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I think we can agree than $1 million doesn't get you shit anymore these days.
>inb4 cabin in the woods bug out nigger
How much do you need anon?

For me it's $4 million after tax on the very low end. Would still feel bad, but it would give me some kind of freedom

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Unironically 1 million. Dare I say in GBP however.

I live a frugal and simple life and I am a frugal and simple man, I will most likely move to SE Asia and live like a king there while I generate living costs from dividends on ETFs with extra income from staking crypto

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>buyd land in 15acre wooded area
>built a beautiful modest sized log house
>only spent 50k

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1 mil is enough. 2 mil is preferable. Fin.

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1m quid would sort me. I already have some boomer investments and a nice house. Give me a milly and I reckon I can at worst go part time

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Why is a bugout cabin bad?
Unironically what more do you want?

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All I’d like to do is live on New Zealand’s South Island. It seems comfy

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Probably at least 6M GBP. Can go full gardener farmer neet and play vidya

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It really depends how long you want to live, where you live and how you want to live the rest of your life

It also depends how much money you want to re-invest to make even more profit

As a student poorfag living a comfortable life already with little money, as well as sometimes embracing hedonistic excesses, I'd say 100k to get me to the next 5 or 6 years, that I'd reinvest partly

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>Why is being homeless bad?
>I still get by and am alive. What more do you want?
Get back to /pol/
I am not a consoomer who needs a McMansion, but you "cabin in the woods" is just incel tier pathetic. It is not /made it/ you just live there. Just as some piss poor Russians in Siberia live in their cabins. You have no money and that means you have zero leverage and zero opportunities.

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Stop this please, I'm on no fap for Lent, please do not post these type of images...

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2 million USD minimum to be adequately comfortable. 5-10 million would be incredible.

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"make it" for me is getting enough by the time I graduate to do full time investments/creative pursuits and not have to get a wagecuck job. I'd like to have 500k to prove to my parents that it's worth the time and then continue to work on shit I actually like to do

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That's literally all I want though
I have zero desire for anything more.
More would not make me happier in anyway, so why would I pursue more?
You sound super consumerist to me.

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>5-10 million would be incredible.
I agree.

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Go back shithead.

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Women do this solely for attention from men.

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1 mill. At a conservative APY of 10% that is 100k a year. Enough for me tbqh.

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People here are insane and so dumb. To say 1 mil is not enough.
Tons of people don't even make 1 mil in their liftimes in the FIRST world. But aside from that, you guys are just thinking too smooth brain.
Less than 1 mil is MORE than enough if your dumbass doesn't think "hurr I have lots of moneys I guess that's it".
You do not need 1 mil to properly invest that money in such a way that you can live comfortably from the returns AND THEN some.

Hell just a few 100k is plenty to quit working and live FRUGALLY (and perhaps with roommates, which so many people already do) but comfortably. Half a mil and again, depending on where you live, you already are comfy as hell living modestly. 1 mil with proper investments and not blowing your money immediately should turn to multiple millions easily. You have to be retarded or impulsive to need more.

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Could make more than I wage indefinitely with a ultra-diversified black swan resistant portfolio

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>conservative APY of 10%

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wait 4 real anon you did that? how u do that?

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1 million liquid is enough for a 20-40 year old to fairly easily grow into a 10 million+ pile of money without too much risk.
1 million is enough.

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>He doesn't know about DeFi

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The make it figure was always $10M

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Absolute cope boomer tier.
Do you realize that the money supply increased around 350% in the last year alone
What you are describing might have worked 20 years ago

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He’s just fudding the way we are meant to live. Globohomo detected.

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1mil properly invested will provide enough passive income to live off for the rest of your life.

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truthfully? 100k GBP - enough to live at my current means for probably rest of my life with no government handouts - anything else would be just gravy

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Yeah I really don't get the globohomo mindset
If I could get 50-100 acres of land, a small cabin, create a deer sanctuary to ensure I could subsist on hunting, get some books, etc. I would be set for life. A million dollars would even make room for me and my family to live a fairly lavish life compared to where we are now for the rest of our lives.

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10% is pretty conservative, at least in the limit. SOXL 10x over the last year, a simple conservative portfolio of 3x ETFs and OTM put LEAPS can easily net 10%

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Unironically once you reach 50-100k where I live you have enough money to bankroll enough businesses to keep a steady income while having crypto on the side
That's my "make it" kind of money.

