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Not letting you have my spot
Making sweet gains I sell every 6-8 hour

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No. You greedy faggots dumped EGG for GG1. You don't deserve to make it

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I'm nesting my EGGs
Never I would just dump my golden EGGs

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Good little slave. Let us farm in peace

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I see the guys in the comment section haven't truly explored this enough. jcarl987 was the one who first put me on the trail of these guys, so thank you. I write to warn others. I cashed out a profit, so it's not because I lost money. The guys are the same from at least Goose Finance (EGG) and Viking Swap (VIKING), this is easy to prove. Check out the adresses on BSCscan, jcarl987 provided some of them. They sell to a Binance hot wallet and cash out.

A short example, which I hope is correct: The following adress interacts with both masterwallets of viking and goose and sends BUSD to a Binance wallet: 0xe7025d6996859a64474a7835a8b2ed69a1acb05a.

I write on Reddit because I know there are people here skilled enough to explore the blockchain and connect the dots, at least better than I am. But even as a novice the alarm bells were ringing from the start.

If you spend 20 min in their TG-groups you also see they are the same people, if you don't want to use the technical route, but rather the psychological. That's what caught my eye at first. Try to ask the question in the Telegram group and see what happens.

jcarl987 is right in that the buyback is simply smoke and mirrors. They dump tokens en masse, and profit in big numbers. These guys are not in it for the long run, or else why would they fork to Viking and cannibalize themselves if not for easy money made in the momentum phase.

The money trail tells a lot about a project, the intention and the end product. In this case I fear this will be a controlled inflation which tanks the price through draining of developer wallets until the creators have had their fill. Kudos to them, they now have their lambos and whatnot.

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Reddit moment

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Did anyone manage to buy GG1 as soon as the contract address went live? Starting price was $10, but I'm curious what price people actually managed to get it at since GG2 is likely going to pump even faster. Might be better off just getting in the incubator.

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Yeah thats a huge gamble . Instead of trying to do that I will just try to get in gg2 incubator fast as I can

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The GG2 launch is going to be an absolute shitshow. I just hope the EGG price doesn't crash through the floor.

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If egg price drops hard and gg2 moons hard APR will be fucking huge because price difference . People will sell EGG for GG2 at first and EGG will crash but people who get in capped incubator will sell it hard and this time gg2 will crash EGG will moon and after probably day it will stabilise just like this time.
>EGG was 65 $ GG1 was 10 $ at first
>EGG dump to 50 $ GG1 moon to fuckin 400 $ after 30 min
>Then GG1 dump to $100 EGG pump to 75$ after 1 hour
>Right now GG1 is stabilised at 250 $ EGG is stabilised at 90 $
My plan ? I will just buy EGG when it crash and I will get in gg3 balls deep

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I like ur plan mate I'll do the same my heart wouldn't survive the gg2 gamble

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wuut the fuuuck is this wall of text

EGG $1k EoM.

GG1 $2k EoW

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Everyone is loading up on EGG already for GG2, and dumping GG1, but a good play is to inverse that and load up on GG1. Everyone pumping EGG right now is hoping to get into the capped incubator. And a lot of people won't get in and will probably sell EGG or pile into the uncapped incubator. The GG1 farm APR will be higher and people will get into GG1 to farm so you'll get both price pump and higher APR with GG1.

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Not a good time to call the price "stabilise". We still have sunday to go.

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Would you recommend the Goose House?

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If you're holding GG1 yea, its 0% deposit, but you can also just farm GG1 and sell the GG1 you get I think its higher APR, or just compound it.

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I'm impressed this didn't get rugged yet. How much did it moon since launch?

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GG1 Reached 40x in a day. Now it's stable at 25x

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Pretty based. The one BSC shitcoin I didn't try to flip.

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Its double audited. 300m TVL. Its on its way to flip pancake.

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I don't think people will dump their EGG before incubator because they saw what happend at gg1. It just did x40 in less then hour and I am waiting for almost x100. Because this time hype will be bigger then gg1 . But you are right about stabilise, I should use less "volatile". It didn't go from 50 $ to 90 $ in one night like before but go up slowly
Yeah I am not sure about what is going to happen with GG1 .People might dump gg1 hard or maybe they will keep gg1 for the gg1 > gg2 incubator . Only thing I know is. Salty people will sell their egg If they can't get in incubator and I will just buy all of them

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Hello , I want to reveal the true face of the scamming projects aka - Goosedefi , vikingswap saltswap.finance .

