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I just learned about bitcoin cryptocurrency today. I think this could be a huge thing going forward and I want to try to learn more before the average joe learns about this cryptocurrencies. There is value to being early to the party and I want to take my seat at the front. Can anyone explain to me which bitcoin is the best to buy?

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BAT so you can get just’d by google in a few months

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please tell me this is a troll and you're not somebody this fucking stupid, my jimmies are rustled

you shouldn't be buying it if you're this new or don't understand it. don't ask people to spoonfeed you or you'll be shilled shitcoins like BAT

(in before HEX, XRP)

jesus fucking christ i hate normies

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If Google is using then surely this could be promising. I will check this out for sure.
I am trying to get in before the masses. No one learning and buying the coins now is "new". Maybe in 10 years when this is mainstream but not yet.

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learn how to self-custody your shit first
learn that it's not "other bitcoins"
stop trying to get rich quick

unironically this low effort low iq I WANT GIBS could only come from a minions facebook image you'd expect from a nigger boomer

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Xrp is really cheap and lots of knowledgeable people say it's good so I might buy many of them

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you're either a 10/10 troll or so fucking hopeless that please just financial suicide

nobody knowledgeable shills XRP

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If xrp becomes the new bitcoin I will have 1 million dollars and will buy a mansion and lamborghini. Unreal

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good b8

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