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It works even more so now. All that printing is pumping the fuck out of boomer stock and real estate bags.
Do you think anybody actually has like a million bucks in a bank account? Almost nobody does

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For me it's about 10BTC.

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For me right now 100k is making it, with 1m I never worry about money ever guy.

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>Buy 2 studio apartments in the central area for 70k euros each, rent them out and make 1000 euros a month.
>Live off the passive income
And I live in a rather expensive shit tier third world country. In Thailand, Brazil, some other cheaper eastern european country the APY must be higher and easier to live off of.

Making_it is not having to depend on your job for income so you can sit in your nice house in the mountains and enjoy it without thinking mr shekelstein wants you tomorrow morning at 8AM. With passive income you can live anywhere and not have to worry that you can't find a job in that area.

How if we're going big daddy make_it with lamborghinis, mansions, etc.
Yes I require at least 70 million dollars so I can finance my video game projects and animations. I want to walk in to Sega and slap them over the face with a brick of 1000$ and tell them "Your studio is now mine, everyone works under me and if you suck then at least learn to suck my dick while you're at it. FUCK THE SONIC TEAM"
Making it for me is being able to control boards on 4chan as an adminstrator and picking the janitors I want and making passive income from the ads.

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0.1 bitcoin is making it for me.

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Europoor here.
In my pos Central-European country, I could buy a flat for around 80-100k worth of USD.
I would buy a flat to offer if for rental which would net me around 300 USD monthly.
I would use this money to invest in crypto for faster and more risk-free gains to accumulate for yet another flat for the same reason.
If I held 3-4 flats, that would be 900-1200 USD worth of money monthy, and I would become much more independent and not relying on my shitty 9-5 job.
So my plan is to somehow make it to my first flat and snowball the income into more in the same fashion.

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Horseshit m8, you do not need more than a few hundred thousands to make enough to live comfortably and still continue to grow your wealth. The economy does not stop moving once you become rich lol. Buy some stocks/crypto, put money into high yield dividends/apy, figure out how to minimize the taxes you pay (by then, you shouldn't be renting anymore, the mortgage should help reduce taxes and you should rent out rooms to help pay the property off).

At 300k minimum, if your quit your job, your job is now to play with your own money. Literally just don't be retarded or greedy.

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I'll never make it because Crypto is a game to me. Its fun as fuck like gambling, and I worked at a casino for 8 years so handling millions of dollars doesn't phase me. Its all just fucking paper.

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i could probably make it on 400k and never need to work again, but it wouldnt be comfy, only slightly better than being homeless

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>cares what men choose tondo with their money
This lady is probably mad she got dumped by someone who made it or something.

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Uhh 1 million is enough to retire in any SEA country

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$1,000,000 for a cabin in the woods.

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Thats a waist of time, get a 3 -6 units building first. Should be around 400-600k so 1 million before taxes. It also gives security, because the whole building is yours.

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Ive already "made it" if you mean being happy. Bought a 320k duplex cash and quit my job. For me it took about 350k all together to do this. Am now collecting a little rent and looking for biz opportunities

Have never been happier.look forward to waking up every morning.

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Well done, anon.

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2 million for me and my mom. That's enough money to buy 5 150-200k apartments in Lisbon and rent them for 700-800 euros each, plus around 100-200k invested into stablecoins that I can lend for 7-10% APY, plus another 100-200k into some stonks or indexes and maybe 50-100k invested into some other riskier yield farming tokens. This would make our passive income around 5-6k per month (3-4k me, 1.5-2k mom), and that's more than enough to travel around the world as long as I use my own sailboat and live on it instead of paying for dumb hotels.

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$2 million probably
If I could get 5% steady return that’d be $100k per year which is more than I currently make waging. I’d probably keep waging. My job pays well for how easy it is and it has good benefits. I will probably work here for as long as I can regardless of how much money I have unless it’s $20 million plus.