First of all they all belong to the same group of people. The group is a large number of people maybe around 20-30 operating on Instagram and twitter promoting their scam websites.

The ponzi is very simple but smart. They open a farm and they start farming the coin for like 24 hours. They get their bags full then start inviting people over to buy their coin because the APY's in the farm are like 80 000% right after opening. Then when there is enough TVL and people inside the farm, they start dumping their bags on them and the price goes down like crazy. Even with 80 000% APy in the end of the day you still lost a lot of money. Not only this, they manipulate the price of the coins in the farm with fake market caps and circulating supplies.

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holy shit! thank u guys, seriously

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GG2 will be phenomenal. Chances are the bots will be buying it faster than we can swap on pancake. I will be using the direct smart contract trick on bsc scan

i'm going to sell all my eggs, 10x with GG2, then buy back the eggs cheaper

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>direct smart contract trick on bsc scan
care to elaborate?

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My gut predicts an EGG crash before Thursday (GG2 launch date). I am just sitting on the sidelines with my GG1 gains in BUSD.
I will see what happens on Monday with BTC and BNB.

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>. I will be using the direct smart contract trick on bsc scan

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you can call the smart contract functions in bsc scan. its what pcswap uses under the UI (which is laggy). swapEthForTokens(), but ofc we're using BNB instead of ETH. there are guides out there anon, good luck.

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thanks friend

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Are you guys withdrawing the eggs from the gg1 incubator and putting it on gg2 incubator?

What the bets move when GG2 launches? I was thinking in buy a couple of new eggs and stack them in GG2 incubator but leave the GG1 incubator running too

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Wait a second. Your trick isn't going to work. Chef has scrambled and obscured the contract code (to preven pajeets from forking).
Functions aren't available on BSCscan to call.

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I am going to leave it running. I don't think it's worth it to remove the eggs.

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so the GG2 40x capped incubator uses EGG? I thought it was using GG1

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Im not entirely sure about that. Can anyone confirm this please

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Pool's closed.

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Egg has to be burned I'm pretty sure it uses that. GG1 can farm GG2 though

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I'm in the capped incubator so I'm going to leave my eggs there. I've been selling GG1 as I get them to buy more eggs that I'll put in the GG2 incu.

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my eggs are comfy farming bonus nuts APR

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So the GG2 Inc works with EGG too

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1.3k APR? I'm getting 15k% on goose lol

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i cant believe im gonna retire on something called goose

godboy is a genius

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we are going to 100 today

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only incubator for gg1 so afew days right? not APR if its only a week anon (and you had to pay a fee to deposit)

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From what I understand the GG2 farms/incu/pools will be identical to GG1 except there will also be a GG1 to GG2 incu.

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>not APR if its only a week anon
Obviously not but it's not real either way, APR always drops and no-one's gonna keep their coins in a farm for a whole year, only thing that really matters is 15k% / 365 is more than 1.3k% / 365.

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fuck sake i ran out of bnb now i cant compound

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It uses both

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There will be 3 different pool
GG1 > GG2
EGG > GG2 (capped)
EGG > GG2 no cap

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i want in that capped egg so bad

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I am in capped one and I get more than 300 $ for only 4 EGG . I should put all of them I didn't ,why ? because I am not gonna make it

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How would this be different than waiting for launch and buying on goosedefi right at launch?

>> No.30361251

mate i just charted your ID and it says you are absolutely going to make it

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Its not working on eggx anyway

>> No.30361264

How much liquidity will be needed to snipe GG2 as soon as it comes out?

>> No.30361308

what do you mean?

>> No.30361727

How did I miss this, what does GG1 do and why are they coming out with GG2?

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did any of you catch this?
wasn't this the wallet the dev address sending eggs to, only to then dump it? I caught this using that price tracker thing.
Are they dumping eggs again after they said they wouldn't or am I retarded and reading this wrong

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That means I will be able to get in GG2 in time thanks for hope anon

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yep shady. the good news is they cant seem to dump fast enough cause everything is being bought up instantly

>> No.30362279

Code is hided.

>> No.30362679

well that's odd cause I definitely remember them saying they'd stop dumping eggs but it seems like they're straight up cashing out on that address rather than moving eggs to a different address and cashing out there. I misspoke, what I posted was the actual devwallet it seems, not a different one. masterchef contract confirms it. seems like so far they've dumped over 3.7k eggs in the past 24 hours.

