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post your entire portfolio.

im serious

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Alright bros, time for the adult to step in. I'm ending this dip RIGHT NOW. Now go to sleep and I'll see you in the morning. 8:30am Eastern, get up, eat breakfast, brush your filthy teeth, jerk off, and be ready for the opening bell at 9:30

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I buy TQQQ and SOXL and I do not care about the dips at all, I just buy more

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But I'll be doxed.

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Guys its not going to be that bad tomorrow, stop panicking!

Just cuddle with your Latina wife and go to bed nice and sound, it will all work out!

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enjoy crabbing for 4 years

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> eggs

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uhhhh bullbros it's not looking good out there...

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Any thoughts on IMKTA?
>Christian Bale bought 100,000 shares Dec 31 2020
>Over 90% institutional ownership

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Good idea.

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>Trust in God, but buy puts
-Old Arabic saying

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Nobody ever brings politics into a stock chat when their portfolio is green...

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>tfw CST

I hate waking up early, I wish I never discovered the market

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>Any thoughts on IMKTA?
>>Christian Bale bought 100,000 shares Dec 31 2020

>> No.30177672

Uh...bros what is this line called?

>> No.30177673

That's just an artifact of money rotating out of the rotten hen egg sector (standard post-Halloween behavior).

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>pedo weeb op image
wow /smg/ is gayer than wsb

nasdaq resting 9k next week so watch out

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>Why yes I would like to finance that giant crab

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oils up tho... you are investing in oil and not retarded tech memes right?

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>9 oz gold
>800 oz silver
>1 oz platinum

>$25k in gold/silver/uranium miners
>$40k in 401k (all bonds)
>$450k in crypto (used to be a much smaller percentage of my portfolio...)

>$150k salary, every paycheck gets invested

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In life, in general, nobody talks about politics when they are happy. Only unhappy people talk about politics, and only losers are obsessed with it

>> No.30177698

No debt as of last or two weeks ago.

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I sold everything when we hit 3600 afyer the crash and then went all in TQQQ for months now. I am up, but worried and want off this ride.

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Hope you liquified and went all in on SPY puts today because we're dumping 12% tomorrow and another 8% on Friday.

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Cleveland Cliffs

>> No.30177723

I'm the dude who only has 50 bucks

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I just want SOXL to go up....

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bro i wanna buy more barfbags, everything seems right about them from a DD perspective

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>tfw work at store
>milk up from 2.25 to 3.95 in a few months
>eggs from 1.00 to 1.70
>soda up
>cigs up
>gas up
>someone was in today complaining about how a 2x4 cost 8.00 when it used to cost 2.00

whats it all mean bros

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Do I get the SEA waifu if I purchase the crab?

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>Request physical delivery
>Broker calls me an idiot
WTF is this shit? I own shares of fund that owns shares of semiconductor makers?

How the fuck does that work? You mean I'm not stockpiling up my own supply to price gouge later? I just bought a bunch of worthless paper?


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We definitely shit talked Dems holding up the Trump tax cuts. Politics has an outsized effect on modern markets for a variety of reasons.

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I was pretty happy rubbing in bearfags faces in 2017 when Trump cut corporate taxes...

>> No.30177790

Give it to me straight. Is this a correction or the start of the BIG ONE?

>> No.30177798

it will


>> No.30177804

Buy physical semi-conductors

>> No.30177827

my entire portfolio is PLTR stock and calls spaced out throughout the month
either this stock recovers or its unironically over for me

>> No.30177840

Just fucking PUSH IT retard.

>> No.30177852

I don't see them having sustained growth until some new major catalyst (like the rolling installation of all of these newly-purchased miners + uplisting) - just periodic ups and downs which all average out to about the same.
So I think if the current $5+ price is a pain point, you'll have your chance.

>> No.30177854

This, and also Anti-semitism.

>> No.30177857

why not both?

>> No.30177867

Just a correction right now. There isn't a serious catalyst (like last march) to be a GRANDE ONE. By the time that happens, it will be called the BIG UNO, because the country will be majority spanish speakers

>> No.30177868

cant wait to see you faggots cry when the oilbros are rowing in money

>> No.30177872

always wanted to try this once. I apologize for the lack of jpg

>> No.30177877

>buying physical semiconductors
>not buying physical uranium

It's like you don't even want to rule the future.

