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Fridays are always green when everyone expects a red day on Thursday. Every. Single. Time.

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the bubble after covid was entirely artificial and the market should still be trading at pre covid levels or lower

go look at any chart and that should make you shit your pants if you have any stock that isn't a short fund

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Anybody have and experince selling out options? I have 240 shares of nio. I may sell 2 covered puts tomorrow if its in deep red still.

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Buy the fucking dip.

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Saved yourself there, OP

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Ive been buying TQQQ and SOXL consistently for months and years

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Anyone looking forward to Niggers and the like to finally inheriting the earth so it can finally crash and burn?

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work = death

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is that sargon


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I have stocks that are still recording from Corona. I just gave to buy cheapies

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don't pull a Tinny

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doesnt matter to me since i hold tech stocks boomer

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I have 30k what should I buy?

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am I late?

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GEX flashing massive buy signal right now

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Based boomers always win. Son of a bitch

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crypto brainlet here. why is everything dumping? i dont know anything bonds treasuries yields interest rates and so forth

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CRBP to >$4 by 3/19/21. Their Lenabasum medicine has efficacy for CDASI related pain reduction in Lupus and dermatomyositis. $9 end of month after the dermatomyositis are announced as well.

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>people are still buying inflated tech instead of value stocks

WhY Is My FoLIo ReD GuYs??

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>30245522 I get specific vibes from your mom you fucking oyster

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It's over. bondyields going through the roof. Jerome Powell betrayed us. sell everything. don't be a normie. Buy butter to lube anus. Jerome is going deep and he thrusts hard like a chinese robot

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chinkoids will slaughter and enslave their kind en masse

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Here's SPY/M2. The bubble is in NASDUMP.

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the dollar is too powerful

none can withstand his force

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Tech stocks are the bubble you dumb fuck

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Futures still red. Shoutout to the boomers who made this possible! Thanks gramps!

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Sell credit call spreads.

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Last October, when I just getting into the stock market and didnt know much about it, I bought UVXY at $20 because "it goes up when the stock market goes down". Needless to say, Ive been stuck with the bags since

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If economics worked anything like you thought.

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>No bf to cuddle with as boomers destroy the country once and for all

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I bought 70 shares of SOXS for the upcoming bear run on semiconductors. I feel that a clown world market deserves a clown world trade.

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You sell covered calls. Shorting puts and being long stock is not selling covered options. You need to be short to sell covered puts.

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>entirely artificial
that's excessive. we still kept 330million alive, and shifted the lives of those people into different areas. some to much of what happened since is surely bubble, in certain sectors, but you can't lay the whole market as over-valued, it's not realistic. that said, with the idiots on the coasts STILL fucking everyone who works in service industry, recession is expected. and with congress gibsmedat at $1600/unemployed to those same coastal states, inflation is already showing up.

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tech stocks are going to be the biggest losers from all of this, you have no clue

last chance for the oil train zoomie

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But I sold very shortly into the correction and pivoted into bear ETFs which are doing swell

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mates I'm ready today.

So -5%, bought top three during yesterday's lowest dips..

>low volatility
>stubid investment and trading for whole day

only one thing saves my money - yield farming and lp staking on YVS Finance. Check it if you don’t wanna risk

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>this is the average /biz/ poster

Enjoy your bags fucktard

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Lol retard I just bought those calls to hedge my shorts. This shit is going to 0

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anon why would you still be holding that

you might get lucky and break even but lol

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Hmm..I think I understand now. So there is no representation version of selling covered calls? Like at the bottom of the stock

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Just once I want to see these "every single time" posts include a pic of the spreadsheet they're basing things off. Whether it's Goldman being 100% wrong or markets dumping *every* time Powell speaks or even that fucking astrologer, whatever.

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>put all your money in TQQQ at the top

no, you’re just fucking stupid

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when do we rotate back into tech from oil?

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80% of my folio is tech stocks

How fuck am I? I got rid of the PLTR (23%) part of it a couple weeks ago

SOXL too is fucked isnt it?

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Do I buy bili now or will it go lower?

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Here's NDX/M2.

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>SQQQ becomes the new TQQQ as we enter a nikkei tier eternal crab

I can only get so erect

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big tech is outperforming still

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Name 3 value stocks.

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horney cake is enq, that is what you should check now
look at it and tell me that I am wrong
look at their PoS and PoW nodes, if you smart you will understand everything

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Who here /bonkproof/

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Tech will be a great buying opportunity soon though, I'm looking forward to buying SOXL for a buck a pop

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Despite all my rage
I am still just a wagie
in a cagie


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No, boomers have been draining the vitality out of the country since our industry got sent to China.

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google amazon twitter

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Can I have your play list? I want to reverse and listen for the secret meanings.

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you know the OPEC decision ahead of time?

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Got fucked by a big ol red heckin didlerino
And now I’m sore

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Literally a blip compared to last year, your swan is light grey at best.

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fb goog nvda as of today

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How does losing 80% of your net worth sound?

