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>6 ft tall
>6 inch dick
>6 figs

Is this considered the suicide stack for life?

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>7 inch dick
>Low mid 6 figures
Literally means nothing if you have a mental condition (autism)

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The 777 Rule
>7 Big Chungus
>7 Reddit Golds
>7 Reply to this or your mothers dies in her sleep tn

Is this the final redpill? Is this how you win the the internet? Is this the life make-it stack? Is this epic?

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I do alright with my autism/aspergers . I just cant keep long term relationships.
I think its the make it stack.
If you can eat good pussy too you can be legend in her social circle.

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This. Autism is 100% over territory. Even if you can attract girls, you have no way of recognizing feelings or emotionally connecting to people.

t. Autist who found this out too late.

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>6 figs tall
>6 foot dick
>6 inch stack of shitcoins

Fuck you man

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The only long term relationships I have are ones I made as a small child. And even then, it's so easy to just let people slip away...

It sounds like I'm full of regrets. But in reality, I feel none, I'm more intrigued by the thought of it all.

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>tfw just a little under each
So close but not quite :(

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>If you can eat good pussy too you can be legend in her social circle.

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> suicide stack for life

I think that's the best way to describe it by far.

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I still don't know what a suicide stack means.

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Minimum you require of something to prevent you from roping when that thing appreciates.

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I see. Thanks.

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> 5'11"

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You can be 8 feet tall, if you have bad genes it means nothing. My buddy is 6'10 and hasn't been laid in over a decade

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>6 foot tall
>8.5 inch dick
>low 6 figs
>look like an autistic version of pic related

haven't had a fuck in over a year. hold me brehs

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We travel the same path anon..

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Honestly, it feels like I got cucked out of a otherwise perfect life, I'm doing what I can to improve but it's hard

Seriously considering buying a neuralink to try and "fix" it

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you can lie about the inch if you're a true 5'11. women will never know.

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Sometimes I feel like we already are 2.0 software.

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Six six six, the number of the beast
Hell and fire was spawned to be released

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>8 inches
>under 1k
Hello darkness

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>3.1 mil

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My has a curve in it, how profit?

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>this thread
>The responses

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>5' dick
>5 figs

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> 6.7inch
> multi-millionaire entrepreneur
> Chad looks

Girls actually think I'm 6 foot and packing heat lmao. Being a chad and wealthy casts quite the illusion.

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fucking kek'd

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> 6 figs

Don't be mean /biz/

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Hard disagree , Its only been a hindrance for me(aside from emotionless trading maybe)

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>tfw 5'9 subhuman manlet

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I don't care that I'm "autistic" I will do what I want

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>6 ft tall
how about no? lanklet.

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the cope

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You should be a better friend and suck his dick once in a while

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6 figs as in salary or net worth?

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>He got nice argument therefore it's a cope
I truly fell bad for your lanklets that all you got going for you is height because the brain is lacking..
Good luck having to gym 10hours a day to get the same shape I get in 2 weeks.

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>>When the internet makes passive aggressive people angry angry.

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666 Rule is the minimum to have a decent life.
This means travel, good health, respect and popularity, love, and everything else.
Though 6 figures in Los Angeles and New York is bullshit

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8 foot tall here
10 inch dick
1m in btc

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>6 foot
>have all my hair
>made six figures before bull run
>can’t get a gf unless she’s fat or ugly

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Do you have an even more autistic grin?

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Yes + no more then 16% body fat

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I like how it’s a brown mexican with deformed teeth as the Chad. Kek

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I meet the 666 rule and still just barely made the cutoff for fucking decent looking girls in LA.

you actually need an extra 6 out there, which are 6 pack abs, or you're not gonna be competing with the models and athletes out there

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>5.7 inches
>5.7 figures
if you need satanic figures to make it you're already dead

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The cope, kek

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All this, but unironically.

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>5'8"" tall
>4.7 in dick
>5 figs

pardon my asian gene

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You're not attractive.

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MFW only 5"12

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such a based image

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Autists are the worst. Just don’t treat people like shit and listen to what they are saying.

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you will die

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hmmm yes I think you're on to something anon

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5 inch dick
5 figs
you tell me anon

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Being Autistic means you can't or have trouble reading social cues.....

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Strong mark

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Also fat women are not people

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That’s cool. I get paid to be photographed but ok I guess.

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6 digit- i make my money by night

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>6 ft tall [ x ]
>6 inch dick [ x ]
6 figs [ ]
>6 oz gold [ x ]
Just short lol I'm NGMI

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666 is the number of the beast. Make it numbers are 777.

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stone yourself faggot

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