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What do we think of RSR?
post your stacks

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40k stacklet here. Might add another 20k tonight. Whats sui and make ot stacks? Ive no doubt this shit will hit a dollar so peobably 100k sui, yeah?

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100k sui
1mil make it

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I read the white paper and it came off cringe and unprofessional. Staying away from this scam

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Yes, it was absolutely disgusting how they mean to enslave brown folk and Venezuelans with their dirttly schemes.

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if this is true im buying more, modern slavery is so in right now

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imma bump

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>muh white paper
Only autists like us read that shit anyway, normies will fomo in at $1 when it’s listed on coinbase because it’s backed by Peter Thiel and Coinbase Ventures. Who gives a shit if their white paper isn’t perfect? It’s a guaranteed moon.

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soon, pajeets and /biz/ poorfags will look at even 100k RSR with reverence and respect. I hope you guys reserve you seats soon, the yacht is going out to sea soon. when this finally explodes, there will be no going back.
t. 1mil

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>200k gents

Not sure if I should get more desu.... Gonna hold what I have until eoy though.

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It's fucking terrible but I won't sell my make it stack of 1m RSR. I had 1.5m a few weeks back, but traded 300k of it for KTLYO. My KTLYO stack is now worth more than my RSR stack.

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well played homie

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Only have 10k of this, worth to hold?

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Coinbase and grayscale coming, It'll be $10.00 eoy get in while you can

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Ill be glad when rsr pumps and 2 or 3 years from now were telling newfags that 1k is sui and 10k is make it stacks.
>torn btwn converting 1 eth to more rsr or getting my first bag of ersdl
I think both will hit a dollar within a few months to a year

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comfy holding
350k reporting in

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Like others have said, guarenteed moon. 1.75m here and have been holding since June 1, 2019.

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Someone's calling

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TFW I bought 26k for ~$50 in October 2019. +2600% since then. Should have gone bigger.

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Somebody spoon-feed me. Why should I dump 10k into this?

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I only bought 3.5k last year when I first started with crypto. As a result I got 400 free UNI though.

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because this

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So "just trust me bro"?

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I got 400k, been accumulating since May last year. Wish i'd put more in really. I got a few of my friends involved around the same time so they're very happy with me.

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DYOR. They are rapidly colonizing all of South America and soon Central America. Greyscale trust pending, CB listing pending, but those are just the cherry on top for the global domination that is taking place under the radar at this very moment starting in Venezuela.

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Yeah, unless youre ok with investing on speculation and taking on calculated risk youll always be the guy buying tokens after they do a 100x hoping you can still get a 10x out of em.

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>yes I have the data
>no I'm not going to share it

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Chad move.

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As an heir to the Freeman bloodline of the Illuminati, Nevin constantly has to maintain a söy infused persona to keep his enemies off of his back. Occasionally his true nature leaks out though, this is one of those times.

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Any updates from that twink Nevin? He said he was looking for a partner that could help break into the ME. Mainnet still seems a bit off at this point. Coinbase listing would be great in the next few months esp if it IPOs.
250k stacklet here

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>i have a girlfriend but she lives in Canada
I really do hate the Reserve team so fucking much

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Just look at their Spanish twitter account and the growth there that is happening and will grow this month as they open up the app to all come March 15th. They want to completely dominate the marketplace before announcing how big dicked of a threat they are to competitors.

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I find their 'community' on twitter really fucking annoying.

'Rangers' etc. This kind of shit puts me off.

They all say $1 EOY. I am a super optimist on this coin, and think .45-50c would be a great and achievable result.

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Why would anybody use this over PayPal or Venmo, serious question

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Read the white paper and keep this question in mind:
>Under normal market conditions, why would the value of RSV ever exceed a dollar?

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RSR and RSV are different coins

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They cant use paypal or venmo in venezuella because of sanctions

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You're right, they are! Now read the white paper with my question in mind.

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Rsr is asset backed aka it can’t scale

Ask yourself what would it take for RSV to have a 100 billion dollar market cap

100 billion dollars in assets locked up

Not sustainable

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I'm watching some videos and doing search to see if I want to move $10k of HBAR into RSR.

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>watching YT to decide where to invest

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I've got 200k at average 0,019. I switched to buying HBAR now

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Bought 100k at 1 cent. Sold all of it at 5 cents

RSR is a surefire slow gains token, but I'd rather dopamine chase weekly 2x's instead just wait a year for it to pump to 25 cents.

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You're a degenerate gambler and not an investor.

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Same here, little less though. It’s getting too long, too excruciating. At least we should get those NFT tickets to the yacht party by the one anon right?

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You are actually a degenerate. RSR will provide massive gains with all thats coming.

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2.5M that I paid around $5k for

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Entry level fud on stable coins, bud.

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3m stacklet here, had 7m, sold 4m for 10,000 in 2019.. lol

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45k stack here, got in around 5c, cozy hold

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What assets will Rsr be backed by? If it’s backed by crypto it’s no better than DAI

It certainly can’t be backed by real world assets or else it would be censorable

Nobody has answered me on this yet

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>throwing away your guarenteed ticket to financial freedom
GL with your strats, I hope it pays off for you.
I feel ya on the wait. It'll be worth it though, it has proven to be thus far and things are only just now starting to move. My largest single early buy was investing ~$2k for 880,000 tokens ($0.0025 entry). I'll see you at the yahct party anon.