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Wtf are you taking about? If you own the stock you can sell covered calls or puts. Fucking asshole

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You mean value tech stocks like apple and google right? Not some Fucken chink PnD#23 stock

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Calls. You want to sell calls. Puts PUT stock to you if you sell them. Calls CALL it away from you. Sell calls a few strikes in the money. Not too deep you’ll get no premium for them unless you REALLY want out of the stock then go deep as you can. Also sell the 40 shares unless you wanna hold them and hope it comes back. I know I would.

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gut feeling that a repeat of March will happen soon

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I like the way you think.

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Did you not get the Monday memo?

Do you mean, JPOW? Drunk boomers are irrelevant to the Q1 2021 Nasdump

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so we still go up then nobody giving up until this is the greatest bubble of all time

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im financially ruined

>> No.30246069

Damn thankz... might throw 20k.in

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You can sell cash covered puts.

>> No.30246102

Yeah the majority of tech is still overvalued

>> No.30246130

Boomers have been in the drivers seat for 30 years now. I'm not going to absolve that shitty ass generation of any responsibility.

>> No.30246131

Dude you’re fucking stupid and listening to an idiot.

>> No.30246133

CRBP lol the scam continues

>> No.30246142

how do I use short term puts as insurance if we do get a legitimate drawdown further from here?

>> No.30246145

Selling puts is something you do if you want to enter a position. You want to sell calls, preferably at a price you're ok with selling the shares at. Its best to sell calls 30-45 days from expiration because that's when theta does the most work. Typically you want to sell calls on a green day and buy them back on a red day or after they lose X% of value. For periods that we're going through, if you're feeling bearish on something you want to sell ITM calls vs OTM calls. Learn what rolling a call means and figure out how to do it on your broker before even selling a call, unless you're ok with losing the shares.

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I am sure im not the only faggot on this board, Ive been hearing half you faggots shill SOXL/semi's for a month now, theres no way people didnt panic sell into buying more

>> No.30246171

My house price has doubled some I bought it 7 years ago. More than doubled actually

>> No.30246179

DNN bros...I bought in at 1.60
should I keep hodling?

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>> No.30246182

puts arent insurance theyre gambling

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are you saying S&P is immune to the fed printing massive amounts of money and the impending hyperinflation that will be just as bad as zimbabwe?

>> No.30246194

Anyone aware of a screener that finds tech companies with negative P/Es and cash to debt ratios in the stratosphere

>> No.30246196

This. When will they learn. CRBP is a complete scam, it'll be $0.0003 EOM

>> No.30246201

Unironically buy RYCEY if you want a solid stock in these trying times. GEO if you like divvies too.

>> No.30246204

A modern day depression would be short and not all that bad. The internet isn't going away and is cheap to maintain and easy to nationalize. There's the majority of what everyone spends time on anyways. The grid is a national security matter so it will be maintained with a CCC equivalent or better. We produce more excess food than any country in the world so that's not a problem, and we have the guard and all kinds of distro channels (Amazon , fedex, ups could be nationalized or forced to play logistics for it). Honestly the infrastructure we have - in real terms - is astoundingly anti-fragile. People think complex systems mean more fragility but this isn't true. We have some weak points (EMP blast) but they're highly unlikely and not what you retards refer to when you talk about a depression, you're talking about a systemic meme crash. It won't happen, but if it did we would jubilee our debts and come out with a perfect 'balance sheet' as a nation and be super wealthy on the other side. Which is why it won't happen.

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welp, soxl just destroyed the gains that took me 1 year to make, in 5 days and it seems like tommorow will also be blood red so i'll be in the negatives.

I have no one to blame but myself, should I quit and apply for a job.

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No fags on /biz/

>> No.30246236

i bought in at 1.40 and im scared. hold me anon

>> No.30246240

Switch over to DENN

>> No.30246250

oh no...

>> No.30246258

yahoo finance front page

>> No.30246259

DNN is a long hold imo. Won't see much price action till after April.

>> No.30246263

I was up $60K YTD now I'm only up $16K

If I lose another $6K I'm going to cut my losses and go 100% cash. fuck this market

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last chance

>> No.30246278

Why didn't you sell yesterday? Or this morning? Did you fucking sleep in?

>> No.30246282

you’re not as smart as you think you are

>> No.30246283

well, tsla market cap got high enough, but especially things like FB, goog, that have marketplaces for ads are really good right now.

If your macro strategy has been on point for even the past 16 months you'll be fine continuing it in good tech companies. It's people brand new or just trying to micro the market for gains.

This is a transient phase in the market, might last 3-5 months, but it's going to balance out. In the end the worst long-term performance would be buying some re-open stock at ridiculous hype like cruise lines instead of something like MSFT or AAPL today.

On the 3 year+ time frame all the good quality tech stocks are going to win.

>> No.30246284

You're asking this now?

>> No.30246297

>Have soxl post split at 42.63 a share
>Paycheck hitting tomorrow
>Futures suggest theres going to be cheapies tomorrow
>but, will need the money within next six months for closing costs on a house (bought cheaply)
Do I even do anything tomorrow? A reverse ETF would fly but with how deep today went would it even be worth it? How deep can the market still go before the bulls jump back in. I'd love to buy the SOXL down-trend but it can go deeper but that would also mean I marry that position until it recovers right? what do

>> No.30246302

Explain. Are covered puts even a thing? Or cash covered puts are all that exists.