>> No.30177888

Or, maybe the problem is you and everyone like you are just another bunch of fucking retarded animals.

>> No.30177894

god damn I'm retarded tonight. Just gonna drink my milk and go to sleep

>> No.30177896

please no bully. I also have 20 Grt coins

>> No.30177903

>not getting literal tons of beef for pennies per lb by letting your cattle futures reach maturity
Bro I bet you still shop at the store for food, NGMI.

>> No.30177916

Its all going to work out!
>In life, in general, nobody talks about politics when they are happy. Only unhappy people talk about politics, and only losers are obsessed with it
So true, especially single/unmarried people. Once you have a loving wife like a Latina and wonderful children, everything else doesn't matter.

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That you should hedge your grocery bill with DBA.

>> No.30177932

its for you

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>fed still denying inflation is only 2%

Kek wait til oil spikes

>> No.30177937

Checked, but you are definitely unhappy at the mo (short for moment)

>> No.30177941

Keke anon I fixed it for you

If you want some good suicide fuel bulls, most market crashes in history have happened with both interest rates under 3% and P/E sub 24
Nominal net corporate profits have only grown about 40% in the last decade, meanwhile the market has grown about 240%
SPY could easily support the 160 mark and be in line with historic average valuations, not even "cheap" by profit standards.
That means to make the inflation argument work the market has effectively priced in about triple what corporate earnings currently are, but we only printed about 30% of the monetary supply and velocity is down even lower
Really this bubble, and the super bubble it has lived inside since the 90's, is all about removing risk from the market. The market is gambling where the house edge depends on your brokers cut minus inflation and central bankers pretending that the market makes sense and they can control risk is a folly

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>> No.30177963

Are we talking this month or this year?
Realistically, what fuckery could the US administration pull to stop a crash of this magnitude? Print more cash?

>> No.30177965

Its over, the market needs another world war to recover.

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>> No.30177987

tbf milk was 3.95 like a year ago too and we complained it was too high and got it back to 2.25. didnt take long to hike it back up though

>> No.30177988

could still be the big one. last march was the kicker, and the fed just slapped a band-aid on it and told us everything is just fine. the band-aid will be ripped off, just a matter of when

>> No.30177992

This but unironically

>> No.30177998

No retard, the )))truth((( set me free.

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>> No.30178024

They are up 0.5% from 30 minutes ago, not bad

>> No.30178054

I lost half of my entire portfolio this week and last.

>> No.30178070

why SOXS? can't you catch UVXY mid-crash and make more? it doesn't go up right away.

>> No.30178077

The Fed won't let it happen now. Not for years yet. Too much is riding on a recovery we've only just begun right now for any major market crashes like last March.

>> No.30178078

Well maybe you should try finding it.

>> No.30178080

better take it up with the CEO of SOXL

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>> No.30178094

Semi bros... I feel cold.. So cold...

>> No.30178095

For the TSX it'll be the 育空海外经济特区解放日。

>> No.30178096

They will have to redefine what is in the inflation index.

>> No.30178114

Maybe I'll find it in the barrel of a gun.

>> No.30178117

I made back everything I lost over the past week by just buying one stock.

>> No.30178119

sure anon you'll be able to time it perfectly. enjoy your riches

>> No.30178135

absolutely kino that you posted that right after me

We're going to bomb another middle eastern shithole to pump the economy.

>> No.30178137

what do you even need them for, dickweed

>> No.30178151

Buy and hold these in the long run


Biy the dips! You'll thank me later.

t. Pennyfag

>> No.30178163

Means you got scammed, goy. Also don't think about it that would be andi semiddic

>> No.30178168

they're going to raise interest rate
no crash, it'll be more like a long bear market and slow bleed, controlled demolition you know

>> No.30178170

>whats it all mean bros
Your employer is price gouging.

>> No.30178186

Maybe you will survive and become tougher for it.

>> No.30178190

anyone interested in some nice bags?

>> No.30178191

What stock?

