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how do I short this general

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What are we doing with our BFARF bags?

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by announcing sage and getting banned for it

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I will sell my children to gypsies and throw all of the $100 in that IPO.

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that would imply someone wanted it back

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Does the crbp shill lurk on weekends. I have a question only he can answer.

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The question if the singularity does or doesn't coincide with a world-wide depression is an interesting one. Those things you listed are already happening, the theory that you are valuable is not proven by history.

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Stimulus passed, dump on Monday?

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Tesla bubble is popped. Elon will stop caring and move on to Space X.

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that looks like a movie wtf

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will you be buying some stylish headwear from Palantir, a fashion retail business with a focus on winter and athletic clothing lines?

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well Biden's goons managed to pass the stimmy in the senate. stocks gonna moon next week.

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i hoped that this stock would
take off like a rocket
but it's more like a knife
into my eye socket

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Nigga just walk away from the screen, like close your eyes haaha

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short soxl.

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Have 15k what do I sell puts on

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Better get it before Wednesday so we can SUPPORT THE TROOPS

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buy soxs

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hold them until it doubles EOY

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Sorry new bread:

If they want to hit us with trademark infringement then we will cross that when we come to it, right now I see it as free marketing for the site and it's not stealing anything from them.
I've invested about $2k of my own money so far, probably more to come.

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>Senate passes $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill as Democrats push to approve law before enhanced jobless aid expires

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Redpill me on selling puts

How do you make money by doing this

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Give me one(1) good reason not to go all in SOXL 2022 calls.

>zoom out, it only goes up
>huge early 2021 dip that didn't break resistance
>premiums are cheap as Fug
>you know, like, computers and shit

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You do it well

That's great, democrats. HOWEVER

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You click the sell button when the numbers are green

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Which company sells wheelbarrels, I want to be ahead of the game in personal finance?

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>he still likes lum
let's compare
>dresses like a slut
>will electrocute you
>cooks inedible garbage
>betrayed you with SOXL
>based trad attire
>bakes delicious treats for you
>gives great head
>creates cheapies for you to scoop up
i know who im picking.

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im so glad i went all in on this dip we are gonna moon next week

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wait so this shit completely passed? thank christ

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You're just selling insurance so that people can sell their shares at prices they won't get fucked on.
Typically, the idea is to buy a put at the very peak of a price and the further that price drops the higher the premium you get paid for your put

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>neighbor's blasting shitty music while I'm quietly reading about stonks in front of the fire
What should I play back? Doing some leonard cohen right now.

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I like real women, like Kyoko here.

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im surprised its not higher. literal trillions of dollars.

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Never stop being you, anon

>> No.30352328

They are doing covert YCC.

>> No.30352329

You have to play the inverse of what genre they are playing.

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Well, you were supposed to sell them between Feb 18 - 22 when it was at 2 - 3x of what it was in January, 12x what it was in December and more than 20x what it was before then.

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>2Dpds= Ink, likely made by a guy, indirectly gay
>3Dpds= Flesh, made by a guy and a girl, neutral

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SpaceX is only profitable because the government gifts it money desu.
The whole company exists only because of the US government giving them huge overpriced contracts for some reason.

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What would lead you to think this is a good idea? Beige Book clearly repeats, across almost every district, that people are refusing to work cause it's more comfy to take gibsmedat.
What the fuck possibly good could come from more sitting on their asses?

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Isn't it a good idea to buy airline and cruise ship stocks,normies and boomers have been locked up for a year and are all planning on going holiday this summer coupled with the vaccine rollout.

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It's a smattering of dad rock, country, hip hop, and metal. They've got subwoofers that reach every corner of my house.

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Will the ticker be RGPL?

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elon is the smartest guy on earth. he went after every industry given free money by the richest thing in human history... the US gov.


hes no dummy. the US gov has made him a billionaire.

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>implying a large supply of 2d isn't made by chicks

>> No.30352451

im just saying it should be good for gold prices and my gold miners, of course it's horrible for the usa

>> No.30352453

This means they are going to stop torturing us and give a little pump.

>> No.30352456

Polka. Heavy on the Tuba.

>> No.30352472

You're betting on "coming back to normal" going with no hiccups and normies not being scared still. I'd call it quite risky.

>> No.30352476

You should knock on his door and tell that nigger to shut the fuck up.

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>Posts a 3d Hollywood hippie cum-dumpster

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I will actually be losing money doing this until the buisness grows, because I believe this is a good idea that could pan out magnificently for everybody on the site. My personal cost basis will be something like $30 a share for shares that are publically listing at $10

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>Implying a chick could make this

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A harsh wakeup call when the money's gone and they chimp out. At this point the collapse is an idea I can relish

>> No.30352516

Yes. I made 8k on Delta 2 weeks ago and im planning on doubling down on United.

>> No.30352526

there once was a girl from nantucket
she had too much horse in her bucket

>> No.30352531

How does portfolio management work when numbers get big? I don't know if I can keep up with 20 stocks + covered strangles on each of them. Do I have to cuck into ETFs?

>> No.30352537

Obvious cgi

>> No.30352547

that was a better idea months ago when they were cheaper. but its probably an ok idea now.

>> No.30352549

I want to know about him , he had like 17k invested at 2.3 average top kek

>> No.30352550

> Shilling 3dpd wjth that haunted pussy trainwreck

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SpaceX is essentially a branch of the US Gov, without it being openly a branch of the US gov. It is gonna be a stepping stone to the militarization of space.

>> No.30352582

I dont know. I assume it will be FORC or something. That's something people will be voting on

>> No.30352584

I'll take 3, for me, mt wife and her boyfriend

>> No.30352588

Shakeout before the stimulus passed. Lol. It was always planned. Lol. The shakeout won't last much longer.

>> No.30352599

proof of haunted cunt, then I'll take it down to honor the fallen

>> No.30352600

fake as fuck lol cgiMAX

>> No.30352629

>for whatever reason
>government giving freebies

Perhaps one of those reasons is that SpaceX is positioning to put up the largest array of LEO satellites ever and since they are LEO, maybe all of those satellites will perform other 'governmental functions' as well as streaming tranny porn to tribes in the Brazilian rain forest for the first time.

This is a good idea.