>> No.30362891

The dev said last night in telegram he is going to cash some eggs out

>> No.30362955

I'm just collecting egg-busd, will flip gg2 when it releases.

>> No.30363259

got a screenshot? it's not in any of the pinned posts.either way feels weird to go back on your word like that especially since the devs have already cashed out millions worth in USD by now.

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is there a date and time for gg2???

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What slippage and gas is recommended to get in early gg2? Help a brotha change his life

Pic related

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gonna try to put 500 egg in. wish me luck

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sup EGG chads I acquired some EGG in the first week of the project and have been providing liquidity since then to gain some more. Now I kinda wanna put my whole Eth stack (90% of portfolio) in an ETH farm to farm EGG or GG1, but am not sure because of any risks involved. Can someone elaborate how they can fuck me if I put the Eth in a farm

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nevermind, found it. well alright then, at least he's being transparent about it. wonder when he'll stop though considering the last transaction was like half an hour ago, almost 24 hours since that post.

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What is GG1 and GG2, I only provide some liquidity of EGG on autofarm :( pls help frens

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>be me
>sell cake at about 13 to start farming egg on autofarm at about 100.8
>sell at ~$52 for ~18% loss
>start farming bry at ~$9.5
>immediately dumps
>sell at ~$7 for another ~18% loss
>pay hundreds of dollars in fees to pull all of my btc out of aave and double down the amount of cake I was originally staking

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ETH fees suck balls right now.

>> No.30364738

Can I buy EGG on Binance?

>> No.30364798

dev continues to dump

>> No.30364877

whoever that is, yeah they're selling EGG for BUSD

>> No.30364921


Not directly, you get some BNB, withdraw it to binance smart chain, then pancake swap to egg.

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I’m a poor fag that has no idea how this works. I started when mouse dropped but now I want to expand. Can someone explain this for a retard like me? Egg is the next thing I’m eyeing

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Yea, it got down to like 80 gwei so I decided to take that opportunity to pull out of aave, but I'm pissed that I lost thousands of dollars when if I just held egg I'd be in profit. My entry on cake is about 12 so I'm down another 10%

>> No.30365133

>i need to feed my village with $500k+

>> No.30365211

Gg2 is the rugpull, gg1 was the bait for you to put more money in.

>> No.30365292

jej yeah it's definitely shady. guess people don't care as long as they're making money. dev at least seems smart enough to do it in small bursts to not completely tank the price so the music can continue.

>> No.30365314

will/can they fuck me or are funds safu???

>> No.30365448


With $300m+ TVL and growing, and essentially being #2 (#1 by users) defi app on BSC, it would be retarded for these guys to try and rug, since binance said they would roll back the chain for big hacks.

>> No.30365466

Egg guys

Your view on mochimo?

>> No.30365494

Why would they rug pull when they're cashing out millions? Literally retarded

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inb4 EGG hits $100 again and starts dumping immediately

>> No.30365991

this shit hit 172 dollars with the incubator weeks away, we gonna moon from here

>> No.30366572

Ive seen this fucking post before

>> No.30366659

>it would be retarded for these guys to try and rug
and make $300 million with no consequences

>> No.30366842

CZ will send his hitmen after the dev

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Was it right before?

>> No.30367221

egg @ 100

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File: 52 KB, 600x750, Snow-Goose-Moon-3-26-2016-john-ashley-MT-e1459802576327.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit

>> No.30368419


Goose pop directly to top 5

They are going to break the game

Fudders are just annihilated, reducted to dust

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It's the truth, you fucking mongoloid. I have two wallet addresses that interact with the master contract; the devs have dumped MILLIONS in this garbage on the holders, whenever the price surges. About 400k worth today alone

>> No.30370265

So comfy, these are the passive income gains I've honestly been looking for.

>> No.30370372

100% accurate. Anyone here who isn't a fucking curry-stained pajeet paid shill is an absolute brainlet. 0xa374dB845912dE1b3ecF4c5EBd5646D1e15430f6
Look how much they've dumped. They're the one making the huge sells. They're dumping these shitcoins on your heads,. That's just one wallet. I have two other addresses that they're selling from.

>> No.30370534

>I have two other addresses that they're selling from
which ones? I only found the dev address and the one address it transferred eggs to a week or two ago. definitely true they're dumping a lot still though, I was tracking the price for the past hour or two. every time the dev sold 300 eggs around $100 and triggered panic sells and dabbing on people who bought at the top.