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>New Zealand
I hope you’re not a fan of alcohol, it’s insanely overpriced and low %

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Poortuguese have it easier
>no crypto tax
>country is forever poor so /makeit/stack only 0,5m
>throw half of that into a boomer ETF, keep in bitcoin, wait 10 years, live like a duke and never work again

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The rich get richer. The poor get btfod

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It doesn't need to be all or nothing - the path between "haven't made it yet" and "made it" is a gradual one and as time passes for you your perspectives also change, shifting the goalposts for what level you consider "made it" tier. The main thing most people want is their own house without having to get a mortgage. But if you are currently renting and a long way off having enough for a house outright, it is still a more desirable position to be in to be renting and working a 9-5 but with 20 grand extra from cryptos available to you to give some breathing space, or to even put towards a deposit for a house. I have no doubt that when you have your own house it becomes something you begin to take for granted, but that doesn't mean it stops being something highly desirable - being in that position where you can afford to take it for granted is itself a prize which so many would dearly love. Begrudging that you "only" have a house and still need to work to pay for other bills is "all or nothing" type thinking and it's just lacking in perspective.

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Portugal is actually where I want to move anon. Been thinking of buying a few apartments in Lisbon since it seems to be a very tourist friendly city

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is making it never having to worthy about money again or just not having to work again?

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Hey anon have you checked $MCM aka Mochimo.org I am seeing it and thinking of getting in looks like the right time.

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2.5m post tax in euro

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money is not how u make it lol
finding the kingdom is

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Never having to worry about money means never having to work.
You can quit your job and never work again whenever you want with 0 dollars and if you're still GENUINELY content, then you made it lol.

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Do that, but don't bother living in Lisbon yourself. Shit's way overpriced because foreigners keep buying real estate for investing. It's getting very saturated already

The rest of the country is maximum comfy though, and you can move anywhere within 3 hours max

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$1 million is plenty to live on if you're not a reckless idiot with your money. The real question is how much it costs to get an investor visa for a country you want to live in. Then $1 million after you get the visa will do you just fine just about anywhere unless you're moving to Monaco or Singapore or some place like that.

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Half a Holocaust worth

>> No.30133608

5 million if I want to neet.

>> No.30133737

If I want to be really frugal than maybe $1M if I can generate passive income. $2M is comfy for me, only difference would be I might buy a better car at that amount.

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$2mm for me, ill by moving back to the rural area i grew up in for ultra low COL and chill countryside vibes

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I plan to travel a lot during the next three-four years, so I probably won't stay too much in one place. But I will buy an apartment somewhere reasonably close to Lisbon though, so my mom can stay there and manage the renting stuff while I'm away

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Just move to a third world country
50k is enough to live a happy life with a small busisness

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$700k USD after taxes.

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The first part of your post is somewhat what I'm aiming for, but
>>Buy 2 studio apartments in the central area for 70k euros each, rent them out and make 1000 euros a month.
Where can you get that much for renting an apartment that only costs 70k?

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im in $4mill hell right now it is the worst hell of them all, I just want 8 figures maybe 9 depending how the 8 feels

>> No.30134193

No anon you have to live in some overpriced shithole apartment with constantly annoying traffic noise, upstairs and downstairs neighbors, and a lack of security

>> No.30134299

I just want 100k. Would make life easier. More would be nice, but 100k will get you moving in the right direction if you're somewhat intelligent

>> No.30134455

500k is enough
then i'll just do 1 low-effort job and live a simple life in a rural area, just like i always wanted
i don't want to stop wageing 100%, i was a NEET for 6 years with 1-1.6k passive income / month (in europe so more than enough for expenses) and it wasn't fun

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For myself, €600k net is make-it I suppose. Decent house without mortgage, half-decent car, wedding costs, should all come to about €400k. Then €50k available for easily accessed rainy day fund and €150k stashed away for potential future childrens' education. Continue working (in finance) for social and self-esteem aspect, and to provide a sense of routine and taking part in society (unironically). If I had a full million I would invest the extra €400k relatively safely towards my pension so I can sleep at night knowing I won't be destitute when the Irish government of the 2060s can't afford the state pensions it now pays the old in this country. I also would be intending to retire by my early 50s, unless I retrained as something I would truly enjoy, which would also be an option.

With €2 million net I'd buy a better house, a slightly better car, an extra 500k towards my pension and the extra 300k I'd spend a 100k on crypto investing, 100k on travelling and enjoying life (not all in one go though because it would be too painful to go back to work then) and additional100k set aside in case I have children.

The key thing in all these scenarios is that you already have a decent amount of wealth and no debt so any extra money you earn is available to spend on more enjoyable things, so working is more satisfying.

