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1st for gona make it

>> No.30160658

*tink tink tink*

Attention HEDGIES

I will NEVER, ever sell my GME. GME at 400? Didnt sell.
GME at $40? Didnt sell.
GME at 50? 60? 100? 200? 600? 1,000?

Not selling.

IF you filthy hedgies ever want to see these stonks again, you are going to have to pump the price to AT LEAST $100,000 per share... At which point, AGAIN, you filthy hedgies, I AM NOT SELLING

The richest man in Costco. Praise DFV

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first for dubs

>> No.30160690

second for hedgies jumping from ledgies

>> No.30160799

Will digits bless this thread too? 1k eow

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Everyone, point and laugh at this fag who failed not once but twice.

>> No.30160859

Bruh I take one day off and we green EOD, digits are flowing like a waterfall, and melvin shills are halfway in the noose already. Wtf

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what’s the latest senpai? i haven’t checked on my gme stock after i put in a price alert like 3 weeks ago.

is the main sentiment that the stock is still shorted to hell? is the squeeze near or far ?

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>i forgot to buy before market close AGAIN

>> No.30161017

It's ok Yujiro, are you not the strongest man on the planet already? What do you need with money. You can just walk into a hotel and they give you the penthouse out of fear.

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dfv tweeted and nothing happened with the stock today
pretty disappointing day

>> No.30161219

>it wont stop

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>> No.30161365

Oh pls bby don't stop

>> No.30161370

to the moon

>> No.30161375

>.....Game Stop

>> No.30161384

Actually whenever DFV tweets, it dips hard. Hedges are making sure it never breaks out of its crabbing

>> No.30161399

>$120 stablecoin

>> No.30161465

Based kung pow
Also checked

>> No.30161487

Believe it!

>> No.30161495

Whelp guess it aint a lambo for me, gonna be a poorfag and get a beamer.

>> No.30161589

Kek has spoken, the new floor is 120.

>> No.30161615

Kek. I just laughed my balls off at this for like 5 minutes

>> No.30161777

Add Yumeko please. Also 1k EOW.

>> No.30161815

Deerfag here (or do you prefer deerfucker?), posting from work again.
Thank you for the signal boost, and thanks everyone who has been using pics from the mega.nz folder. It looks like as of now, directly linking to the folder's URL results in a 7 day ban due to breaking Global Rule 11, warranted or not. Maybe linking to https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S30011612#p30022391 instead will make it harder for jannies to justify such bans.

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>> No.30161948

But you stupid nigger, i'm right here.
Wow, this is either a bad joke, or one HELL of a desperate FUD.
Please be a bad joke, you did not even say "gamburu"

>> No.30162009

this fudding doesn't even make sense anymore with the price hovering at 120 come up with something a little better

>> No.30162039

Checked. Well fuck now I have to, ill shoop her in once I get back home

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>> No.30162078

Uh oh I guess this was fake news.

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>> No.30162096

>30 minutes left to the trading day
>crabbing all day
>"Fuck I'm tired, heading to bed"
>pumps right as I head to bed

>> No.30162108

I'm loaded up to buy the dip tomorrow thanks for the heads up

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>> No.30162131

Based deer poster. Single handedly made shills tremble and flee. A thousand blessings upon you sir. You have given us great armaments.

>> No.30162147

you're right BASED Kaiju bro.



>> No.30162182

>they didn't use the one with macron I made

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>> No.30162239

>This same gambit two threads in a row.

>> No.30162251

It’s just a prediction based on percent changes during the previous pump, and it’s been pretty accurate so far so fuck off
>omgzzz it was off by a couple dollars

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>> No.30162300

It was off by a lot.

>> No.30162315

At least he used a different IP this time KEK

>> No.30162364

Post it again? Thats literally the original I made, i missed all the threads today. When I add yumeko, i can also add macron and the other based deer anon. You guys deserve it

>> No.30162446

wow, he couldn’t predict the future. Amazing. Funny how that happens

>> No.30162488

If TRIPS then gme guaranteed 100k

>> No.30162522

I hope it's a troll. Otherwise the shills are genuinely afraid of me and see me as some sort of lynchpin symbol of the 4channer GME holders, and thing pretending to be me means they can break our ironclad hold.
Otherwise it's one idiot trying too hard to make a shitty joke, and making himself look stupid.
I can only imagine if it's the former, the discussions and folders and files they have on me trying to figure out who the fuck i am so they can figure out how to force my sell position.
You will never shake me, Melvy. Just sit back pour yourselves a drink and let the gamburu play out. It's gonna be good one.

>> No.30162539

dubs tho

>> No.30162601

>Defending fake news
The absolute state of redditors

>> No.30162610

>First they announce that there's a new "meme stock" to overtake GME
>stock was an obvious pump and dump
>now they're back to talking about melvin
Honestly what the fuck are they even trying to do here?

>> No.30162611

so close

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>> No.30162670

Fuck off Melvie, this shit goin to the moon

>> No.30162701

Kys shill. It’s going to 180 tomorrow

>> No.30162704

>They didn't invest in rebuilding America



>> No.30162719

Unironically I was considering starting a small firearms manufacturing/dealing company, but the red tape in this country and additional monitoring from police put me off. Who knew I'd be distributing psychological weapons in the form of deer images. Maybe I'll put my gains towards manufacturing "life size" anthro deer dolls, or non anthro too if there's a market for it.

