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dubs have the EOW price

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Fuck off pajeets.

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.011 United States Dollars

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Very good

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12 cents now

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Officially a better investment than rubic. Lol

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It once hit higher you know. Oh wait..

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Post hand with timestamp Rajesh.

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Damn, sold at 9c

Didnt think it would be going up much higher due to all the bagholders from the last run

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0.1194 on ethersan right fucking now bros

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lol you sold on the 3rd time at 10 cents since the big dump. the other two times were bagholders selling with weak hands and day traders. nothing but diamond hands left

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All the bag holders already dumped, this is the 3rd time it tested 10 cents and broke it. We are at 12 cents now.

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Jinx you owe me a slave child

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ASSKO CEO trying his best to explain why they pumped and dumped their own coin. They had to feed families anon

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Im bullish, the slow rolling release killed momentum but once lend is active its gonna rip

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Pic related. Imagine investing in this.

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There’s absolutely nothing wrong with devs using tokens as a salary. You think they work for free? As long as they only take out a moderate salary then nothing is wrong.

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That trashcan CEO was giving AMA on /biz/ on the night of the dump. He unironically just confirmed that they intentionally destroyed their own shitcoin for quick $$$. You can't make up any excuses for this scam.

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Except they didn’t dump during the 40c pump. They sold during the previous 15c pump to secure initial liquidity for lend.

Show proof of the dev wallets dumping during the 40c pump or stfu

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The guy who just dumped his final 400k must not be very ambitious. He bought at 4.5 cents. Selling at 11.8 seems a little early.

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Yes, he should have waited until your pump&dump pajeet group sells its bag. I hope your parents die tomorrow, scum.

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Volume -75% in the past 24 hours. Dead shitcoin and this thread reeks of desperate bagholders.

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It’s cool that you switched to your vpn to avoid the question but can you show the etherscan transactions of the devs dumping during the 40c pump?

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These people make you very mad

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Imagine spending all your time trying to FUD a coin on a crypto board instead of trying to make money

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Pajeet calling a white man a pajeet. Hilarious.

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lol ITT pajeets seething that despite their constant begging nobody buys into their pump and dump

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I bought more at 4c a few days ago lmao idc if you want to ride this gains train or not

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Man I really wonder if you were abused as a child?

Like did your dad ram his hairy cock in your anus when you were 6?

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and its down to 6 cents.. sorry askoniggers, lanky asko had to pay his bills.

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How is this shitcoin still alive after what they did last time...

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Do you even check the price before you say these things, or does your mouth just dribble out the period blood you wish came out of your tranny axe wound?

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i bought asko a bit high and set it to staking so everything going up is just good news for me. If it fails i didnt invest an arm so a smooth ride is all im asking for.

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Smooth ride from 60 cents to 3 cents to 10 cents to 1 cent. You got it! Noway these pajeets would lie to you! Just believe in the team that rugpulled everyone 3 weeks ago!

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Hey hey heyyy!
Hey hey heyyy!

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Broke even and sold. I realize many Anons bought at 10-15 cents + because they fomoed a month ago. Thing is I dont know if I can trust such meme devs, so I'd rather just leave now. Best of luck to all Anons in this investment.

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What do you guys like most about ASKO? Lend, reserve, Dao, launch?

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deez nuts

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I don't get this picture

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Fuckin checked, wgmi boyo

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chekd and staked

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How do I claim my rewards from the cycle that just ended? Why is there no claim button?

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Zoom out for 90 days cycle pajeet. Nobody is buying this rug pull.

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Thanks, I did and it looks even more bullish

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I think you have to wait and then hit claim button

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Wait till the next cycle starts? Thanks anon. And also I tried clicking register for the next cycle, but nothing seems to have happened. Do you know what the register button is about?

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Register works when you click it, check your wallet on ethscan it should go from pending to complete. Thats when you know its registered.

I know the site is a bit non intuitive but the tech is there and it will only get better from here.

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Nice try pajeet. Anyone who buys an ifamous rugpull like this is never going to make it.

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You really don't know how to read a chart do you?

That's a bullflag.

Also it's not going to 2c anytime soon so buckle up trannyposter, you're wasting your energy. I suggest buying in now and checking in 12 months where you are. 10c is pretty affordable imo.

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>linear scale

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Did you seriously just fucking remove prices on the left and photshopped this image? I hope your parents die tomorrow, scum.

Anon, these fucking scammers treat you like literal cattle. They were expecting nobody would expect that they fucking cut half of that chart. Pathetic.

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take your meds

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>posts carefully cropped linear chart

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you first schizo trannyposter
no normal person would save that manny tranny pics on their computer, it looks unhealthy

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Explain this then. I sincerely hope your slut mother dies tomorrow.

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Keep bumping our threads.

Thanks anon

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I sage all my posts. Its just a new low even for faggots like you photoshop charts. Im not surprised that you expect the target audience for your scam to not check the price chart. Although I agree only literal retard would buy this trash.

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Wow its almost half way to where I sold

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Yeah be silent faggot. Fucking photoshopping charts to hide that their shitcoin is a fucking rugpull scam.

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Meds. Take them.

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lol good eye anon

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Best place to buy asko?

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You just need to set up a Metamask wallet. Download the Metamask plugin for chrome and then go to Uniswap. Click link wallet and login to metamask wallet and it will be linked. Put ETH in your Metamask wallet and choose your desired currency to trade for and you are good. Once the trade goes through, you will have the coins in your wallet but will be unable to see them. You need to click "add token->custom token" and then enter the specific contract ID for your coin (ASKO for instance is 0xeeee2a622330e6d2036691e983dee87330588603) and then you will be able to see them in your wallet. To sell them, you just flip the transaction on Uniswap. You will need extra ETH to pay gas prices for the transaction to process when buying.

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Lol You are such a retard.

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The only one who posted an edited chart was you, nigger. The other anon posted a 90 day log chart and it's bullish as fuck

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Were you sexually abused as a child?

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