>> No.30352661

i assume most ledditors making this joke arent married or fantasize that their wife is attractive to anyone

>> No.30352668

This is probably the millionth time I've heard this idea in smg and the millionth time I'm telling you people that it isnt a golden ticket to making-it-town. Airplanes and cruiseships will continue to run on lower if not half capacity for a long time onwards. Any company that doesnt have enough cash to survive this period will be absolutely crushed since revenues are abysmal and debt is getting more expensive during an inflation that we seem to be moving toward. If you have to, invest, go for airlines and cruises with good fundamentals and LOTS of cash or other liquid assets

>> No.30352669

Since I started investing, this is the first time I've felt tempted to invest in China. Not gonna happen, I won't feed the social narc system, but I'm running out of things to do except Snipe hunting.

>> No.30352674

next week is where the real cheapies come from

>> No.30352676

Congrats on 6 or 7 figure hell, the game changes as you get wealthier. You don't have to be a big gay loser and get into ETFs but you are gonna have to do more research. You probably don't need 20 stocks even with 7 figures, diversification doesn't provide as much protection as people think it does.

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You need some Mr Bond and some Moonman

>> No.30352716

I'm still not sure if I want to risk to get in on Thursday and sell it for a profit on Friday. I probably would but not in this current market situation

I see. keep it up then until something comes to frutition

airlines are already around or close to pre-COVID levels the last time I have checked and there is a potential imminent volanic eruption in Iceland. I don't think cruses will ever be as popular as they once were with all the environmental FUD and old people dying. I believe I have read on here that someone was claiming their boomer friends who regularily have been on cruises didn't mention anything about them this year

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>> No.30352741

Ran is better than Lum.... but none compare to Jahy.

>> No.30352745

this guy's gonna make it

>> No.30352761

many have already doubled and tripled. even BA has doubled off the lows.

idk about investing in them now.

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very well then

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p-please respond

>> No.30352807

personally i stick with 2-3 picks, and if I'm not confident enough to put more money in those 2-3 picks, then just dump the cash temporarily into a safe ETF (so not ARKK or something lol) until i know better opportunities

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TESLA 800$

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>mfw as a PLTR FUDder, when one anon actually thanked us on Thursday for preventing him from losing money
>He was going to FOMO in
I only do it for fun, but this makes me feel warm and fuzzy. We are saving countless dollars.

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The last time I tried to politely talk to the one that plays the music she started shouting gibberish at me and then called me a retard. She's a white trash squatter due for eviction.

Is this really the play here, guys?

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I can't, I bought them yesterday lmao

>> No.30352858

this, most airlines are already close to what they were at pre-covid. the time to buy was back in march

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Why the fuck aren't you buying HIBL???
>Why the fuck aren't you buying HIBL???
Why the fuck aren't you buying HIBL???
>Why the fuck aren't you buying HIBL???
Why the fuck aren't you buying HIBL???
>Why the fuck aren't you buying HIBL???

Seriously though why the fuck aren't you buying a 3x leveraged fund tracking oil, airlines, banks, cruise lines, restaurants etc. when we're about to go into full on bananas reopening mode?

Every time I bring it up on here I get literally no response

>> No.30352868

Her pussy is more spooky than DGTW

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>TSLA is kil
I sure as fuck hope so

>> No.30352910

It has come to my attention that I posted an image of a notorious whore and babykiller. I'm sorry I indirectly supported the jewish at&t actrice by implying she was more attractive than 2Dpd. This is my apology, I won't do it again

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having fun AND helping people, fudderchads we just can't stop winning

>> No.30352930

how much is soxl being pushed around by interest rates? how well can you predict interest rates?

>> No.30352934

it was never the time to buy airliners lol
airliners would absolutely not be the thing you buy if you somehow went back in time

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>Snipe hunting
>mfw took my city cousin snipe hunting and he got lost for three hours, crossed a property fence line and broke his ankle
I felt awful but now when I remember it I laugh so hard I nearly piss my pants

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Just buy it if you believe it, why are you asking us to counterargue when you're clearly set to go?

>> No.30352945

Oh. Well just shoot her then.

>> No.30352979

Do you seriously think every Airline is going to bankrupt? As long as you choose the top 4 airlines you will succeed. The airplane graveyard can only hold so many planes. Delta and Southwest haven't even needed a bailout retard.

>> No.30352985

it comes out on Wednesday, get on it. BMBL pumped on launch, just time the market

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Should i short tesla? Or Nividia ?

>> No.30352992

too bad the S&P had to added them at $695. obvious bubble. at its peak tesla was worth more than every car company combined in NA and the EU and Toyota.

>> No.30353014

Based and humility pilled

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Let's get back to biodieselposting.
So desulfurization is actually pretty easy, so I expect them to be able to do it. Keep in mind that it is pretty expensive, so their numbers will not be that good anymore.
Also I've looked at their plant on google maps and other satellite images, and it doesn't seem to be operating. There are no pictures or videos of the plant ever operating. I WANT TO SEE THAT BLACK TRASH GOLD.

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3200 SOON

>> No.30353049

Here's your (you) I'll look into it

>> No.30353061

You guys are great regarding mutant fish and hobbits but leave my SOXL and CTRM on your doom measurements please

>> No.30353069

Are people without morals bugs?


>> No.30353071

Also important to note that Lum is literal EVIL ONI >:(((
Ataru is big bakka for not kicking her to the curb. Shinobu-chan is 10000000x more KAWAII than hum-drum LUM! ^_^
Bakka Ataru doesn't deserve Shinobu!!!

Also, buy DGTW.

>> No.30353076

Imagine all the passive funds right not. Literally buy high sell low.

>> No.30353077

Sell puts when stock reached the bottom. Do nothing when it reached the top.

I, however, don't know that much about options and I'm curious about concrete mechanics.
When you sell a put, you promise counterparty A to buy the shares @ strike X, right? When you later buy the same put — you are promised that counterparty B will buy your shares @ strike X, right? What happens if A decides to exercise the put — do you have to spend 100 X and then get the same 100 X back by exercising your put, or do sold&bought options automatically negate each other?

>> No.30353092

I have no idea desu, thanks


because I am a pussy

>> No.30353096

>debt is getting more expensive during an inflation
but doesn't inflation befenit debtors as the initial sum remains unchainged but there is more money floating around, meaning you are paying less because the money has lost part of it's value?

oh, yeah, right. my bad. still, looking at their SEC filings doesn't necessarily make me feel good about holding over the weekend

>> No.30353098

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank PLTR FUDders and OilCHads for helping me these past few weeks.

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Some people just want to watch the world burn.

