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You haven't made it until you're a minimalist who invests/saves most of his income and is content with little

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I made it and still live like this

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Peak comfy. Replace Jew propaganda machine with gayman rig, a couple instruments, Marshall stack. Perfect.

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Minimalism has to be done right. A good example is trad Japanese not this garbage you posted or any of the modern soulless Jew boxes

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I'm a minimalist and 90 percent of my net worth is in crypto (roughly 15k) am I going to make it

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Beautiful. No distractions.

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Keep up the consistency and discipline and make smart investments and you will

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Same pic related is my appartment

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every penny goes to chainlink

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Need a place to put a bench, a lifting racks, some stainless steel weights
A treadmill or a cycling machine for those rainy/wintry days.
A gayming rig with a killer sound system
A comfy durable leather boss chair
A stretcher for a bed

Other than that it would be near perfect

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Live with my parents in my 30s

Here's what I own

>1 bed
>10 pairs of identical clothing (like a cartoon character) that can customized to be worn in summer and winter
>1 laptop
>1 phone
>1 wireless earpods airpods whatever the fuck theyre called
>1 passport
>1 desk
>1 chair
>6 figures in Bitcoin
>Gym membership

Thats it.

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looks comfy

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You WILL own nothing, and you WILL be happy.

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I'm a millionaire and my apartment looks like this

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Pretty comfy, I have similar goal like this. Growing up with a hoarder mother makes me loathe the sight of stuffs. I just need a place where I can shitpost in peace.

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Based. My ex was a packrat and my mother was a hoarder. Awful. Stress 25/7 and shit everywhere.

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Came here to post this.

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>video games
>no books
>no instruments

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I would live in a shipping container if it was well insulated and had a bathroom attached. Just need to buy land somewhere that allows it

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>6 figures in Bitcoin
you just slipped that one in lol u sly, comfy nigger you

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I hope comic books count because I got into them again last year.

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When I get my apartment I will have a sick ass tv stand, tv, decent sized couch and little to no wall art. And bed. MAYBE a coffee table.

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It's true. I won't probably buy much except girls and condoms post making it.

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Minimalistic Maximalism is the true answer. Lots of dough + nice home - women/friends = the dream. When I first seen Phil Kessel’s basement set-up I realized this is the correct way to live after you’ve made it.

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I just like having big open uncluttered rooms

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Im 26 and im doing this. Im staying at my inlaws. If i am doing this until 30 im blowing my brains out during my morning commute to work.

Biggest fuck you on the way out.

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>When I get my apartment
you must be 18 to post here

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Damn, that looks so comfy

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When you are that rich you need a designated room for when its your turn to host the masquerade ballroom orgies in the special richfag club.

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can someone populate that room with Apu and other frens?

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Have yor parents paid off the mortgage?

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I'm thinking about selling my computer equipment and just having a laptop. It's what a I should have done but I stupidly built a new PC. I realized I don't play games, or at least don't want to anymore. It's such a waste of time and money

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Yes. They also have a million dollar inheritance coming there way as well, they're fine.

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>no Chainlink dice

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You don't need to be rich to have a room like this if you're contemporary with the period. When you don't buy electronics, utilities, cars, take out, etc you have loads of dough left over to decorate a room.

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Yeah I'm thinking based

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I don't see an issue with that apartment why clutter it with garbage??

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ARPA and a pot of soup are all I need to stay comfy while my Bella babies cook.

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someone please do this

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The shelves hahahahah top kek

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Carpets are for retards, the sofa is kinda shitty but i know they are comfortable af so it gets a pass, TV should be a bit higher unless you are a midget

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fucking kek

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best I got

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a minimalist aesthetic still has some money you need to put in, OP's pic is just no aesthetic or being a cheapass. more like asceticism. but I know what you're saying, dial down the consumption and stick with what you need.
makes perfect sense why deflation and contraction is the trend... nobody wants to buy shit like the boomers anymore. all content with digital goods and minimalist lifestyles.

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Perfect room for a 20 hour meth fueled jerk session

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How do you stop being so sentimental?
I want to become a minimalist to help get rid of nonstop stress and anxiety, but I can't bring myself to get rid of things I last used as a child and haven't so much as thought of for years

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i fuckin love it

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advice from another thread:
take a (physical) picture of it, throw away the thing. The picture has all the sentimental value with none of the bulk

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how are you gonna cuddle and fuck a bitch on the couch if you don't have one?