>> No.30178196

no I'm saying that UVXY is lagging enough that you can grab it in time. SOXS, wouldn't you have had to buy that last week?

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>> No.30178222

Darkness... Surrounds me...

>> No.30178237

im not sad about the market ill probably make money tomorrow but im sad anyway, how do i short my life

>> No.30178239

have you ever watched falling down?
this been going on since the 70a

>> No.30178240

Burn the market to the ground I dont want to end up a fool for selling.

>> No.30178246

>trust in god
Also very funny title anon considering you are all golden calf worshipping heathens

>> No.30178247

>GTX 750ti cost $150 back in 2016
>GTX 750ti still cost $150 today in 2021
im not seeing any inflation where im at so it's not real

>> No.30178254

>raise rates
>tank recovery
Years away.

>> No.30178256

it will gap down. Too many over-leveraged industries for a slow bleed like in '08
Sucks, because inflation isn't stopping with a market crash, so you get fucked both ways.

>> No.30178265

Find a hobby? I enjoy darts

>> No.30178270

>im so fucked up with from losing miney
>wish to die everyone who talks to me
>i see graphene AIRDROP soon
>i invest in $PHR and get some graphene tokens
>i get rich from sharding tech
>i fuck you all

>> No.30178280

The fed has said repeatedly that they won't consider raising interest rates till 2023 or when economic recovery actually takes place. They even said that recently.

>> No.30178300

They track different indexes, so your right anon but only because SPY hasn't dumped as hard as the NASDAQ. With how shit tech has done you are probably better off with UVXY yes

>> No.30178305

How will Trump ending the child sex trade tomorrow, arresting all the elites and becoming the 19th president affect markets?

>> No.30178306

Why are you even here?

>> No.30178312

Sell your gme you dumb nig

>> No.30178325

I'm done spoon-feeding you fucks. Die poor, and complain about the Jews to fucking Jesus.

Do your own research. It's the least shilled things in these threads that is actually up a fuckton these past days.

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>> No.30178352

>Sucks, because inflation isn't stopping with a market crash, so you get fucked both ways.
Can't you buy an inverse ETF?

>> No.30178360

life is better with an electric bike

>> No.30178363

They've said it everytime you've seen a Fed official, but markets don't care and want to force the Fed's hand.

>> No.30178364

Anons I'm so conflicted about taking my losses. I dont think I'll be able to accept it, but this might just fuck me as we keep digging further down.

>> No.30178365

negatively, we need the people who purchase these children to run our economy

>> No.30178367


>> No.30178370

yeah I think in terms of options leverage, sorry. SOXS calls probably already have a shit ton of premium baked in. You can still get UVXY calls for a decent strike price sub-$1 that expire 1 month from now.

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>> No.30178396

but I'd lose money if I did that

>> No.30178397

>nooooooooo. I don't want average conservative 10% year returns in stock market. Give me 10year bonds with 1.5% yield.

>> No.30178405

We are the TSLA marines
And we are NOT FUCKING SELLING below our cost basis

>> No.30178408

You can invest without being a heretic idol worshiper anon

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>> No.30178449

fuck you all +3% tmrw on qqq

>> No.30178450

I gotta go to the hardware store for tool storage this weekend. If I like the ToughBuilt ones, I'll buy both the physical and metaphysical bags.

>> No.30178453

What's a good security that's >baby's first option

I want to play around with pocket change to get the feel of options as a trading tool.

>> No.30178455

put aside gaining from a crash. If you are a normal person that doesn't do the stock market (like most americans for example), then you probably are keeping your money in the bank waiting to buy that house, buy that car, etc. but those prices won't correct for another 1-2 years so long as interest rates are held artificially low.

>> No.30178468

But Trump is a major shareholder in child trafficking INC, why would he do such a thing?

>> No.30178470

Well churches take mammonism very seriously too, they also rape children. We don't, figure it out christcuck.

>> No.30178480

Still haven't recovered from last week's huge dip, but I'm not down that much overall. I think all these stocks have great potential for this year.

