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Where are you on this chart

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is that including college loans? most doctors have debt into their 40s.

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All in Sergey

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pretty good

I'm at 95% if anyone cares

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I'm off the charts.
You get to decide what direction.

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>is that including college loans?
Honestly who cares about college loans? Just wait until it gets cancelled or pay 100 bucks a month for the rest of your life

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Wow, are americans actually this poor? Holy shit

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higher than 95%
21yo and 220k so I assume 99% or something like that

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90% at 23. i assume that age group is skewed by broke 18 year olds tho

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if this bullrun turns out as planned i will join you. otherwise it will take probably some years but i will do it

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I'm 24 and 45%

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I work for CIA so like 40%

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Just turned 30 in January. In the 95% for my bracket.

I'm actually in the 99% though because of my LINK stack.

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80%. Feels poor desu, don’t know how normies do it.

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26, 90%

Assuming this is US -- not sure what Canada equiv is.

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Here is another chart

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well I am 21 years old which is not even on the chart so that doesnt help much kek

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95% at the top left

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2.5x over the highest rank. Thats like 99% or something. Pretty gud

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50% to 99% in 3 years, thanks link

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90% after I convert to burgerbux.

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80% ... I just wwanna end my suffering.

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Just under 90%

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Long way to go.

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90%, thanks biz, thanks link

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This shit is too easy most humans are city dwelling plebs or country fucking retards. The sovereign individual will prevail

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95% and actually much more, all thanks to sergey

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Nice, only 10% off 99 percentile for me

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Your goal should be to sit in the top 1,000,000 people of the world, preferably well inside it.

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90% late 20s and 99% of that is in ADA

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I am 16 and already 15mil net worth
it really is over after 16 right? this is all so tiresome

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based stinky

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Only 95%
Feels like shit, I want to be top 1%

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95% on paper

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>net worth
>not counting debt lol
The fuck is the point lmao

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30-34 95% mostly thanks to real estate invesments.

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Probably in the 99.99999999% if your chart went up that far.

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Yeah, the uh... bar isn't really raised far for us in our age group, is it?
I'm... 80%

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26, 75th percentile or so. I'm fine with that but don't have particular plans to make it on up, probably gonna fall behind.

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I'm at 95%. A year ago I was at 55%.

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65%... closer to 80% later this year. feels good man... with future inheritance 99%

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85% but a good deal came from money from my parents.
Should I feel bad about this?

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2.5x over 95% here

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85%, if my stack 4x's as i hope it does i will be top 95%
i care :)

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Has this chart been adjusted to inflation for the current year of our lord 2021?

Or is it completely irrelevant?

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same, get over it.
make the most of it bro, enjoy a happy life and have plenty of babies, thats the only way to make them proud! 88

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Then why browse /biz/ with that ngmi attitude anon?
Just browse the distraction filled, outrage baiting content on other boards like pol and v like the others in your age group.

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Low 80% just by myself. probably higher if you include my wife. Closer to the mid-50% before I got into crypto a year ago.

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Age 27 and 85%. More than likely 95% at end or this bullrun.

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77% but I'd be in 90% if I hadn't fucked up some trades.

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80% feels good man

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Would you have preferred it if your parents gave that money to a bunch of crack smoking niggers?

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I'm around ~85%

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This is my first real year thinking properly about business/investing.
I'm trying to ignore/weed out as many needy normies from my life as possible. They have a way of sucking you in and wasting your time.

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you can do it

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you in debt you asswanker. how could this happen?
>inb4 an hero. even with what i own im unhappy but with debt...there will be no tomorrow, thats for sure.

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hang in there. build a portfolio

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including all assets (real estate, investments)? 90th

crypto only? <50th

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90%, 99% once BAT goes parabolic.

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Charts are high for MCM

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95%, even though it really doesn't feel like it

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Wtf are you doing on /biz/ you failures? Do you just watch other people make trades and not dip your foot in? Or do you just suck at this?

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Even at 90% no amount of money will make you less of a faggot

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Silence, wagie. I don't pay you to talk.

