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I cant handle the anxiety guys, how do you do it?
About to just copy someone’s blockfolio

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you never get used to the anxiety just bite and walk forward

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If you know nothing about blockchain and the tech it’s probably smarter that you look at someone else’s folio
I can shill you $EYE and $MDX
Maybe $RBC after tomorrow

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Learn 2 dgaf

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Pray to God

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Stop falling for scams and just buy BTC.

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amen and checked

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Just do your own research, it's that simple. If you know what you're getting into and are confident in what you're holding, you won't be nervous every time it dumps.

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Copy mine. It’s all stx

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this is pretty poor advice overall but also very good I would say only buy BTC after it takes a massive shit if you buy it when it's really up you are not going to see that money again maybe ever

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weed or xanax

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I bought 10 scx earlier, on an absolute whim. Restarted, or good play?

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Go exercise.
Read meditations by marcus aurelius.

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You're not supposed to sit and stare at the price. You buy and just leave it the fuck alone until it hits your pre-set price target. That's literally it. Price action is designed to instill fear in amateur traders and make them sell the bottom and buy the top. The absolute worst fucking thing you can do in trading is allow your emotions to dictate what you do, because you literally have to do the exact fucking opposite.

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Copy mine

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fag. he's never going to make it like that unless he's got 50k. here op, for inspiration only, I'm too diversified at the moment.

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Confidence and conviction

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I dont have that bro

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That shouldn't mean anything, because when you enter financial markets you're supposed to leave your emotions at the door.

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I never risk more than I'm willing to lose. :)

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50% bitcoin

50% bat

Simple as

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I [Emotion: hate] the machine
Don’t take pills

Don’t take pills

Don’t take




Take Pills

Take your pills

I [Emotion: love] my machine

Take your pills

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Idk about everyone else but every time I buy I consciously try to convince myself that the money is already gone, lost.
Helps on the red days because it’s gone already.

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