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Tfw in top 10% for my age group but dont feel rich. Probably cause low 6 figs doesnt really go far. Now 1m i can start making some serious cash with simple trades.

Where r u guys at on the chart?

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Top 15%
will I be able to pay girls from my old high school to fuck me now?

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That’s because income and cash flows matter more than wealth. You want enough to retire off. And that’s why a wealth tax is a dumb idea. Because without wealth those income streams would cease to exist. And the taxation system would collapse, because there would be no future income to draw from.

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>Already off the chart at 30
I don't feel particularly wealthy though. Probably because I don't spend much, it's just numbers on a screen.

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How much needed to be .1% by age? Can’t find that anywhere

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30yo I think its a little low, 35 seems more accurate. I would reken most people have at least half a mil by 30.

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I thought all the young people were buried in student loan debt?

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Same but at 27

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When you actually make it you're not even gonna remember those roasties.

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What fucking world do you live in where you think most people have half a million. Most people are in debt. Lmao.

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I'm at the lower end of my age group and 7x top 5%. So probably top 1% in the US? Probably top 0.2% in my own country if you exclude inheritance fags.

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Can you imagine being a 65 year old man with 100 dollars and shitposting on an image board?

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If you're not a low IQ NPC and trying to /make it/, then you should compare yourself to the 55-59 range desu. Having $200k at 29 yo might be good compared to your average normie consoomer, but it's pretty bad if your goal is to make it while you're (somewhat) young.
If youre in your in your mid 20s, using the 55-59 group I'd say:
> <=30% ngmi
> 35-45% probably ngmi unless you get lucky or have a very high income
> 50%-65% average for someone who isn't a brainlet and is trying to /make it/
> 70-80% probably gmi but it will probably take some time
> 85-90% gmi
> 95% made it if you're not a turbo consoomer

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He's probably not counting braindead NPC wagies. Comparing yourself to people who have 0% chance of making it before retirement is cope.

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be me
>1m net worth
yield farms start making bank so quick at this level. Still want to get to 12m before i'm happy but.

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>Just turned 30 in January
>75-80% for 55-59
>got my normie friends to buy link under 1$ so they're all at least 90% for 25-29 (basically all my friends are younger than me)

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don't do that. they know you. can come back and sue you when you make it unironically.

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top 75%. 29yo with about 60k net worth between savings and IRA

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If I had bought a house last year and the rent was going into equity...
but we all must make choices that affect the number. I am waiting out the housing market like a dummy. have been for 4 years :(

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woops i mean top 25%.

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Here’s the real version

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Yea 1/2 mil by 30 is loser tier. Average is closer ton 1 mil

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I'm in top 10% of my age group and over 50% in any group. I'm not proud, that's just pathetic.

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if you bought a $250k home 4 years ago
>$350k now + the $80k equity you should have by 30 yo in paying mortgage.
80k + 100k = net 180k from home.
say you have 100k in the bank
you're already within spitting distance of half a mil just doing brainlet consoomer moves, if married with some kids. If single, you would have half a mil already by this logic because the bank savings would be way higher.

you're dealing with 4chan people here, not brainlets that wagie all day

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you must be that nigerian prince I hear about. do you need help moving your money for a nominal fee?

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watch Dave Ramsey and your imaginary anon is ahead of most of his callers

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This chart literally shows that's not even close to accurate.

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>expectation is to triple net worth in 10 years from 35-45.
>expected to double worth again in following 10 years 45-55

:| unsustainable.

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>Bottom 15%
Graduate school was such a fucking shitsuck retarded decision that I regret every day. $15,000 to go to break even, and that's only if that fucking dementia retard wipes out $10,000 of my debt.

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>paying down the debt
anon, pay down all other debts first. get a loan to pay off student loan debt. either get amazing interest rate, or default on now bankruptible personal loan.

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Not even close, lmao. I think this is what "privilege" looks like. Or maybe you're just young

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Sounds extremely comfy.

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Top 5% ($200k networth at 24) (thanks to chainlink)

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Just a hair above 90th at 30. Still can't afford a home but with rising federal rates I'm hoping the housing market collapses soon.

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>I would reken most people have at least half a mil by 30

Yeah I "reken" you're a fucking retard

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70%, not bad. How the fuck is anyone my age worth 232k jesus christ.

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