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Nervos Network becoming available on more exchanges.
Is /biz/ Bullish? Not a shill

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>that's a man
>poop comes out of there
>can't wait to have a daughter
>that ass used to be a baby's ass

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1 Yes I bought a CKB the week it was launched in Binance. 2 Biz is flooded with organised shills nowadays. You can tell by their immediate response when a thread is made. Meanwhile there might be something interesting to exchange in terms of knowledge/news yet it's not that "discussed"

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Obviously it is. Now post more asian brappers

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If I had money I would just eat her ass and Pussy all day

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>Is /biz/ Bullish?
biz is not bullish on anything until it is too late
when biz isn't bullish is when you need to buy

>post more asian brappers

>eat her ass and Pussy all day

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stop, i can only become so erect

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God my pp is ripping my pants right now

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wtf i'm asexual now

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i am going to masturbate to this image

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sauce is risa nito according to my 10 minutes of googling. Ass doesn't look as fat though in other pics

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>Ass doesn't look as fat though in other pics

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What? Nevos thread and it havent died after 5 replies?
>realizes what pic is in the OP
aaah /biz/ never changes

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Asian women are meant to breed with white men

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MOTHER emerges from her cocoon at last. Behold, the rewards SHE can bestow to those who serve.


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I have a stacklet. Hoping for the best. But it is volatile as hell so I might get stopped out. Hope it breaks 0.014 with conviction.

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needs the architect

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>Nervos Network
more like crabbing network

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I would love to insert my penis inside her vagina

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>crabbing network
Not for long friendo, not for long.

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why? inb4 100$ eoy

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Solid project, finally its getting the attention it deserves.
Cant give you eoy estimates, but 0.1 is considered fud.

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Do you think her asshole smells good?

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Responded to myself, im not good at shilling

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Like old wasabi and seaweed

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it's ok, I own 10k of them anyway, just wanted to know someone else opinion on it

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Fuck this image
I have to enter every thread that posts it, I can't help it.

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Must check ?Mochimo.org

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she doesnt look ready

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I hold 100k CKB will I make it?

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