>> No.30162755

Screencapped. I’ll be back to laugh at you tomorrow.

>> No.30162760

Checked double double

>> No.30162830

This is fucking cringe dude, im hodling like every faggot who is deep into this shit but naming personalities and thinking you are actually fighting anything is fucking stupid. Just chill and shitpost. They will have to pay regardless that happens. Unless you think there is a chance it wont happen, in which case keep doubling down on your stupidity. Not gonna lie fren, its 50/50 and the odds are in no ones favor. Just clench your ass cheeks and accept whatever happens. Rather its your dick slamming hedgies assholes, or their dick slamming yours. Someones getting fucked regardless. Just enjoy the chaos until then. im not kaijiposter but i think this character reflects the naivety if the situation. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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>> No.30162951

Be my guest

>> No.30162985

>Everybody who left GME to fomo'd into RKT yesterday

>> No.30162999

Yeah because i'm him, Hyodou.
Also based, he's the best character in the series, i can't wait for him an Kaiji's eventual final showdown, if we ever get it.
You think we will ever get a STOCKS arc where Kaiji has to out stocks Hyodou?
I would pay money to see this. The hero faces the ultimate evil at his own game.
Also it's not cringe to foster a healthy paranoia in todays age, literally everyone in power lies. IF you believe those in power at face value you are naïve.

>> No.30163015

this nigga has Swimmers Syndrome but man is he still a massive prick

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>> No.30163084

we are up +5% shill, try that at least on a red day

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>> No.30163122

shut the fuck up

>> No.30163224

>Life's not a cartoon
You see this is where you fail to pretend to be me.
I'm fucking insane, i've played russian roulette and lived and plan to do it again and again to get richer and richer after this until i die playing my favorite game.
Life is very much a cartoon, and i plan to go out cartoonishly.

>> No.30163230

I think if the shills/trolls are allowed to FUD endlessly then he should be able to paranoid schizo post, no? God bless, WAGMI.

>> No.30163244

>implying the stimi isn't gonna make the stock go higher
worst case scenario we crab until stimi rolls around, normies buy into gme and we all cash out regardless you're a fucking idiot

>> No.30163279

unironically kys

>> No.30163394

>he isn't selling gme at $800
Enjoy being rugpulled, AGAIN, lol.

>> No.30163413

I picture a bunch of pajeets in a cramped conference room forced to watch old episodes of Columbo and need fully asking themselves what does it mean?

>> No.30163451

>everyone misinterpreting the satirical Kaiji poster
Cmon lads.

>> No.30163502

you can do whatever you want but know your actions only amplify the consequences. Double the stupidity, double the consequence. If you are wrong fren, you eat double the shit and chew double the regret. If you are correct, you get double the gloat, double the pride. Dont get greedy. Greed is how you lose ;) It matter not the results of the game, but how you played.

>> No.30163510

I got SOXL'd. I don't even know what to do anymore. The 'push it' coward won't even show his fat fucking face anymore.

>> No.30163520

>RKT takes off, crashes
>Rocket takes off, crashes
CERN is acting up again

>> No.30163557

>it'll never pump again sell @ 40
>It'll never reach 1k sell @ 800
>it'll never reach 10k sell @ 1k
>it'll never reach 100k you'll crash the entire economy
I think I'll hold.

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>> No.30163668

>Telling a bunch of gamblers not to double down
Who the fuck do you think we are?
I picture them watching Kaiji and getting hyped from watching it, and it's turning them into gamblers themselves. God i hope it's true.

>> No.30163718

Dangerously based post.

>> No.30163745

classic pnd

>> No.30163756


>> No.30163761

you can do whatever you want, i never told you not to double down. You suggest i did, is that doubt i feel coming from you?

>> No.30163769

>buying peaks

You deserve to get rug pulled

>> No.30163782

Taxidermy, specializing in deer. Have a special "gme edition", modeled after ultimate wish deer. I'd buy it.

>> No.30163846

where d'my image go

>> No.30163890

No i mean double down in gloating and being schizo.

>> No.30163997

Yesterday? I did that today. Bought @ 34 and watched it fall all day.

>> No.30164024

yes tell me how you really feel and how you think everyone else who doubles down really feels. Its only natural in a game of gambling that one who chooses to double down feels an air of certainty, deflecting any possibility they could be wrong. You wont let that possibility in your mind because you fear to lose. That fear manifests itself as brash confidence and stupidity. Like i said, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

>> No.30164051

>tfw slowly buying in this week and everyday reaching a new low
So this is the power of SOXL...

>> No.30164148

My man, it sounds like you are getting increasingly more assmad. You realize that just means i'm going to double down in smug even more, to spite you. Better hope your melvin buddies pull through, or it's egg on your face, not mine.
You can't shake me. Win or lose, i'm winning because of the despair levied on both sides.
This is better than sex.

>> No.30164191

RKT died, SKT is my new best friend.

>> No.30164253

you can do whatever you want

>> No.30164326

Indeed, i can, Hoo-mon.

>> No.30164327


>> No.30164342

i bought some SKT today because its looking like the next GME. anyone else notice its high short low float?

>> No.30164512

Have you fuckers not learned enough?

