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Only 100 coins and it will eventually go to a million.

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But first I want to give you a 500x

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net worth ?

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Ah bloo bloo

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>X to doubt

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tell me what u see anon

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Its gone from 35$ to 4500$ in the last 8 hours its listed on honeyswap

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Wow sounds very legit, no way I could get rugpulled.
Please tell me of this winning lottery ticket for the whole board.

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Alvin on honeyswap. Dyor

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35 to 4500? damn what a steal at those prices

>> No.30112764

you missed an easy x50.
Don't worry, he has another one for you.

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Total supply 2 and the devs only hold 50%.

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I don't need a research to se a obvious rugpull. Anyways, why would anyone buy after this retarded pump?

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Shweatpants on honeyswap also. Shweatpants are xdais unisocks.
Market cap is 60k right now seems like a good bet.

>> No.30112944

It's $BOG


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Idk im just an anon who found out about this and bought a small bag. The 50% the devs hold are for farming.
I just wanted to share here since ive been given tips here before

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>The 50% the devs hold are for farming
And other jokes you can tell yourself

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Unisocks is 163k in dollars. To buy a copy of ot so to speak on another chain for 600 seems like a good deal to me.

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damn bro I am holding few tokens and some btc we will soon be in bull run.

I am gonna make some bags for $MCM check it out

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