I'm bullish on nio long term.i have 240 shares at 9 average. I think it can't go much lower. Say I sell covered puts with a 35 dollar strike price. Then the stock reverses and goes to 50. The puts expire qorthless but I already sold them and get to keep the premium right? Don't even have to buy them back right?

Any risk to this other than the stock dropping below my strike price and the put options price going up more than I sold them for? Is this even a thing?

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>> No.30246320

not too late to liquidate and buy sqqq

imagine the relief when you actually make 5-10% tomorrow lol

>> No.30246330

What has happened here is a negative system has arisen it is what I call Negative System Dynamics. Bad things happen causing more bad things to happen causing more bad things to happen. It's all in my ebook Negative System Dynamics: The End of Everything Good in Existence and Your Slow Painful then Quick Death.

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>MFW silver is down another 1%+ in AH

Enjoy holding those literal bags of boomer rocks over 50% underwater before inflation faggits

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>> No.30246348

leverage short 10x

enjoy becoming a billionaire when they all drop 98%

>> No.30246364

I was gonna use SOXL money to buy a house. I was gonna live off of daytrading. I thought I was gonna make it. And now? No house money, no ditching my job. I'm a fucking loser.

>> No.30246367

this is fucked who shorted the markets!

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I'm saying if there is a drawdown it's going to be smaller. S&P is moved by FAANG. I think AAPL can dump much lower. Pic related.

>> No.30246370

ATM/ITM calls. Roll them down. Some put spreads in the index. Also if you've been playing the strat for 1+ years you're fine.

It's really tough for everyone who has bought QQQ at 300s, but it's always going to be like that.

>> No.30246375

why do you need 3? you only need 1 (suncor) to go up if you're a poorfag with small capital

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In two weeks we'll be back in a flying V you faggy goose.

>> No.30246383

Save up for your closing costs. You never know if you have to sweeten the pot by paying the seller's closing costs

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Bitcoin mining stocks tomorrow......

>> No.30246392

I'm holding TQQQ over night tell me it will be OK

>> No.30246401

Okay so there is no reverse strategy for selling covered calls when the stock is low. I never want to sell my nio, I dont really want to buy more but I have 240 shares and I want to see if u can make money off them while it recovers.

>> No.30246403

Oil, Lithium, and unironically some GME,

>> No.30246408


oh bro you are fucked

>> No.30246415

I thought it would rebound today

>> No.30246434


You’re probably right. What people aren’t realizing is that reopening plays are only good for as long as the reopening lasts, which by definition won’t be that long. Then “value” plays are going to become overextended and there’s going to be another big selloff in travel/hospitality and people are going to flood back into tech. This could take six months or more to materialize though

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>drop 98%

>> No.30246456

Work a deep fryer
At a fast food chain.....

>> No.30246457

that works two ways. hyper-inflation makes business lending near impossible, so no new jobs, and makes sales of basic goods require a truck full of printed bills.
basically everyone has money, but there's no way to spend it because by the time you get to the store the items are more expensive than you earned.
the good thing, everyone pays their debts immediately.
then comes taxes at the new rates.

>> No.30246487

shill me a moon mission stock

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>> No.30246497

Same entry point, about $5k loss, capitulating tomorrow and entering back later

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I'm remembering back to the old guy I was speaking to at the grocer's last year in March who was telling me about how he panic sold his $500k boomer-stack
>March crash was the boomercide
>This crash is the zoomercide
If you haven't rotated into banks and oil at this point then.. bruh

>> No.30246506

it's a leveraged adjusted fund ... dude. do you understand the adjusted part?

>> No.30246507


>> No.30246510

Cheer up chums! Friday is a new day! With stocks Friday is traditional a.... oh fuck...

>> No.30246516


>> No.30246517

A savings account at your local bank.

>> No.30246522


>> No.30246525

Your fat ass mom

>> No.30246527

>In the end the worst long-term performance would be buying some re-open stock at ridiculous hype like cruise lines instead of something like MSFT or AAPL today.
Lockdown 2.0 in September 2021 would really blow up that re-open investment thesis

The magic of decreasing rates

>> No.30246533

Can someone explain all of this I am fucking retarded

>> No.30246537

You mean PIPP.

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Sir I'm too retarded to understand any of that. All I know is use meme lines,buy calls and puts, buy corona recovery stocks and that lum poster deserves to be burned at the stake

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Look how weak futures are boys

>> No.30246582

Absolutely not dude. Everyone here is fucking stupid. If you sell a covered put, and you get exercised on a covered put (stock price stays below strike), then you would have to buy shares for the strike price. Contract holder gets the difference in cost

>> No.30246592

shouldve bought sqqq calls today. gonna need to load up tomorrow to recuperate my tqqq losses

>> No.30246614

>reopening plays are only good for as long as the reopening lasts,
?? you mean for eternity until the next time we get a fake pandemic problem?
if the economy stays open, and they don't go out for some other reason, they don't stop making money, they just make it steadily.
anyway, you are free to hodl, it's an option everyone has, and I can't fault you if you like the stocks and you enjoy the returns, the dividends, or being able to say you helped.

