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over 8000 subgraphs are in the process of being transferred over to the graphs decentralized mainnet.
Once this happens all those projects using those subgraphs will have to pay GRT to query blockchain data.
Yaniv Tal was a genius in this regard.
He got everyone hooked on his product for free, now they have to pay the fee or start all over.
The team said that all subgraphs will be on mainnet before the end of summer. Q3.
Time is running out.
GRT will not be under $2 for much longer.
$10 end of year is guaranteed.
When you have hundreds of projects all competing to buy GRT to fuel their projects.
The biggest increase in demand will come from the uniswap subgraph is ported over.
Once that happens it's game over.
Query fees will rain down upon us like a never ending monsoon, and price will go absolutely parabolic.

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You forget to mention that all those “VC dump” coins are actually going to be staked as indexing nodes by the VCs themselves meaning that all of that competition for GRT by the apps in Web3 will take place over only ~12% of the supply.

How parabolic do you think this gets when everyone in blockchain is fighting over only 1.2B GRT?

Did you think every major VC firm fought for a piece of this project just to dump at the first opportunity? Everyone FUDs GRT as if the June dump is going to crater the price. It’s going to do the exact opposite.

>2.6B staked and counting

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What’s a make it stack?

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Idk anything desu senpai's, but I'm holding a 10k stack.

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I hope you’re right, this coin is my way out.. for a bit at least got 9332 just trying to get to 10k before it moons, should be able to once we get stimulus checks

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Won't the price crash in June because of the supply drop?

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My theory is that the price will probably dip quite a bit when those tokens get dumped the price will dip quite a bit. But once those tokens get bought up and delegated, the price is going to fucking skyrocket

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doubtful~ if there is a dip it'll be because of believing fud like this. 25%+ of the supply is already staked to the network & it takes 28 days to undelegate

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What's the suicide/make it stack for this? Hopefully Bidenbucks will coincide with payday for me.

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10k suicide
100k make it

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crypto will go up (maybe?) and then go down down down down down down together with the rest of everything as the world goes to shit

once its really far down im gonna buy ETH and then probably starve to death

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ETH was at $100 1 year ago. You didn't buy then. You also wouldn't buy now. You're a fag and will continue to be so.

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I have a question, I have 18k GRT to stake but haven't staked yet because I'm still not fully intyo all that.
Question: Will one of the large indexers right now still be worth it 6 months down the line? Or will the coming of all these new subgraphs see everyone switch to different indexers?
Basically what I want to know is, is it safe to park my shit at something like p2p for the next 6 months or is that too risky?

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everyone here laughs on your shit
smart boy will check just liquidity yields
my purse is safe with juld coins

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how to get grt

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This is a good question that I wish I knew the answer too. They started doing a "know your indexer" on their forums. Might be a good idea to reach out there or on their Discord


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its on coinbase

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I only hold 4,000 graphies. I feel like I'm not gonna make it.
I also hold 11 billion SHIBA...

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Anyone got the "10bil is unironically not enough coins" image?

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Is it gonna crash in the next couple days when all the people who bought during the pump will be able to undelegate?

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>next couple days
You mean in around 12-20hrs?

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>tfw got 200k for free (curator chad)
I literally going to make it with 0 dollars invested.

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Priced in.
You can see how many coins have been undelegated during the pump.
The real question is when the upcoming supply increase is going to be priced.

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I'm waiting for the Sunday/Monday dump. Might go all in on GRT. Hoping that the current macroeconomic situation doesn't kill this bullrun or I'll have bought at the top though.

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>Sunday/Monday dump

Why is this a thing? Is it that people with normie work hours during the week hold stablecoins during the week, then swing on weekends?

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I already jumped out of P2P last week due to this.

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there's only like 3200 subgraphs listed on their website wheres the other 5000?

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Thanks im jsut praying to kek enough people move out, other wise im moving to one with the biggest (or second biggest to avoid popularity) capacity.

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>see alts fell red
>ready to buy low
>add extra money
>buy stupid shitcoin
>cry everywhere that he was fucked lol

I can't take it anymore, lil dumb check Enecuum, stop following this trashscheme. Check nodes, mining other features. have profit with no risk

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oops didnt mean to reply to you

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Anon must check about Mochimo

> Fast
> Scalable
> Quantum secure

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Where the larp about this being the NWO coin?

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HBAR is the NWO coin.

