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I've amassed appx 50k. I don't want to wage slave anymore.

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>buying BAT
anon please

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What if I have brave on two different browsers do I have to wait until I can verify both to connect them?

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It'll break $1 but won't necessarily stay there before EOM
$2-3 by September
$5-10 EOY
$20-30 EOY 2022
$100+ EOY 2023

these aren't even unreasonable estimates, but they do require a bit of Brave shilling to normies as well as a considerably tight grip on all the BAT you can get

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Definitely above $2

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>buying something that is handed for free

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It's a safe bet.

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I really hope they don’t do some shit like double the number of tokens because “we want it to be a low price stable token to pay people with” or something equally retarded. Early investors should be rewarded and not thrown under the bus because paying someone 0.001 BAT is too inconvenient or something

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why would you accumulate the biggest crabcoin in existence

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Tbh, there's no reason for them to do that. Brave and it's employees almost definitely hold BAT themselves for a start. And from what I've seen, they credit you USD and estimate how many BAT that is based on the price, before exchanging it come the 6th (which may mean that we see people trying to tank the price on the 5th to get more BAT on the 6th).

There was no reason they couldn't have created 5x or 10x as many tokens to begin with. I got interested in brave and bat when I saw a thread saying that there could very quickly become a point where there's only the equivalent of 30 BAT for every user. I think if they doubled the amount available they'd have to provide some compensation for early investors or you'd very quickly see everyone dump their bags

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I mean, I would really hope that the developers of the token wouldn't be so assblasted stupid as to think tokens can't be divided rather than spent as whole units lol

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The reduce the supply of tokens dumbo

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abou tree fiddy

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Crabs around 50 cents crashes to 12 cents EOY.

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BAT is going to go to the moon, keep holding friend, we're going to be insanely rich in the future. Here's a scenario. Brave estimate they're going to see an additional 25 million monthly active users EOY. Assume that maybe 1 in 3 people who try brave between now and December continue using it til then. If each user spends a week trying the browser and attempting to farm BAT and we assume they average around 0.5 BAT a day, that'd be 3.5 BAT each, 262.5 million BAT claimed. But there's only around 210 million not in circulation atm, AND you've got the pre-existing 25 million farming BAT AND all the traders buying BAT outright.

Logically we're going to see the price of BAT skyrocket by the end of the summer, nevermind EOY

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So what do you see as the price then?

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Damn I need the user retention rates RIGHT NOW because that sounds pretty intense.

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Nigger did you copy paste my post from the other day?

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BAT is such a fucking boring shitcoin it reminded me on stonks when I held it.

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Nothing is free zoomer

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BAT is useful and tied to a nice browser. Therefore it will stick around. In 1990 everybody thought Apple was dead but it didn't die. That's all you have to do, not to die. And BAT seems to be one of the strongest candidates for that.

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>he bought a coin that cannot function if its more than a few dollars

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If it was a few dollars for a BAT, I’d be 5xing my initial investment so that seems fair enough.

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yeah I did, it was a good post. I have all the good posts explaining BAT saved on my personal pisscord server. It saves time when I'm trying to respond to FUD or shill it in general :)

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>Fractional coins don't exist

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210 million not in circulation? Your math is way off. Try like 20 million

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There was a post (that he should have saved the picture from) that basically said there are 1.5b max, and 1.48b and change were in circulation. That's what the number was based on, but fuck it, if it's only 20 million I'll have paid off my house by next year.

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oh shit my bad, pic rel

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Heres something a little extra for you. That figure for 30 BAT per user doesnt even take in to account TVL in defi or the advertiser equation. 30 BAT is just per user if the full amount was free flowing. Theres nearly 140m BAT locked in defi and growing. When advertisers start buying 100m tokens a month also is when things get really interesting. Theres about to be a liquidity crunch very soon.

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I can't fucking wait. Shilling brave to coworkers and explaining those that semi-understand crypto is basically making me hard knowing that even my small stack will be near life changing in the near future. I worked with a guy who bought a single bitcoin for $120 and sold it for 8 grand. I'm sitting here with 500 BAT and no real ceiling in sight

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lmao whats this retarded prediction

look at circulating supply before saying something is going 200x in 2 y

specially something as underperforming as bat

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>1 bat for 1 dollar
>price goes x10
>0.1 bat for 1 dollar
are you really this retarded or just coping, batlet?

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I've used Brave for 2 days and have earned 0.33 bat. looks like I can quit my day job

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Honestly? Nowhere.