>> No.30353108

> analyzing joke this much
fuck off niggger, you're overthinking simple joke

>> No.30353111

is pltr actually a good play or just a reddit meme

>> No.30353119


Seriously, Reddit has a lot to answer for. The only reason anyone ever buys PLTR is because their "new friends on reddit" told them it's a secret spooky big-brother company that's going to be the next microsoft.

>> No.30353124

Like Peter Lynch said, anyone with the power to accurately predict interest rates would become a billionaire.

>> No.30353134

I can't believe I didn't buy in more Friday boys. I can't fuckingggggg believe the Jews really dumped to give us cheapies for the next ride up the stimmie NASDAQ bubble

>> No.30353140

Thanks. I will trim my holdings to fewer core positions. Owning two dozen stocks was way easier back when I was still a dividend fag.

>> No.30353147

>you would be asking an anonymous board to dox themselves
That is not true, trusts are allowed to hold private equity so you can create an anonymous trust to register your shares with if you wish. We in fact will be offering an additional option to have a lawyer reach out and create a trust for you for a small fee to hold your shares in anonymously. I will be the only person Doxxed and that is just because I didn't want to create the corporation under a trust and would prefer to instill support among the idea by letting myself be open and doxxed to the boards.

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Reminder that the house has to vote on the bill now and it won't happen until mid-week probably

>> No.30353165

I nearly did. Meth sure makes people act funky. Cops came and everything and told me I did nothing wrong.

>> No.30353187

i like the companies in SOXL. maybe just DCA into SOXL.

>> No.30353190

I don't think that airlines have much further to grow, cruises will take long to recover (remember the Death/Diamond Princess cruise ship?) banks are fragile if people start defaulting on debt due to increased rates. Not enough upside.

>> No.30353195
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Porque no los dos !

>> No.30353216

I'm going to sell on Thursday or Friday after the hype starts to go down, and buy back in later.

>> No.30353217

If anything, you'll expose yourself to a new genre.

>> No.30353219

Someone in /smg/ yesterday recommended the YouTuber Tom Nash. I looked at some of his videos this last hour, and he's definitely pumping PLTR. Although from his facial hair, I would guess he is kind of "Reddit."

>> No.30353220
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>> No.30353221

Send it.

>> No.30353230

i agree. he wanted a real reply so i gave one.

>> No.30353234

About CTRM tho... I hope you know that cyprians are basically island jews, but not as smart?

And what they did with those two tankers is the mediterranean equivalent of what chinks do when their company starts failing and they buy a few BTC miners and IPO as a BTC company.

>> No.30353264

>bull thesis is literally "CIA LMAO"

>> No.30353284

Selling puts is the Chad way to limit buy.

>> No.30353289

Where the fuck can i watch Kubrick movies for free online

>> No.30353295

this looks so much like cg I can't blame conspiracyfags anymore. I actually think the first half of the webm isn't real.

>> No.30353342
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was this just a pnd scam?

>> No.30353348

Shit should easily hit 20+ again by the time this tech dump is done

>> No.30353367

> can hold shares anonymously
Good. Too bad it isn't "Racism inc", despite not being a true racist I'd enjoy being invested in racism purely to sound edgy.

I missed the entire financial part of your endeavour — what are you going to do with the money, how decisions are going to be made etc?

>> No.30353372

I'm almost starting to feel bad for gullible ledditors at this point
wsb has a cult-like atmosphere, a small group of discordfags gets the sheep to pump meme stocks and then dumps their bags on their heads
just the other day there was a "DD" post claiming PLTR is undervalued and it had like a thousand imaginary internet points. shit is sad, at least here people will be openly hostile to you and call you a fag for your bad picks.

>> No.30353373


just torrent them

>> No.30353375


I'm guessing he's carrying some bags

>> No.30353383

what would the business model be? neets arent that productive

>> No.30353390
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I still don't even get a stimmy because for some reason its based on 2019 taxes an not last year

>> No.30353397


>> No.30353411

Sold and bought options cancel each other out. When you sell a contract, it's not the same thing as coming to an agreement with the individual who bought it. My understanding is that what you're really doing is adding the contract to an amorphous pool of all the put contracts that exist. When another individual buys one of those contracts, they aren't buying a specific, individual contract. Rather, they are buying the rights to one of the contracts in the pool. If the buyer chooses to exercise his contract, then one of the contracts in the pool is randomly chosen to be the one fulfilled. It could be the one you sold, the one Tom down the street sold, or the one Rajesh in Calcutta sold.
I am a brainlet so this might not be correct.

>> No.30353427

123movies probably

>> No.30353429

why does it seem like zoomers don't know how to torrent anymore?

>> No.30353444

yeah dump 15k into meme stock that can easily drop 20% in one day because nasdump droped 0.5%
great idea

>> No.30353472

pltr would make money*

*if not for employee compensation


>> No.30353476

it makes their current debt easier to pay off, but makes it significant harder to get future loans due to inflation (if congress or fed remains loose with money)/higher interest rates (if fed raises rates)

>> No.30353502

why bother when you can just right click and save?

>> No.30353510

Because they're going to cyber jail! Or they never took proper safety measures and got fuck tons of viruses

>> No.30353519
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Tempted to buy more WTI and NOV

>> No.30353523

none of the phones have it installed. these idiots can't even figure out how to type web addresses, they just click icons.

>> No.30353526

It's called the wheel nigga
>See a stonk you want to long
>Figure out what you think a good entry price is
>Sell puts at that price
>Eventually, it may dip to that price
>You will have collected at least one premium, possibly more depending on how long you were selling puts for
>Turn around and start selling a covered call for what you feel is a good exit price, and then sell another put at whatever you feel is a good price
>Now collecting two premiums
>Keep doing that until you have another batch of stonks to sell covered calls with, now just sell covered calls until you exit your position at your planned price
It's about the most fool proof method of slow and steady gainz there is

>> No.30353536
File: 1.00 MB, 1086x724, suncor pepe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is an oil baron thread now.

>> No.30353540

So lads, what does this 1.9 trillion stimulus mean for stocks and bond yields? Will it cause bond yields to spike and an even bigger dip in the market?

>> No.30353574


>> No.30353600


Anon would you buy WTI

>> No.30353614

At what price you bought SU? I got into 19 , let's end the environment once and for all

>> No.30353626

what makes you so sure the market isn't going to pick up on Monday where it left on Wednesday?