>> No.30246633

Is that the Biden stock everyone keeps shilling?

>> No.30246634

I am both buyer and seller in this case. Refinancing other heirs. Currently buying my aunts house from family (one jew though is making it difficult) so I kinda have lee-way in when I buy out but would like to do it by summer which is the "six months" I only have to cover closing costs because of potential limit on the refinance and if the foundation work it needs dings it too much.
Thanks though anon, I keep telling myself that but I always feel like I need money to be put to use.

>> No.30246643

They already said they are not increasing production.

>> No.30246650



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You are definitely retarded, I'll give you that

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Someone answer me. Selling covered calls at the top to keep the premium and your stock is on strategy.

When the stock is at its lowest and you already have the shares, is there no similar strategy to make money off the shares you already own?

>> No.30246680
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Sure. People comparing this to the dotcom bubble are wack.

>> No.30246692

thank you anon, when you sell the entire market will rebound. Now if we could kill those GME niggers for a month or two..

>> No.30246724
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Yeah, and it's at $10.04. So the mystery box has never been cheaper or more risk free.

>> No.30246729

Can someone redpill me on SQQQ and SOXS? Are they scams like SOXL?

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>> No.30246765

>the worst long-term performance would be buying some re-open stock at ridiculous hype like cruise lines instead of something like MSFT or AAPL today
Cruse lines are currently one of the most undervalued stocks right now. In six months you might be right depending on price action. Right now the market is still rotating back. Cruise lines, REITs and domestic airlines are all set to do incredibly well into July.

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My portfolio is 50% SOXL, 25% TQQQ and 25% NAIL, and the original amount I put in total was around $7k. What should I do?? Today was the first day that put me in the red overall, so I'm thinking I can just hold out but it really sucks. Should I buy more of what I already have? Switch it out?

>> No.30246775

Disagree. Gold price after 1990 or about then is suppressed so your ratio is too low in the denominator. Boost gold by 20%, re-call the ratios, and show us again.

>> No.30246786

it hit 9.99 today lol, this is a fucked market

>> No.30246792

so buy more?

>> No.30246794

buy more SOXL and wait it out, be patient

>> No.30246801

They're Chinese competitors to TQQQ and SOXL. Only buy them if you hate America (and Taiwan).

>> No.30246808

Is this not still a bubble though?

>> No.30246810

>buy corona recovery stocks
the fuck does this mean? you're gonna have to DD to find businesses that have necessary or preferred models that aren't so in debt that the first two reopening quarters are just debt paydown, and will have a business that ramps back up to near pre-Covid levels.
DD, not meme.

>> No.30246816

It worked for my XOM a couple days ago. Good luck

>> No.30246825


Selling calls against them is the only way to do that it will reduce your deltas and therefore your loss if it keeps dropping. You can roll them down, roll to the next month. Cover them. Whatever.

If you don’t wanna change your deltas with options you need to sell straddles or iron condors there are also cal lender spreads, butterflies, broken wing butterflies. All sorts of spreads you can put on. Everything except covered calls will require you to add risk to your position and therefore require more capital.

You need covered calls it sounds like. I’d have been selling the, a long time ago in that case. If I were you I’d just pray it bounces here. It broke support today though and if you haven’t done anything to manage your risk yet you are bagholding now.

>> No.30246826

Don't hodl........

>> No.30246833


I mean that the reopening happens once. Businesses reopen, and reality sets in. It’s not going to be a play anymore. If you look at the growth of airlines/travel/hospitality since the last bottom, you’re still talking about obscene, purely speculative growth. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

>> No.30246845

How much more? Should I just keep buying a bit more on red days? I've been throwing about $200 at a time in but it just keeps getting swallowed up

>> No.30246847

I'll add it to the watchlist. I actually have small positions in the Pelosi connected stocks too. Maybe I'll throw a cheeky 1k into that for giggles.

>> No.30246848


>> No.30246879

>RKT shilled heavily a few days ago
>shill disappears

why does this always happen

>> No.30246888

Yeah, market sell offs do that. People desperate for liquidity sell anything at hand.

>> No.30246895
File: 25 KB, 418x267, Screenshot from 2021-03-04 21-15-55.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Awful and go to 0 even if the market crabs slightly. Gamble on the Quentin hedge fund instead.

>> No.30246897

Correction *made new lows of the day*

>> No.30246903

It means buy HIBL if you really want to play the recovery, with some leverage. I'm willing to bet it's going to have a bit of its own correction soon though.

>> No.30246912

I think unironically we're witnessing a bunch of people rope/go back to wage slaving for the next little while

most zoomers/millenials had savings from the past 3-4 years and then they probably started investing in the last 6 months, the amount of normies inrl I heard talking about stocks since october/november, then even more since GME

writing is on the wall, they all talked about tech stocks/tesla

>> No.30246917

I'm at 9 average on nio. Damn yeah I cant learn that shit right now. Maybe later. Im just going to keep holding.

