost cost of living and no cap tax

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Much more than that on a long enough timescale

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Cool it with the anti-Semitic remarks.

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except Americans are taxed no matter where they move...

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