>> No.30370952

they just banned me from telegram for asking why they're dumping lel

>> No.30371846


There's the old one, before attention was called to it, they dumped so many millions. Then "GB" came into the telegram and promised to stop selling. Then banned anyone who asked about it. kek

>> No.30372473

Its a farm coin kek. Devs will dump small amounts while it continues to churn $$$. Not like a traditional coin where dumping is blasphemy. Money goes brrrrrr.

>> No.30372584

Layered farming was a big success and EGG is pumping back to $100+, is it really such a bad thing if the devs take some profits? I think they deserve it.

>> No.30372619

Still not selling pajeet. Kill yourself you complete and utter fucking genetic dogshit disgrace.

>> No.30372682

this is just ponzi scheme into a new ponzi scheme etc
treat it accordingly frens

>> No.30372948

lol I've made 17k in the past couple of weeks just kind of casually scalping this. How about you, you fucking knuckle-dragger? Also my genetics are superior, guaranteed. Shall we compare portfolios?

>> No.30373036


yeah they busted their ass, absolutely murdered the clones, and brought home massive gains for all egg holders.

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never thought I'd see the day once more.

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>> No.30373727

I buyed. now u may dump

>> No.30373748

$1k EoW was not a joke

>> No.30373786

>Pooh ID
yeah Im thinking this dips below 100 now :(

>> No.30373793

Goose - BUSD has 3.01% daily on Auto - by far the comfiest hold for EGG.

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File: 70 KB, 575x599, clubegg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man, why did one of the gooseanons get me to switch from my BUSD/EGG farm to nesting my egg...? I was generating EGG so much faster in the farm...

>> No.30374096

>BUSD/EGG farm
that's one way to get fucked over by IL. unless if you were planning on holding egg long-term to offset it, anyway.

>> No.30374115

Shut up, don't drop my gains m8

>> No.30374343

>lol I've made 17k in the past couple of weeks just kind of casually scalping this
Prove it. Post your wallet so we can see.

>> No.30374344


Pull out profits only, fuck IL

>> No.30374398

What is egg on expanse network?

>> No.30374401


>> No.30374446

Other project?

>> No.30374466

Looks like $120 is the new ceiling.

>> No.30374492


>> No.30374508

what is the best token to buy gg2 fastest after release? egg, bnb or busd?

>> No.30374542

just hold EGG until binance listing, then dump

>> No.30374587

What is max supply?

>> No.30375059

700k, so when it flips pancake, it will be over $2k.

>> No.30375455

also interested in this question

>> No.30375730

EGG if you go in right when it launches and get in the capped incubator. Otherwise GG1, because the current GG1 farm has 3k APR vs the uncapped incubator's 500%

>> No.30375802

i don't want to farm though, i want to try to snipe GG2 when it launched and sell later. no point in farming since you cant farm GG2 for GG2

>> No.30376376

idiot, the higher the supply the lower the price. thats what all the burning is for

>> No.30376824

Why is the price of GG1 dumping?

>> No.30376843

read above post. the higher the supply the lower the price.

>> No.30376973

I was talking about EGG, there are 700k, that is low, while there is 129 MILLION CAKE, so EGG could go to $1k+. And there is 87k GG1, still really low supply.

>> No.30376988

Isnt GG1 limited though? Should I keep selling my farmed GG1 everyday?

>> No.30377170

I'm excited, and scared, bros. How much is it going to keep pumping?

>> No.30377372

why did it ever pump in the first place?

>> No.30377380


>> No.30377432


>> No.30377505

what? CAKE price is $11, EGG price is $100. CAKE has 129 times more supply than EGG and 50 trillion times more utility than EGG. it's CAKE that should be worth $1000, not EGG.

>> No.30378080


>> No.30378101


Yeah, EGG will flip cake, so the price will be much higher considering there is literally hundreds of times more CAKE supply.

>> No.30378188

Great argument lmao. Enjoy the rugr

>> No.30378463

i don't know what you're getting at, i guess you think goose will go from a $70 mil market cap to $1.5 billion and overtake pancakeswap? i mean you do realize the goose devs are kids that had to hire an actual software developer to make this stuff work right? i'm pretty sure they hired a pakistani from upwork who charges $2k to give you a fork of PCS with a token contract that works with the sushiswap masterchef contract.

>> No.30378859

lol where did you find this out?