I'll buy more soxl as it dips.

>> No.30246924

Take JETS ETF as an example. A macro sector bet on airline pump.

>> No.30246947

That's why we're in this correction right now. I don't understand what you think is different?
That they're doing the same shit they did 2 years ago? Or that we're all tagged and giving blood and stool samples to buy groceries?

>> No.30246950

I heard the CEO of HMJI is a rampant sex addict who has frequent orgies with other men

>> No.30246980
File: 48 KB, 400x246, vw0108bitfarms-magog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We'll live to BARF another day bros

>> No.30246981

Exactly right. Great time to accumulate or add to long positions in Tech. The re-open/rotation trade has already gapped up and who knows how much longer it will continue. My view is that Covid has altered the landscape and many industries will never return to the heights of pre-Covid activity, at least not for awhile. A pullback in Tech is bullish, lays the groundwork for a bigger move higher.

>> No.30246989

wtf do you think he got caught with the SOXL ceo????

>> No.30246991

inverse etf for semiconductors

>> No.30247009

Pure FUD.

>> No.30247043

Looks kino asf.

>> No.30247046
File: 40 KB, 124x124, satoko39.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dont make tech loving zoomer weak handshake come near our boomer strong handshake oilbags

>> No.30247056
File: 14 KB, 882x758, 400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is me. finally had enough money to invest in the market and lose it all

>> No.30247059
File: 138 KB, 482x427, 1592925255156.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck not only has this crash made me poor again I just realized I'm still FUCKING UGLY it's over bros....

>> No.30247077

That's good anon. You are averaging your cost-basis down. Ask yourself this question: Will the world suddenly stop needing semi-conductors? Eventually once market sentiment changes, people will jump back into it. Right now everyone is just pessimistic.

>> No.30247083

Bitcoin is looking like it's going to 45K tonight. Bitcoin mining stocks are gonna be rough in the PM....

>> No.30247093

nasdump is overvalued at 6000 fucking come at me mumu get rekt

>> No.30247097

My portfolio is over-diversified, might go 50% DGTW 50% SOXL

>> No.30247098

That’s exactly what I said. He wants to sell calls. Selling puts adds more long deltas and puts the stock to you if it goes down into the money. Covered put is short stock + short put. Definitely not what he’s looking for.

>> No.30247111
File: 273 KB, 580x500, 1613411674276.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>All I've done is lose $500 since I started trading two months ago despite having a diverse portfolio, buying in low, and investing in companies with fantastic outlooks.

Fuck this shit ass market. Reddit with their meme stock bullshit has done more to harm the middle class investor than the Hedgefunds.

>> No.30247125

Yup it's official tech bubble has officially popped. You can buy a few safe companies and loose minimal but it's over. Were going back to fair valuations on this. Might catch a good bull trap to sell. But leave leverage if you still have it. Microsoft is the only thing holding strong

>> No.30247141
File: 57 KB, 640x626, 1569530374362.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

retard question here but is there anyway to buy back a covered call on robinhood besides just buying a call with the same strike? I know fidelity just has a button to let you buy it back

I sold soxl covered calls while it was green. but I'm debating on cutting losses and getting the fuck out tomorrow

>> No.30247142

fucking kekd

>> No.30247160

Bought $15 and $25 sqqq calls a few weeks ago. Only thing keeping me afloat he past 2 days. Also bought $32 BAC outs for 3/5. Need a miracle for that one to print

>> No.30247163


You’re not understanding me. Investors will have one shot to make their “reopening play”, because the economy will only reopen once. It will be protracted, but once it’s done, so is the play. Once that happens, people will rush for the door and retreat into tech again.

>> No.30247176

I have the index and gold data saved in separate files, so I'd have to fiddle with that later.

For illustrative purposes, let's take the maximum and its half. They are, roughly, 16.52 and 8.26. If we apply your 20% increase to the denominator, those values are changed to 13.77 and 6.88. Right now, we are at 7.59. That is still roughly half that of the maximum of the dotcom bubble.

The larger point that denominating indices in dollars in 2021 is wack.

>> No.30247183

Looking at my shares tomorrow is gonna make me BARF

>> No.30247186

Liquidate it all. Buy puts tesla, nio, appl

>> No.30247201

if you need somebody to fuck you to make you feel better, i lost a lot of money today and i'm out of work so.......

>> No.30247214

But is it stupid to have like, 7k in something like SOXL? It wouldn't be all of my money if it got wiped out but damn it would suck. I do think semiconductor demand is just going to increase for basically the rest of our lives though, so there's that

>> No.30247223

How the fuck did it go below $10 today? It's been taking a shit for weeks

>> No.30247229

It's a crown jewel, anons. A crown jewel!

>> No.30247259
File: 14 KB, 268x326, Descartes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Might I once again recommend HIBL for a "reopening play"

>> No.30247263

9 average you are plenty comfy. I’d still be selling calls against it up in the 40s for April. They are still pretty fat. That said if had bought that shit at 9 I’d have sold it by 50 so what do I know.

