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2 million market cap
Highly community driven, give your suggestions in the trannygram channel and if it's not fucking retarded they'll likely implement it
Cleaner UI and better tokenomics than DexTools (60 million market cap)
A doxxed Jeet free team

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Going to be an easy 10x just to get to the starting line. Then when alt season hits, hitting 50x wouldn't be far fetched would only give it a 100 million market cap.

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why did you delete?

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Did I mention they have dank memes?

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PRAISE! KEK BASED IS BASED. Buy a fucking bag you moron.

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Forgot the picture cause I'm a brainlet, fortunately I'll be able to afford a brain transplant after this moonshots.

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Ok why should I buy tho?

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yeah wondering this too

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It’s undervalued, but how much, difficult to say.

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you shouldnt, chartex is superior in every way possible
people just want to lure you in with the 'kek is watching over us' meme
dont be a loser

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doxxed team, based community, kick ass application. what more could you ask for? oh token utility? that's coming very soon, get in before its too late.

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>that font rendering
the coin still has no use currently

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pretty sure kek is releasing BSC pairs in like a few days, plus you get to buy the rumor. chartex is shit mate.

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>doxxed team
>based community
says you
>kick ass application
says you
>what more could you ask for?
anything? give me literally anything worthwhile
>oh token utility? that's coming very soon
token not needed? nice, chartex is very much needed to even use the website

>that font rendering
good argument

>pretty sure kek is releasing BSC pairs in like a few days
sure man, definitely!!!
>chartex is shit mate
so why do big ct accounts follow it and use it?

also, read the fucking screenshot you no-argument having cunt, cryptokek is an inferior product in every way possible, shame

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>good argument
I don't even own any KEK that font rendering is just horrible to look at. Why do this to yourself anon?

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it works

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They're loading it up with token utility features, they want to be a project that actually has reason for holding the tokens unlike 98% of the shitcoins out there that have 0 utility or purpose for owning it.
They're introducing bots and API access, and constantly engaging with the community to see what other features and utility ideas they can come up with.
Supply cap is locked
2 year locked liquidity
Go shill your dog shit elsewhere. That looks like a 5 yearold that just ate an entire bottle of flintstones vitamins made that.
Once again, gtfo with your shitcoin
>it works
it works like shit gtfo jeet. This is why doxxing team members is important, no fucking curry stank.

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Fucking jeets making me forget my pictures, god damnit.

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the irony lol

you're the one shilling an inferior product that as the chartex tweet states has a delay of 3-4 minutes (at best) compared to 10 seconds of chartex

who are you calling a jeet here you mongol?

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>They're loading it up with token utility features, they want to be a project that actually has reason for holding the tokens unlike 98% of the shitcoins out there that have 0 utility or purpose for owning it.
so its not needed YET?
why are you talking about what they WANT to do in the FUTURE
chartex is already working in the present and the token is absolutely needed

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>Mah curry coin tweet says our competitors are doo doo, therefor buy my curry coin.
Gonna go super kekan on you and bitch slap your curry munching ass back to currystan.

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literally noone is going to even give your token a chance if you spam it in other token threads.. i wouldve looked at it if it was its own thread but since you chose this method i will literally never look at it and never invest, namaste SIR

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>chartex is very much needed to even use the website
lol, how is this a positive? good luck with your dead-on-arrival shitcoin.

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This is what you're shilling to me? It's trading view with a fucking wallet connect slapped in the top right corner. Absolutely nothing ground breaking or unique, it's fugly as fuck, and the market cap is already 2x CryptoKek.

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my feed is spammed by literal discord /pol/ trannies that shill a project named KEK
you bet your ass ill do anything to spit in your face given the chance to

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why would i want to connect my wallet to this nigger rigged graph

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this is why

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fuck this shit lmaoooo

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have fun staying poor

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You faggota unironically need to look into kek and buy a fucking bag. If you don't, you're literal 10 IQ. Chartex is simply trash.