>> No.30178496

T. Retard who doesn't understand how bonds work
I mad nearly 60% on hundreds of millions of dollars of client money riding EDV to the bottom of Corona all the way from the top in 2018
You're a retard and NGMI

>> No.30178502

I love this fucking meme. You're just forgetting the bond market is 10 times as big as the stock market, so that's a 15% yield.

>> No.30178517

>I invest in Tech because I want 30%+ gains, I don't mind the risk!
>Bonds are only 1.1% yield, way too low
>W-w-what???? Bonds are now 1.5%???? I'm going to sell all my tech and buy Bonds now!!!

This is the narrative

>> No.30178522

take losses, and miss out on a day's gains. We won't have "the biggest gains" with this much downward pressure. worst case we go back up and you miss out on 1-3% of recovery. better than eating your foot all the way down -40%

>> No.30178527

>Funds sell their positions and short the market
>Fed forced to raise rates
>Market has another corona level crash
>Funds close their shorts and buy the bottom once again
*hands rubbing in the distance*
Ok I kinda believe it.

>> No.30178531

You're so dumb, you deserve to stay poor.

>> No.30178539

Reminder to eat egg for a happy and healthy body while trading.

>> No.30178546

>buy a stock at 2.40
>sell it at 4.30
>buy again at 2.20

is this how it works?

>> No.30178559

Don't you know he was undercover?
He banged those hebes for the greater good!

>> No.30178561



Why does your phone say that you're a virgin anon?

>> No.30178564

There's a reason covered calls are filed under Level 0 at your broker.

>> No.30178572

in retrospect yes

>> No.30178573

based retard

>> No.30178586

watch options on an ETF for a week or two to understand how premium decay works.
Trade on individual stock's with options.
Then start planning for big moves.

>> No.30178598

Made a quick $550 off of travel stock today
Weed Stonks keep fucking me, so going bear and buying puts on all the meme weed stocks except apha.

Then continue on oil, travel and buying tesla dips

>> No.30178604

yes you can do that with gme easy. it goes from 100/110 to about 120/130 daily

>> No.30178605

Ford Motor Company.

>> No.30178628

Possible, but here is how it will go for you:
>Buy a stock at 2.40
>Sell it at 4.30
>Stock keeps going up to 8.00
>Oh shit, you fomo in at 8.25
>Stock drops to 2.20
>you sell at 2.10

>> No.30178632

>>I invest in Tech because I want 30%+ gains, I don't mind the risk!
Said nobody but retail
>W-w-what???? Bonds are now 1.5%???? I'm going to sell all my tech and buy Bonds now!!!
Said everybody but retail

The narrative is that in 3-4 years these stocks will have no conceivable way of reaching their current valuation under a higher interest rate environment.

>> No.30178640

ironically it is over for you

>> No.30178653



>> No.30178664



>> No.30178669

If the Fed implements yield curve control then you can endlessly frontrun it by buying bonds low and selling to the Fed high.
Literally RH tier free money hack.

>> No.30178681

you read anon's post wrong.
1.5% in bonds market is equivalent to the ABSOLUTE AMOUNT MARKET CAP GAIN that the stock market would produce with 15% gains.

>> No.30178698

You are like a woman. You post this "mysterious" shit every thread, then say you won't say what it is, and """Hint""" what you mean

>> No.30178699

Because I didn't have sex with a women until I was 23. Also, Virgin Mobile is one of the better choices for phone carries in Canada.

>> No.30178710

Meant to buy a debit put spread...figured I’d hold overnight and hope we see a pop in the morning so I can sell for a lesser loss

>> No.30178716

Listen guys, Im only going to say this once, Buy Amazon Stock
50% of all that free money is going to amazon trinkets

>> No.30178718

>Buying bonds before the rate hike
Unironically not gonna make it.

>> No.30178721

You are invested in a pawn shop for video games based on memes. Selling your shares and using that as capital for other gains is not a bad idea. You are betting your pawn shop stock will go up 100 bucks to breakeven instead of finding a different company that actually could make you money.

>> No.30178723

go into the details, please.

>> No.30178731

1-9 and futures go green

>> No.30178746

At least it's not PST like me

>> No.30178753

EDV is fucked this time around due to inflation, right?

