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VikingSwap: yet another promising DEX & yield farm
>Fair launch
>Responsive team
>61 million American dollarinos currently locked in farms and pools
>Audited by Hacken
>Regular burns
>NFTs and lottery next week


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>6M market cap
>61M TVL


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Just bought 500 more, thank you OP.


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>imagine not profiting off the current 1300% APY

man I sure am glad I'm not THAT retarded

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>imagine not profiting off the current 1300% APY

I sure am glad I'm not THAT retarded

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>imagine not profiting off the current 1300% APR

I sure am glad I'm not THAT retarded

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If u don't realise this is a rug you deserve to stay poor

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RUNE is better than this Marvel shit

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Okay anons. I know we always miss out on gems because we think they are scams. Toad network (not that toad farm shit) is unironically the next 1000x on BSC. I have a Viking bag too and think it can well, but toad network is the first unique farm project that’s not just an egg clone. They have a lot on the roadmap but it’s not inflationary and has 200k max supply. Savings accounts, and more in the roadmap. Check it out for yourself. I got burned on my Viking bag but oh well. This is unironically the easiest shit to hold right now and is actually like holding egg or bao before anyone knew about it.

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Get the fuck out of here with your toad network garbage. They have a shit website, a shit name, shitty fees, and it feels like a knockoff pow3d clone. The fact they also named themselves Toad after toad.farm scammed people shows how dumb they are. So kindly stop shitting up a thread about an actual good project with your garbage.

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It’s actually not a scam and has a new unique concept of farming not only toad, but farming toad-bnb LP. With a fee on deposit/withdraw to incentivize people to stay in the pool and collect the fees from that + decentralize the liquidity from being mainly from the team and makes it rug proof. You should just check out the TG it’s a long term project with low supply and low/slower release of the tokens being farmed. Don’t know if you actually looked but anyone who doesn’t at least get a small bag is really going to regret it.

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>imagine not profiting off the current 6000%+ APR in toad.farm
buy the dip faggots, no need to thank me

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Honestly toad farm is going to die or not really go anywhere just like most of the egg clones that are all inflationary and just clones of egg. Viking is the only one that has the best chance not to because they are associated with the egg team they can benefit from each other. Toad network will soon be the next FOMO farm token because it’s actually a unique concept, if any of you guys don’t realize this that sucks but you should check it out so you don’t entirely miss out and at least get a sui stack.

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man you poorfags and your scam telegram groups are so sad, you'll never be rich like this you know right?

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