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Converted all my LINK & ALGO into BNT & UNI

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change the UNI back into LINK dumbass

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Hope you also bought some $rope

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only subhumans hold ALGO in the first place so not surprised kek

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I’ve been seeing a lot of ALGO hate here lately, why do you think that is?

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Anon it’s time to stop screwing around with your silly pump and dumpers and just get Bitcoin.

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sell signal
do you think the house of cards that is bancor can not crash at this point?

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dajooz don't want you to buy algo bro

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I think you've made an intelligent decision.

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it's a stablecoin pos that's why

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Lol you traded a Ferrari for a pair of Filas

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this is the phase where plebbitors switch in and out of projects out of boredom and fomo
if you don't understand what you hold you will suffer this
you should actually understand what chainlink is/does
and this is coming from someone pretty early on bnt
bnt is nothing to link

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Same, traded my LINK for UNI.

Best decision of my life.

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Did you accidentally think /biz/ was your daily diary entry? Who the fuck cares

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because people bought the top

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Gtfo this board you sage loving hippie faggot
This is XBTC thread now

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Its absolute shit.

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remember the third rule of /biz/, do the opposite of what /biz/ tells you

now with that out of the way, fudders are trying to push the price down to buy more, so BUY MORE

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this, that's why you invest what you believe in and hodl, OP is rekt anyway. If a coin has already pumped, you missed the train.

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