>> No.30247300

the good news is 7k isn't shit, and if it dumps you'll be buying shares for 5 bucks and will make it back quickly

>> No.30247305
File: 402 KB, 754x720, bobo, destroyer of worlds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30247326

It's literally just a pile of cash. Liquidity crunch hits, people sell to cover their margin calls or pick up discounts.

>> No.30247329

7k is a mostly irrelevent amount of money no matter how much you make annually, and it wont get 'wiped out' it'll just go very low for a while in the worst case scenario, and within months and years from now it will go up 5x 10x 20x etc

>> No.30247364

The best is banks are already over priced. And hospitality airlines and cruise's are nearing pre pandemic levels without even actually making money for an entire year.

>> No.30247392

financial advisors won't tell you this, but if you have decent income still, 3x leverage is nothing for someone under 30. Probably too low. Assuming your income increases with age as well, you will be better off not missing out any bull market via leverage than boomer investing.

It's as the money vs income balance changes that you need to play safer. 7k should be replaceable to most people so it's pretty safe to start investing off with leverage, assuming you have income or a way to generate cash and buy back in quickly.

>> No.30247448

>7k isn't shit
I used to be someone that would disagree with that but you're right. If I just hold and buy more I can multiply my money much more than if it was just sitting in cash or in a savings account

>> No.30247457

Same. Saved up 8k from unemployment. Most I've ever had and now it's down to 2.7k. Hoping YOLOing tesla & nio puts and sqqq calls will save me. I should have been paying attention to the market overall but was caught up in GME's crab

>> No.30247469
File: 129 KB, 344x342, 1613190966873.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nevermind I figured it out. I'm a fucking mong

>> No.30247497

yes the opportunity cost is skewed to risk at younger ages and lower money. SOXL is a good one.

>> No.30247513
File: 132 KB, 1198x620, greasyjeet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cough cough, sir might I interest you in some NWG? Before Covid hit and the Bank of England asked all the english banks to stop paying dividends, NWG was beginning to get back on its feet and was paying hefty divies for its price. It is majority owned by the government so there is no worry about it going under sirs.

>> No.30247527

are you cute?

>> No.30247547
File: 289 KB, 600x449, You Know What It Is.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>When you front-run so hard you front-run yourself front-running retail front-running big money front-running retail front-running smart money front-running the Fed.
Pic related.

>> No.30247548


Right, and you’ll see a similar kind of overextension in that sector. It’ll be a slightly more sophisticated version of people flooding int GME at 300 over florid short squeeze expectations.

The value sector will see a less dramatic rise and fall before summer. People won’t just flood into airlines and hotel stocks indefinitely. They’re luxury and arguably niche services.

>> No.30247552

>just pessimistic
Ask yourself this question: Will the world suddenly stop needing diapers? Eventually, once market sentiment changes....

>> No.30247579

Should I apply for option trading on Schwab and buy OTM calls on TQQQ 9 months out?

>> No.30247582

that's nice, just a little shake out tehn

>> No.30247583
File: 87 KB, 971x514, Screenshot from 2021-03-04 21-33-15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>please buy me at 3x leverage

>> No.30247609

should i buy bitcoin or eth

>> No.30247616

True, I *might* pick up some more PIPP shares, not PIPP warrants though. I bought in too high with PIPP, got in a couple weeks ago

>> No.30247621

Anon how is it going to be wiped out? Is NVDA, TSM, INTC, QCOM or any of the other major holdings suddenly going out of business? NVDA just had one of its best years on record. INTC is currently getting diversitied so it will crab but thats okay QCOM is getting a fat fucking dicking from the chip shortage. etc. None of those companies, AT ALL, are at risk of going under in the next ten years. INTC perhaps might shrink significantly to AMD but that's already been the case.
Pretty much this, I had a change of mind-set today and thought of SOXL now as a long hold. I'd much rather be holding the the non-leveraged asset during turbulent times but fuck it kinda stuck with it.
Just don't be a retard and lock losses on assets that will rebound.

>> No.30247637

no but it's covid so i wear a mask, don't worry, i'm fat as fuck but i'll oil myself up and you won't know the difference

>> No.30247651


if you want cock and ball torture just buy soxl at open tomorrow anon, btc and eth are both about to dump

>> No.30247656

What if that's Peter Thiel?

>> No.30247674

Just look at the volume for that big red dump, it's nothing compared to everything else. It's going to keep going up.

>> No.30247700


anon it's over

>> No.30247706

less important than what they're doing in the books. EPS, P/E, PEG,
and it's not a new market, and it's not a new product. there are dozens of manufacturers now.

>> No.30247708

thoughts on PIPP?

>> No.30247721

perhaps depending on if the jews turn everyone into trannies.
I wouldn't put any money into it right now that you would need in the next 6 months though. Markets gonna fard and shidd all of march it looks like.

>> No.30247723

>i wear a mask
but i'd like to get a blowjob (no homo)

>> No.30247725

didnt know you could tell the future

>> No.30247730

gme looks bullish

>> No.30247742

Why not 9 weeks out?

