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Shill me your sub 50m gems, no rugs, no pajeet scams, valid projects with doxxed team and team tokens locked.

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Vertcoin. Shits a legit coin that's been around since 2014. 100% proof of work, ASIC resistant.

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Preparing moonbags for alt season

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since 2014? why is it still so low? Giving me Litecoin/Monero vibes, shill it more

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I am buying it rn just because of the green ID % in here so far

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only under 4c please

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only thing that comes to my mind is kek desu

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kek is 3c right now, around 1M market cap and they are releasing a big update soon, there you go.

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The team isn’t doxxed, but you can read the whitepaper, or you can sit here like a fucking faggot and think you’re going to find a sub 50 mil cap with all the requirements you’ve listed

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i like kek but i dont see the point in investing in membership tokens, for me that's a very limited investment when speaking about token on a blockchain

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Kek seems to be a really solid one, i bought a little bag, don’t let me down faggots

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PAID satisfied all the requirements you listed and rugged hard as shit op

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I was actually thinking about buying it last night, from my TA it looked good and it went up 17% today, kind of missed the pump but from now on I will trust my analysis more over guts.
Though how much can it grow, with competition like litecoin and monero

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Copy and paste from >30117811, no one talks about this coin here.
>What's vertcoin?
The ultimate replacement to LTC and and all other shit coins, as it's going to be actually spendable public crypto.

>Did this not dump in 2017?
ASICS and 51%s ruined the network, vertcoin was always supposed to be asic resistant, meaning that until the recent fork, this was a shitcoin.

>Why should I Invest or Mine Vertcoin? How is this not a shitcoin.

The revolutionary mining algo called VERTHASH, allows it to be 51% resistant and truly decentralized as any GPU(that has 2gbs of vram, also FIXED DAG btw, you can use ur gpus for ever) can mine the coin without a performance impact for general use, meaning gamers can mine the coin and game at the same time, matter of fact, I mine the coin on my personal PC and leave it open 24/7.

The very recent verthash fork means this is an under valued crypto. Verthash and decentralized mining is the future, in a more secure peer to peer network, that will make LTC, and all the other SHITCOINS quiver their boots. Hell, if china wanted too they could get all the mining rigs in china to 51% attack bitcoin and we'd lose all our money.

How ever with vertcoin once it catches on (VERY SOON) most gamers will mine the coin passively, basically meaning that this coin is critically undervalued and hast been discovered yet.

>This is a shitcoin you retard pajeet shill.

okay FUD, listen this coin did dump in 2017 true, because the purpose of the coin was lost, how ever the verthash algo, (Lower intensity modified ASIC resistant ETHASH)

Is so sophisticated, the coin will see mas spread wide adoption, and while we speak im seeing massive by orders for the currency so please hear me out on this one

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China could not 51% bitcoin even if they turned all resources in the country and starved their people to those ends you retarded faggot

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I said I just pasted it, I'm too lazy to shill or spread non existent fud to my vertcoin bags. Go complain to the op

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RUBIC is a no-brainer
KEK is based and ticks all the boxes, but sadly the token itself doesn't really have any value

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PAID had Locked liquidity?
You can't rugpull with tokens locked in the contract

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I've heard kek and rubic are correlated in a way, the new dev in the kek team worked for rubic.
The token has a value as long as the site offers value for it.
People always compare it to dextools, they too have a token just to use the site, yet they run ads and their site is bloated af.
I can see kek doing a 10x short term easy, would only need a 10M mcap

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100M tokens and already at 1,30e, this is going be to really hard to moon

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I got this from my initial KEK bag alone .. hop in anoneness, the view here is amazing

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for me thats a added bonus desu

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Market down 7%, $MCM up 70% =)))

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it just creates static coins

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they're going to partner, though I don't understand why
not sure that's bullish

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if you buy tokens to get some kind of premium membership then you are not going to trade it, at least most of people will, so it will not create any movement/volume

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Sounds good enough, buying a bag now.
Hopefully it recovers

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partnerships are always bullish desu

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I've been mining ever since the Verthash hardfork and have gotten an extra 200 coins on top of my bag I bought at 36 cents so I'm already really comfy when the absolute floor is 50 cents. Only regret not buying more at 20 cents when I found out about this because I thought I'd mine it for free first.

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>they're going to partner,

Wait what? Source?

If the Rubic exchange gets a built-in kek chart view I will coom

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sell your car for kek kek

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the trading chart is forked from tradingview, anyone can do that

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QLC, DYOR but it’s pretty much how we will connect to the internet in the future

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you can't see all the SUSHI,BSC tokens on tradingview alone, only the coins on CEX and a couple from UNI

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DeFi liquidity locking and presale platform.
Around 11M MC.

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KEK CEO on stream for 2 hours ... KEK went up with close to 15% during this time


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BMXX. Aave on BSC. Doxxed team. There’s even more actually but I’m too fucking lazy

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Hi dextools' Steven.

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i was close to got $1.5k in mantradao every week pool rewards...high prizes for weekly lp pools participants

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red ID, not buying it already
Also high rewards and prizes is not good in the long run, what's the utility other than getting free shit?

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So far
QLC need to do research, could be a dead project
BMXX I typed an extra x and got porn results

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vrx 0x87de305311d5788e8da38d19bb427645b09cb4e5

47500 coins , 18 mln market capitalization , will launch trading app with ai 20 march

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Thank me later

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Thank me later.

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QLC is dead af. I held $50k+ at one point. Don't be like me anon.

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>gems, no rugs, no pajeet scams, valid projects with doxxed team and team tokens locked.

If you're willing to increase it to 100m then LTO network

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Gvy. Nft, didnt moon a lot yet.

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ok this one is a real underground pick, literally unknown but great moonshot potential. low liquidity, low supply next NFT marketplace. only 15k coins, this is at least 10x with real 100x potential


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bought this shit.

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thx anon

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shill me

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Kek is baseddd, buy a bag or regret

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Someone shill me kek too lazy to research

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Began as a meme coin to get /biz/ momentum, but devs are actually releasing some revolutionary things that future BSC coins will use: https://bogged.finance/


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Kek doesn’t need to be shilled. Working products, doxxed team, great community on TG

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Appreciate it. Might buy a bag. Speaking of, whats a suicide bag?

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Team is anon but i'm gonna shill Rise Protocol
Current Mcap is just shy of 2million
Rebase Token that has a few extra additions built in (auto liquidity and token burns, and Governance which is being released today that can change just about anything about the token, including what it is pegged to)
also chainlink integration coming soon.

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whatever amount you want to 10x
How many 1$ you want to turn into 10$?
This is a 1M mcap, 10M mcap is easy to achieve, especially now that the 1.9Trillion stimulus program has been confirmed, everything will blow up and this has the most room to grow. Good luck anon

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Wow, nice.

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BonFi, Mainnet is going to launch near end of Q1. Afterwards they are gonna go full ham on the marketing towards asia.
So far they've been delivering on their promises the past few weeks. Although people in chat are a little nervous since they won't announce an exact launch date. I feel as if its a long term play.

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Is this piece of shit I got scammed into buying actually doing something for once???

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Buying a bag. Kek is too based. Must bag.

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Blabla better dextools.there done

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