>> No.30164516


get fucked

>> No.30164566

I sold.
Srry guys, tweet in 2 hours

>> No.30164567


>> No.30164581

>Now they are shilling ANOTHER stock to PND and try and shake us.
My fucking sides.

>> No.30164643

Now THIS is a good one.

>> No.30164663

on a unrelated note, if i was a shill or a kike why would i save such a image if this supposed image makes us quit our job or quit the subversion. Maybe your increased schizophrenia has gotten the better of you. Im just another humble hodler who understands the risks here. The kikes win here, there is no chance at redemption and we enter weimer 2.0 as the inevitable trust in the US dollar collapses and gold retakes the stage, but oh wait right, we already own all the gold no? Likewise if the hodlers win the feds will just pump more money with bailouts. Essentially everyone wins but the kikes will never lose and just cause weimer 2.0 with the inflation anyways, Its a zero sum game and the only way to lose is to not play. Good luck fren, i'll sit on my bags playing vidya during my 3 day ban.

>> No.30164713

Be careful they've been giving out 7 days for the deer. They FEAR THE DEER.

>> No.30164759

good even more days to relax

>> No.30164826

There is no next GME, when will you get it through you thick skull?
SKT is just a side play, I can do what I want while I wait for GME to explode. SKT can easily replicate RKT, but I just am doing it to get more GME money while it crabs.

>> No.30164827

>how do you do, fellow kids

>> No.30164843

>If he was hiding in this stove would I turn on the gas and light a match?

>> No.30164893

Oh uh, i just realized it was you again.
You literally came back to "Prove your purity", It may be true or not, but you gotta relax dude. Trying too hard. Just breath, play some geimu and relax. I'm balls deep in DS remastered right now because why the fuck not? You might as well play a frustrating game too.

>> No.30164921

Bro really your concernfaggotry comes off as forced. You even took the time to read enough of these threads to know about the deer.
If you felt this way about the stock, why are you still here?
At least shill me a shitcoin so I don't automatically assume you're melvin.

>> No.30164940

correct, but your theory is now in shambles and you must increase your schizophrenia to new heights. I enjoy this show, its better than 99% of the entertainment available today

>> No.30164954


>> No.30164975

When will this drop again lads

>> No.30164985

>Swimmers Syndrome
yeah, i thought for sure something was wrong with him. but some other anons were saying that it's just the slippery floor and he's a retard.
looks like they get better with time (not retards).

>> No.30165002

Just after open, like every day.

>> No.30165006

Define, "Drop"

>> No.30165043

Tomorrow morning but it likely wont go under $100.

>> No.30165068

i been here longer than you think

>> No.30165113

low on the day is spot on. top is off by 8 burgers so all things considered not to bad.

>> No.30165116

Yeah but "Appealing to Purity" does not make you any less of a fag.

>> No.30165124

Bro it reached 130 the fuck are you talking about

>> No.30165176


its held by the same shorters retard, and its not a PnD because unlike GME it has actual fundamentals. its artificially suppressed due to pandemic. blackrock is one of its largest institutional investors and they have a price target of $46

>> No.30165212


>> No.30165236

Who the fuck robs a gun store.

>> No.30165271

or maybe just to sow doubt. no one is your fren on this god forsaken site. Head those words carefully. Many have come before me doing the same thing, with much success. I only offer these words of wisdom because many of you are reddit newfags and i need more ammunition and more shitcoin bags to pump. If gme pops off, good i make money anyways, if not desperate losers will seek a way out and will find solace in the pajeet scams found here.

>> No.30165282

Good thing my target is 25-30 which I want to hit this week. Again, I just want +30% and I can dump it into GME.

>> No.30165363


also just got a cramer mention which could be a good catalyst for tomorrow. whatever, dont buy it then i was just posting to see if anyone else noticed the same shit brewing here. ungrateful faggots

>> No.30165432

Cramer was the whole reason why RKT tanked so fuck that

>> No.30165467

the same people who rob a metropcs store

exctly. these other retards are like fanatical morons who think if you buy even one other stock other than GME you are somehow a fucking traitor. im just riding an easy short term swing on SKT to make up for my earlier GME losses and average down

>> No.30165558

whatever, i know im right. i guess we will see who is right tomorrow. you can rub it in my face when it tanks 50% on open i guess. im only $2,500 into it

>> No.30165585

>sow doubt
>without data
I wonder what the fuck you all are arguing about.
I only look at the numbers, the data, only they matter, and last time I checked I liked the odds a lot.
what a waste of time reading all these replies.
I can deduce only that you are a gigantic faggot.

>> No.30165601

>blah blah blah blowing smoke up my own ass blah blah blah
Yeah so? You act like people give a fuck if they win or lose in this i know i sure as hell don't
If you went ALL in on a 75% chance of success you are the dumbshit not me, and I've never called myself frend to anyone here.
If you don't get what i am at this point, you have no reason to continue conversation with me, in your very boring, stilted manner that self aggrandizes your obvious contempt.
I thrive on this chaos and despair. It's close to what i felt putting the gun to my head in Thailand, before pulling the trigger twice to psyche out the chink whom's brain ended up splattered on the wall.
Tell me anon, will you pull it when i pass you the gun, or puss out?

