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How to make money from play video game?

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- be a whore

If not

-be good looking
-be neurotypical
-have zero inhibition

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sell boosts
I boosted in lol/wow and was making good money during uni

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Stream to chaturbate, have a bot set so every time you die/lose you get anal fucked at 3000rpm by an electronic dragon dildo. Wait for the doge coin tips to roll in.

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there was some project posted on biz a while back with in game items being able to be traded over a blockchain. i forget what it was called but maybe some other anons know what im talking about

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trade crypto, it's a video game

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just remembered. called polyient games ecosystem

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Be good at it

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The good payouts seem to be with govt propaganda partnerships. Maybe play Fortnite with Dr. Fauci or something and shill vaccines.

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be a comedy streamer, do something funny, make it a niche thing
just off the top of my head: you could be the egg guy. Theme your whole channel around eggs. Egg costumes, eating eggs on stream, egg catchphrases. Zoomies love that shit

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You can sell in game items from games like Counter Strike and Dota 2 can't you? I remember back in the day I sold some shitty courier in Dota for 200 bucks lol
Kinda wanna check my steam items now...

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axie infinity
axie infinity
axie infinity

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post yfw kids in the internet pretending to be judges make more than real judges

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That’s disgusting.

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Elaborate. Wth is a boost a nd can this be done on ither games?

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Be female, find a niche filled with thirsty losers that doesn't typically have any females, stream that nice with tight/revealing clothes, acknowledge the losers who do donate, rake it in

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This can be done on any game with a ranking system. You basically grind rank points for people with dunning kreuger. The problem is that you have to be a top level player to actually make any money efficiently. If you are kinda good but not that good you will end up making next to nothing and just hating the game you play.

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Are you a true, biological woman? Stream normie games and seem deeply interested in your chat guests.

Male? Nothing you can do.

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