>> No.30247750
File: 244 KB, 640x640, 125814-Never-Forget-9-11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We just hit an All time high two weeks ago. We're going to see a major sell off when hit /es 4000, same goes for 4500 & 5000 because not because people are dropping dead in Beijing & country lock downs but because of profit locking in.

>> No.30247762

>I have 30k what should I buy?
>Name 3 value stocks.
>Do I even do anything tomorrow?
>shill me a moon mission stock

Unironicall $GME, the new NASDAQ stablecoin. Will be $1K EOM.

>> No.30247786

you need to be prepared to take -50% or worse but it always comes back, literally can't go tits up

>> No.30247788

Shitcoins after initial POOMPs just lose in satoshis to BTC when it moves up, lose in dollars relative to BTC when it goes down.
So BTC is both the only crypto that matters and inherently worthless.
"You will own nothing, and you will be happy"

>> No.30247798
File: 135 KB, 1200x1366, 1613423524276.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love the euphoria stage after a bout of suicidal depression. Nothing hurts, and nothing matters. YOLOing tesla puts.

>> No.30247799

You know we're fucked when GME ends up being one of the more reliable market indicators.

>> No.30247800

look at the GPU market right now and wonder to yourself why nvda is under 500. They are making 20XX series cards and selling them over MSRP. Im not saying it's not a pricey stock and effected by everything else but NVDA is still NVDA if you can stomach holding through this shit.

>> No.30247812

Im holding SOXL til it drops to 0 and I can use it to offset my sick wagie gains

>> No.30247827

>buy AITX at .25
>lose money
>buy double AITX at .15
>lose money
>AITX now at .10

>> No.30247849

Yeah, but that's still timing the market and holding through a 25% loss is character building.

>> No.30247875

>literally can’t go tits up

this isn’t r/wsb, shut the fuck up

>> No.30247890

It means anything that has to do with travel, tourism, and energy stocks

>> No.30247893

I believe the next leve of support for the Nasdaq is 5 pct down from where we are now, tomorrow maybe

>> No.30247899

Unfortunately true, I think. I guess if it goes to $10 I'll just buy another 100 shares and have 250 and then sell calls when it gets going again

>> No.30247903

so was that a vote for BTC orrrr ?

>> No.30247906

Honestly are we just gonna chase sectors and make a nasdaq 2.0 seriously. Banks are all recovered and already overvalued. Like what the fuck do we even play here. Everythingggg seems short term at best

>> No.30247908

I'm at max loss
Can this go down further

>> No.30247939


NVDA is obviously garbage and not something to be aiming to pick up over the next few months

>> No.30247941

The funny thing is that the next faggots to get squeezed will be the ones claiming tech is overvalued in a couple of months. I work retail and I can assure you that the situation is completely fucked up after demand as pent up. Same will happen with everyone expecting "reopening" to burst only for it go to shit after a few months and then realize companies are not making that much money and they are holding heavy bags.

>> No.30247944

just hold will go up eventually, people selling currently are those filling up hedge fund pockets

>> No.30247948

It can go to zero if you wait long enough.

>> No.30247953

if SOXL goes to $10 within the next year you should be dropping WAY more than $1,000 into it

work 80 hours a week and drop $10k minimum into it if you have to

>> No.30247967

There isn't anything to say, dude.

>> No.30247968

PE Ratio (TTM) 71.71
EPS (TTM) 6.90
Forward Dividend & Yield 0.64 (0.12%)
Price/Sales (ttm) 20.66
Price/Book (mrq) 20.10
Market Cap (intraday) 5 339.57B
Enterprise Value 3 335.61B
Book Value Per Share (mrq) 27.25

>> No.30247973


Not only can it, it will. You will also lose money in premarket. Your best bet is to sell at open or wait for a bounce lol

>> No.30247979
File: 263 KB, 1440x1700, Screenshot_20210304-214023_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still INFLATED on boomer index

>> No.30247988

It hasn't even really been publicized yet. When it actually gets decent coverage there'll be a full scale crash

>> No.30247991


>> No.30247996

...are you okay?

>> No.30248008


>> No.30248019

Yeah. My basis is $200 overall and I remember how hated it was then for being overpriced.

>> No.30248023

Market Cap (intraday) 339.57B
Enterprise Value 335.61B

>> No.30248028

It'll make it. It's just not as fun because unless you beat off to its losses daily until market turns around once weekend at pow and bidens is over.

>> No.30248048

we've only just begun sirs

>> No.30248051
File: 56 KB, 1160x440, Wilshire Small Cap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everyone is saying the Russell is overvalued when we haven't even started the new business cycle proper. Get the fuck out of my petite cups.

>> No.30248072

My spending habits are foreverrrrrrrr changed. And everythingggg is literally open. Reopening is a meme. We can and have been able to do anything you have wanted to do for months already besides travel outta country. Nothing is going to boom. We haven't been really closed since April may

>> No.30248076

So why aren't you taking your profits?