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Pic related. From the whitepaper.

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> tokenized real world assets

So censorable, gotcha

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120k here. Hoping its worth half a milly by Q1 2022

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how did you get free UNI?

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> these are the kind of retards who buy RSR
Major sell signal

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Can you provide an argument for why tokenized real world assets would be censorable?

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Same reason tether is censorable

>> No.30303614

Furthermore, mass adoption is happening. Muh censorship meme is so 2010.

>> No.30303708

And what reason would that be?

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non-bro trusters never get fatty moon missions, just leftovers

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Venezuelan here. It is actually ironic the project is getting some attention here and I wanted to buy some @$0.01 yet I'm broke as fuck (surprise).

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you think it's worth contributing Ethereum to Uniswap in exchange of UNI tokens? Is contributing 1 eth even worth it with the fees right now?

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then sign up to the app, and start referring your friends once you're able to, you refer 10 people you get 100$,
put that into rsr and repeat.

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Never selling.

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1.5M bought last June for less than $10k. Now a 6 fig stack and not even close to selling.
>adoption happening right now
>Greyscale interest
>coinbase listing
All still to come

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So is there any chance of this going above one dollar? I mean if this thing hits 1usd I would've made 200k which is pretty fucking cool

>> No.30304955

Yes. And unironically far beyond that.

>> No.30304988

how does 3 cases of fartless beans sound sir?

>> No.30305382

Same bro. Got my 1.6m stack under 1 cent last Spring, been a comfy hold ever since. We’re gonna make it

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Hes going to claim that all their token choices will break from their release schedules or something equally stupid, im sure.

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Was gonna brag about buying in june 2019 but fucking huobi doesn't let me search transactions older than 4 months, wtf... I did find a screenshot in my phone tho.

Anway. Bought my first 600k at 0.003
RSR is the comfiest hold I've ever had. WAGMI

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Anything interesting from the AMA?
Can't find a transcript anywhere

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Based. More young brown meat for Thiel to ravish

>> No.30307265

>Far beyond that
I'm not fudding, I hold a 40k stack of rsr, but I'm curious why you think it will go far beyond that? This coin is legitimately the one I've researched most yet I'm highly sceptical it could replace entire fiat currencies such as all of Venezuela's fiat. Wouldn't mass adoption be required to hit far beyond a dollar? How far do you believe it will go? $10 being fud, $100 being fud?

>> No.30307305

50k here was hoping it would be up more by now

>> No.30307454

Just be patient and buy dips as you see them. The entire market is slow right now and we have not even hit any of our real goals yet. The fact we got almost .08c on some news is enough to feel comfy for me.

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Short term this bull run it is likely to hit a 30-100bn mcap, that's how Ripple performed and already you're seeing absolute shit like Cardano hit obscene mcaps without even having a working product out. If we get into that range, prices in the ball park of $10-25 are theoretically possible. Long term I think it will grow beyond that as they continue working on spreading the service to other countries and getting further adoption.

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how the fuck is it a scam
you just read it and didnt take the time to understand it so you deemed it as obscurantism and a scam
Ill admit its not very clear, but this video really cleared it up for me

if you have any specific criticisms tho please tell me but otherwise im going to assume youre an idiot

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50k stacklet reporting in at 2 cents
are we hitting the magical $56 in 10 years?

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Your digits answer the question, and that answer is yes.

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This, PAID, and Hotdog are my favourite scams of the last year, can't believe newfags still fall for this one

>> No.30307871

Yes, mass adoption would be required. It may not live up to its potential in practice, but if it does, it has seriously high potential. Sam Altman only invests in projects that if they succeed will change the world, like Uber. Even a year ago Delphi Digital did a report showing high end projected RSR burn rate given bull case and stable collateral backing of $56.68 years out. We have already surpassed much of their predictions however, so it's anyone's guess. Later this month their app opens up to everyone in Venezuela, and they are hiring to expand into other countries such as Mexico. I think anything is possible, and that if things go as planned we could see $1 EOY and $10 EOY 2022.

>> No.30307987

Haha yeah, i cant believe we tricked peter thiel into it and that greyscale might fall for it!

>> No.30308030

It's been out since 2019 newfag.

>> No.30308076

what are you even trying to get at? its clear that rsv would rise above a dollar as reserve gains users, as rsv used in transaction fees is taken out of circulation, and as the underlying asset basket appreciates
the excess rsv from the latter 2 processes gets put into the "vault", and arbitragers can exchange rsr for rsv stored in the vault

>> No.30308166

1/10 fud try harder faggot

>> No.30308429

given that if rsr had the same mc as doge, it would be about 72c, $1 RSR within the next 2 years feels almost inevitable barring nevin getting arrested

>> No.30308492

>rsv used in transaction fees is taken out of circulation
Transaction fees represent friction in the system and have no place in a free market crypto economy

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>knew about reserve since around 1 cent
>was too poor to buy more than 100k

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Serious question why would RSV ever trade above a dollar... nobody can tell me why arbitrage opportunities would exist

Bitcoin whales certainly won’t be cashing out into it. Since it’s being marketed to Venezuelans. Why would they buy a $1 stablecoin above a dollar. That’s a losing trade.

