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They are getting close Anons, their development velocity is off the fucking charts right now.
Prep for fucking upgrade. Their development workflow does not involve tags and releases so it is a bit hard to follow, but shit drops when arb os is bumped.
L2 will be released this bull cycle, plan accordingly.
Eth for roll-up staking Link for job execution to get sums on chain.

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Why does it matter? Ocr mainnet dumped the price and still hasn’t done fuck all to the price. Arbitrum mainnet is going to dump the price too. Suppression and manipulation is going to kill chainlink.

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Main net eta?

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You do understand part of suppression and manipulation is a massive short squeeze right?
If Link succeeds and new money rolls in it goes absolutely parabolic as big dicks race to close their shorts.
So your conclusion is the most promising project outside of ETH will just fail?

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>massive short squeeze
bearish as fuck. How is this better than gme lol

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>development velocity off the charts
must be why they’re hiring 10 more admin roasties. can’t be TOO productive

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Proper scaling will allow LINK to run 10,000x more data feeds than they are now. Fuck I should have bought SNX when it was like .12 too. DEFI is literally going to explode.

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indulge me. what price do you think it could go to in a short time? 300?

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3 to 4x in a month or slightly less might not be out of the question at all. I feel like we are in the middle of the a pump like June of 2019.

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>must be why they’re hiring 10 more admin roasties.
You get put in a negative light if you don't hire at least x females, even as a tech company. It is nearly impossible to find women for dev work so they are stacked in useless positions. Especially in California you can't get away with just hiring based on merit, sadly.

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My startup is about 70% women right now. We didn't go out of our way to do that, there are just more qualified women around here. My last tech job at a big company in a tech hub was about 50% women. Again, no one did it on purpose. Tech companies that have very few women employees are probably that way for a reason, be it toxic leadership, poor work life balance, or a toxic employee culture. Been a programmer for about 10 years now and this is my experience. Take my word for it or don't.

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Arbitrum is hiring women?

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God, I cannot wait. I have a whole plan I'm swinging into action as soon as this happens, involving wrapping up my self-employed business, selling the assets, getting rid of vehicle and embarking on my new life. I'm so close to it I can smell it, but am still working until it's in the bag for sure. Please God let it be this year...

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tldr on arbitrum? i finally understand ocr but i havent been keeping up with LINK the last few months

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doesn't matter they changed so that the nodes will be paid and processed with ethereum so the link token will once again not be needed I fucking hope Sergey didn't help them much since they just threw him to the side

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I've been working as a dev for over 10 years, I have never seen a female do anything useful in any capacity at any firm, it that couldn't be replaced in a single day by generic roastie #252. Literally just filler that got memed into startup culture.
They're fun to look at and flirt with though.
>Inb4 you'll get #metoo'd
That only happens if you're ugly, if you're gl you can get away with anything (and they'll love you for it)

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How much do you need to make it anon?

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not got a figure but i have over 50k link plus some btc so when it gets to a reasonable price and i figure it's safe to do so i can quit the job. I anticipate the price continuing to rise after that though. I don't want massive riches, just enough to live comfortably and never have to worry about money ever again. do the things i want to do when i want, you know?

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Sounds good. I hope it works out for you. I was here in 2018 as well when LINK was 20 Cents but was retarded to see what is coming, because I am low IQ. So I only have 4000 LINK. I hope I will be in your position in a few years. Just want to live comfy and do the thing I enjoy.

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>they changed so that the nodes will be paid and processed with ethereum so the link token will once again not be needed
Prove it

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it was discussed in their discord I did not screen it but I'm sure some anon has it, either way they fucked Sergey and I hope he grow some balls and stop being stomped on

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gme sells toys for children and chainlink tokenizes trust

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>it was discussed in their discord I did not screen it
Larps can't even be bothered putting in any effort any more

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>muh price
Literally sell now you fucking retard, the price before staking doesn't fucking matter now that we're out of accumulation phase. I bet you TA this shit like a currency and wonder why an e20 token being suppressed doesn't follow the rules.

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I'm not fucking larping I wish I was arbitrum was one of the few things I was looking forward to but Ed Felten is not one of the boys

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Please, take your meds.

>It happened but I have no evidence of it happening!!! Trust the plan!!!

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>I wish I was arbitrum
Eth is posting now? Is this L2?

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>there are just more qualified women around here.
I have a hard time believing that, but I guess it differs from region to region and I'm in my own bubble. In my country (the Netherlands) CS classes are still 90%+ male (we score low on "equality in higher education" (((indexes))) though). Trying to hire skilled female developers is practically impossible due to this difference, especially since women tend to specialize in front end/design. The startup I work at is now at around 40% female out of ~80 employees, and that is way higher than the average across our sector.

0 of them are developers, 1 does devOps, 2 of them work tech support and the rest of the ~30 women in our company work in account management, marketing, HR, recruitment, social media management, admin, PA etc etc. Not saying that is a bad thing, but it's funny to me how fast start ups start hiring for these positions even when the product isn't complete yet. We had 10 people 2 years ago. 9 men.

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