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>Time stamped for your viewing pleasure
I get what he's saying and generally understand where he's coming from, but I've heard him shill this line several times. "A million transactions a second." What gives? Misunderstanding or disingenuous? He's not retarded is he? Am I?

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>He's not retarded is he?
he is

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your l2 bro?

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kek, well that pretty much clears that up, thanks anon.

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Nowhere in that chart does it say it's not yield. Is it misleading? Yes. Is it wrong? Not technically no

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Im richer than you because I wasted more energy to mine btc

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Who doesn't know L2 on bitcoin.


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he is a fucking retard anon

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found the nocoiner

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I'm aware of its existence, but AFAIK it's not widely used. I'm a stonk retard FOMOing into crypto, so I won't pretend like I'm a fucking repository of information on Lightning network.

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Yes. Im proud nocoiner
What are you gonna do with that?

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Dis gai

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Damn, anon, you gonna take that shit?

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Which bank gives them the money to speculate on Bitcoin? Thats insane.

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If you have more than 20M followers on twitter like Elon Musk then investing and promoting btc is like easiest money ever.

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I know for sure he's in charge of a publicly traded company, and if I'm not mistaken, they're doing some sort of offering (whether it be stock or debt, I'm not exactly sure and too lazy to google) to raise funds to buy le dipperino.

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he probably means lightning but honestly BTC scaling is going to happen through wrapped tokens on eth/dot/ada

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Oh right. He found the ultimate risk free bet. Where he offloads all the risk to people giving him money.

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Interesting perspective anon, thank you for your input. Do you have any inclination as to which those would be and how to profit? Or just hold some of all 3?

Fuuuuuuck, well when you put it like that...... lmao, I officially withdraw my retard comment

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welcome to capitalism, where the government bails out failure and only the points matter

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There are some truly powerful entities backing Bitcon
They found the perfect front-man for their message in the form of the con-man and fraudster Michael Saylor

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A true delusional (((bitcoin chad)))

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Damn, anon. This type of shit is the reason I come to this God forsaken website lmao. I would be curious as to what you consider a reasonable investment. Are you a PMG guy?

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Yes, physical silver and mining stocks. Take the silver pill anon, you won't regret it.

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>AFAIK it's not widely used.
literally 90% of all bitcoin transactions are done on L2.

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it can do a million/sec but you will have to increase the blockchain size by 1 million
it will happen eventually when computers get better

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Why don't they just reduce the block time?

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Fuck man I literally bought my first 5 oz a couple days ago lmao. I won't sell any of my current holdings, but I think I'm going to begin allocating a portion of my income to PM.

Hell yeah brother, how do I use it then? Transaction fees are too high to get the bullshit $10 I put into different exchanges out.

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Can you direct me to some left-wing Redditors who like gold please, thanks

I know that Russia and China like it a lot

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Isn't that what shit like BCH and BSV is? Hard forks off BTC to do exactly that.

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>you can program to do a million transactions a second

In 2016, Bitcoin BTC was taken over by the Bilderberg Group.

Bitcoin BTC was originally hailed as a way to take power away from banks & governments.

The Bilderberg Group represents the banking & political elite.

- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bilderberg_Group

The Bilderberg Group funded Blockstream (which does the programming for Bitcoin BTC). On February 3rd, 2016, AXA invested $55 million in Blockstream. At the time of that investment, Henri de Castries was the head of both AXA and Bilderberg Group.

- http://www.coindesk.com/blockstream-55-million-series-a/

- http://blockstream.com/2016/02/02/blockstream-new-investors-55-million-series-a.html

- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henri_de_Castries

Blockstream crippled Bitcoin BTC, to push people towards the Lightning Network & sidechains:

- http://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoins-possible-privatization-has-blockstream-created-problem-to-provide-solution

- http://blockstream.com/2018/01/16/lightning-charge.html

The Truth About Lightning Network:

- http://youtube.com/watch?v=UYHFrf5ci_g [Embed]

Why Blockstream Destroyed Bitcoin BTC:

- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BZoKH-hX_o [Embed]

Blockstream crippled Bitcoin BTC with high fees, so that people will have to use Blockstream projects (Lightning Network & sidechains) for everyday transactions.

Result: The Bilderberg Group - which represents the banking & political elite - has taken over Bitcoin BTC, crippled it, to turn it into a currency system that they control & profit from.


- Bitcoin BTC was originally hailed as a way to take power away from banks & governments.

- The Bilderberg Group represents the banking & political elite.

- So the Bilderberg Group threw some money at Blockstream, to take over Bitcoin BTC.

- Strategically, it was a logical move on their part. If you represented the banking & political elite, you would have done the exact same thing.

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i was just fucking with you, gl man. metals are so manipulated though

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Jesus Christ you guys are good. It's always fucking Bilderberg isn't it? lmao

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>- Bitcoin BTC was originally hailed as a way to take power away from banks & governments.

What makes it even worse is that I'm 100% convinced that Adam Back is Satoshi Nakamoto. Nobody can deny that who watches BarelySociable's exposé with a candid mind.


BTC was really a con from the beginning, because even if you take the BCH route and have large block-sizes, the ultimate end-point is something like BSV where a single entity controls the hash and everything is completely centralized.

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Multiple chains, that simple. Exactly what we have now. Litecoins going to be one of the top though, and it wont be 7tps bitcoin.

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>$2.2 billion in Bitcoin
> Retard

You literally can’t rub two pennies together on an Asian porn forum calling someone with hundreds of millions a retard

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>They found the perfect front-man for their message in the form of the con-man and fraudster Michael Saylor

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Dorian is Satoshi. Back is just a clown

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He scammed thousands of people in 2000, go look at the Microstrategy share price

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>it will happen eventually when computers get better
Faster computers don't make larger Block Sizes or speed up finality (Settlement)

Buy BSV today

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Doge reduced the Blocktime
BSV Scaled the blocksize

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>Jesus Christ you guys are good. It's always fucking Bilderberg isn't it? lmao
He is 100% correct

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>"you can program to do a million transactions a >second" - Michael Saylor when describing >Bitcoin

Literally snake oil carpet bagging faggot. People will wake up soon enough and that when the flippening will happen.

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The flippening will be into silver lad, not into another crypto scam. Make sure you don't get conned.

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