>Based on information provided by the NYSE, the opening public price of our common stock on the NYSE will be determined by buy and sell orders collected by the NYSE from broker-dealers.
I don't know what to make out of this because this could essentially mean the pump is going to happen before anyone can get on board... unless I'm misunderstanding something

unironically Netflix and other streaming services. it has been made so easy to gain access to movies and series, so that no one has to actually look for anything anymore

I wish I had bought more SU because I'm just barely breaking even with a profit of 20 percent after fees and taxes... it hurts

>> No.30353634

I've been through so many viruses because of LimeWire that I think my computer has proper antibodies to them and is immune to pretty much anything.

>> No.30353642

I can't stand how low the premiums are for SU calls.

>> No.30353646


>multiple gigabyte download from a seedy website, managed by a browser

i don't trust it

>> No.30353647
File: 460 KB, 2190x2939, 12EB6083-E185-4BDD-91B8-DD7DAEAB5FD3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



We should probably also make more memes to BTFO FUDDERS

>> No.30353653

>torrenting is bad and evil
>hops on Amazon and spends several hundred on new releases every few months

>> No.30353656
File: 45 KB, 705x705, 1611767033007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to get in buy I'm afraid its too late

>> No.30353665

I'm putting in 200 dollars in bio trash just in case people drink the koolaid and start pumping it, but I highly doubt it'll coomer though

>> No.30353675

How do I short women?

>> No.30353686

Sentiment will cause stocks to go up despite a bond yield spike, unless the spike is more extreme than expectations. The sheer number of people that are going to put their checks into the market now pretty much hedges the general market against the negatives of a climbing interest rate.

>> No.30353710


>> No.30353712

It will definitely not cause anything to bond yields. It will be a small spike in equities as some of the handouts flood in.
But otherwise all it will do is create a shitton of inflation, forcing JPow to increase rates ahead of schedule, crashing the world market.

>> No.30353716

It COULD be racism inc, is the idea, if a rebranding like that gets enough support from the community.
The idea is simply that no one anon holds a controlling share, we are capping the sale at 100 shares each valued at $10 a share, and ideally each anon will buy 100 shares but 1 share is the minimum we will sell for lurkers or poorfags who want onboard too. As the current sole board member I have a corporate bylaw charter I am ratifying that will cement the corporations voting process and board selection, so that once the sale is complete the community can vote on board members and start voting on changes to the corporation. The money will be kept in the corporate account until shareholder votes have taken place to decide the direction of the company. Everything will initially have to go to public shareholder vote with large turnouts required, over time I am sure the buisness will consolidate as some anons lose interest in the idea and some rise up to run things, but that's just a guess. The goal is just to create a community corporation, where hostile takeovers are impossible and shares are held forever and rarely traded.

>> No.30353725

2 issues with this poem
you've used it before
the 4th line's metering is completely off and it doesn't flow

>> No.30353726

how do i get qt mangaka gf to play footsie with under the kotatsu?

>> No.30353733

The covid stimulus has been priced in for months.
It went from $2000 to $300.
And this bulls think this will save them.

>> No.30353737

AI anon, A..I..

>> No.30353746
File: 160 KB, 1262x1080, Kronk_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Is stocktwits autistic?

>> No.30353768

FUDfag pls you have zero clue what you're talking about

>> No.30353770

Ya, I also only bought like $1k worth, it's basically my gambling budget.

>> No.30353778

I agree with you, that it will be pumped well before any retail gets a hold of it, but there will still be a retail pump, just less of it for us.
Fucking LimeWire. I MP3/MP4 convert most things without issue, maybe 2 bugs so far

>> No.30353784

I too would like to know this

>> No.30353802

I didn't save that webm of the Chinese masturbator machines someone posted a couple days ago, but the answer is long China.

>> No.30353808
File: 78 KB, 612x687, 490D25AF-6AD3-4395-822F-4DFE2546BE60.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you theoretically made your entire years salary on gme in january, would you still continue putting paychecks into the market? Or would you just stockpile cash to pay 2020 taxes next year

>> No.30353817

Anyone thinking of buying puts on GME with an August expiration date? Seems like almost guaranteed massive returns unless that thing some how stays inflated for a rediculously long time.

>> No.30353829

Thanks. If this explanation is correct, it means that I don't need to have any extra collateral after selling&buying a put. Nice.

I have an idea which is too obvious to be a working strategy:
1. pick a reasonably volatile stocks and look at Bollinger bands;
2. sell highest-strike OTM (or even low ITM) puts when line nears the band-bottom;
3. buy the puts back once the line goes back up;
Does this 900 IQ have a name?

>> No.30353841

I got in on them at 83 cents I just want to ride them to their 3 dollar pre covid level please

>> No.30353847
File: 3.65 MB, 2432x1769, pepe oil baron.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

around 22$, I also bought 20 GUSH shares for 80 USD yesterday when it dipped during the day, they're at 87.90 now. It's gonna be a comfy hold. My only regret was not getting into stocks earlier and researching ETFs, would have been easily retired in the next couple of years if I had bought 1000 shares of GUSH at 10$...

>> No.30353878

>memevision isnt meme stock
wake up

>> No.30353909

I'm glad I followed the SU shills. SU is my 2nd biggest position now and is giving the biggest gain. God bless big oil.

>> No.30353910

GME went to $150 yesterday anon, who the hell knows what's going on

>> No.30353916

It's not r/wsb anymore. Old r/wsb was far more 4chanlike.

This is "r/wsb" postnormie invasion. The place is dead.

>> No.30353925

If you don't pay ahead or have enough to offset taxes you are insane. The IRS is the one debt collector you can't ignore. Better off taking out loans for the market if you want to extend that much.

>> No.30353929

invest in artificial wombs, VR, AI and teledildonics

>> No.30353933

too many bagholders

>> No.30353944

They have diluted the shit out of the company since then. But yeah, I'm looking for around $3-$4 too. I won't buy that idiotic $8 price target from that warrant holder faggot.

>> No.30353949

You guys do realise that most Americans are going to spend their stimulus on paying down debt and bills, right? And not use them to inflate overvalued and highly volatile stocks, right?

>> No.30353956

That sounds reasonable, but couldn't you argue that stimulus spending is already priced in while a spike in bond yields isn't, especially after what Powell said on Thursday?

>> No.30353961

sorry, i've written 35 poems so far... i'm starting to run out of ideas
i was also very busy this week and didn't have much time to think of new ones
and the metering is fine, i think it's actually one of the better flowing ones that i've written

>> No.30353972

I would keep it up yes, and then I would liquidate us much of my positions as necessary to pay taxes when the time comes. I would also look into finding different tax deductions in the mean time.