>> No.30165646

Nice magdump

>> No.30165656

Did anyone else notice that the price at close of both market and after hours was $125?

I think the institutions just flexed their moneycock hard.

>> No.30165675

The noble King didn't even point the weapon at him. Fucking white supremacists man. Any reason to kill a Black King...

>> No.30165679

gme reaching qanon status

>> No.30165718

>I sure hope mr shekelberg makes me employee of the month after I defended his merchanise!

>> No.30165791

win or lose, i get mine. Its just fun to sit in these threads and larp along with the rest of you. thanks for the (you)s
not every bet is won with pure statistics. Sometimes mother luck just likes to take a fat steaming shit down your throat.

>> No.30165805

So wait, we can watch people get blasted but censored cartoon porn gets a banning? Damn, America just ain't right.

>> No.30165841

would amazon buying gamestop be good or bad

>> No.30165844

Pretty sure he shot the nignog out of principle, the negro had a gun ready to hold him at gunpoint. So he pointed his gun back at the nignog.

>> No.30165853

obviously retard, statistics 101. doesn't mean you will do better by betting against it, try it and get out of here with that anti intellectualism

>> No.30165870

it has nothing to do with defending the merchandise you dumb dipshit. a jogger will kill you dead over a $20 bill to prevent a witness from identifying him

>> No.30165906


>> No.30165935

what cartoon are you talking about

>> No.30165977

Faggots like you would never make it in the underground gambling dens. You think people pretend to play life and death games for money, i don't pretend. I plan to die that way someday, or not at all. My fate is my own and i will die when life hands me my failure to pay.
Issue is it's not happened yet, and Russian Roulette is the LEAST dangerous gamble i've made in my lifetime, but please. KEEP responding and acting smug despite you literally telling us 6 posts ago being smug is wrong and increases the chances of you getting BTFO'ed. I love it when people are hypocrites. It's hot.

>> No.30165984

sounds like something a middle of the bellcurve nigger would say. Your trust in the numbers only extends that far. The other player doesnt give a fuck. Half the battle is a mindgame. Remember your enemy can just rugpull with bailouts for eternity.

>> No.30166092

first time i saw where the shot came from. damn gramps has solid aim.

>> No.30166097

>Hurrr they are going to cheat out
>SEC literally ignoring the GME situation on purpose and shutting down other attempts of social media manipulation
If this is fucking plotsky himself trying damage control i'm gonna nut.

>> No.30166131

You can do whatever you want, if you want to playa silly game of russian roulette with some other meanigless degenerate over a small amount gains. No one is stopping you. There are giants out there with such large sums of cash they can play around with without ever needing to fear the guillotine. You think life is an anime where they give a little guy the chance? HAH

>> No.30166146

>your enemy can just rugpull with bailouts for eternity.

>> No.30166226

This >>30161815, where they're banning deer posters.

>> No.30166244

>Ignoring the larger corpos with more power piling on to end them

>> No.30166318

outed himself like a retard, he doesn't even know the bet

>> No.30166393

if you are thinking im plotkin, good guess. but no cookie. Melvin and frens dont matter at all. They will be bankrupted ans sacrificed to the rest of the cabal for such failures as they eat their brethren to increase their strength. They will never give you this opportunity again. Stonks are their game, you attempted to strike at the root of their establishment that gives them power. You think it was going to be that easy?

>> No.30166432

at least read our DD retard

>> No.30166503

>all these hidden posts
I'm afraid to open them. I just filter /v/ tripfags, I don't know whats happeining .

>> No.30166550

don't bother it's just a troll wasting his time, not even entertaining.

>> No.30166558

I have no idea what point you are trying to prove. I just am in it for the ride to 1K and beyond.

>> No.30166564

it doesnt matter, i know the set. Melvin went long in chicago kicking the can down the road and turned from shorter to long. Then again im just a larper having some fun with you guys.

>> No.30166578

>They will be bankrupted ans sacrificed to the rest of the cabal for such failures as they eat their brethren to increase their strength.
Yeah that's fine with us, we want them to fail so we get paid.
You literally went from >They will cheat out
>They will fail and the other jews will eat them.
Right, glad we are on the same page now, larper. If you are such a big shot hedgie man, why even be here. There's no WAY 4chan is on their radar.

>> No.30166611

>it doesnt matter, i know the set.
you proved you didn't already, sorry stopped reading there

>> No.30166628

These are the exact same arguments I heard about RKT which is a psyop. Fuck off.

>> No.30166632

there is no point fren im just bored.

>> No.30166719

>Went to chicago

>> No.30166781

maybe that should have been the clue im just a larper and not some citadel shill or melvin himself. Good game fren. Now to the real point. You guys are so full of yourselves and ready to attack anyone who doesnt support your cause who has the slightest bit of concern things can go wrong. Pack/cultist mentalities are cringe and gay. Shouldnt expect much less from redditniggers.

>> No.30166809

i feel like you were paid to shill and then you got so into it you decided to LARP in your free time. this might be a new low

>> No.30166819

RKT was dead as soon it hit 40 and the shill media fired off the signal to sell. SKT is still in the early stages of the pump and my target is sub 45 where Blackrock wants to dump its shares. Never chase rockets midflight, get on while they are still on the landing pad.
RKT was TLRY 2.0 as far as I am concerned and died when the CEO did nothing during his announcement to stop the drop.