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ok ranjeed ahahahahahah

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you're paywalling a telegram/discord price bot? fuck me lmao

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It's not even a serious comparison, CryptoKek has by far the cleaner and better designed UI. Make sure to grab a suicide stack, and join the trannygram you fucking retards, if you have any good ideas throw them in there cause the team will actually listen to your shit.

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Newfag here.

Im seeing a lot of fud from seething competitor bag holders but I looked into KEK and its definitely a solid project and is doxxed.

Securing a bag OP thank you.

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>It's not even a serious comparison

chartex has :
- ct following
- token needed
- superior tech (10 sec delay compared to 3/4 minutes of cryptokek)
- bsc
- stable volume over months, your shitcoin had volume in literal hundreds/thousands daily

your only claim to fame is 'cleaner and better designed UI'?
good one


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chartex just sucks.

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Based af. This is how you make it at biz newfaglet.


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Look, I get you want to fud this and keep the price suppressed so you can load up your make it stack, but it's not gonna happen. Look how sexy that latest trade buy/sell UI is. Everywhere else you have to deal with a giant block of text that just says buy/sell, this shit is intuitive and you know immediately whats going on. Not saying you need to dump 100k into this, but if you're not atleast buying a suicide stack for alt season then your ngmi

smart anon

it sucks balls

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>- token needed
telegram bots and paywalling basic features
>token needed
fucken hell

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you're still praising the UI?
who cares about UI?
its funny cause you're the one calling ME a pajeet
while youre the one drooling over how "PRETTY" an app looks like


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If you want people to actually use your product as opposed to just pump and dumping a dog shit shitcoin like your curry munching ass keeps pedaling, then yes you need it to look good you brainlet. How do you think Apple was so successful over the years? Because it products were sleek and looked good, but when you have shit smeared all over your hands and face I wouldn't expect you to understand the importance of appearance.

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ok we get it. you can go now

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>Tfw you have to pay for pussy because you only have a 1inch micropenis.

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make up for it with a big kek stack

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Update1.1 confirms the moon mission. WAGMI my fellow KEKS

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>How do you think Apple was so successful over the years?
the herd used it as a social signaling tool
the product is (and always was) inferior

undeducated, low iq consumers fell for false advertisements of prestige just to milk them dry using inferior, cheaper to produce tech that was sold to them at a higher price than alternatives
natural selection


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So then you do understand the importance of a sleek and clean UI and how it is important to drive mass consumer adoption. What UI do you think the average no coiner is going to gravitate towards as Crypto becomes more widely adopted and they start making their way into the cryptosphere? The one with the "more superior product" according to you or the one with the superior product and the cleaner UI?

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thank you for admiting you're shilling a worse-tech product just based on a better UI
you're whats wrong with cryptocurrency

muted, ignored and reported
cope, seethe, dilate, cringe

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Looks like you need go back to remedial english classes ranjeet, I never said it was a worse tech.
You flat out admit the UI is dogshit on whatever it is that youre shilling. I said kek is superior product and UI. Everyone says they have the superior product, that's mostly subjective, what's not subjective is Kek has the better looking UI which has been unanimously agreed upon by everyone here including yourself.

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>12 posts by this id
You must be the chartex developer or a heavy bag holder. Please make your own thread if you like chartex so much, otherwise GTFO. KEK looks better and functions better than any other charting software I've used. They're obviously better developers than whatever shit stain slapped a trading view chart on a page and fed it data. Also, requiring tokens to access basic data is retarded. I'm not buying 2000 of your token to see a chart for bsc. Good luck fag. Cryptokek is coming for you and will succeed in becoming the standard charting and analytics software for all shit coins.

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yeah I think this is a good explanation. Why lock basic things behind a token nobody cares about?

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this. for sure.

