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/biz/ has lost its way, did it ever have the way?

DISCLAIMER: this is a $BOG shill thread.

Look anons, I've been rugged more times than I can imagine. I went into $BOG fully imagining getting out at 10x and watching the bagholders seethe.

Then I read the unbelievably unique contract and checked for copies on tokensniffer: https://bscscan.com/address/0xd7b729ef857aa773f47d37088a1181bb3fbf0099#code

Then they published the whitepaper: https://boggedfinance.medium.com/the-bogged-protocol-lightpaper-16c7394e250f

Then I saw the devs constantly active in the tg, answering every question, consistently following through on promises.

Then I saw the community giving their own money to new people so they could stake LP and afford gas.

Then I saw there were no jeets spamming moon gifs and begging in the tg because we didn't have an airdrop or a presale.

You guys realize not everything is a PAJEET SCAM right? Real projects start here. And we're just trying to get you in in the first few days before we cross the dollar mark and never look back.

$BOG will NEVER return to cent levels. It is a mid-hold now, not a shitcoin.

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>Yeah bro it's totally legit
Pretty sure it's the same people mass producing project after project making bank on /biz/tards money

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Compare the graphs and take a moment to consider how much of a braindead scumfuck you are

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Did you mean to post the $BOG chart, anon?

Here, at least read the whitepaper, and join the tg and look around. If you invest and lose money, post your wallet and I will personally cover half your losses (not all of your losses kek, DYOR faggot)

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haha, nice joke
my bro’s will never go for this shilling on 4chan
we are not an idiots

>JULB -all on yields on Jul and Jul trading

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Based thread

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Biz is filled with newfags who call everything new, a pajeet scam and pajeets who call anything that takes attention away from their pajeet scams, a pajeet scan.

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Anon check this out


Future of crypto

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Biztards will desperately clutch onto their dog coins and food tokens and fud anything which threatens their earnings. If they stopped for a minute and actually took the time to read into BOG they'd find this coins fucking unique and actually unironically a sound investment

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You should learn a bit about crypto. So anything that shows up now is a McDonald's coin rip off? The BOG coin is unique in the BSC environment and actually has a use for other BSC projects. Grow up

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Imagine buying something where you automatically enter at nearly 6% loss and exit with a 6% loss. Obviously none of you fanboys studied finance in uni. It was a good risk at .22 when I bought, but not now that it can’t even convincingly pass 70

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Nice FUD, tx fees due to be removed when BogTools start launching.

Leaving swingies like you SEEETHING

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I bought a small amount at 20 cents, seriously considering buying more but i can already feel the rug moving underneath me. How high can this realistically go? Couple of dollars?

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Lol do you have a degree in economics from the university of Mumbai?

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That's my conservative estimate, $3-$5. But as long as devs keep delivering, it can plausibly reach tens of dollars, especially if everyone ends up using bogtools for charts and limit orders. The Bogdanoff-themed ARG with rewards is just the cherry on top. Oh and, do you like NFTs, anon? I heard Logan Paul and the NBA are doin a lil sum with those. Well if you like them...strap in, fren

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yeah, i just bought back in...all my posts were fud to try to get it cheaper. i'm tired now, so i'm done until we get to $1 or so. for those who panicked...thanks, i'll take it from here. remember kids, never trust biz ;-)

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Checked, 4chan's favorite digits, and the soon-to-be official coin of /biz/

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It has so many uses in the BSC environment. Not just a coin called BOG and some crazy APR Farms for 10 mins until the one of the 10 holders pulls the rug

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I am now seething. Gj

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yeah im sure 1 comment drove the price down nice one :-)

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Hoge is much better

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Already at 80 cents HAHAHAHA THE COPE

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