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I don't even own a steak knife. One fork, one bowl, one chefs knife. Girl I was dating for me a spoon for my birthday. Honestly, probably one of the best gifts I've ever received.

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There is no point getting rid of it. I keep all my childhood/teenage stuff in a trunk and it's nice to go through every few years and reminiscence. Are you really so pressed for space that you can't fit a single trunk in your room? Really all you want to steer clear from is cheap junk that you won't care about in a few months/years.

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>he doesn't sleep on the floor

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bada bada bada basedddddd

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annnnnnnnnnnnnnd. saved

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seconded. I would be much more happy and successful if I never wasted so much time on video games

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put everything you have not USED in a box for 30 days. keep the box, you're not throwing it away just putting it away. take things out in a need to use basis. eventually you will forget whats in there because you have no use for it and at that point drop it off at goodwill and forget about it.
minimalism is not about throwing away everything you have and has value to you, but rather getting rid of the useless bullshit we all populate our lives with

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>two bedroom apartment
>computer chair
>mattress on the floor
>foldable picnic table for computer desk
>no tv
>no furniture
>couple pieces of art and an american flag in the living room
>thorough clean at least twice a week

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minimalism is a double-edged sword. reducing consumerism is good but if you obsess over how little you own or stress about having too much then you are wasting time and attention on the big picture (generating income).

i will never waste money on a boat or a theater room with some gay popcorn machine in the corner, but i have a bunch of unorganized usb cables sitting in a desk drawer that i probably could get rid of but its not worth it to waste my time on it.

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If you are happy with little why do you need that money

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To be stable and secure and also financially independent. People have other hobbies like travelling which they could use the money for

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You can't even spring for a decent TV or a projector, for movies n shit?

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Similar story for me, but she bought me a blender bottle for my protein shakes. Was using a cup and spoon before.

I miss you Lisa. I shouldn't have let you go.

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when she becomes a broken single mom with a blown out pussy and asshole, you can get her back and help raise tyrone's kid.

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If you’re a minimalist, avoid roommates. Their clutter will harsh your mellow.

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Modern minimalist - all of the space and lack of clutter without the poorfag and unemployed overtones

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What are you going to fill a room with in 2021 that isnt a utility or electronic?

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>20 hour meth fueled jerk session
>make it
>fry your fucking brain
no thanks, i did that shit on adderall for a couple years in college, worst years of my life bar none.

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Unfathomably based. you are a shining example why nobody should be in poverty even if you dont have the bitcoin. having the same clothes is master race it is for a good reason to do so but I won't go into it now

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No wonder none of you can get laid

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So you're saying I'll get pussy if I decorate my place with cheap useless shit? Please explain fren.

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I'm saying women will find you boring

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A little too 'new wave' for my taste

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>>30183888 (pretty nice)
Right, but why would I invite her to my place if I'm not almost certain I'll get to bang her? It's literally useless unless you want to have a serious relationship I guess, but that's not the same as getting laid.

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I can watch stuff on my laptop or phone, I don’t watch normie tv

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Me with the maracas.

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i at least want a PC

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oh im lolling

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It's easy enough to just donate the box to Goodwill or something, and then you'll have less to deal with if you move.

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So ive made it despite barely 6 figures?

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in some SEA/3rd world shithole yeah barely

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>3rd world shithole
checks out

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>checks out
>"average house price hit NZ$788,967"
Sounds like US, shithole priced like royalty. You need about a 20x before you've made it.

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Where do I learn to photoshop like this

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Minimalism isa as gay as IKEA consoomption. I got all my furniture (except for my bed) from people who had taken it out into the street for garbage collection. Not shitty stuff either, people in my city will replace their beautiful mahogany furniture for the latest overpriced piece of minimalist shit IKEA clone.

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Minimalists and Buddhists spared the rope only because they are already dead inside.

>> No.30185547

>materialist calling minimalists and Buddhists 'dead inside'

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no toothbrush
inb4 use finger

>> No.30185739

Nice goalpost move and false dichotomy sandwich, retard. Materialists get the actual rope.

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At least get an e-ink reader. I got one so I don't burn my eyes off because of the computer.

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Yeah, your average cost of living here is about $500 a month in this shithole.

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Are you me? I haven't touched that stuff since then. I still have a couple pills around...

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