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People really hyped off bitcoin I haven’t seen a soul buy anything with it not 1 single thing

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i dunno about you but i buy shitcoins with it

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That’s because none of Charles niglet friends have a bitcoin to buy anything with

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Drugs being buying drugs with bitcoin since 2014

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Fuck off Charles.

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Since 2014 and ended 2020. No one accepts btc anymore for drugs because its not a viable currency at current fee levels.

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homeboy aint wrong

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>spending Bitcoin
Only if you’re a retarded nigger. Do you pay for your groceries with a “$5” silver coin that’s actually worth $30 in silver
You don’t spend assets.

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I buy SARMs with bitcoin all the time, most recently within the past week. Seethe.

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You don't buy shit with gold either idiot. What's your point even? it's time.

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Can someone translate this to english please?

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really makes me think

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>one accepts btc
the buyer pays the fee

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why big titties be in seatbelts like this %

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Man, you have 3k USD, it would be good for you to pour everything into one coin, and not be sprayed on small things

> Take into account to this shillers on / biz / and buy shitcoin
> lose everything in a moment

And now way to make a trully PROFIT:
> get GSX and hold
x10 is available soon. EZ!

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>A peer to peer electronic cash system

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Bought ketamine yesterday with btc eat my ass

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% = bobs

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crypto coins are ponzi scheme they are not meant to be used in real life, they are a way of scmaing others and getting real money like dollars or euros

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Plz tell me how I want to buy some acid and my dealers are unavailable

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> Want to sleep
> Making bags
> Getting in $MCM

Woke up with gains

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dark (dot_) fail has a bunch of sites but I have no idea which one to pick.
Apparently silkroad is a big scam nowadays.

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because if you bought a steam game in 2014 with btc you spent about 7k on it, retroactively and people realize thats a fucking dumb move

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All the asian restaurants accept BTC.

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First time a laughed at a booba meme tbqh

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