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With binance being down, what's your guys favorite or top coin picks under 10c and why.

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look interesting but the list keeps going and theres too many to look into, not to mention theres a few bordering the 10c range which also seem very interesting

how can a brainlet figure out which ones a good one to turn a small stack into a decent starter stack

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>under 10c
Coin price means nothing, anon

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There is only one right answer

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I want to be that apu. Living the dream...

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Jupiter because its a ceo is mega based, 20 year military vet, coms chief/systems admin. Building a govt compliant product with privacy and encryption first and foremost

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Didn't say it did, only asking to narrow it down

but the feeling of getting in something early and getting a large stack in the hopes of it 1 day reaching a dollar or more is a good feeling

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VRA. I'm already staking for one month.

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What's holding you back?

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Need my own land first. Im saving, just hoping prices adjust in the next year or two.

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Why are you measuring by cents and not Mcap?

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MDX but it's 15 cents, so kinda cheating

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The jew fears the indoor chicken farmer.

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BonFi is a hidden gem. Not because the AI meme will do anything but just be some shitty algo but the site is good and it has the potential to be the flavor of the week and 10x day now.

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Harmony One

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Eoy price predictions anon? I might have to scoop up a bag soon

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10c EOY 2021, 70c EOY 2022. I'm in it for the long game.

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unironically LCX and if you have to ask why you are not allowed to know.

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bet your enjoying that spike

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It does to people who don't understand market cap, which means it affects the likelihood of a coin pumping from low-information buyers, which means it should mean something to informed buyers.
Keynesian beauty contest.

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My exchange doesn’t sell doge :’(

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Time to get a better exchange, my friend!

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Under 10c means I can buy a shit ton of them. If it goes to $1, $10, or $1000 I will be fucking rich. Idiot

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CELR. Get a big bag while you still can anon.

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not if the market cap is big or the distribution is bad. in that case a million retards like OP won't save you

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