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With 500 BAT even at a high ceiling you will want a lot more should it get close. I add over 500 BAT to my stack a week on top of an already massive stack. Its a start, but should BAT reach $100+ an extra $340 could be the difference between $100k instead of $50k

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I get that and I'm putting in what I reasonably can. Even if it breaks $1 EOM, I'll still be putting in when I can. But I don't have that kind of unaccounted for cash, so I'm only able to get small increments. I was planning on swinging with the Sunday dip, but it's held pretty steady for the last 48 hours

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Based anti-FUDanon.

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>Thinking Jason Parser would allow BAT to do this
BATbros let's be real here

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>got 3 brave ads while browsing this thread

Yeah its working great

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Thought the amount of circulating bat possible was finite and set in stone

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it is finite. Brave cannot mint any more BAT tokens. Those guys are just having a retard conversation.

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Good ty

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Just because they're minted doesn't mean they're in circulation faggot

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Thats assuming we even have a sunday dip. Everyone is waiting for it but i think the sunday dip came on thursday.

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Doing a supply split/doubling token count wont throw early investors under the bus. God. I have to come in and say this in everh bat thread and get accused of fud because smooth brains dont understand that if every single holdern wallets token count is doubled, NOONE IS DILUTED. The reason theyd do this, as said in white paper, is so a tip of One single bat will be a reasonabke denominatio. Not 40 dollars. Doesnt effect u. If it splits, u have twice the bst b4, and u only need it go to 20 instead of 40 for same gains. If it splits 2 times then 10. And so on. Maybe you geniuses should discuss bat in msrket cap instead of price so u dont havw to explain to all the smooth brains how token splits work

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It's 9am here and I've been refreshing every 15 minutes or so for the last 16 hours and there's been nothing but a slightly upward trending crab. It's thrilling and daunting. Hopefully the stress eases off as the day goes on

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They would have to gut every first party and third party application by writing an entirely new token contract. Go on about smooth brainedness though.

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>Tokens available for token sale: 70%
The BAT development: 20%
User growth pool: 10%

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Its holding up on low volume and looks to be building a bull pennant on the bat/btc 4h. If the volume and price picks up a little bit it could break its ATH and all the people hoping to save a couple bucks on a "weekend dip" are going to have to fomo in at the cost of a smaller stack. Long term idgaf. This is going to $100+. Im buying every single time I have available cash.

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im waiting for these FOMO fags to get in and pump it to ATH then ill sell and buy the dip.

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based, I knew the data but didn't have the sources on hand.
God's work, anon

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Tipping BAT manually is the correct choice unless you've got 100+ BAT saved up in the browser. The mods BAT is used the more creators will use it, the faster news of Brave spreads, the faster BAT is acquired and the faster we reach $40+

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The tokenomics are shit though.

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Kek and based, but $40 is FUD now. After the roadmap 2.0 the scientists ran the numbers again and we are looking at $100+

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i know what you mean, tip mrbeast and he might shill brave. But for poorfags like me i don't want to think about that 1 BAT i tipped every month to some fucker is now worth $40+

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The original is for normies to help get them to switch

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~$10 by EOY.

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Where have you been? That fud has already been laid to rest with roadmap2.0 and now BAT actually has some of the best tokenomics in crypto. We told you retards that brave could adjust tokenomics on the fly whenever they want. They could even start doing tokenburns if they wanted to.

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what the scientists left out was the fact that if max exodus from google and big tech occurs then we could potentially see up to $1000. It seems like a far stretch to do 1000x from here but if you account for googles ad revenue and the total worth of the ad industry you'll come up with even higher numbers if we captured just 1/4 of it.

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BAT is great because we can make it go up by shilling Brave browser.

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Yeah I think sadly you have to use Uphold and have 25 BAT to withdraw

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The token contracts should be dynamic though. This is crypto we’re talking about lol

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the good thing about shilling brave browser is that it has a snowball effect, everyone i've told about brave has then in turn told their friends and im sure just off 5 friends i've gotten at least 50+ people onto brave in the past week.
All you have to say to mobile users is
>faster than chrome
>saves more data
>inbuilt adblock which works with yt+spotify
>can play YT in background
and then when they figure out there's BAT then they're hooked and tell their friends about it.

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The scientists were being conservative, but yes $1000+ is very possible. If BAT becomes a web standard you could see heavy capital inflow and low liquidity due to BAT locked in other applications. $1k only puts it at $1t which could be possible given enough time and adoption.