>> No.30178756

Are you guys just meme'ing or do you actually not know what yield to maturity is. That's like literally gotta be remedial macro tier

>> No.30178768

That's how I felt at the end of last week, but I'm glad I sold. I missed Monday's big green dildo but now that my only holdings are some SPACs I got into around $11 and a couple hundred dollars of BHS I can actually sleep at night. There will be more opportunities to make money later.

>> No.30178779


>> No.30178783

you're a faggot, maybe biggest faggot in this thread
don't fucking post >>30178117 if you're not going to say what it is faggot
you brought this on yourself

>> No.30178792

It's one letter. That should help narrow it down enough. If not, you are too dumb and too lazy to ever make it.

>> No.30178795

Satanic pedophiles are the backbone of our economy. If he hurts them then he's taking food out of my children's mouth

>> No.30178809

Sorry, my bad. It's because they're *10* year bonds that you multiply by 10 to get the 15% yield.

>> No.30178823

show bobs

>> No.30178828

it's citigroup

>> No.30178830

1.5% isn't much for your 3 digit portfolio, but is pretty good for someone playing around with millions or billions that want safe and guaranteed return.

>> No.30178831

Currently yes. Most of the people around are saying yields should easily hit 2.5% on the 10 year, I'd be looking for a solid 3-3.5% on the 30 years before you start going into EDV. we could see as high as 4%

>> No.30178847

Go ahead continue

>> No.30178851

unironically would take a black swan event of this magnitude, like the glassing of a country, to stop this rollercoaster from plummeting.

>> No.30178878

>traders trying to remember bonds from their Money and Banking courses

This is everybody right now just so you know. Its been a 13 yr bull market. I remember the last time I had to relearn bond trading was in 2019 when the yield curve inverted, but that was only relevant for a day or two.

>> No.30178882


>> No.30178883

quads and limit down..... but in the end we all get qt 3.14 gf

>> No.30178886


>> No.30178904

Braindead simple, face value - maturity value / duration.

>> No.30178916

I feel like Jerome would like cuck/bull stuff.

>> No.30178931

what do you usually do to leverage the gains

>> No.30178941

>2.5% on the 10 year
Need a source for that. I haven't heard one person suggest that sharp a move so suddenly.

>> No.30178950

I'm done explaining stocks to normfags who then bitch at you when they hold too long or sell too early

>> No.30178974

Bonds are never not relevant though now with QE. I spend more time looking at macro for bonds then I do actual stock DD, there's just too much money in them

>> No.30178981

>The narrative is that in 3-4 years these stocks will have no conceivable way of reaching their current valuation under a higher interest rate environment.

I would say it's more that they currently rely on near-zero interest rates to be able to take out loans and roll debt forward for free indefinitely.

Take Netflix for example. They have something like $15 billion in debt. They also consistently lose money. They had a free cash flow of -3.3B in 2019. Netflix needs to keep taking out loans to produce more content while also spending way more than they're taking in. The only way you can sustain this is to be able to roll debt forward at near-zero interest. What happens to Netflix's valuation when higher rates force them to reduce spending on new content?

Also a lulzy detail. Most movie studios assume their film revenue from new releases will depreciate over a matter of weeks. Neftlix bases their internal accounting on assuming new content will drive revenue for a period of 2 years after release. They also define a view as someone watching at least 2 minutes of something, so their numbers are incredibly juiced.

>> No.30178985

a stock that has high volume. use the resources in OP and screen for it

>> No.30179009

>Post gain screenshot
>Talk about what trade i did
>"Please explain. What the words you said just mean!"
every time you come to /smg/ these days

>> No.30179015

Not suddenly, over the course of growth. Eric Basmajian is my preferred secular bonds analyst, hes on seeking alpha and is only like $600 a month or so and does great analysis

>> No.30179016

Just imagine the Fed as being Cathie Wood with TSLA i.e. the "biggest fool of the market" except you know the Fed has "infinite liquidity". So they advertise a price they won't let the underlying fall (inverse to the yield for bond prices) and you can just keep dumping bags on them when the yield gets ABOVE that cutoff.