>> No.30134720

100K USD

I was homeless for years and right now I’m only sheltered thanks to student loans. Paying the loans off and buying a small home would be more than enough

>> No.30134893

Really depends on three things:
a) do you have a frugal lifestyle? Y / N
b) is you principal well-invested to grow? Y / N
c) do you have dependents? Y / N

A single frugal healthy male without dependents living on his own plot of land with well invested money earning interest and dividends can live off of 250K forever without trouble or work. No doubt.

A family guy with a wife and three kids living in a city (no matter what job) can probably consider himself a financially secure man ready to retire with around 5 Million in his personal bank account. Also assuming that his money is well-invested and he owns the house/apartment they live in.

A mindless consoomer who is not planning ahead and is not investing his money properly could inherit a billion dollars and still die poor and alone in a matter of years. It all really depends.

>> No.30135309

How did you become homeless?

>> No.30135835

I'd be happy for 270k USD

>> No.30135895

7 million after tax. So 14 million at the time of cashing out

>> No.30136598

$300k would put me in an extremely comfortable spot.
>house in low-COL area
>brand new car lasts for 10ish years
>extra few 10k for further investment and minor passive income
I could live very comfortably if rent and car payments weren't an issue for the foreseeable future. I would still have to work but wouldn't need to slave away to survive. People greatly underestimate what living without rent can do for them.

>> No.30136639

1 mil: need a place and capital for decent dividends to be able to travel now and then

>> No.30137524

500k after taxes is enough for me. That's a couple properties, an additional plot of land, and passive income for life. I don't need much.

>> No.30138135


And you'd still be a wageslave bitch.

>> No.30138636

Meh, that's honestly fine if it means the wagie job lets me buy stuff I want in short amounts of time. I don't want anything extremely expensive so it wouldn't be all bad.
Obviously, if it was viable, I would go for $4M for a decent amount to live off of for the foreseeable future, but $300k is my downward limit for "vastly improved quality of life".

>> No.30139456

>Meh, that's honestly fine


>> No.30139558

Probably, bro. Most of us aren't. Doesn't mean we can't try. I just wanted to give a more honest answer.

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yeah, you guys can stop posting this sexual content

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100 million

>> No.30140417


I just need to be passively making 75k a year and I'm set. Starting with staking crypto and later will rent property, that is the plan.

>> No.30140598

1 mil euros

>> No.30140646


Gave up fapping for lent? You might turn gay by the time it's over if you're not already.

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I could probably make it work with 2 million, but 3 million would be much more relaxed. Invest in BTC & some boomer ETFs & shit, fuck off to SEA for a bit. Come back, get a 30 year mortgage & make 15 year payments.

>> No.30142731

you’re too fucking stupid and you don’t even realize it

>> No.30143052

Keep waging away till you reach your 100 gorillion dollars then lmao

>> No.30143283

250k USD after taxes.

>> No.30143478

1 million to quit waging and devote all my time to crypto. 10 mil to make it

>> No.30143896

thanks, this makes me feel much better about my stack

>> No.30143987


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>t. still waging, still poor

>> No.30144479

why do people look down at handouts? i graciously accept anything i get

>> No.30144624

Hey boomer, I've got some leveraged stablecoin farms that net me 150% apy. That's 40k/month from 1/4th of my folio alone. I got different tokens and farms on the rest as well.

>> No.30145404

I just need 300k€ to buy a few properties to fix up, rent out, open a small passion business to keep me busy and live a confy life.
I don't want a luxury life, just an easy and chill one

>> No.30146434

$2 million after tax and im good

>> No.30146610

10m€ after taxes for comfy life. 1-2mil luxury apartment in Helsinki and rest for living expenses.

>> No.30146919

Making it isn't living frugally. It's about lambos and teslas and vacations whenever you want

>> No.30146927

$1 million per woman that I decide to breed. So probably $5 million but maybe as much as $10 million.

>> No.30147125

This. Based.

>> No.30147552

Sure. You're on the path to that the moment you've reached a few hundred k and you don't need to continue working unless you're greedy, enjoy your job, or just want to reach your goal faster.

The way I see it, right now, in 5 figure hell, it would take something short of a miracle to be able to "make it". The moment you reach mid 6 figure hell, "making it" is no longer a matter of IF, but WHEN. Unless again you're greedy or completely retarded.

>> No.30147803

i need 150k to get me through the next couple years. That’s all i’m aiming for.

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