>> No.30308897

So you've capitulated and now your fud against the stable coin is muh freemarket fluctuating crypto economy?
>bro its prolly still like .5 or .6 cents rn you don't have to fud yet poorfag, dont blow your wad now lmao

>> No.30308962

1 dollar is a 20x for me and 100x for those who got in even earlier. Even if it doesnt go over a dollar (which it likely will) I think most of us will be alright.

>> No.30309037

And honestly its supposed to be a stable coin so fudding shouldn't work anyway. You know what, nvm. If you get it down to .01 ill get a make it stack

>> No.30309134

A currency that has transaction fees is not ideal.

>> No.30309260

the fee is 0.1% initially and theyll try to lower it over time
this is nothing compared to any other channel that south americans currently use to dollarise

>> No.30309275

You’re retarded and don’t even understand what you’ve invested in.

RSV is the stable coin redeemable for $1 worth of assets. Anybody who buys RSV over a dollar is making a losing trade.

Nobody has explained to me why someone would buy a $1 asset backed stablecoin for over a dollar.

Look at tether. It never trades enough over $1 for there to be significant arbitrage opportunities. There’s no reason to think RSV would be any different Liz

>> No.30309422

Ok yeah, I honestly think RSV could gain use in South America As a better alternative to PayPal. I agree. But I’m in it for the tech. And I don’t see how RSV could scale to be a global currency.

Let’s say RSV eventually becomes a widespread medium of exchange, say $1 trillion market cap, that would require locking up an unsustainable amount of assets. Please I want to have a real discussion I invite anyone to refute me.

>> No.30309562

I literally just answered this >>30308076

every traditional stablecoin pegged to the dollar fluctuates above and below $1 but gets corrected via arbitrage
reserves stablisation mechanism is different but it being a stable coin still broadly relies on the fact that one dollar/dollar equivalent put into their "vault" represents one rsv issued

>> No.30309575

I don't believe in this project. I don't believe it'll ever get a critical mass of users or be taken seriously on a large scale in Venezuela or anywhere else. I think the team are amateurs and the holders are delusional.
But I still hold 100k because none of that shit matters in crypto and it could easily go parabolic on hype alone. For some reason this project is getting a certain amount of hype and I expect to make a bit of money on it. I'm not really sure why, but I'll roll with it.

>> No.30309589

tell me more

>> No.30309715

You would agree, that some sort of stablecoin has a purpose in the market, correct?

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TFW your gains are on the backs of socialist oppressed slaves

>> No.30309762

Since there is apparently a discord group shilling RSR today allow me to share the following information for the financial benefit of newfriends.

Nevin Freeman has no programming skills and a pseudointellectual grasp of crypto, in fact he admits that he didn't even know what it was until a few years ago. At which point of course, he spent a cursory amount of time on the topic before he unilaterally determined that Bitcoin will never blow up (lol). His previous experience, much like half of his team's, consisted of running a number of failed start ups out of the Oakland area. He has in fact been absolutely shocked that Reserve took off and was totally unprepared for it (mainnet launch is still a very, very long ways away).

So why all the high profile backers you might ask? Guys like Peter Thiel and Sam Altman aren't dummies. They know a good pump and dump when they see one. For a limited seed investment of a few hundred thousand dollars each, they were given billions of tokens at a thousandth percentage point of a cent. No one cares if the project fails after mainnet launches, because they will be cashing out for millions and laughing all the way to the bank. Perhaps prematurely you might say - well that is unfortunately a flaw of Thiel's, he buys things early and then sells as soon as he has a profit. Which he does in this case, because of retail idiots pumping his bags.

Coinbase may list this shitcoin after mainnet launches, only to dump on all of you or help their preferred clients do so. Just look at how they ensured that funds like Sequoia or a16z could unload their heavy bags from 2017 by listing garbage like Celo, Loopring, or NuCypher. Before that final blow to your account balance, you will watch this trash pump and dump between a few cents while OG buyers from 2019 profit off of all of you and spend their days laughing while they share screenies in their chatrooms.

Take my advice and just stay away.

>> No.30309814

I assume when you pay for 1 rsv with 1 dollar, reserve turns around and buys 1 dollar worth of tokenised assets in their vault
So funding wouldnt be an issue bc 1 trillion market cap would mean that people have payed reserve 1 trillion in fiat in exchange for 1 trillion rsv

>> No.30309821

Post nose

>> No.30309925

all of this fud is making my cock ROCK fucking hard

>> No.30310033

You’re operating on the assumption of a rational market. If BTC dumps hard then you’ll want your money out of there ASAP. Not to mention that stablecoins fluctuate from their peg all the time. Are you willing to wait and see if BTC will stop dumping and hope it works out fine or will you just swap your BTC when the stablecoin is $1.02?

>> No.30310056

We've bitten off more than we can chew.

That's the strange thing about projects like Reserve. You start doing something that you can't actually handle – at least not alone. And then as it gets out of control you have no choice but to give up entirely.
- Nevin Freeman

>> No.30310083

more fud = cheaper rsv = more for me

>> No.30310133

I agree, but for actual crypto users I don’t see why we would use RSV instead of USDT

But using an app to market it to normies is definitely a huge market that has yet to be untapped.