>> No.30353990

You could pay $100 to have a front page DD on "old" WSB too, and it was way cheaper than the bags you wanted to unload on those idiots.

>> No.30353994
File: 278 KB, 439x445, 1614042151540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got at $19 and swinged with 50% of it since it usually dumps in the morning.

>> No.30353995

As a GME bagholder there's no way it will keep that price up to August, unless Cohen will transform this company in mere months.

The current clown market for this stock ends in April at the latest.

>> No.30354021
File: 222 KB, 1077x535, darkpool bigflow crbp .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Corbus bros.

>> No.30354046

Don't stress, there were many opportunities in past, and there will be more to come. Most important thing is that you started at all. In future, when time comes, you will be ready to take advantage.

>> No.30354048

Hmm, that makes some sense. Although I remembered that the treasury had just enough money to do the whole stimmy from cash.

We'll see how much JPow and friends will purchase.

>> No.30354060

what does paying ahead do? and by offset, you just mean enough cash to pay the IRS, right?
And what do you mean by extend?
>look for tax deductions
What do you mean? Like just google them?

>> No.30354064

they're doing the same with all the leddit stocks - TSLA, GME, AMC, BB, NOK, PLTR
full on 'tism

>> No.30354082

Yeah I guess at the end of the day it's the current epicenter of stock market manipulation and anything could happen in this clown world. Still not a bad bet but IV is really high so who knows.

>> No.30354089


>> No.30354094

We guys do realize Americans are consoomers who care about the market and will do there duty to Saint Floyd Washington and buy Xbox One Series X and new Nike BLM flies sponsored by Taco Bell

>> No.30354106

>low six figures in calls and a huge put
This is just regular biomeme gambling.

>> No.30354109

Yeah, but back then you'd dump it on retarded trustfund kiddies having fun with the cash. There was a self-awareness of how extremely retarded the crowd is and explicit understanding that you're gambling on retarded trades.

I don't even want to know what kind of retarded shit is going on current r/wsb, last I remember you had screenshots of bagholders psyching themselves to put more into GME.

>> No.30354123

I would ask any business owners you know about it, and I would also get a real accountant. Not H&R block, a legit professional who will be able to find tax write offs that are legal for you. Googling is a good start though.

>> No.30354128

Yes. You can put your legs up and ignore all debt except the IRS. There are plenty of people who go into debt and then go to jail because they forgot to keep enough money for big brother.

>> No.30354156

To a degree yes, but there's a precedent for sentiment to override any fears about increasing bond yields in the first day of trading after stimulus passes. Speculation on my part, but I also believe that a lot of the new traders in the market don't really understand bond yields at all and are just waiting for stimulus to be confirmed, so their combined purchasing power might be enough to override more experienced traders. Again this is all short-term stuff, but I'm expecting Monday to be at least somewhat green.

>> No.30354162

If you find out you let me know

>> No.30354163
File: 61 KB, 1000x800, 1611599074674.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe you're pronouncing one of the words differently then, because when I say it out loud, it sounds off to me. Regardless, you and rat poster are one of my favorite /smg/ regulars

>> No.30354165

Pajeet.. come on man. This is not a convincing sheet.. smart money in dark pool putting up $15,000 in premium is not super bullish. 15K is nothing dude
There are more convincing arguments to be made about Corbus than this.. absolute weak sauce

>> No.30354166

Americans are pigs that will buy some dumb shit like the new BLM iPhone for 2k USD or maybe some shit from Etsy.
That alone is enough to stimulate the market for another two months.

>> No.30354181

Yeah they will spend it. And then business owners will spend it too. And after like 2-3 transations that money finds itself in the stock market.
Noone puts money in the bank anymore. Not at these rates.

>> No.30354195

Why do GME schizos and diamond bag HOLDlers not understand the jewish question?
I sold as soon as I heard the Blackrock and other financial institutions started buying (and that was at $300)

(((Cohen))) will not transform the company. He will only load it up with debt, buy back shares and leave you holding the bag when he sells like every other jew does.
Chamath already dumped you with the rocket situation and with GME too. Indians are brown jews, just as shitty but not as smart.

>> No.30354214

Diageo and PetSmart

>> No.30354218

America will outlast Western Europe at least

>> No.30354251
File: 15 KB, 373x309, unimpressed tamás.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Last time I was there it looked like long form stocktwits. WSB of old is dead. Some low usercount subreddits took its place though.

>> No.30354257

Niggers will for sure. And spics. So that's 50% of the population anyway.

>> No.30354261
File: 2.37 MB, 2479x980, suncor pepe1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're right I shouldn't stress thanks anon, I needed those words of insight & encouragement. Have a good rest of the day fellow oil chad.

>> No.30354273

No 8 is fucking insane, I agree. I think my most optimistic is 5, if it hits that I think it'd be time to get out asap

>> No.30354282

30% spend it. and most of the 1.9T is not direct payments and will be spent.

>> No.30354289

<<This guy has been audited.
To your question, I would continue to work and invest. If you really did make a year's salary, that's a hell of a good start on a dividend lifestyle, which really is nearly free money with a regular eye on the market in general and the fund performance and fee schedules
But the continued investment of cash into those accounts, barring a US crash (and seriously, have you seen inflation?) with a bit of study, hard work, and timing, that kind of return can easily get you to retirement levels of wealth in a decade. Of course, that depends on your salary, your age, and your standard of living.

>> No.30354290

i dont see it on WSB how is it a meme stock

>> No.30354300


>> No.30354307

maybe some day i'll record myself reading all of my /smg/ poems, they don't all follow the exact same cadence

this is the only one that i can't quite get to work:

the rumors are spreading
that it's bear territory
it could be the reason
my stock picks got so gory

>> No.30354309
File: 104 KB, 305x480, 1611873924600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So? That's not hard. Just gotta last another 20 years. Euros are senile boomertards.

>> No.30354310

I don't use reddit at all, but from what I can gather, wsb used to full of self aware idiots with money to blow that knew they were being dumb with their gambles. Now it seems like it's full of robinhood babbies that don't know better and will just do whatever the wsb hivemind tells them. I laughed my ass off when they all thought RKT was a big money maker move then it instantly dumped after being hyped up for a whole day. At this point the only wsb meme stock I'm in is GME for a few shares. If it goes up just a bit I'm selling and never touching their stock picks ever again. wsb pumping up a stock is a big sell signal.

