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Jesus fuck you all bitch about price suppression then turn around and loan your stack to short sellers.
Why do you think they are paying these rates?
This shit is not staking, people borrow to market dump and hope they can pay you less later.

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dude I just lost 500 linkies in an crypto online casino, I wish I only loaned them

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>risking your golden ticket in a cex for some shitty apy

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So it's basically swinging with extra steps?

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I lend so I can borrow USDC to long link

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There is no where near enough loaned link for this to work. Only $10M borrowed on AAVE, this is a drop in the bucket of total daily volume.

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Lending in AAVE is ok

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I lend on aave, borrow other shitcoins and farm defi yield with it, then I buy link with the benefits every few weeks

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You are a degen on leverage at a CEX. The same class of swine market dumping these loans.
You have also effectively canceled out your trade and overall momentum.

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No it's not, in the end it is still a bearish liquidity pool. You are essentially selling your Link without them having to buy at market and move the price up. You chopping 14% per year into this phenomenon doesn't do shit.

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Who cares staking is not coming out for at least a year so might as well do something with my link.

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Well then don't bitch about price suppression, because you are the one doing it. You just don't understand why.

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There is a reason the deposit APY on LINK on AAVE is like 0.03%. Nobody is borrowing it.

If you need cash then depositing on AAVE and borrowing USDC against it is fair preferable to selling your LINK

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Yeah the rates are low because the people you are loaning to want it without buying it. I assure you this is not some secret trick you have discovered to get USDC to loan.
They are betting that in the long run this is just a spike and they will come out on top, as long as people are dumping their Link into these shitty annual rates of 5-15% you don't pump 10% a day or break out.

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prove this with on chain analysis

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Alright you do not know how AAVE works lmao

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I’m also very frustrated but at least I can get a passive income out of it while we wait. Don’t worry fren the waiting will all pay off in the end.

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let them lose it they are retards anyway

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In general short non descriptive posts like this are projection.
This shit is not rocket science Anon. The short sellers wants Link to sell into the market, they use any other asset as collateral and do not need to buy Link.
They use the Link you loaned them to market sell with the hope when they pay back (in Link) the loan will be worth less than the collateral they put up.
You are market selling your Link inadvertently for % returns on USDC like everyone else.

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You said the APY is low because they want to borrow it. That is not how AAVE works. I know how short selling works yes

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The true suppression is from Sergey dumping 6 million tokens 1 month. Doesn't matter if it's for operating cost, node gas or big Macs. 6 million tokens is way way way more than any of us link hodlers can loan out.

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But anon I love getting 18 more link weekly while I do nothing at home. Price is still gonna go up regardless and at the end of the day I'm in this shit for me.

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lol sorry you can’t get in the Bancor pool :^)

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Here's what I'm doing:

3300 Link on Bancor
3300 Link on Yearn
2500 Link on Celsius
2500 Link in Ledger hardware wallet

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No the APY is low because everyone dumping their Link on AAVE is eventually loaning USDC so they don't care about the rate on Link. It is even worse than getting 5% on a CEX.

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Should I just put half my stack in BlockFi bros... it sounds tempting as fuck

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Who gives a fuck about price suppression. It's only temporarily delaying our day. But our day will come

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Well that isn't true either you cant make a profit by borrowing USDC and then depositing it. The borrow APY on any coin is higher then the deposit APY by the nature of AAVE.

People borrowing USDC against LINK are either selling the USDC into cash so that they can pay bills without selling LINK, or they are borrowing USDC against their LINK so that they can buy more LINK.

Honestly the idea of a short seller learning how to use AAVE to short LINk sounds ridiculous on its surface since the entirety of AAVE is powered by LINK. I don't see how anybody could know anything about AAVE and be bearish on LINK

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Besides the fact that loaning link suppresses price will this eventually lead to an exchange collapsing and everyone losing their deposited link? Like potentially a short squeeze when link takes off again.

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A short squeeze leading to exchanges defaulting because there isn't enough link available to loan out.

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How does staking work?

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Do not stake on cexs brainlets, dont you get it?

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>loan my link to short sellers
>short sellers suppress price of link
>buy more cheap linkies

Get fucked OP, you're never gonna make it

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damn bro I am holding few tokens and some btc we will soon be in bull run.

I am gonna make some bags for $MCM check it out

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Holy fuck hahahaha

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>im sure its the 10m of link being loaned and not the 1 million link being dump by sergey every week

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FUCKING BASED. i have 51k link on blockfi at the moment and i cant wait to get my payout eom

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this but unironically

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