I guess I don’t understand what you mean by tokenized assets, stocks and commodities could be tokenized I suppose. But right now all that could back it is USDC and tether and I don’t like that idea.

>> No.30310187

So the only time arbitrage opportunities will exist is when BTC is dumping?

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I held RSR for a while until I started to get a massive SJW vibe from the community.

It starts at the top. SJW companies always fail when it comes to crypto.

>> No.30310309

Not even fudding I used to have a million RSR but sold it for AMPL because it seems much simpler and more in line with the core ethos of crypto, a totally separate asset class. ACTUAL decentralized money, not backed by real world assets.

Anyways might by back a small suicide stack, I do think it could moon but I’m in it for the tech.

>> No.30310400

They filter for a "sense of humanity"? Wtf is that supposed to mean?

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>I'm in it for the tech

>> No.30310437

My understanding is : now, the reserve vault is USDx backed, so obviously, RSV shouod always be 1$.
Resrve plan is to have other asset in the vault.
So imagine having 42900 RSV in circulation and one 'BTC' in the vault. RSV is at 1$ because 1 BTC == 42900$. BTC jump to 100000k, with 42900 RSV, RSV value is now above 2$, then arbitrage happens

>> No.30310533

Only coins with good tech last long term

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>Only coins with good tech last long term

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File: 113 KB, 640x480, image2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The next 100x and it could 100x just from Thiel's fanboys finding out about it overnight.

>> No.30310616

The thesis is simple: Assets are a better store of value than the USD. Therefore, a stablecoin backed by assets will outperform one backed by USD in the longterm. If you don't buy that argument, then RSR is not for you. I think it resonates a lot with crypto people tho because it's also the idea behind crypto, freedom from these abusive traditional monetary structures.

>> No.30310679

Are people using it?

>> No.30310742

idk what that guy is on about but arbitrage opportunities exist all the time with all stablecoins
arbitrage wrt rsr works differently https://youtu.be/xqHW9mcHWeM

this is something ive also been skeptical about, but "tokenised asset" just means a token you can swap for an equivalent amount of an underlying asset, ig somewhat like a stablecoin except instead backed by an asset
take for example paxg
if you own paxg, at any time you can request that paxg to be exchanged for the amount of gold it represents

>> No.30310847

Muh thiel

How’s that work out with EOS

>> No.30311112

Im invested in rsr not rsv lmao the fact you had to have it explained like 3 times that the assets locked up are crpyto currencies of equal value suggests you are projecting.
Tether? You mean this tether?
What is your aversion to usdc?

>> No.30311163

>I'm an overly-compassionate non-confrontational beta.

>> No.30311282

>How’s that work out with EOS

It went from pennies to around $10 and $20. Don't get me wrong, I'll be selling a little if Thiel starts talking about it and I get 100x.

>> No.30311590

What to look out for is adoption. For a short-medium trade (6-12 months) that is the only thing that is going to drive the price up outside of the wider crypto market.

A good indicator of adoption is RSV volume. The more money being moved via RSV, the more the Reserve Protocol is being used (if they are not faking these numbers).

Looking at the current numbers -> https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/reserve/


I think making any long-term predictions about RSV/RSR is shit tier speculation. There are too many unknowns. If you find some fundamental flaw with the whitepaper, again I don't really care. Won't affect the price in the next 6-12 months and also it is probably being addressed internally.

>> No.30311835

isnt it all on a closed net atm?

>> No.30311887

>stablecoins fluctuate all the time
>arbitrage opportunities exist when the stablecoin fluctuates
Come on dude, it’s really not that hard

>> No.30312201
File: 202 KB, 1026x832, 1613233764627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We need to make some rsr pepe's, fresh memes needed.
Anybody want to pool in and we commission 4 -5? There's some pretty good pepe guys for hire on fiver.

>> No.30312211
File: 88 KB, 1229x424, Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 6.29.25 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

RSV token has maybe 10 transactions per day, you can see them here:


Also, you can see the RSV trade volume is well under $100k per day on coingecko.

>> No.30312464


That's interesting. Thanks for sharing.

So I guess we don't have the numbers of the actual volume of RSV on the network. I.e. on their app, how many transactions are made with RSV.

>> No.30312573

I'm providing RSR liquidity on xDai.

>> No.30312720

literal pajeet scam coin kek

>> No.30312824

Not that I could find.

There is legitimate interaction with the RSR user facing twitter account


But thats the only usage indicator I could find. Combined with the SJW focus of the CEO, I sold.


>> No.30312893

No it doesn’t, tether almost never traded above a dollar

If a two token system like with RSR existed with tether arbitrage opportunities would be tiny.

>> No.30312995

No PayPal or Venmo (WTF?) in Venezuela. Reserve allows for feeless transactions and it also allows for people to buy dollars using Bolivars at a low price. It's quite literally the only service that accepts Bolivars in exchange for USD there is, thanks to strong currency controls Venezuelans can't but dollars freely, so there is a huge black market of foreign currency at sky-high prices.