>> No.30166835

140 tomorrow

>> No.30166863

>> No.30166867

>17 posts by this id
My god are you ass-pained.

>> No.30166875

Yeah but we bored too, why do you think we keep humoring you instead of filtering you, come on fag, entertain us.

>> No.30166922

>but..bu... but no u r shill
>no wait u r just larper

>> No.30166954

there is no us. get a hold of yourself and get your sense of validation and belonging somewhere else.

>> No.30166979

i cant you got me, ill try harder next thread.

>> No.30167003

>ignoring my you are bruce callout

>> No.30167018

>ready to attack anyone
it's mostly because we bought at $40 while retards like you didn't stop shitting up every thread. at least they were useful because it lead to discussion and data, I personally used them a lot as entry points to post DD.
now the game is set, we discussed every news days ago, we just wait and engage people like you for fun.
we are already winning.

>> No.30167057

why the fuck would bruce save such an image as deer cunny
you got me there

>> No.30167083

Get over it.

>> No.30167117

sure you are, no one loves you and you will be alone forever

>> No.30167189

>thinking people don't get their sense of validation and belonging in 4chan
ngmi, your model is way off

>> No.30167196

And we accept this fate hand over fist. More of us to talk to alone.

>> No.30167201

>there is no way 4chan is on their radar
gonna have to disagree, after the 2016 election they know about us, we control the memes, and they are starting to realize just how powerful that is

>> No.30167225

Why would SKT pump? I see no indication for it.

>> No.30167280

the only sense of validation are (you)s. Doesnt matter how you get them. All that matters is how many unique ID's you amass

>> No.30167292

I mean, but in the GME thread?
What have we done but hold bro? It's not like we are subverting their whole psyop, that's all on Reddit being fucked.

>> No.30167301

here ya go nigger

>> No.30167362

ya I was just pointing it out, these fuckers will jump on semantics, mine as well make sure we don’t give them the chance

>> No.30167398


>> No.30167440

>Life's not a cartoon
Literally walked through my childhood home for the last time listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaCdFpAPWM0 and it ended precisely with me standing in my bedroom, literally MC material.

>> No.30167504

there is alot of money to be gained pump and dumping shitcoins. Why wouldnt the kikes be watching /biz/ I wouldnt be surprised if the whales who pump your personal shitcoin are actual wallstreet kikes looking for a fun little rugpull.

>> No.30167506

(You)s are not only free, I enjoy giving them out, as I said. I personally think people like you are a tragic existence, to each their own.

>> No.30167602

>What have we done but hold bro?
well isn't that exactly what they don't want? would be a reason to be here and spam all that bear shit we see everyday, even when green.

>> No.30167613

How many times do I have to explain that it is just RKT in the early stages. It is not GME.

>> No.30167634

missing the point entirely. Autism is a fundamental truth here.

>> No.30167668

sorry, I actually am sleepy

>> No.30167790

It would be pretty funny if you WERE a hedgie tho, and we turned you to deer porn.
You gotta admit it would be like, a bittersweet irony.

>> No.30167823

His puts are getting ReKT

>> No.30167840

maybe i did

>> No.30167852

On one hand, "divide and conquer". On the other hand, it's money to put into GME...Mayyybe just one or two stocks couldn't hurt

>> No.30167891

Spring 2021 is going to be the best. The exact opposite of 2020 for me.

>> No.30167935

post the leddit thread then, whats a pump and dump without sheep

>> No.30167940


>> No.30168047

You can clearly see it's not a samefag, but he is tempting me with a low effort gamble

>> No.30168077

GME stocks are for faggots, but that sexy dear hit all the right triggers as I was scrolling through the catalog.

>> No.30168088

if you have a phone you have at least 2 ids.

>> No.30168116

Well, if it's true you are now here forever.
Furry porn is just a slippery slope to looking up "Zoophilia" in the porn tab of your local Booru. You may want to back out if so, for your own mental health...
See i can do concern trolling too!

>> No.30168149

I didn't think of that since I don't use phones. Enough buying into off-topic shilling it is. >>30167891 has me pumped

>> No.30168160

SKT is 1-2 dollar under its yearly top that it just hit.. Never buy things high anon. Don't fall for the bait. I'm not feeding Citadel or Susquehanna.

>> No.30168166

love cute deer
love gme
love frens
simple as

>> No.30168213

im already a sick puppy. You think those multi billionaire hedgefunds are pure and innocent.

>> No.30168290

Sorry anon. I won't be disloyal to GME

>> No.30168312

>>30168088 (CHECKED)
>tfw phone is always range banned

>> No.30168338

No but i do think they are boomers, and i've only noticed animal fucking REALLY picking up as a fetish here in the states in the past decade or so, so i would expect the older generation to be put off, yah know?
You telling me they would rather put their dicks in a deer than a kid? Huh, small world.

>> No.30168339

I'm a sick pup I like to act up
Well whatever. Get comfy I guess. You're a larper but you're alright

>> No.30168349

I just like the run up I saw today and I am up from 17 today. Tomorrow's volatility will probably be ramping up and drive the price up further.

>> No.30168421

Got canned today so some GME moon action would be real nice this week.