>> No.30378918

more like flip BAKE, much more realistic

>> No.30378963


Who cares? $300mil+ TVL and counted, double audited, and prints 10x more money than CAKE. GG2 is going to be insane.

>> No.30379072

Guys why is it dumping so much make it stop please

>> No.30379172

i don't care really, it's just not likely they are competent enough to displace pancakeswap

>> No.30379183

will gg1>gg2 apr be higher than egg>gg2?

>> No.30379220


They already delivered on layered farming, and killed it. They straight up murdered all their clones.

>> No.30379267


Probably, because most people will be buying EGG to get into the incubators, less will be in GG1 -> GG2 so the yield will be extremely concentrated.

>> No.30379321

Does $EGG have a chance of hitting $500 each, and when by?

>> No.30379392

EGG will hit $2k when it flips CAKE by April and $3k when it flips Sushi.

>> No.30379434

if the crypto market as a whole starts a bull run right now and passes $2T market cap in a couple weeks, yes... if not, no

>> No.30379523

feels a bit like a longshot, maybe if they hit everything on their roadmap and steals tvl from others

>> No.30379676

That's what I thought. Where about do you see it topping out, realistically, if layered farming continues to be a success and more people find out about it?

>> No.30379828

previous ATH was around $150, then we had the market crash a couple weeks ago and everything tanked. we're still in somewhat of a bear market overall, so in this climate i don't see it going over $200. a year from now it will very likely be a zero.

>> No.30379902

>we're still in somewhat of a bear market overall

lol wut? This is giga bull season, ape in

>> No.30379999

my prediction is $200-$300, basically bakeryswap tier
but a binance listing could make EGG moon

>> No.30380042

Thanks for your insight. I'll try to keep an eye on things just to see where the wind is blowing, but if we hit 200 or a little higher I might dump there.

>> No.30380323

lol at retards here saying it wont go above ath in a golden bull market

>> No.30380343

lol at this price action
whales just bodying everybody

>> No.30380357

the price volatility is getting fucking crazy. gg1 from $120 to $180 in minutes while egg just fucking tanks.

>> No.30380414

good time to buy in soon

>> No.30380503

ive made 8 bnb swinging tonight

>> No.30380548

The fuck is the 40x?

>> No.30380725

i thinks it just fluff, gives you an indicator for the relative risk/payoff you can expect.

>> No.30380813

anons I found some gg2 address out on bscscan. which of them I can trade before Thursday?

>> No.30380895

come one anon, dont be stupid. its a scam
its not ready yet

Scammer alert:
There are already multiple GG2 token contract created before layer 2 even started. Please DO NOT buy them. Official contract address will be given out through telegram/website when the new layer has been created

Scammer alert:
There is malicious site pretending to be goose finance. Please only use our official site: https://www.goosedefi.com/
Or go in through coingecko/coinmarketcap sites

>> No.30380963

It's a scam

>> No.30380978


thanks anon

>> No.30381193


>> No.30381237
File: 84 KB, 1200x900, eggsaresafu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They hate us 'cuz they anus.
Press F to spit on every fudder's seething salty regret for missing the easiest 5x that ever squatted over their chest and pushed.

>> No.30381514

POO ID stop smoking crack

>> No.30381551
File: 26 KB, 640x640, 1608459858355.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Take your meds

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File: 24 KB, 750x165, 1604338511901.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

WTF WAS THAT????????????

>> No.30381626

someone is losing money somewhere to make your 5x retard

>> No.30381862
File: 1.57 MB, 1600x667, therewillbeblood.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice. That's exactly what I was hoping.

>> No.30381873

Bake has its own LPs it shouldnt be in that list

>> No.30381943

Neither should Cake. Goose is literally a Cake fork. Cake is listed on Binance and certainly safu.

>> No.30382391
File: 84 KB, 600x600, 1608933264481.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The weak should fear the strong

>> No.30382469

Mouse is a rug. Idiot

>> No.30383427

Do you guys think the rest of the layers will do what GG1 did (or close)?

>> No.30383540

they'll definitely pump A LOT right at launch, but whether they keep a stable price even if for a couple of days like GG1 did is yet to be seen.

>> No.30384101

We will see, it'll be interesting to watch as layer 1 gets fully diluted how that changes strategies for the following GGX tokens. Personally I am still heavily invested in Egg and the returns look like they'll remain really good.