>> No.30313022

Tech, supply, all irrelevant. We've seen absolute shit coins moon harder. Picture this: grayscale filed for RSR fund in Delaware. Meaning: boomers might be able to buy RSR on the stock market. In addition to this, it is heavily implied that RSR will be on paypal in one way or another. Imagine the fomo of normal fags being channeled by the stock market into RSR's marketcap. The simple reality that it will be available on paypal, coinbase and the stock market make it a crazy moonmission regardless of tech

>> No.30313104

the app def doesnt use the eth network to transact

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This is me with 40k rsr, because crypto is crypto I fully expect to take out my 2m when rsr hits $56 and buy a house on the hills in my city. Will I also purchase a tesla? Yes, yes I think I will.

>> No.30313220

>helping people in socialist hellhole to save their savings from hyperinflation is SJW
The SJW thing to do would be to claim that they're all fine and how Maduro is the best president in the world.

>> No.30313261

I think they do use ETH, but most of the transactions are off chain. Perhaps they are batched. This describes some of it


>> No.30313458
File: 9 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Read my lips, no eth fees.

>> No.30313509

Got a 5k stack, am I gtmi?

>> No.30313802

Separate IDs on the eth chain. They use relayers. So youll never actually know unless they release their addresses or keep them public.
>per your link:
"they pass the signed data to a relayer, who then submits it to the blockchain on their behalf, paying the gas necessary for the transaction."

>> No.30313863

yeah thats what I was getting at

>> No.30314086
File: 12 KB, 809x371, tether.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hey brainlet, doing some simple research to back up your claims is good for you

>> No.30314148

Transactions are done off-chain mostly.

Venezuelans earn at most 100 $ a month. Requiring them to pay 120 $ just in gas fees would be stupid.

>> No.30314161
File: 159 KB, 768x1024, 1351811924765.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone post the simulation that was run with various adoptions of RSR? The one where the $56 price target was speculated.

>> No.30314302

lol at the people saying that nevin hiring people from the countries in which they launch their project is a bad thing
if anything sjw shit is a good thing bc it gives them a leg up for institutional backing/investment

>> No.30314517

40k here, not selling either. I want one of them Venezuelan gf before I make it.

>> No.30314518

250k pretty comfy

>> No.30314963
File: 29 KB, 730x307, Screenshot_20210305-120245.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30315279

I got 2k in my poofolio, I'm new

>> No.30315843

>for actual crypto users
rsv is for everyday transactions, not crypto users

>> No.30316388

Where to buy and where to stake
Apy %?

>> No.30316481

Explain Cardano then

>> No.30316552

Buy on Binance or huobi and stake on the secret network to earn scrt. Apy was around 20% last I checked.

>> No.30316874

Thanks anon, secret network?

>> No.30316936

dont you need scrt to stake scrt?

>> No.30317039
File: 1.01 MB, 1888x1435, 1594132797446.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30317076
File: 24 KB, 308x411, 1614905262326.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is a scam. It was made by Nevin Freeman (known scammer). Proceed with caution

>> No.30317360
File: 2.59 MB, 4032x3024, 20210305_211310.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Venezuelan here, RSR is a scam, the exchange rate they provide is utter shit, binance P2P has no fees and the rate is 30% better people who use RSR are people that they pay to use it and lure people that don't know any better

>> No.30317423

Mining, not staking, for scrt. My mistake. Only really worth it if you lock away a significant amount.

>> No.30317452


trying to get more bags i see

>> No.30317514

>It was made by Nevin Freeman (known scammer).
I googled his name and didn't see anything obvious. Care to expand on that or tell me what to seach for?

>> No.30317969

do you happen to have the rest of the delphi report on rsr? its paywalled

>> No.30318033


psssst.......it's a lie

>> No.30318093

hey venezuelian here,rsv hire mercenary to force people to adopt their coin at gunpoint

>> No.30318132
File: 31 KB, 500x459, reserve.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No that's all I have

>> No.30318200
File: 32 KB, 116x128, 1605752242560_1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nevin literally just called me and told me that there is no product and that there never was and never will be. I feel like such a fucking retard. I hung up on him instantly. blocked him from facebook and twitter. I can't believe i fell for his scam.(again)

>> No.30318220


>> No.30318221
File: 523 KB, 2543x2212, Untitled-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Top is Reserve, bottom is Binance P2P. Reserve is only slightly higher, and you get Spanish speaking support rather than risking your money with CZscam.

I bet you don't even have beta access, kek

>> No.30318310
File: 1.75 MB, 306x205, 1609595767537.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is simply no way you are going to get rich with RSR.

First of all, why does RSV need RSR? Why not just peg to the US dollar? Do you think Pedro in Venuzuela gives a fuck about a basket of assets. Fuck no. He just wants to buy a loaf of bread. US dollars are enough to do that, because relative to the bolivar, the USD is stable as fuck. So all Pedro needs is USDT.

The only timeline where this sees mass adoption, is in a total collapse of the USD, and then you tards will be selling your stacks to buy food - if your stacks are actually worth anything, because Theil will have exited with his 1000x long before that.

tl;dr There is no possibility of mass adoption for Reserve, it's a fucking back-of-a-napkin science-fair tier scam, loosely wrapped in a facade of social responsibility.