>> No.30179022

Pride is the worst of the 7 deadly sins. All others flow from it.

>> No.30179035

are you the rycey shill

>> No.30179042

The bonds themselves are leveraged. 1% drop on the 30 year = 30% gain on face value of the bond

>> No.30179063

So if Jerome comes out tomorrow at his lunchtime speech and says they definitely aren't raising rates, that would be very bullish?

>> No.30179082

stocks can't be explained further than when you buy a share of that company you are part owner.. other than that you are wasting your time with most people

>> No.30179085

>I get to smirk at all the robinhood traders at work who haven't shut the fuck up about chinese EV stocks for the past 3 months

>> No.30179099

Did you know that 1 big mac is 25 grams of potential diesel?
Cielo Waste Solutions

>> No.30179111

I think that’s already priced in so we fucked

>> No.30179120

Isn't it true that most studio also find ways to have even the most successful movies as a loss on their books? Helps with taxes and residuals to people who worked on a movie.

>> No.30179123

>dios mio, es la goblina!

>> No.30179132

If this post is dubs, CWSFF to $10 be EOM

>> No.30179136

You might be right. I'm just larping though, but I don't talk about the g*lden bullrun for superstitious reasons like that

>> No.30179150

I think it is, as well. They've said it for a long time now, as recently as two weeks ago. But what else is he even going to say? Just answer more questions about why black people don't have money?

>> No.30179160

He has consistently said that they aren't even thinking about thinking about raising rates, and will give plenty of warning ahead of time regarding any tightening of the money supply. If he says the above, it's nothing new. The markets want something more tangible, it feels like.

>> No.30179162

No because we know he will if he really needs to. Its not like he's got a contract.

>> No.30179164

Ah, the halcyon days of literally two years ago where those numbers didn't sound so apocalyptic.

Good lord, I don't even want to imagine how the budget would creak and break as our debt refinances to cost an extra 100 basis points.

>> No.30179176

>explaining stocks to normfags
I feel like it's better to just never discuss this type of thing unless you know that the other person understands.

>> No.30179185

La creatura del 56%, dios mio.

>> No.30179203

I am a RYCEY shill, but not the Lum/anime posting one.

>> No.30179204

Yes, I worked at Paramount, and the entire industry is basically a huge tax scam. Star Wars, any Marvel movie, any blockbuster you can think of, has never been profitable according to them

>> No.30179207

We take things slow here in Alberta. We like to walk before we run. Check em
Cielo Waste Soultions

>> No.30179212

We're pricing in QE ending early because of sudden economic boom following vaccinations forcing the fed to curb inflation.

>> No.30179221

For real. I can't wait for SPACS to fucking fail actually, I'm so godamn tired of people asking if some fucking spac that just barely listed and has no prospectus is going to moon. Like flip a coin dipshit

>> No.30179226

I worship no golden calf.

>> No.30179255

LOL he's gonna need to do more than that. Either SLR exemptions or YCC.

If he comes out tomorrow and says nothing new, markets will puke down 5% and will continue to puke until he capitulates.

>> No.30179266

why the fuck did I cover my short 30c rkt weeklies?

>> No.30179281


>> No.30179302

Ahh I miss the good ol' days of bullying Jerome with selling.
Then Trump would tweet and call him a cuck or something.. .good times.

>> No.30179314

He's playing a game of chicken with markets wherein he knows he will lose in the end, but he has to play anyway.

>> No.30179331

why the fuck did I buy call on UWMC and OCGN?

>> No.30179336

They actually lowered spending quite a bit though, and it looks like the treasury balance sheet surplus will be paying for most of if. It's not likely but if enough gets cut from the stimulus bill we could actually come in with lower spending this year then last
Its either that or the fed turns the printer way up

>> No.30179346

hey friendo, some SPACs are alright, and you'll regret not picking up the cheapies around closing today

>> No.30179360

I have too many options positions to expand them and have it fit in one screen. S-short deltas L- long deltas.

I’m net short premium with a positive theta, slight negative Vega and negative Delta beta weighted to the SPX.

