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>lower high, perfectly respecting downward trend resistance
oh no no no bulls, i hope you're prepared for $40k BTC and $1200 ETH this weekend!

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>$1200 ETH
God I hope you're right

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why are you doing this?

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i wish lol, then i'd have way more btc by the end of the weekend

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post 10x short position bobo

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oh fuck not the weekend again, how are we this far through the week already?

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if dubs game over

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It's a fucking bull flag you brainless faggot. It will touch 50k and then bounce. It won't stop until you kys. Goodbye bobo, and fuck you.

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based. bobos it's time to zoom out from your 1 minute charts.

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Check these dubs

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Descending wedge. Here's the breakout. Target 58K in 2 days

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It's probably some teenage no coiner desperately trying to troll.

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checked and rekt

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My TA reveals a mega bull flag in 15 days based on historical trends coupled with a 15x inverse head and shoulders
Stay poor this is your one chance

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Apparently you can't handle the truth. NGMI

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Good luck with that bobo

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kek the rebound to 51+ was brutal for your shorts bobo. liquidation is approaching fast, get out while you can or you'll suffer a Melvin

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Time to stop posting

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Yes pls Bobo I want to finally know what it feels like to buy low, sell high!!!

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Kek bobos are fucking retards. The lower high hasn't even been confirmed yet and they're already calling for the next dump. I hope you bobo faggots learn some actual TA next time after bitcoin revisits 56k first

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You know Melvin took all those r*dditors money, right? Melvin won

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>lower high
yes, and higher low
Get fucked, it's alt season baby

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>btc going to $40k
Oh no. Anyways

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Ni hao, crabu-san!

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Nice breakout retard.

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>muh boomer chart pattens

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Did you get stopped out or did you panic sell?

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Ah yes, the classic "I'll just buy the dip!" cope. It's not a dip when it's the top, retards.

Cope and wrongpilled.

Go back.

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How come bobos never post their shorts?

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zoomed out, not looking good for bulltards
>it will keep going up forever!!1
>inb4 muh cycles
>inb4 use log chart retard

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There is no point in posting "proof" of anything on /biz/. Post a blockfolio with more than 5 digits? "LARP!" Post a high leverage short position from, for example, $56k while the price is $51k? "Inspect element!" Every single time. Same reason bulls don't post their longs, I imagine.

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