>> No.30318399

Paid RSR shill

>> No.30318634

Expect RSR to dump a bit though in the coming weeks. Nevin was just talking about how their are releasing more tokens...like a lot of rsr tokens

>> No.30318795

>says RSR instead of RSV
yeah okay

>> No.30318803

I'm definitely getting paid by RSR mooning

someone post the token unlock chart

>> No.30318856


he mentions a blog post in this AMA he did today that I'm listening to but I can't fucking find it to get a real idea of what 'alot' is

>> No.30319439


>> No.30319474

It's 3.81% of the total supply, so 3,810,000,000

but I'm talking about a chart that shows that after every token unlock, there's a huge pump

>> No.30319618

>First of all, why does RSV need RSR?
I'm willing to believe in the project and not necessarily as bearish as you, but this was my first question upon having my interest piqued by RSR and after reading through this thread and the docs and thus thread I still don't have an answer to this question.

RSRchads: what is the value proposition for hodling RSR? Why should its value (whether measured in USD or sats or whatever else) increase? ELI5

>> No.30320073
File: 141 KB, 816x1008, IMG_20210209_050449_440.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they said they plan to release them slowly over the course of months so as to not affect the price too much
months still seems short tho so Im also skeptical about that

>First of all, why does RSV need RSR? Why not just peg to the US dollar?
A true stable currency needs to be able to be independent of geopolitical risk
even though the USD is stable for the moment this may not always be true. Eventually RSR would like to be stable without a peg, and thus also be independent of the inflation that comes with fiat. The main function of RSR is part of an extra stabilisation mechanism where if the tokenised assets depreciate/default then reserve can sell off RSR to replenish their vault.

>Do you think Pedro in Venuzuela gives a fuck about a basket of assets. Fuck no. He just wants to buy a loaf of bread. US dollars are enough to do that, because relative to the bolivar, the USD is stable as fuck. So all Pedro needs is USDT.
I dont think you understand that the venezuelan govt tries their hardest to prevent venezuelans from acquiring dollars. They cant just pull up some CEX and buy usdt with their shitty fucking bolivars. Reserve is one of the few avenues that allows them to buy a usd pegged stablecoin directly

>> No.30320228

>Eventually RSR would like to be stable without a peg,
This is mathematically incoherent. There is no such thing as "stability" in this sense without some kind of "peg." The concepts are interchangeable.

>> No.30320298

>The main function of RSR is part of an extra stabilisation mechanism where if the tokenised assets depreciate/default then reserve can sell off RSR to replenish their vault.
"Depreciate" relative to what? USD? How is that supposed to work in the eventual absence of a USD peg? And again, and most importantly: how does hodling RSR make you money?

>> No.30320330


read my posts and just read the whitepaper and watch this https://youtu.be/xqHW9mcHWeM you lazy piece of shit

>> No.30320433

Did you miss the part where I said I read the whitepaper, directly cited your posts, and asked questions that you haven't answered because I still don't understand why or how holding RSR is supposed to make anyone money (apart from its purely speculative value)?

>> No.30320520
File: 258 KB, 1024x711, 1603684276338.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Piece of shit stable coin.

>> No.30320810
File: 68 KB, 1022x731, itsallsotiresome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is my last response
the people in this thread are actually fucking retarded
>There is no such thing as "stability" in this sense without some kind of "peg."
It would just act as an independent asset with an exchange rate to other currencies
the value of gold is somewhat stable, it just rises in price bc it tracks inflation

>"Depreciate" relative to what? USD? How is that supposed to work in the eventual absence of a USD peg?
nigger you can still track the value of something in terms of something else thats not what the fucking term "peg" means
but yes, relative to USD. Obv there I was talking about the stage where RSR is still pegged to the USD, it wouldnt make sense otherwise
admittedly idk how that works when the come off the peg but thats so far in the future im not worried about it for now

>how does hodling RSR make you money?
fuck you

>> No.30320867

no you fucking didnt or youd understand how rsr is burned
you are actually so fucking retarded its amazing

>> No.30321028

>the value of gold is somewhat stable

>you can still track the value of something in terms of something else thats not what the fucking term "peg" means

>admittedly idk how that works when the come off the peg

>fuck you

Yep looks like >>30318310 and perhaps >>30309762 were right all along. I guess theoretically you could make some money buying RSR under a dollar and selling once it plateaus, but there is no way it's ever going to appreciate beyond like $1.02 or something.

>> No.30321130

>here is no way it's ever going to appreciate beyond like $1.02 or something.
Why that target specifically?

>> No.30321230

>Why that target specifically?
Because as soon as its value exceeds $1 (/1 RSV) arbitrage bots will take advantage of the price disparity. In fact $1.02 is literally the example in their whitepaper. It's basically mathematically impossible for RSR to exceed $1, and the more it exceeds $1 by, the more arbitrage pressure will exist, and thus the faster its price will return to $1

>> No.30321376
File: 704 KB, 1834x2448, 1605820464205.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i like

>> No.30321696

$1.02 is referring to the price of RSV. RSR can be any price because the arbitrage smart contract will sell $1 worth of RSR, which can be a fraction of 1 RSR

>> No.30321763

And why would the value of 1 RSR exceed the value of 1 RSV? What market pressures would lead to this outcome?