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>You flat out admit the UI is dogshit on whatever it is that youre shilling
>I said kek is superior product and UI
disproven by >>30416955
>superior product, that's mostly subjective
no its not
chartex tracks with 10 seconds delay max
kek with 3-4 minutes
its objective, not subjective

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>will succeed in becoming the standard charting and analytics software for all shit coins.
oh wait
i thought we we're comparing leaders in the field
if you're just here to track 'shit coins' then go ahead
my bad bro, smir yourself with shit all you want

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You're now up to 14 posts. Thanks for the bumps. It's almost like you want people to know about kek, but the reality is that you're just a dumb jeet.

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thought you're ignoring me?
you keep bumping the KEK threads, thanks
Shittube video is age restricted, gonna guess its porn and I'm not logging in to watch it
"mah coin has 10 sec delay, yours has 3-4 min delay, these #'s were pulled completely out of my ass, here's a video of some porn to prove it"
Your UI looks like a dog ate some birthday cake and shit it out everywhere, then tried to bury it and sprayed it everywhere in the process.
You're awfully obsessed over Kek and I can't blame you.

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>Shittube video is age restricted
im arguing with kids, what the fuck am i doing with my life

>> No.30421361

Eating curry and shitting in the street?

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>Shittube video is age restricted
>im arguing with kids, what the fuck am i doing with my life
Well what you're not doing with your life is reading, holy shit I am 100% convinced you are a jeet. I'm not going to log into youtube to watch your street shitting videos, without logging into youtube age restricted content is restricted you dumb fucking jeet, that has nothing to do with MY age.

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>that has nothing to do with MY age.
sure man

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This thread is amazing. You know else is amazing? Cryptokek.com

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You shit up our threads every time, Karim. When are you going to take your tradingview import out of our threads.

>> No.30423034

wow this looks so much cleaner than Dext! Good find anon :D

>> No.30423309

check and kekked

>> No.30423382

also kek uses tradingview for that other anon who said this was a tradingview clone lel

>> No.30423392

>literally doomping

>> No.30423631

Nice try not replying to me directly like the cucked faggot you are. The point was clear to anyone with an iq higher than their shoe size, troglodyte. Chartex is SIMPLY a tradingview import. Kek also uses tradingview, so do 99% of all charting apps, the difference ia the additional value, the UI and the ecosystem being created.
How much of a pussy does one have to be to not reply directly to a post that they are referencing? What a faggot.

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>the difference ia the additional value
yeah, like the 5 minute delay that cryptokek has, compared to chartex 10 seconds

>the UI
>and the ecosystem being created
nice vagueposting retard

>> No.30424031

Nice try shartex nobody will use your shit tool

>> No.30424074

knew i should've bought more when it was 0.02

>> No.30424504

Might dump my some of my ex-Rubic bags into this.

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>5min delay
>ui is for niggers
Aesthetics are rooted in the white man's history you fucking mutt. Your shitty website is LITERALLY just tradingview with uniswap pairs.
What is vague about the word ecosystem? There are more services on the way, not just the charting application.
Karim please understand that saying nigger doesn't suddenly make you white. You're not one of us.

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i did too. rbc not doing shit rn

>> No.30424676

I enjoy the CEOs casual racism and it's going to give me some nice ETH to play around with, probably.

>> No.30424811

devs are pretty chill and the community is nice but this isn't a moonshot and the token doesn't actually give you anything yet. I'll buy it when I want to use that chart site specifically and want the subscription

>> No.30425232

I understand the logic however you are intentionally going to buy when the price is already x2 from here? Sounds a bit odd.
Regardless we'll see you then, anon.

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>You're not one of us.
what do you mean by one of 'us'?
chances are youre just a mutt from america

my family's name is part of one of the most important szlachta group in poland, literally european aristoracy reaching the 1400's

no, im not one of you

>> No.30425680

Ahh hes a pole, that explains the dogshit english and terrible taste in aesthetics.
>mah family is aristocracy, we're important in poland

I moved a bunch of RBC over here myself

the goal is to buy before it takes off, not after. and if you have any ideas to increase token utility spit them out in the telegram channel, im sure theyd appreciate it

>> No.30425979

>didnt deny being a mutt

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