>> No.30168456

I think that other anon should get the stocks they want. You do you. I hope it succeeds

>> No.30168486

You’ll make it anon

>> No.30168497

You've larped pretty well so far, but honestly everything you've posted is just a bunch of stuff I've seen loads of times on /wsg/ and here. I'm bored, gib new image pls

>> No.30168535

look at the data


>low float
>high short
>actually a money making business just artificially depressed due to chinkflu

its not risk free but its a lot less risky than shit like RKT since at worst you could just hold it for a while until it recovers. it owns a bunch of those retail outlet malls that tourists and people go to when they want cheap nikes or purses

>> No.30168542

well you delivered, wsb really did become the short squeeze subreddit...
I'm seeing a lot of $UWMC too.
I'll check them both in the next few days to see more IRL examples of pump and dump

>> No.30168626

I hope I get fired, I've been doing as little as possible because they just restructured the business and changed our team's reporting. No communication around what my job will even be like next month, and I hate it to begin with - only stuck with it as a stepping stone towards other roles in the original department so feels like a door was just slammed in my face.

>> No.30168650

>apply for meet-up
>all in GME
>start your own business with the gains and be your own boss

>> No.30168707

Neet bux* Jesus christ.

>> No.30168732

What's meet-up

>> No.30168744

the one thing i want to post is auto filtered by the board

>> No.30168749

VW squeeze

>> No.30168753

Last 4 digits is price eow

>> No.30168779

squeeze my nuts and also balls

>> No.30168837

Checked but uh, you are playing with fire now bro.

>> No.30168840

Gme squeeze. Looking pretty similar after the first spike of vw

>> No.30168899

15m candles vw

>> No.30168918

Oh I see. You know for like two years before August I was helping my family open up a franchise in a really busy area. A lot of blood, sweat, tears and family usually finds an excuse to underpay you so I was working like 80 hour weeks and getting paid 40. On just the run up to 150 I seriously made about as much in unrealized gains as I made per year working at that shit hole.
I'm pretty happy with the fact it's hugely successful, but man, seeing my GME gains made me realize just how important it is to make it. Its that quote from weekend at bernie's: my old man worked hard his whole life and all they ever did was give him more work.
Anyway I was just thinking about this because people on unemployment during corona made more than I did working.

>> No.30168933

ye ye nothing a little dns reset and new ip cant change.

>> No.30169003

what a world. hope the next thread has some good bait. opposition is good for fueling financial fires, even if the opposition is manufactured. thank you

>> No.30169049

>Closed exactly at 120 ah yesterday
>Closed exactly at 125 ah today
Long whales toying with the shorts lol

>> No.30169116

Checked. Seems to me like the hedge funds found a way to hide the pumping like vw did after the gamma squeeze. They dug themselves deeper in the meantime

>> No.30169126

They are.
It's fucking nuts, but it really does look like it's going to go badly for the shorts.

>> No.30169149

you know what, im having fun. I'll be your villain. A punching bag for you and all other anons to rally around to bolster your steel.

>> No.30169152

That's actually kind of funny

>> No.30169221

maybe we'll see GME pump to $1000, go down and then squeeze. a lot of people will be left behind

>> No.30169231

I mean, it's not so fun when you openly admit to being the heel, it's like breaking kayfabe in wrestling.

>> No.30169316

It’s possible, sure. In my opinion the HFs really fucked them selves by not letting it happen in the first place. The next one is going to be brutal

>> No.30169324

don worry fren i'll double down on the faggotry. You will know its me but for the dayfags they will be fooled.

>> No.30169327

I like it, but I think I'm late.

>> No.30169367

As much as I want to buy this, this and the VW squeeze are so far apart that they can't be compared to each other, if thats what you're doing.
This is the correct answer and its hilarious

>> No.30169451

Similar but the special thing about being anonymous is knowing he he's here means we gotta find him next time. Switch up the act, attack different core beliefs of GME bulls, to gather more data. Game within a game.
Plus I need more images for my folders. More images = more personalities.

>> No.30169497

The squeeze is all that matters friend. Porsche held 80% of VW and that caused it. Now institutions like Blackrock and Vanguard own 200% of GME. What do you think that means?

>> No.30169528

It’s a different case for sure. This one seems worse for them desu if the short percentage really is as high as we think

>> No.30169591

every day is just 1 step closer

>> No.30169595

So they had 1 hour to cash out then. Man I hope we get longer than that...

>> No.30169661

Porsche is not a financial institute tho. Not that it matters, just saying. I want the squeeze too, but getting false hope by comparing it to VW is not good.
I hope so anon
This is what im banking on

>> No.30169682

White people commit the majority of violent crimes. Arm black people.

>> No.30169684

We likely will have at least a week—probably longer—given that GME is much more leveraged/jacked up in comparison to VW. My contention is it'll happen over the course of 2 or 3 weeks, as I do think 10-30k is very, very plausible.

>> No.30169695

Set price alarms my man. If the squeeze happens, its only for a bit.

>> No.30169705

He's not hard to find. I've been playing Attorney Online for many years now and i can spot people's typing habits.
He's gonna have to WORK.

>> No.30169759

I thought I saw somewhere the VW squeeze last four days at the 700 price range.

>> No.30169783

By being the villain i can gather more perspective from people who think they are fighting real entities and add more fuel to the gme DD. Some people withold info as sort of a weapon to be used against suspected attacks. My analysis was very fruitful today.