>> No.30322132


>What Happens When the Collateral Tokens Depreciate
>Collateral tokens are somewhat volatile. While we may be able to select a portfolio with minimal downside risk, the reality is that drops in the collateral tokens' value will happen. When this happens, the Reserve Protocol will sell newly minted Reserve Rights tokens for additional collateral tokens and add them to the backing.

Literally How is this different from the Federal Reserve creating new fiat? Lmao. "When the value of our currency drops, we will turn the magic money printer on and use freshly printed RSR to buy non-RSR denominated assets. This won't result in an inflationary spiral, because uhhhhhh reasons"

>> No.30322157

Part speculation that drives the whole crypto market, part investing as if everything works out, arbitrage is a virtually risk-free method of making gains. There is also token burn. RSR can function regardless if it's $0.5, $1, or $10, and this price is solely dependent on the open market.

>> No.30322485

Arbitrage is great but isn't going to drive up the price of RSR by itself. Maybe I should put this differently: people invest because investments give you returns, either via appreciation or via dividends or some combination. RSR does not directly give dividends and there is no reason why it should appreciate other than its utility in the arbitrage operation. That's not nothing but what is it actually worth on the open market to people who aren't buying it purely because crypto assets inevitably form speculative bubbles? Do you see my point?

>> No.30323124

RSR has a fixed supply that burns via a variety of mechanisms Ive mentioned multiple times now, its inherently deflationary
all your fucking arguments are baseless and delusional

>> No.30323376

Who the fuck cares if it's deflationary? You know what else is deflationary? Literally every fucking element on the periodic table you stupid motherfucker. Just because it's "deflationary" doesn't mean it's worth shit

>> No.30323564

That's not exactly true. Some elements are like that but not all

>> No.30323588

this. currently at 19%. don't know how much longer the bridge mining is lasting though. I recall them saying it was ending soonish.

>> No.30323894
File: 56 KB, 720x696, finneganswake.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30323930


Can you guys explain staking for scrt?
What sort of risks does staking involve and what kind of returns will I see with a 3m stack of reservies?

>> No.30323987

I'm assuming proton decay. In any case, entropy always wins

Yes post more memes dumbfuck I want your retardation on full display for anyone who stumbles across this thread

>> No.30324095

Conflating the value of the two is just as arbitrary as setting any other price point. The protocol could just as easily exchange 1 RSV for 0.5 of an RSR (if RSR's market price was $2, for instance) as it could 1 RSV for 100 RSR (if RSR's market price was $0.01).

>> No.30324111

fuck off and buy a logan paul nft u cocksucker,
I've already made a quarter of a million profit with rsr, bite me.

>> No.30324407

I understand this. My question stands: what market pressure, beyond speculative appreciation, exists to drive up the price of RSR?

You lucked out on a purely hype driven 100x or whatever and you're too fucking stupid to understand that past performance has no necessary relationship with future results. NGMI.

>> No.30324459
File: 515 KB, 722x496, 1312312412312132 (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30324464

>elements are deflationary
Holy shit i thought this guy was just doing shit fudding but he's actually just retarded. This reminds me of the bodybuilder forum argument where some retard spent like 5 pages trying to argue there were 8 days in a week.

>> No.30324525

how does rsv as an erc 20 token scale across all of venezuela, or all of the third world?

>> No.30324547

Adoption you literal troglodyte. Where do you think the max of 55 dollars came from? That was explained in the first 5 minutes of the video you lied about watching. The two assets are used to keep each other in check. Maybe go read the white paper again, clearly you forgot everything.

>> No.30324564

Increasing scarcity versus demand.

>> No.30324565

Go mint yourself some new carbon you retarded faggot

>> No.30324634

"Scarcity" means nothing. Anything can be made artificially scarce, and many things are naturally scarce. What drives the demand?

>> No.30324667

I wish i could mint new braincells after watching you struggle for 13 posts with your hand held the whole way.

>> No.30324689
File: 200 KB, 470x512, axe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

reading through this thread it's a bit obvious you're either pretending to be a retard or actually a retard. like what the fuck do periodic table elements have to do with crypto?

>> No.30324731

Profit from use of the protocol, driven in turn by demand for RSV.

>> No.30324821

But the profit only exists through arbitrage, which is independent of the value of RSR. You can make the same arbitrage when RSR is 1 cent as when RSR is 1 USD.

Why do they call Bitcoin "digital gold" you fucking moron

>> No.30324928
File: 1.62 MB, 416x414, dancin.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what does bitcoin being "digital gold" have to do with RSR? and why does it matter that the protons of gold decay away or whatever? did you forget to take your meds?

>> No.30325017

Arbitrage involves in token burn and a lower RSR value results in a higher burn rate as more of it is used in the exchange. Consistent demand with a decreasing supply drives price upwards in any market.

>> No.30325036
File: 57 KB, 1080x373, IMG_20210306_170922.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30325271

Put differently: the only reason to buy RSR other than speculation that its value will increase (this is a bad reason to buy RSR) is to profit from arbitrage. Except, you can profit equally from arbitrage irrespective of the value of RSR. If anything, all else being equal, that should drive the price of RSR lower rather than higher.

The argument is that RSR has value because it is "deflationary." My point is that just because something is "deflationary" doesn't automatically mean it has value. There needs to be some reason why the scarce asset is in demand, otherwise its scarcity is irrelevant to its price. Neptunium is both scarce and deflationary but it is not a store of value. Do you get it yet?