>> No.30384313

kinda surprised GG1 held its price so long, i expected dumps much sooner

>> No.30384364

it dumped so hard at launch buying it turned out to be the right move for whales.

mooned to around ~250, then dumped to around 50 before steadily ascending to 300 later on

>> No.30384577

i see, very interesting
no fucking way we can predict what happens GG2 lol

>> No.30384594


>> No.30384968



>> No.30386322

Anon, don't waste your time, anyone smart enough to realize the scheme is willfully gambling and the rest of these brainwashed idiots belive these pajeet shills when they say 1k eow/eom and you will never crack through their greed to sell them reason. Just let them learn the hard way. If you didn't get a bad feeling checking this out then you deserve what you get

>> No.30386400

dev dumping seems to have resumed. RIP to swingies who recently bought

>> No.30386537

Ok Ramesh, your code is double audited, thats all it means, I can sell grandma a ponzi as long as I tell her it's s ponzi and it's proven to be a ponzi, totally legit

>> No.30386783

I kinda wanted to take some eggs out of my LP to sell high, but I don't really have anything better to put the profits into.

>> No.30386857

Ignore all my other scams, this is the big one, buy egg, 1 scam to rule them all

>> No.30386958

Tried to warn them, they won't listen, fuck em

>> No.30387060

What did the faggot paki jannies delete? Must have been spicy

>> No.30387165

You will be fucked, this is a rape hole

>> No.30387551

Yeah it just grows on trees, virtual trees, on the internet, just grows there, for free

>> No.30387613

Jeet confirmed, subhuman pos

>> No.30387764
File: 30 KB, 640x640, 1613396332393.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>trusting a cambodian cryptocurrency technology named golden goose egg incubator built on top of a centralized taiwanese exchange with a significant portion of your net worth

>> No.30387815

People are dumb?

>> No.30388192

Oh no, the scammers are scamming the scammers

>> No.30388208

>talk about trashtokens
>lose everything
>cry on 4ch on every topic

I am not a fag to go this way, my wallet with SWG and SWGb, I know how to do cool operations

>> No.30389463
File: 17 KB, 400x400, 50GNpXNs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nesting my EGGs, compounding my EGGs

>> No.30389644

this coin is too volatile to stake. i cant bring myself to trust it. ive made a grip swinging though

>> No.30389912
File: 645 KB, 879x1181, 1596492032529.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GG1 is now lower than EGG

>> No.30390068

I don't quite understand why, though, it has better APY and you'll be able to stake both for GG2?

>> No.30390153
File: 411 KB, 512x512, 1612924555853.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's going back up

>> No.30390364

binance listing when
bake flip when
this ponzi is too genius for anything else
thursday best day from now on

>> No.30390427

People want to get in capped incubator , its been almost 3 day and it is still 5k + APR.

>> No.30390804

kek, is egg actually break past $130 again? i don't see this happening desu

>> No.30390960

it already did a few hours ago

>> No.30391415

fuck i missed it :( you think there will be a retest before the next incubator?

>> No.30391694

yes, no doubt in my mind, probably some profit taking as euros wake up but chinks and burgers will pump it

>> No.30392971
File: 651 KB, 1031x500, what a waster.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30393096

that was me :)

>> No.30393367
File: 412 KB, 1080x2014, Screenshot_20210307-122810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New info about GG2 layer incubators

>> No.30393394

Not even pretending its a schame anymore eh?

>> No.30393417

OMG fk what are you all yammering on
Wanna have real profit? Don’t trust this dumb scammers
they try to shill you trash spamming on /biz/
>my advice = check YVS Finance! That’s real yield farming PEARL!

>> No.30393431
File: 24 KB, 385x479, egg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

comfy farming NUTS + EGGS with my eggies

>> No.30393456

ty anon fren

>> No.30393498

I even tried to fill it, but it wouldn't let me

>> No.30393673


>> No.30394436

APR is 454% for me at squirrel?

>> No.30394474

screenshot taken yesterday sorry, alot more EGG staked so nuts reward split between more egg.

maybe keep an eye on it if somone unstakes you could swoop in

>> No.30394619

loving the DHT rewards sirs

>> No.30395198

people in the 40x incubator, how is is your ROI

>> No.30395290

300-400% going up.

>> No.30395559
File: 386 KB, 617x586, just_tired.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's gonna dump when the burgers wake up, right?

>> No.30395560

Every single thread I see this cuck bot shilling NUTS. Godamn must those bags be heavy.

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