>> No.30169890

>tfw consciously change typing style when samefagging
lucky for you this is an id board

>> No.30169910

>to the fucking stock
The absolute state of this general.

I hope hedgies will capitulate soon, because fuck me, some of you genuinely have reddit mentality.

>> No.30169954

Here is a test, i have posted in almost every gme thread since mid last month. Show me my posts.

>> No.30169979

A corporate entity held the majority of shares which caused the squeeze, now financial institutions hold 200% of shares. What difference does the type of company make? The only thing that matters is Melvin/Citadel need to buy back the shares 2 times over because they overshorted. Vanguard and the rest holding such large stakes serve only as confirmation.

>> No.30170040

Is yami yugi asleep?

>> No.30170064

the trick is to not change personalities in a single thread. Change up your attacks every other day to avoid suspicion. One day bw a average 9-5 joe who is a 1 post by this id fag, the other day try to larp as an insider providing a date, the next try to larp as a hedgie himself being a smug nigger.

>> No.30170067

Have you been posting pekora pics in these generals

>> No.30170144

Your pictures are kind of a giveaway, specifically that one. Not everyone is a Vtuber simp, after all.
I'm lazy but people really do use the same images alot, and you can't shrug it off with "Oh no i just downloaded it", because we have /vt/ or whatever it is as containment for a reason.
You also lowercase i like i do, showing a low self esteem in yourself, gonna have to work on that if you don't want to be caught.
I could go on, but i'm lazy....But uh, one more thing. You have an air about you, superiority. It bleeds through your posts, go back and read your posts out loud to yourself, objectively. It should make you cringe, rationally speaking.
Senses of humor and mental states bleed through unless you make an effort to hide em, pal.

>> No.30170199

Malls are dying

>> No.30170288

Checked. Do me next

>> No.30170314


>> No.30170337

This is the weirdest after market thread lmao. They’re usually /comfy/

>> No.30170342

show me my posts, i dont even know who that is in my reaction folder. Sure you can match the numbers in archived gme threads because i do not rename files for authenticity sake. Im an easy spot but im also not trying to fool you, leave that to the morning fags to figure out or be a nigger and tell everyone the charade. I offer some help in the form of manufactured fake fud to rally around.

>> No.30170369

agree but these are outlets

>> No.30170413

>because i do
Again, ousted yourself unintentionally due to low self esteem.

>> No.30170466

it's just the one schizo. the rest of the thread is nice.

>> No.30170516


>> No.30170549

Digits and GME hits 10k minimum.

>> No.30170628

i mean sure but why would i have low self esteem and at the same time have a hint of superiority. Isnt that a oxymoron. Maybe your reading a bit too much into this. If you want nothing but a hugbox hype thread shithole to circle jerk go ahead and out me tomorrow morning. If you want some results let me larp.

>> No.30170730

i think the low self esteem bit is an overread too, but it's definitely possible to have low self-esteem and have a superiority complex too.

>> No.30170792

120 exactly yesterday and 125 exactly today. Some chad out out there is having a good hearty laff. I sincerely hope he's one of of /ourhedgies/ but I'd be less surprised if it turned out to be some jew with so much contempt for poors that he's willing to go to these lengths to build us up before fucking us raw.

>> No.30170836

>Why would i be both
You can dream of being above others while hating yourself, the people we project behind a keyboard rarely lives up to the we that we actually are.
You can be both because you want people to think you are mighty, when you view yourself as weak.
I could get more into psychology, but this is /biz/

>> No.30170852

Google the word projection and figure out which definition applies to (you).

>> No.30170914

Fug it, I am ditching most of my portfolio, fees be dammed. I am still gonna play SKT, but the rest is all going in on GME, cause the return is too good even at 400, but if it goes orbital it will tank my entire portfolio and then I can buy everything at rock bottom.

>> No.30170977

If this is whale A vs whale B and whale A is hiring people to encourage people to sell like we are seeing on this board. Then wouldn't it be also reasonable to expect whale B to hire people to encourage people to buy?

Why has nobody pointed this out yet?

>> No.30170986

goodnight lads

>> No.30171016

Fuck it I guess I'm fomoing into skt in pre

>> No.30171049

Wtf is wrong with that dog?

>> No.30171083

big dick gamburu nigga is back!

>> No.30171103

Do me as well. I haven't ever played AAO btw is it fun? See if you can tell who I am from these precious threads, I'm really curious. Also, what can you read about me from my posts? I believe high IQ people with practice truly can gain superpowers like this so I'd like to see it in practice with you.
t. Bought GME at 40 average and holding 500 shares

>> No.30171104

this makes me hate dogs even more than I already do

>> No.30171107


>> No.30171125

Whale B doesn't need retail to buy. Whale A needs as many shares as he can possibly get to cover. Whale B won't sell them, so whale B tries to scare retail into selling.

>> No.30171133

They probably are, at least gesturally. But who cares. The shorts are cornered

>> No.30171136

Makes sense but how can you be confident my life is worse then the ones i pretend to be online? Sure you can pull out the strawman that everyone who posts on this board is a loser. But newfags dont seem to realise these boards have bear witnessed to atrocious shit in the past. We have had serial killers admit their crimes in this shithole. Bit of a fallacy to think everyone who posts here is the all the same, a bunch of sad sacks of shit. There are actual sociopaths who browse these boards just for thrill because anonymity is a powerful tool.