>> No.30354324

Wish I had more than 4 su shares I bought while drunk

>> No.30354338
File: 28 KB, 720x471, pep420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Take a minute to appreciate the fact that /smg/ is a group filled with nothing but the biggest alphas on the internet.
We control the cash.

>> No.30354342

Just er on being cautious and conservative until you get a feel for you're playing with. There is night and day difference between creating a Naked Call and a Covered Call. If anything a level 1 options starter pack would be something like:
Buy Calls
Long Puts

Man...just don't do naked calls on something substantial because if the buyer of your contract exercises...fricking hell, you are on the hook for supplying that person with 100 shares per contract.

There are also other little things like playing with the bid/ask. Generally, the platform will auto fill the contract price between the bid/ask. However, you can try and get that contract filled by moving your buy in price closer to the bid. Sometimes the bid/ask is so tight there really is no leverage to be found there.

>> No.30354349

The best crypto project is $MCM

> post quantum secure
> future of crypto
> no ico
> didn’t solicit any investment

>> No.30354359

White Americans will pump vidya, pharma, and gun. Maybe some Linkies and lil BTC

>> No.30354369

Yeah, I have my liquidation limit sell at $4 too. Some profit taking ones before that to never have too much money in this shit.

>> No.30354375

Delete this wtf

>> No.30354389
File: 175 KB, 1712x690, fucking-google-it-you-dumb-faggots.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

everybody consistently talking out of their assholes on this. constantly /smg/
read up on it instead of just speculating what people do with their stimulus checks..
>people are going to buy dumb shit with their checks!!
>I know because I think the average American is dumb!!

71% of the checks have been used for paying off debts / savings
The stimulus has not been spent on consumption, (which is 70% of the US economy)
The stimulus is still bullish for the markets.. but please, stop talking out of your ass on something you know nothing about

>> No.30354394

>There are more convincing arguments to be made about Corbus than this.
Like what.

>> No.30354400

Bought NRGU right before the OPEC meeting just following my gut and some vague twitter research and I think it's the best decision I made this year only second to GME and SOXL.
I unironically feel like I'm getting rich investing in a new world order, while shitting on zoomers who do not understand economics at the same time.
Happy times.

>> No.30354407

Lol, entering positions while drunk is peak /smg/

>> No.30354427
File: 655 KB, 1280x1920, 1612869939100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i HATE OIL, think you're so clever now HMM clock is ticking you slick fucks

>> No.30354432

>Not using your stimi in the market to make money or putting down a payment on a new KAC SR25

>> No.30354450

Agreed. I'm not saying America will be in an enviable position, just consumer cattle living in the freedom pods. Brazilifaction is the future

>> No.30354460

It isn't too late to buy.

>> No.30354461

"woke" americans are a tiny minority of the country
thats why the media has to pump them up constantly and social media silences any dissenting voice
its a fake movement propped up by elites.

>> No.30354480

Okay, I see.
I believe it can bring up to $100k if you put enough effort into promoting this idea. Assuming that the corporation decides to invest the money and fails to be any better than S&P ETFs, you hardly can hope for any compensation as a CEO. Wouldn't you get tired of it in a few months?

>> No.30354494
File: 559 KB, 821x3109, 1546904904266.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So now that things are tentatively re-opening, what could be done to gain profit?
Unironically AMC?
Short delivery services?(not sure about this one)
We're going to see an increase in revenue for small businesses and perhaps see some emerging markets. But I'm not sure what would boom in the "return to norm."
based and .308 pilled

>> No.30354508

At least half of that "35% into savings" means stocks, right?

I've seen statistics that during coof season, the sum credit card debt plummeted, so I'm just memeing.

>> No.30354514

If the average American has less than $500 in savings, what makes you think that having $1400 will suddenly make their financial planning skills any better?

>> No.30354524

Really? Because theres people here that unironically buy pltr and mutant fish.

>> No.30354540

argue for the quality of life the drug is supposed to provide, the amount of people who have the condition, the market share.. anything but $15K in premium
I know that you are dark pool / unusual option oriented

>> No.30354548

That their SLE trial actually has a good chance (like, more than 30%) of succeeding, and that they will reveal the results next week. LEss than 6 days from now.

>> No.30354551
File: 272 KB, 1332x716, AMC_to_MARS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's all coming true

>> No.30354569

Yeah but Americans don’t do savings really so it will be in saving for like 3 months and then pay debt or buy some shit

>> No.30354582
File: 993 KB, 1280x720, 1614753838648.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The world runs on oil. SEETHE

>> No.30354590

I'm just pissed at this Irish guy RILY, who tempted me with a $3.50/share div this Tuesday, and is now paying ExDiv holders ~6% on the 8th, at last price. I bought the top, disconnected from the correction I knew was coming. Cheers to the faggots who get in on cleaning up after my busted bag.

>> No.30354614

Why are you mad. America is not a uniform country, most people but checks into goods because it's extra money. Times are hard when goldstein cuts pay

>> No.30354615

We’re smart enough to know to preserve our wealth in things that actually go up in value, like Jordan’s and pokemon cards instead of useless cash

>> No.30354628 [DELETED] 

>claim about trashtokens
>lose everything
>cry on 4ch on every topic

I am not a tard to go this way, my purse with SWG and SWGb, I know how to do top operations

>> No.30354642
File: 137 KB, 804x802, 1614089472109.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its really blackpilling to me how the senate is going to be passing a 2 trillion dollar covid relief bill and only a fraction of that is actually going to american everyday joes

>> No.30354644

Poor people blow money. It's trickle up economics fren

>> No.30354647

Oil, obviously. And commodities and cyclicals. Everything else was priced in months ago.

>> No.30354657

I'm not saying he will. I'm just saying I don't see it going on past April.
>Why do GME schizos and diamond bag HOLDlers not understand the jewish question?
Half of /gme/ at any given moment is seething about the Jews.

Indeed. Maybe it's for the better.

>wsb used to full of self aware idiots with money to blow that knew they were being dumb with their gambles
Pretty much. Add to that celebrating losses the more money you blow. Now imagine normies trying to fit such culture.
>wsb pumping up a stock is a big sell signal.
I have a friend who was into weed stocks and sold all of them for profit once "reddit" started to pump them. Obviously he went out unscathed.

>> No.30354666
File: 2.53 MB, 500x283, cash_gang.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who /cashgang/ this weekend?