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I explained most of those points without much of a reaction from a few people, but without fail, every single one of them became interested the minute I said "YouTube on your phone, no ads"

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you can link up to 4 devices to the same uphold account as well FYI.
yeah when you take into account the current wallets inside the browser and wallets on exchanges and cold wallets, the scarcity of BAT is going to be insane. Lets say 10% of 100mill active users are farming BAT EOY, that's a fuck load of BAT being eaten up and being put into staking on DEX for more BAT.

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Let me tell you a story about oyster pearl (now opacity) They were notorious BAT fudders, and i think some of them still spread schizo fud to this day. Anyways they had a storage miner that was supposed to be injected into web pages and make BAT ads obsolete. They constantly made up lies about BAT and even some reddit cryptocurrency mods had huge bags. One day someone noticed a ton of oyster tokens being minted and the price tanked off forever. The anonymous ceo (kek) had put a dynamic minting function in the smart contract and ran off with millions of dollars. He was arrested a couple years later.

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>I don't want to wage slave anymore.
& you picked BAT...
Please don't tell me you did something stupid like go all in

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you dumb fucker. theres a pittance left not in circulation. if they dumped them all tomorrow it would hardly make a difference. you are so new to these threads it hurts.

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Yeah ffs I waited til sunday to buy up and nothing is dipping.

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Golden cross is forming on weekly BAT/BTC chart.

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So the candle is basically being burnt at both ends and in the middle when it comes to the token supply. You have users eating up the supply and more are coming. You also have people who are using defi and earning interest which is soaking up the supply from bad traders. You also have. Then you have speculators buying up tokens, and lastly we could see BAT being locked away to provide liquidity for the DEX. This token is running out of supply extremely quick. If grayscale jumps in or they add some type of normie gateway for $20 BAT purchases by the users there wouldnt be any BAT left. Its already extremely undervalued too. Im scooping up cheapies right now while nobody understands yet whats coming.

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Hype got to me and I bought another 100 (which also averaged me down)

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there's a small % of people who realise the how absolutely insane the price will be and theyve been actively FUDDing BAT threads, they honestly think they have an impact LMAO.
You can find them sometimes when they space between their ID, its some code for trannyniggers

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There is a lot of reasons for BAT fud now and what is hilarious is that all of it is extremely weak. BAT is basically going to get rid of the usecases of about 30+ coins. A lot of them still dont even realize it yet either.

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their strongest FUD is a link to one of the team members twitter which says BLM lmao

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Yeah they are grasping at straws now. Its pretty bullish that they cant come up with anything. Its quite entertaining to watch psychopaths waste their weekend jumping around like monkeys and lying just for it to have an opposite effect on price and sentiment lol.

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The more FUD I see in BAT threads the stronger my resolve and determination to make it

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kek, have you seen the FUDer that links a fucking neocity page? Or the one that has our IPs and is going to track us down and kill us for shilling BAT? too good HAHAA

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There is supposed to be a bravesync thing in the settings to connect your browsers to a sync chain, but I could never get it to work and ended up just getting enough bat on my phone to connect my uphold. I think the sync is still a work in progress.

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BAT/GRT/ETH holder here. BAT 5$ EOY ez

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>crypto that requires mass shilling to have any growth
Huge sell signal...

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Token not needed

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Been seeing a lot about quantum computers in the news recently. Buying more Mochimo.

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you mean the circling supply thats eaten up by normies unable to cash out of brave because 25 BAT and KYC? extremely bullish right now even before DEX and staking is out.

>> No.30396299

What becomes of the BAT that people earn but never collect through Uphold? Since currently it is all done offchain? Does Brave burn them somehow or do they just keep them? Im pretty sure I read that after ~6 months if the tokens remain unclaimed, Brave will take them back. Can anyone clarify?

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Currently: $.69
1 week ago: $.51
2 weeks ago: $.60
3 weeks ago: $.56
4 weeks ago: $..40
5 weeks ago: $ .30

Through BTC's instability, we still see maintained momentum towards a dollar and fudders can get fucked

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That 25 bat minimum is going to have to be lowered because if BAT price increases the amount of BAT given for viewing ads must decrease.

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Does bat have any relations to NFTs?

>> No.30396838

theyve just started to sell limited edition ones every so often.

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Yeah, if BAT keeps this upward momentum up, people will definitely be tempted to FOMO in, especially considering all these upward moves are 20-30% each (which is not too big, not too small, now that's bullish).
I'd feel so happy for the BATbros if this happened. What a validating set of events that would be.

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BAT total token supply divided by # of holders on etherscan is:
3772 BAT
This is surely the definitive suicide stack now.
This stack currently costs about 2.6k USD.

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