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Shill me the next 10x with good fundamentals that isn't a flash scamwick impossible to time and explain exactly why.
It doesn't need to be shitcoins, stocks too.
Buzzworded pajeet scams to be ignored.

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FOAM is releasing their decentralized GPS Box next month called FOAM Lite.

Its a Oracle for Maps/Locations in physical space.


IQ 120+ obly, as this is literally the next ChainLink

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SOUL, just popping off with partnerships and farming

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Alphadex. Utility coin for Kitten Finance that has a 230k marketcap!

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TFT (The Famous Token)

Extremely Normie-attractive NFT project.

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You are welcome

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There are none better than Bancor, especially if you have 100k+ to stake

>100% impermanent loss protection after staking for 100 days.
>Great yields, great volume, TVL on platform is steadily climbing. 100m in january 2021, 1.2b now.
>Team are true OG status, invented the protocols that AMM like Uniswap use
>token itself sitting at 700m marketcap vs >3b for it's competitors
>L2 based on Arbitrum coming; testnet since early January. Front end interface for test net was just released. 50x reduction in gas fees as soon as it's out.
>limit orders and general UI update coming very soon
>Bancor Vortex being rolled out as we speak, gives Bancor Aave-like functionality: you basically get a token to spend on other shitcoins or restake for your collateral in BNT
>Deflationary burn from Vortex^ coming soon, swaps on vBNT will have a fee in BNT that will be burned.
>favored staking platform of huge Link whales. Bancor has the most Link liquidity out of any dex.
>Atomic LP swaps from/to other pools coming
>Polkdadot bridge coming

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Im not reading post that only contain some pajeet token.

Why does anyone need a token for that.

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Agave token. aave clone on xdai. 3 days on market. Less than 30k circ supply. 14m mcap

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We have constant threads

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