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Check out this faggot

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Claiming to be in the 77th percentile instead of 75th is like telling someone your height is 5'8" AND A HALF. The extra crumbs just highlight your insecurities.

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Accuracy is a good thing, faggot.

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Why are you crying about these trashcoins?
This is all your mistake man, don’t be so tarded
Wanna see profit?
>listen attentively da boi, visit JustLiquidity and check yields for JULD
>See the stat, be smart!

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You don't get to bring friends.

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>only 80%

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>all in xrp at this point though, so probably soon to be 95%

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NEET with parents in the top 10%

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I'm in the 1% at 23 years old

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probably 99% thanks to sergey

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23, 85%

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Almost impossible
what is the cutoff?

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How do people get into thousands of dollars in debt by age 18?

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I think you only need to be a multimillionaire - excluding the value of your home. The fine cutoff isn't an exact number, but a transition of your home not being the biggest asset in your net worth and living well on passive income with no detriment to your network growing.

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Fresh car off the lot + imprudent student loans

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20, 80%

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Play your cars right, you might be half way to making it this bull run. Retire well before 30.

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Chinese inlaws who gave us seed investment money of 300k turned it into 1.45 million total

1.15 million net worth after subtracting mortgages
Real estate has been good to me
dont forget your rent wagies

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>buh buh but 90% if if if if

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Is managing real estate worth the hassle? I've heard you can outsource to a management firm, but the income is a pittance after management fees.

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exactly the same as you here bro we're going to make it

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imagine buying a new car at age 18 instead of just using your parents car like tf do u need one for you don't commute 30 miles to your office everyday just take the damn bus to your job at Mcdonalds or some shit

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35% at 25.
I only ever lost on crypto before this year, but there's still time to make up for it.

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Including my super 85% without it 65%

>> No.30151266

you married a chinese? kek

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22, $88.000

just under 95th percentile

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haha i hope so too, all in xrp because Im betting the SEC lawsuit is just FUD but some may call me an absolute retard

>> No.30151363

what year is that from and whats 99%?

>> No.30151370

95% Thanks Sergey and Howie

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You were so close, up until your last sentence.
Enjoy living in your car.

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If you buy newer homes that are foundationally sound (trust me its rare then you think people suck at building these days) then its totally worth it

Im making around 5k from my rentals a months and with my wife and I's salaries we are pulling home around 13k a month before taxes

Management fees will fuck you up if you are a slumlord and have slumlords managing your shit. We only have top quality tenants (strict guidelines filters the darkies out)

Like it or not but the bugs are taking over gayboy I will gladly throw my genes into the hive
yes my wife makes bug jokes all the time
its fun

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I'm 10x the highest band for my age, kek. Pleb chart.

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You are an absolute retard. While you were holding XRP, you could be participating in moonshots.

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The numbers for my age seem way too low. 90%, 23

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200k above my age group for 95%
Find it hard to believe we aren’t all in the green

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99th percentile

>> No.30151669

Top 5% right now but next year I'll have to have like 2.2x more money to stay in top 5% which isn't gonna happen.

>> No.30151775

I suppose, just doesn't seem all that worth it to work extra just to make a professional salary on the side. Seems like you could've just put your money into a real estate trust.

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Filthy 98 percenter get off my board

>> No.30151859

hindsight is 2020, I wouldn't have seen those moonshots coming anyway, better to just hold even if just for the next pump and dump

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>implying /biz/ is for succesful people

>> No.30151999

>net worth
>not including debt
Midwit, MD

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i m the top row.

all in iota

>> No.30152057

The rental income is in a trust account for my two children so they can go to college and I can buy their first homes for them

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80% at 22. Would have been 90% if I had sold GME on the wednesday. Feels bad bro.

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95% - 27 yo.

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i think that some massively wealthy ppl are lurking in /biz

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Straight average middle of the pack just like every other aspect of my boring little life. Neat.

>> No.30152285

checked and based

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5% gang
FUCK student loans

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What are these "$" things?

>> No.30153081

based I am between 90 and 95th for 18-24

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that's what you get for investing in BAT

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that's cool, he's gonna die soon in minecraft

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why do I still feel so poor

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Fair point.

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I am the same. I feel fucking broke

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