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I had a strange possible attempt at compromising my account. I contacted coinbase and they locked my account over a week later. Not only did it not do anything to protect me, but now I'm locked out while all these coins are going up. Its been over a week. I've tried contacting support a dozen different ways to no avail. Anyone else have this problem with coinbase? Their support fucking blows. Check out their subplebbit and look at all the people complaining about their dogshit support.

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hack it

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I wish. I'm seeing people saying theyve been locked out for months, since even before the bullrun got really crazy. Its insane. Starting to just kiss that 2k goodbye and be thankful my other 30 is in other places...

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It's the drizzling shits. I only have Coinbase as a backup account.

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If it's not obvious, you never hold in Coinbase.

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Honestly I've never had a problem in 4 years but this has really made me question my use of it. I feel retarded because I've referred like 5 friends there. I hope they don't get fucked like me. I don't even want to tell them what happened to me or they might get scared and think crypto is a scam.

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dont talk to their support. they'll ban you if you swear at the bots.

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It was a small amount of my stack that didn't seem worth it to transfer off exchange in the short term. I wanted to trade it.. but here I am getting fucked.

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I actually saw this before I contacted them and luckily have not sworn at them at all. Wondering if they ban you for talking in all caps at them. Rofl. I have been doing that to piss in the wind a little bit

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Fuck me. They don't even have a discord or telegram or anything to go complain in.

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that's what you get for storing your coins on a centralized exchange, retard.

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>level 3 KYC verified
>very long randomized password not used anywhere else
>use google 2fa
>email 2fa also enabled
>have constant failed login attempts from china and pajeetistan
>no problems with being locked out
Its really your own fault anon

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You have no idea what you're talking about dumbass. I also have 2fa on everything and a strong password. My account has never been compromised. What actually happened was I got an authentication code sent to my business phone number which has nothing to do with my coinbase account. Also I use an authenticator app, not standard 2fa, so I thought it was bizarre. I asked coinbase to look into it and they responded by locking down my account. I truly should have just ignored it. Fucking retarded.

Also fuck you and your dumbass assumptions that were all completely wrong.

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I'm also lvl 3 kyc verified. I literally never lost control of the account until coinbase shut me out. My business phone number is not linked in any way to my coinbase account, nor is it linked in any way to my personal email. It was probably a fluke. Possibly someone set up a coinbase account with a similar number to my business line? I have no idea how I got this authenticator code. It clearly wasn't for my account since my phone number was not set to that number.

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Imagine spending 40 dollars on an 800$ investment just to "keep it in muh cold storage". Fuck you faggot. Like I said it was a small part of my stack that I was planning to sell shortly after buying.

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Consider filing a complaint with your state regulatory body: https://www.coinbase.com/legal/licenses
Bad look if complaints pile up before their IPO.

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Thank you anon. I have first filed a complaint through their formal complaint system. Apparently their user agreement requires you to contact support, then file a complaint before you pursue legal action or contact regulatory boards.

But believe me that is my next step. Thanks again anon. You are a good person. Not a butthurt dickbafg trying to slutshame me

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im praying this is a larp

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There's a reason people are considering filing a class action lawsuit against them.

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Why would you think this is a joke. I literally got locked out of my account for no reason other than lazy support staff and I can't access 2k worth of altcoins. Why would it be a larp. If it was a larp wouldn't I say it was all my coins or something or that i need it to pay my mortgage. Surely I could some up with something better.

Go look around their subreddit to see how many people are complaining daily.

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Just go on Coinbase's reddit and ask what the people there have experienced.

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I read that you waive your rights to a class action lawsuits through the user agreement. Not sure if this is true or even legal.

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Yes I have been there. Does anybody who replies even read a single post before they reply? This is really getting pathetic with all the low effort posts

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I only have my suicide stacks on coinbase. I'm there for the free coins, like $5 a month is good

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Literally same. All my other shit is in earn platforms and lps and stakes. Thanks for understanding.

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I literally bought into Link so I wouldn't be excluded from the Linkies meme.

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lol enjoy not being able to access your own coins, cuck.

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no one actually works at coinbase btw, it's a shell company.

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How did you get locked out? Did you fail your login too many times or something

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>their user agreement
This binds you only, and their recourse is what, closing your account? You already can't access it. Personally I would go ahead and file the complaint with the state agency.

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>Not sure if this is true or even legal.
User agreements are known to have unenforceable bullshit.

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I told them of a strange compromise attempt that probably never actually put me at risk, so they locked it for my protection basically. Literally filter my posts and read 3 posts. Its not hard

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Enjoy being a low iq, low effort faggot troll poster who can't even read posts before replying in a thread, essentially making your posts just fucking masturbation that provides no utility to the world or the community. Enjoy your life as a selfish, cowardly, internet tough guy.

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This is a fair point, maybe it will at least elicit a response.

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I can't believe this hasn't happened to a single anon

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I got locked out for 3 days doing a swap trade, had full kyc, lost 12k, no answer from support. Fuck coinbase.

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>uses coinbase

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it happened to me.
it took about 2 weeks.
they'll make you do a license front/back and phone number thing again...

your original 2fa will work, you just have to prove you are you, cause you sent a comped request.
so they'll make you prove you are you.
then they'll let you back in.
took me about 2 weeks.

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that has also happened to me.
except it was a little over 20k.

swapped about 80k. crypto/crypto.
portfoilio immediately became 60k.
vertical drop instantly.

then i swore at support.
now i am banned forever.

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they locked me out of my account for 2 weeks because I sent $500 worth of tezos to an external wallet and it triggered a fraud alert for some reason. coinbase is shit.

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holy fuck.

it's true.. i always say it.. coinbase seems like the innocent 1... like the baby deer..
it's the one that fucks all.

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This gives me hope

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fug lmao I swore at one of their bots a few weeks ago when I was trying to send shit that took almost 8 hours to be confirmed

>> No.30170521

honestly not surprised but for whomst

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get setup for more exchanges..

coinbase was great for me for many years.
i never had a problem with it until i had money.
then every week, it was something new...
double charges... lock outs... insane price differences on swaps...
everything people say here.

never had a problem with coinbase until the started fucking with my money.
after so many fuckerys, i had enough, no more nice guy.
call them what they are.
name them.

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Yea, I've been locked out for 3 weeks atm. I opened an account and verified everything but my license/i.d. and the let me buy crypto, I whent to go upload my i.d. and backed out half way through because its expired and now I cant buy or trade, I can only convert crypto to other crypto now. I have tried many many times and cannot get ahold of anybody about fixing this matter and it's very annoying.

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theyre changing the policy this summer in june or july..
anyone that doesnt upload KYC
all those accounts will be closed.

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in july, anyone that doesnt have a photo/indentity, all those accounts get closed,
and you will only be able to withdraw.
until you make 1 that can be approved.

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by withdraw i mean withdraw crypto off exchange, no fiat currency into a bank.

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