>> No.30248106

sqqq isn't going to go up in a crab market newfag

>> No.30248114
File: 2.72 MB, 2214x3072, B45003E2-6643-4D06-AF35-32ACA73BA655.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The one good thing about about owning spacs while getting raped is at least a lot of them cant go much lower. Two of around my 6 are at around 10, other ones 13. Though the bags are heavy.

>> No.30248137
File: 11 KB, 236x224, jesuschrist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It didn't though? Did you hold through that shit?

>> No.30248149

Resturants will reopen, which will change patterns of eating and travel, supplies, foodstuffs, insurance, bank loans, payroll services, lightbulbs, cleaning supplies, ...

>> No.30248152

Gold miners, and utilities are are really the only things at fair value rn. With the exception of Sony and Nintendo

>> No.30248161

There are no live concerts or amphitheater events or state fairs or marathons or whatever the fuck else requires humongous crowds of people. All of whom are spending decent amounts of cash.

>> No.30248162

Im 100x leveraged on a sell position of OIL at 64.2. Will i 10x my portfolio. If it drops to 58 ill have enough for a dream house deposit.

>> No.30248201

Risk big, win big.

>> No.30248257

Well, I sold that 200 hold in Feb 2020 at 310 ish, top tick practically, and bought back in after covid took it down.

>> No.30248373

are there states where restaurant dine-in is actually closed? that's wild, here everything is back to pre-covid except things like sports events and concerts.

>> No.30248388

Such small niche's. Restaurants in almost all states have been open for months with most states not following any restrictions for reduced capacity. There is no reopening rush I'm telling y'all. What states do you guys live in. I can see concert's being a thing but really how much. And some states still have them. I'm just saying there is now magic rush. We've all been open if people wanted to come. Their not. The spending habits have changed

>> No.30248408

No wsy is it sustainable at $60 + we are still locked down somewhat. With lower transport/cruising/ flights. Even with the weather getting warmer oil will fall.

>> No.30248414

but I might be retarded, just when I see nvda products market price being 2-3x msrp I like the company after record earnings and bought the dip today.

>> No.30248439

lol amerilards still closed. you guys are so fucked

>> No.30248482
File: 39 KB, 512x512, WRONG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>stocks arent in a bubble bonds are in a bubble

WRONG hahahaha

>> No.30248508

For the record flyover bros, things are still very much locked down in libtard states, so about half the country

>> No.30248511

Not just that wtf do they expect people to do?

Go out to get food 3x a day for a month to make up for the last year?

Reopen is a meme will be a bit of a bounce but nothing drastic

>> No.30248535

The bubble is clearly M2 lol.

>> No.30248551

A month of eating out a lot. Air travel is going to have a massive backlog though, especially international

>> No.30248576

hey man don't hurt yourself

>> No.30248579

what part of pump and dump do you faggots have so much trouble understanding??

>> No.30248584

The world is slowly opening up, OPEC+ doesn't care if it pumps more for now, etc etc. Saudi Arabia even told India (which complained about oil prices) to bite the dust and use the cheap oil they hopefully bought last year. Even if it's unsustainable, you're 100x and there's no reason for it to dump yet

>> No.30248600

there are plenty of businesses that plain shut the fuck down for good, if that's what you're asking. yes, there are places that are not big enough to be open "indoors" so they don't have a service they used to give to the 8 people at a time who could crowd the tables at lunch. and yes, there are banquet halls and fine resturants that use large amounts of materials that are closed, or well under employed.
>Such small niche
The US is a service economy.
>In 2015, services’ value added accounted for 74 percent of GDP in high-income countries, up from 69 percent in 1997. The contribution of services’ value added to GDP was higher in the United States than among its peer high-income nations.

>> No.30248668

The bubble is in central banking, yes.

>> No.30248722

There's so much money coming over the next 2 months though. This is so planned out to hit before then.

>> No.30248801

Reopening and reversion to old habits are going to vary, libs vs. cons and Boomers vs Zoomers. Nothing's back up to 100% operation, regardless of government mandates, until vaccine coverage is in the 60s or 70s.

>> No.30248891

QE isn't slowing down, and isn't stopping anytime soon. We're a long way from full employment. The markets just want more of everything to satisfy their gluttony and will throw tantrums, blaming whatever they can in the process. Buying every dip.

>> No.30248916

Yeah that was some of the most retarded shit I ever heard in my life.

>> No.30248938
File: 2.59 MB, 720x480, ouch.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

head and shoulders bros it ober

>> No.30248939

>all commodities mooning
>copper moon, fucking COTTON moons

>silver down gold down

As expected they are pumping it down before the real dump from everything bubble

Buying more

>> No.30248949

she said last week it was all going to crash and that she was positioning their etfs to take advantage of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCMYKggIQpk

>> No.30249014

They probably hit stocks to scare people into worthless bonds and USD. Banks probably sell bonds ahead of deleveraging, and need support. Bonds will go up too on the next QE. This shitshow is nowhere near the nadir with the FED policies. People will be fighting the FED tightening when economy improves lol.

>> No.30249088

frognigger what are you doing its destined to go to $0

>> No.30249192

joke's on you, /pmg/ loves holding them
>shinies are for stack, not for selling

>> No.30249810

she bought more WKHS LMAO

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