>> No.30354673

It will be OK anon, there is always another opportunity around the corner....

>> No.30354677

Since thou lackest inspiration this daye, I have compos-ed yon limerick, fair and noble anon.

To buy stocks, an anon took out loans,
So that AQB's all that he owns.
But since no one does wish
To consume mutant fish,
His investment now rests with D. Jones.

>> No.30354680
File: 307 KB, 1200x601, 1583127359059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah when that clock runs out you will have been dead for 100 years

>> No.30354686

the people sit on their hands and let it

>> No.30354688

Pelosi needs more TSLA calls

>> No.30354693

I'm pretty sure it will take at least a year for even the most unintelligent mutts to forget that they need a rainy day fund.

>> No.30354695

check em

also, i finally used up pretty much all of my dry powder last week
hoping that was the dip

>> No.30354738

I am so far beyond black pilling it's not even funny. Honestly I was surprised any of it went to average people. I am surprised politicians didn't find a way to give it to themselves directly and claim that there is a relationship between the net income of the average congressman and the GDP

>> No.30354751
File: 643 KB, 1022x731, so-tiresome.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am mad because we constantly have people in /smg/ spouting bullshit about the stimulus checks being spent on consumption / buying stocks, when this is completely false
This conversation has occurred 20 times in the last month, and each time, we get 5 faggots trying to say they know how people spend their checks, that they're going to buy dumb shit because all Americans are dumb consumers
It is tiresome.
>most people but checks into goods because it's extra money
Dude, read the image on the post you responded to. Only 29% went into consumption.. read the last sentence:
>people expect to use an even smaller share of funds on personal consumption should there be a second round

>> No.30354753

WTI is at $66. Lots of analysts predicting $80 as we go into summer. There's still time

>> No.30354758

>I know that you are dark pool / unusual option oriented
Lol. Im gonna be honest with you, CRBP has minimal dark pool activity. Dark poop bullshit is not why I've been shilling CRBP. Totally agree that the flow I presented doesn't say anything really. People who blindly follow dp flow are retarded, its just fun to meme about and be the dark pool shaman retard.
And yes that primary endpoint goal for their SLE phase 2 trial is merely subjective pain reductio....I'm sure Lenabasum will have promising results. I would say there is a high chance we hear positive news from CRBP involving their SLE trials. They literally fired staff explicitly so they could focus their resources and runway onto the SLE and DM trials

Source: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2020/10/08/2105572/0/en/Corbus-Pharmaceuticals-Announces-Corporate-Restructuring-and-Pipeline-Portfolio-Updates.html
CRBP is really focusing on making these SLE and DM trial results positive, which are the two upcoming catalysts.

>> No.30354764

This, and I won't have any children. Also fuck everyone else's children.
I had to deal with some hard shit, let them deal with this shit.

>> No.30354772
File: 28 KB, 1005x319, 11111222.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Will this guy be fine on Monday?

>> No.30354804

Nice, hopefully it is, as they passed the stim bill. Good luck!

>> No.30354809
File: 87 KB, 550x400, 1611942069018.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the rumors are growing
that it's ursine territory
it could be reason
my stocks got so gory

My take on it, for your consideration

>> No.30354825

Yes I'm prepared for no compensation, I think the shares could be very valuable one day if it all goes correctly, and even if not I'velong wanted to learn how to legally navigate a corporation. If we go the financials route I certainly think the idea would be buy a controlling stake to generate immense profits, not simply stock trading.
I think we could generate more then 100k, 5 million is the number I believe we can feasibly generate, but that might require 1 funding round to afford professional marketing services and another round to actually sell to anons.

>> No.30354826

Just prepare a copypasta and paste that when the retards start retarding. At least that's what I usually do.

>> No.30354856

ive been buying stock of american business with hq in isrial. Seems like a lot of money is going there.

>> No.30354873

I already have an KAC SR15, she's a beauty. I was about to buy an SR25 from Kelly Enterprises (pretty nice guy btw and who I bought my SR15 from). Second choice would be an LMT Mars-H lower or LMT 308MWS lower. But I moved to Switzerland a few months ago for work so that will have to wait.

>> No.30354901
File: 110 KB, 400x400, fucking_poorfags.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They asked for it... they go the government they deserve..

>> No.30354906

You cannot really make results positive, anon. Also keep in mind that they finished their primary endpoint very early, and haven't released any PR yet (very similarly to their last failed trial), which is very sketch. I'm holding cheap-ass calls, so the downside is negligible. I hope you too.

>> No.30354917

They did. All the $300/week unemployment checks are headed to CA, NY, and HI. And these are the Biden camp HQ.
DNC is killing the entire US economy to cover for OrangeManBad shutdowns.

>> No.30354925
File: 302 KB, 960x640, smghq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know what you mean, this is where the big dogs go to make big bucks, /smg/ is gonna make it

>> No.30354933
File: 442 KB, 589x616, 1614997872557.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>investing in ATVI

>> No.30354943


>> No.30354968
File: 5 KB, 251x198, activate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying the stimulus bill passing won't be the biggest "Sell the news" event this month

>> No.30354976

>profitable because the government gifts it money
Same for TESLA

>> No.30354981

The country does not have a united nationalistic drive forward so politicians waste money on nonsense, having no idea what needs done. The left keeps screaming we need to make it illegal to look blacks and gays in the eye or stand taller than them.

>> No.30354987


>> No.30354989

yeah its funny stuff. we probably dont even need it.

>> No.30354997

the issue is "territory" and "got so gory"
they don't have quite the same cadence, without really forcing it, and i can't think of anything else

>> No.30355006

Don't count our chickens yet brother, we're full on banana republic and on the cusp of collapse

>> No.30355020

we have the occasional redditor but the group as a whole is tough
except clftranny

>> No.30355027
File: 54 KB, 346x482, glue.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well that's why I'm cash gang, I just buy the dip, take profits, get out, and repeat lol.

>> No.30355035
File: 15 KB, 250x248, 1611608440494.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this GRST's new street address?

>> No.30355038

I will keep putting everything I earn after mandatory expenses into meme growth stocks and living as if I made $20k/yr until I can afford a 1M house and make $250k/yr from dividends.

>> No.30355062
File: 1.39 MB, 1920x1080, 1591904422400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

on the plus side I might be buying my first house this year or next, especially if the housing market shits the bed with people getting evicted and shit

>> No.30355067

territory. very gory.

>> No.30355068

Jannies do your job and ban the schizo

>> No.30355071

we deserve it at this point, until we get our shit together we deserve whatever is coming.