>> No.30325351

Already addressed >>30325017

>> No.30325546

can you really not understand that the source of demand is that more and more people will want to get into the arbitrage mechanics? You're viewing this like the level of interest in the coin will remain permanently static.

>> No.30325555

>Consistent demand with a decreasing supply drives price upwards in any market.
This is true up to the point of equilibrium. My question is how much people are going to be willing to pay for the opportunity to arb RSV (which is the only value in principle for RSR).

I don't think RSR is "a scam" or anything but I do think it's too cute by half. Furthermore the team seems to think, like many of the posters ITT, that scarcity will create its own demand, and they are using the rhetoric of giving brown people in South America a way to avoid hyperinflation (a noble goal in itself) as a way to distract from the absence of inherent profitability.

>> No.30325604

More and more people are going to want to compete with an army of bots leveraging split second arbitrage opportunities on a fraction of a cent? The biggest of Xes to doubt, my friend

>> No.30325712

>My question is how much people are going to be willing to pay for the opportunity to arb RSV (which is the only value in principle for RSR).
Would it matter to them if they're making the same % profit regardless?

>> No.30325765

then let the army of bots buy up the rsr supply, thereby increasing the price, to perform the arbitrage, and come along for the ride. for fuck sake, you're thinking so narrow mindedly

>> No.30325794
File: 90 KB, 893x768, cat counting her money.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ok, but it's obvious not just a random deflationary ERC-20, it's used for arbitrage with RSV and as a governance token for the reserve protocol. it has value outside of just being deflationary.
team has said they are looking into ways to just pool your RSR rather than rely on individually arbitraging (similar to mining pools) back in september.
if you actually cared, you could go through some of nevin's AMAs, he answered a lot of the problems you're talking about. or just ask him on twitter.

>> No.30325813


jesus christ you're an idiot, what do you hold idiot?
Are you the guy who was incessantly fudding from a quarter of a cent? You sound like the "it'll never reach a penny" guy. Do us all a favour and mind your business, everything you're saying has already been debunked in ama's and by the big brains in here / every other reserve thread, take your elementary school ideas elsewhere.

>> No.30325832
File: 349 KB, 302x320, dancing.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

though to be fair, a lot of the posters arguing with you also don't understand the protocol as well and probably also haven't been paying attention to the AMAs and medium articles/etc

>> No.30325973
File: 204 KB, 961x1280, 1613710561604.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the telegram and twitter are full of idiot moonboys but most people on here seems to have a solid grasp of rsr / the protocol from what I've seen in the last few years..

>> No.30326435

>then let the army of bots buy up the rsr supply, thereby increasing the price, to perform the arbitrage, and come along for the ride
At that point (buying in the hope that the price goes up for reasons that have nothing to do with your actions) you're literally just gambling and are probably better off with the food token of the week

>governance token
"governance tokens" are retarded. I appreciate your engagement but I think I've seen enough. I sincerely wish for RSR hodlers get insanely wealthy but I just don't see the profit opportunity for randos buying stacks. In fact thinking about it further even with pooled RSR arbitrage would be a function of volatility in the collateral tokens, however volatility is literally the very last thing you want with currency collateral. So the better RSV's collateral does its job, the worse the profit opportunity for RSR. This project just doesn't add up UNLESS it's seen as a fundamentally humanitarian endeavor. Which is fine, and there is a use case there... but don't expect to get rich from it.

>> No.30326748

please tell us the coins that you are invested in and so confidently believe that have the intrinsic value that you are looking for in crypto

>> No.30326986
File: 87 KB, 2354x1147, reserve protocol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's the problem with governance tokens? it's a decentralized protocol, so it makes sense that decisions for it, like the assets, etc will be made in a decentralized way. they are not memes, look at how successful AAVE and UNI are. arbitrage is just pic related, it's not that complex/hard to understand why it will be profitable

>> No.30327102

95% of my net worth is in dividend paying securities (mostly ETFs) and real estate. I regard my crypto plays as moonshots but ones based on, as you say, some kind of intrinsic value, primarily for enterprise blockchain solutions. Anyway since you asked: GRT LTO HBAR and ALGO, in descending order of bullishness. Also looking very carefully at ROSE

>> No.30327271

>what's the problem with governance tokens?
Democracy is retarded and that goes triple for fake and gay internet "elections." AAVE is overvalued but still worth something, not because it allows you to "vote" (lol), but because it's the native staking token for their LP and the most efficient way to receive a cut of proceeds.

>> No.30327806
File: 941 KB, 1200x999, comfy nanachi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean, that's just your opinion. if the argument is purely whether or not RSR is worth buying then I would say, even if you think it's a meme, many other people do not and would happily buy in to participate in governance and have the opportunity for arbitrage, so it does have value to hold and will probably be one the best performers this bullrun. not to mention, reserve is incredibly ambitious and is going to spread to other parts of the world, starting with the rest of south america and spain. if everything goes decently well it's very possible we see $1 this bullrun and $10+ later down the line

>> No.30328112

hmm, you're not as retarded as I thought,
I only hold rsr, grt, algo and rose, surprising you're not into rsr but that's your call.

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