>> No.30171231

Whale A needs a mouthpiece to scare sells. So you do the math Einstein.

>> No.30171236

Because the enthusiasm for GME is completely organic, if you read these threads it pretty obvious
I mean that without a shred of irony btw

>> No.30171260

Why wouldn't Whale B want less shares on the market for Whale A to be able to buy? Whale B wants nobody to sell, Whale A wants everyone to sell.

>> No.30171267

Why would they want us to also profit

>> No.30171285

Whale B is so desperate for shares that he'll take anything he can get, even willingly shaking down Redditors with four shares apiece for theirs.

>> No.30171289

whale A tries to scare retail into selling, right?

>> No.30171319

We are not taking in to account.... Whale C

>> No.30171375

Bro pls do me as well
I want a psych reading

>> No.30171388

I think the likely scenario is that Whale B just doesn't give a fuck and knows they will eventually overpower Whale A anyways, while the latter is so desperate for shares that they'll take anything they can get

>> No.30171450

Oh also I don't think Whale B wants us to profit or cares if we do, I think this whole GME thing is just retail investors accidentally catching wind of institutional infighting and getting in on it

>> No.30171452

Go look at how much the institutions hold, that’s why it doesn’t matter if retail buys. Shorts need to stir up as much fear as they can to try and get shares cheap.

>> No.30171456

Because retail doesn't have the buying power whale B and other whales have so it doesn't make much difference to him, not enough to pay people to shill buying. It's not rocket science, anon.

>> No.30171477

is whale C the mysterious force behind the shitcoin pumps?

>> No.30171490

I get an air of desperation from you. Not for money, not for success or fame... you just want to be noticed, you want someone to talk about you, to not feel so alone. So when someone is handing out armchair psychoanalysis you hop on to get what you crave the most.
You are desperate to be noticed.
Also uh, AAO is fucking great, i've been on the /vg/ server for like 5 years now. It's really good at training deductive reasoning.
I could be wrong about you, but wanting someone to poke your brain for no reason really does come off as someone who just wants to be noticed.

>> No.30171546

this x100 but who cares. Get some dough lol

>> No.30171610

was this today?

>> No.30171617


>> No.30171630

is this the same tactic horoscopes do? where you just use broad vauge assumptions that appeal to almost everyone to seem deep and informed? Im being serious. My GF falls for that scam shit and its impossible to get her to shut up about my weekly horoscope. I WANT IT TO STOP

>> No.30171633

Yo Gamburu Poster it's Jack, what kind of a person do you think I am based on past interactions

>> No.30171733

If they work they work bro, People are vague and ephemeral.
Jack, you are someone thirsty to be recognized by name, hence why you feel the need to announce it's you every time you talk to me, almost like you are afraid of being forgotten. It's ok man, i won't forget you.

>> No.30171753

Just about every scam artist does that. Say a bunch of general stuff and let the other guy fill in the details for you when they act all surprised when they suddenly know stuff about your mom that has a name that starts with G and died a few years ago.

>> No.30171764

Here is how I understand it
>GME first wave happens: options drive up the price and squeeze doesn't happen as Robbingyou cucked retail into panic selling
>GME gets shorted all the way down to 50
>WSB retards still don't sell and it bounces off 38 and bounces back to 50
>Institutions see the anchor retail created and buy in
>liquidity drops
>we see it spike up to 175 just based on options
And now we are seeing it crab at 120 as it can hardly go lower then 110 at this point, and is just on the edge of blasting past 130. The thing is a ticking time bomb due to the naked shorting and lack of liquidity which we have been seeing.

>> No.30171785

also potentially there might be more legal trouble for long whales as they'd be in effect seen trying to pump the stock

>> No.30171849

I mean you did okay but we're on 4chan during covid, I don't think it's that hard to guess that I am a bit desperate to no longer be so alone.
I was expecting a bit more processing of my actual writing and phrasing etc. and the forensics of my actual text. If you feel like it please analyze me deeper daddy

>> No.30171968

Holy shit it all makes sense to me now. It really is Hedgie v Hedgie to see which on goes down first because they ALL shorted GME and ALL OF THEM need OUR stocks to cover.

>> No.30171987

>almost like you are afraid of being forgotten
>It's ok man, i won't forget you.
Thanks anon :')

>> No.30171998

It’s been consistently creeping up the past week or so, I think what you’re saying is spot on. I hope this rips soon, I’ve been losing sleep for the past few months over this shit, yeah they money is nice but I want to pump this into crypto and use some as seed to start a business already.

>> No.30172043

do you work in ontario because they did the literal same thing to me just now too

>> No.30172106

what business you thinking of starting anon

>> No.30172274

I want to start a cafe and quit my corporate job

>> No.30172396


>> No.30172413

Sounds like a fun challenge to do a limited run. I'm mainly thinking of standardised models that can be mass produced to a consistent spec. I want them poseable without exposed joints. It'll be a bit of an engineering problem moreso than an artistic one I think.
Still here friend
Based. You like my edit?

>> No.30172479

whale B just buy the shares themselves, would be cheaper than paying someone to convince someone of something illegally

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