>> No.30355079

yeah. I am a little worried about a crash or downtrend. I dont see it until 2022 but it still concerns me because as other replies said, i know i cant afford to not have the money to pay my taxes and i dont want to have to liquidate long positions at a loss or a small gain and pay short term capital gains on those too

>> No.30355095

>and haven't released any PR yet
They released PR just last month at the NY academy of sciences webinar on Jan. 27th and told us they were excited about their future pipeline etc etc

>> No.30355102

at least we have that cute cat

>> No.30355112

Who cares what other countries think? Honestly, China and maybe Russia are the only other countries besides America that are important. We are going Banana Republic and the way of Brazil, but being an Empire affords us time and money

>> No.30355116

Literally looks like the shed from Letterkenny.

>> No.30355123


>> No.30355127
File: 196 KB, 1080x1562, IMG_20210306_193755.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, I know that poll.
And it's bullshit simply because it is a poll. Of course people will respond to it saying they "paid off debts" instead of mindlessly spending it.

When you want to see how the stimulus was really spent then you need actual data.
This isn't, but just trusting polls is also not a great idea. The average American saves no money and will not start now.

>> No.30355130
File: 98 KB, 986x1024, 1611889045941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oil Chads RISE!

>> No.30355131

it's where we all go after "making it" on /smg/

>> No.30355150

They didn't have the SLE results for sure back then.

>> No.30355151

The housing market is not going to shit the bed, it's illegal for house prices to go down since 2008. Sorry pal. As a bonus, inflation applies to housing, and a prime way to "sweep inflation under the rug" is to boost houses to infinity compared to other products by making use of regulations like supply control, subsidies and price caps.

>> No.30355152

Tranny "women" are really men, so the fact that they are filling up their women quotas with transgenders, combined with the fact that transgenders are more skilled than average in the tech realm is bullish if anything.

>> No.30355155

still reeks of scam can just walk with the money and theyd be none the wiser

>> No.30355161
File: 826 KB, 1015x697, misaka_based.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based! Are you gonna rent out rooms? That's how I cover my mortgage payments.

>> No.30355203

I'm not surprised. If you are constatly black pilled you spend most of your existence being proved right, and occasionally you are pleasantly surprised.

>> No.30355214

Oh no they did not allude to any SLE results on their Jan. 27th presentation.

Here's their presentation from Jan : https://d1io3yog0oux5.cloudfront.net/_2c1f1ea73ce078641660754b2eb247e3/corbuspharma/db/34/2611/presentation/NYAS+BW+Presentation+27+Jan+2021_FINAL.pdf

>> No.30355221

Here. No one knows what will happen on Monday and how the market will react to the stimulus. It was the right call anon.

>> No.30355242

Prepay your taxes if you get a huge win. Don't even wait. That way they can't really claim you're hiding from them. Maybe you get a refund, but it's easier losing the interest/gains on the prepay, than the audit stress.

>> No.30355255

>when you chose Chun Li every time you played Street Fighter as a kid, then one day you wake up a fat ass tranny wannabe, wasting your life away playing WoW.

>> No.30355267



wondering if I should buy next week. I wasn't really convinced by Friday's recovery, and nothing has really changed. Stimmy is going back from the senate to the house which is... eh.

Even with the "correction" every chart for tech stuff looks like a pennystock which has mooned and is ready to dump. Doesn't make me all that confident.

>> No.30355268

what about "territory" and "god-damn"?

pls no bully i am terrible at poems

>> No.30355282

Yeah, I've seen this. The problem is that all eyes are on the SLE trial. That will either pop the share price up to like $8, or tank it to sub $1. Regardless of anything else that happened in the last three months.

>> No.30355302

They'll just transition to green energy when that clock finishes

>> No.30355319

i dont know, giving the government an interest free loan in this market seems like leaving a lot of money on the table. i dont have that amount liquid right now anyways

>> No.30355411

Buddy, you called them 2020 gains. With your math and calendar skills, you better pay up.

>> No.30355481

If not he can at least sell covered calls

>> No.30355483

If you hate oil, then you should invest in oil companies. Most of them are balls deep in green energy sources.

>> No.30355485

>The problem is that all eyes are on the SLE trial. That will either pop the share price up to like $8, or tank it to sub $1.
Yes, I like those odds. Great underlying beta too. Not to forget DM data coming soon.

>> No.30355508

Oh my bad, it was 2021. I said i made it all this january but did mistakenly say 2020 taxes. These are 2021 gains/taxes. Wouldnt be even asking if they were due in a month lel

>> No.30355595

>i make mistakes, but I won't make them in a year from now with money I will have to spend to stay alive...
guy, you're getting greedy, and nobody does greed better than The District.

>> No.30355596


fuck the irs they can put in the work to figure out what i owe if they really want to and then I'll flood them with receipts for my businesses tax write off. I'll pay the fines, whatever. But if they wanna squueze me dry they're gonna have to work for it. I aint giving it away

>> No.30355665

>I am surprised politicians didn't find a way to give it to themselves directly

Oh Anon... how naive. We get $1400 once.

Politicians get $23,000 each.

I'm not even kidding.


>> No.30355714


Archived version:

>> No.30355792

mistakenly writing a 0 instead of a 1 equates to mistakes made in the market? i dont think so. its an entire year of gains on a hefty principle. its a good question to consider especially in a retard strength bull market

>> No.30355951

its like a $40 fine if you dont report quarterly and you can set up a payment plan if you dont have the money. As long as you agree to pay what they say you owe its not a big deal

>> No.30355995

I made 1.5x my salary. What do? I'm just keeping the money for taxes on the side.

>> No.30356408
File: 49 KB, 930x755, ss+(2021-03-06+at+09.58.14).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>US government giving them huge overpriced contracts for some reason
Yeal, but it's identical to every single space flight ever. Space is fucking expensive. Elon is actually the other way around honestly. He -could've- gotten fat stacks of cash like every other guy, but he's lowering the prices and threatening their market share, globally. For comparison, check pic related, $3k per kg and it went down since 2017 when this paper was released. And apparently even that isn't enough and he's making Starship, project goal is reducing the flight cost to as close as possible to fuel only, it makes it ridiculously cheap. If it was about government gibs, he could've easily gotten almost 10x money than now, like everyone else in that list. He wouldn't lose US government if he went expensive, but he also wouldn't get so many commercial contracts globally.
t. spess autism


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