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>Literally the most iconic meme on 4chan
>NFP's (non-fungible-pepes) on their way soon
>Low MCAP, still early
>Currently on sale
Are you gonna buy the dip anon? Or do you hate money and hate /ourmeme/ Pepe?

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Bogged finance shills get the rope, this shit is going parabolic once NFTs and yield farming us released

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>Literally who?
You've got that right, NFT's and yield farming is gonna send us to the moon. It might be the most recognizable meme on the internet, how could it not??

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More dope ass rare pepes like this on our telegram.

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>currently on sale
why isn't the dev buying then?

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man, I wish I had money on hand right now. Every time I've seen one of these stupid fucking meme coin threads the people who buy in end up making a shit ton of money before the rug. Not too worried because all my shit is still going up but fuck man, it seems like you just buy whatever scammers are shilling and take profits on the 2x and you have a winning strat

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Yeah I always feel like I miss out, but I will never buy something the dev isn't providing liquidity for

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Unfortunately dev killed his own project with that scummy farm he copy pasted. Best of luck to the bagholders out there but I don't think this will ever hit a new ATH. I sold at a loss because I think it will just get worse

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Rent free

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It's absolutely going back up. The farm wasn't a big success but it got eyes on, and showed the potential. Yield farming and NFT's are what's gonna take us to new ATH. And name recognition alone is 1/2 the battle, $PEPE has that in the bag. Even some normies recognize /ourmeme/

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Go back to your Telegram bogshitter, nobody believes this shit. Focus on your own project instead of fudding out of spite

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You'd literally have to be retarded to not think it's going back up, especially since so much shit us planned. All we can do is hold and they'll be proven wrong with time

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Minor speed bump. Pepe is still making great progress

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This isn't the gotcha you think this is

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Pepe owners can't pay the rent after getting rugged

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the man's kids need clothes dude. He's a hard working nigger, working his ass off. don't be a dick and FUD. just buy and HODL $PEPE. More devs will join the project in time. this isn't a rug pull this is long term nigger.

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Do you know what rugged means? I don't think you do

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Exactly. It pumped 5x from where it's at now just for hype from the farming dapp. Can you imagine what it's gonna do when NFP's are released? You know these fud's are secretly buying a $PEPE bag...

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Yeah also if you think anyone is pulling the rug on 30k no volume then clearly you have aspirations smaller than your dick. PEPE is long term survival shit.

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You know everyone can see the dev's wallet right?

The dev literally owns over 100 BOG and no PEPE

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Someone asked for progress updates for NTF and dev said no and to stop "fudding" he isn't working on anything right now, it took a week for him to cobble together a copy paste hatch farm. I believed in the project for the first while but the dev has turned the TG into an echo chamber of yes men and bans anyone that tries to speak up.
Healthy legit coins don't have TG that strict, but he is so desperate for new investors that he made those insane rules.
A huge amount of pepe holders got burned on farming and they aren't coming back.

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Why would he work on something he's not even invested in lmao

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The dev locked his tokens to show he wouldn't sell, as did the largest whale, shitbrain

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so he gave 1,000,000 PEPE to a stranger first? After claiming no prelaunch. Hmmm

Link his wallet then

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Why did the contract mint 1 million PEPE to a stranger? Why did that stranger sell all of his PEPE? ???

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>it's a scam
>am waiting for that $STAK release to go all in

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