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I only have 500, but its pretty much all my crypto holdings. im pretty anxious about the undelegated coins from people that bought last pump. Should i be setting up sell/buy orders? Just hold? I bought intending to hold for at least a year, but the longer im in the more im falling for the FUD

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a stack so big you're financially set when it moons

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What are you talking about lol. There's not that much GRT being undelegated, nothing to worry about really.

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Ill be honest i have no clue what im on about. I just read these threads and the FUD like >>30353888
and the stuff about how apparently the devs dont like how high the price got, scares me

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I'm really active in the community. I can promise you the devs have never said that lol. When people FUD a coin you have to ask yourself why they are doing so. They don't do it out of the goodness of their hearts. They aren't trying to help you out.

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>They don't do it out of the goodness of their hearts. They aren't trying to help you out.

Not always the case. Some threads are fudded to hell for good reason, with honest fud. See Everest threads as an example: >>>30354608

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That's 100% FUD, lad. Don't be parted from your GRT. You've hopefully done your research, trust and hold.

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Whats the benefit of fuding though? Like getting a lot of people to dump i can see, but shilling on /biz/ can't have that big an effect relative to the whales surely?

I do believe in the project, its my first investment and i do have experience in this kinda tech (software dev) but im also anxious abnout a lot of this investment stuff

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What about ADA fud? Charles genuinely concerns me. Swapped out of it a few days ago.
Looking into getting GRT on Sunday

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I've been fudding this since 50c and I barely even sure how it works. Don't fall for everything you read, anon. Probably gonna buy the next dip because it seems like an indispensable utility token for blockchain (though not as important as objective oracles).

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what does this mean? Once people undelegate you think they will sell?

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When the devs themselves try to create a cult of personality around the coin, that is a bit concerning since its distracting away from the project itself.

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wtf how?

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Reminder that GRT f*cking sucks, homeboy. Nothing you can do about it. Nothing I can do about it. Nothing nobody can do about it. Project sucks. Developers suck. Marketers suck. GRT holders suck. GRT sellers don't suck, they are based. Subgraphs suck. Overgraphs suck. Graphs suck in general. The idea itself sucks.

And what makes it worse is that it doesn't suck in isolation. GRT sucks within a broader system of suck called blockchain/decentralization/web3/etc etc. All of that sucks. The whole concept sucks. The ecosystem within which The Graph exists sucks.

There is only one way forward and that's re-centralization. So instead of removing power from its siloed holders, we need to be vacuuming up any power they have yet to acquire and handing it over to them. We need silos. We need centralization. We need to trust the tiny handful of people to control absolutely everything in life up to and including its modification, fusing with technology, and of course its end. Trust Bezos. Trust Gates. Trust Xi.

F*ck The Graph and f*ck you. GRT sucks and you suck too. Can't spell GRT without "suck."
>Look at me I'm a economist
Everything you said is wrong but I think you genuinely believe it so let's take it apart. In the industry we call this "unpacking." Let's unpack this.
>You forgot to mention
No, he did actually mention that
>VC coins actually gonna be staked
No, they will be sold so as to avoid heavy penalties by Coinbase for participating in a global scam to erase Trump's debts. And how are these penalties assessed? In USD of course because it is the world's reserve currency and if you want to trade oil you must do so in USD, the only real currency in existence. It's backed by the full violent authority of the US Navy. Want a destroyer to show up at your door and blow your f*cking house down? Ok then, sell GRT, collect you minuscule USD return, and STFTFTFTFTFU.

I am NOT addressing any more of your points because they are ridiculous.

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The fuck you anxious about, coin done what a 10x since launch on coinbase, its been three months only, just treat it like bitcoin , as in forget about it and happily find it later

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but what is GRT historically?

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It huge
Like uranus of ur Ma

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>F*ck The Graph and f*ck you. GRT sucks and you suck too. Can't spell GRT without "suck."

Goddamn I'm jelly
You were in the right place at the right time, good job

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I only have 100 @ $2.10 because it's all I can afford and my initial buy in to crypto.. I am currently under water with it. I plan to buy more. Look at it this way, it won't go to zero. it could crash to $0.01 and I will still hold it because it will recover. The technology is viable and not bullshit. And if it did black swan, you are out money that is recoverable with 500. You learn, pick yourself back up, and go at it again.

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Delegate m8. 5 years you'll have 10k.

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