>> No.30179373

No sir, not QE ending early, not enough QE. Crescat is projecting the fed would need an additional 250 billion in monthly QE right now to keep bond rates at 1.5

>> No.30179399

This plus the rise of competition has me wanting to short netflix. Like it should be no where near disneys market cap

>> No.30179407

YCC might be a good idea for now

>> No.30179419

Also, if he DOES come out tomorrow and announce YCC or something tangible for the long end like another Operation Twist, then I wouldn't be surprised at all to see markets rip up 5%.

>> No.30179423

What do you think gold will do this year?

>> No.30179443

>p/l day +1888.02
>p/l open $46.57
Lmao I hate when I do that. gotta at least the break the 3 digit to feel like you made anything.

>> No.30179467

Anecdotal, but I barely watch it anymore, and even girls I meet from bumble admit they barely watch it anymore, as well. Hulu and Disney+ have better shows/movies imo

>> No.30179470

And then they fomo into an expired play, after I while I just encourage them to hold, knowing they can only sell within the first 5 minutes of buying the stock

>> No.30179481

Not the same thing. What you're describing is using accounting to show a loss so you can take a tax write-off or dodge profit sharing. With Netflix I'm talking about the actual debt on their balance sheets and cost of content.

With the Hollywood accounting, the whole game there is to show that your content (movies, etc) lost more money than it brought in. In my opinion, Netflix tries very hard to do the opposite - pumping up the value of their content to justify the debt and expenses.

>> No.30179505

are yo makingtrying to talk about the profit of erc20 tokens? saw gas? such abnormal fees against Apollo's native blockchain, you fools

>> No.30179528

little of a, little of b. I think people anticipate a very bullish post-pandemic boon to the "real economy" and that with all the unnessacery meme money the fed's hand will be forced.

>> No.30179530

They are all shit waiting to happen. What will happen when SPACS collapse is that they will all go to $10 and stay there until the funds can coax some shitty mom and pop in the sector to list them and then suddenly you will lose 80% of your investment in one day when they announce they brought Andy's VHS rental public

>> No.30179532

>her by age 35

Girls like that hit the wall HARD

>> No.30179550

Operation Twist just means you dogpile into energy and banks because the Fed is effectively letting the banks treat them as the Giga-Infinite bagholder.
Also secure profits in crypto and commodities: gold, silver, platinum. Crypto I would go with Monero because holy shit are the Boomers antsy to heavily tax crypto.
Boomers: "You must play the casino. But we get a cut of your winnings"

>> No.30179569

puta de mierda

>> No.30179608

For a while now the only thing Netflix has had going for it is momentum, but it hasn't collapsed yet.
It does seem inevitable though.

>> No.30179639

Would be fine if she lost the weight, desu

>> No.30179661

that's why you invest after news of the merger company is public... I don't understand

>> No.30179678

Real rates have been shitting the bed, watch them closely and once real rates start climbing hop into gold. I expect it to go absolutely insane once bitcoin is, once again, proven to be speculative tech and not internet gold and real rates plateau. People have forgotten gold existed over the past couple months, it will be the big winner soon though

>> No.30179686

Sometimes anecdotal evidence is the best. If I bought netflix when everyone I knew in college was watching it in 2008 I'd be a millionaire.

>> No.30179695

Eh I ignore the open P/L mostly cause I trade in and around positions a lot but yea I know what you mean. I take my winners off and trade the losers into winners, at least ideally.

>> No.30179698


>> No.30179729

JPOW better or worse than Helicopter Bernanke?

I actually liked Bernanke after I read his autobiography.

>> No.30179738

Some added flavor on Netflix juicing their view numbers. Who in this thread has seen the movie Spenser Confidential? Give me a (you) if you watched at least a chunk of it. It's the Netflix movie with Mark Wahlberg and Post Malone.

Netflix said last summer that 85 million households watched it. They had about 190 million subscribers at the time. Statistically 45% of people with a Netflix account should have seen this movie.

I have yet to meet a single person who has watched it. Fucking no one has watched this thing. 85 million households watched the first few minutes by accident and immediately forgot about it.

>> No.30179762

Jerome is all in. He won't let the market fall.

>> No.30179765

I would make her tongue my anus after I put down some brisket
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