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>not buying BAT under $1

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I know something you dont know :^)

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BATbros its not time yet I need to get up to 100k so I can buy goth gf

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You had so much time.

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Have you taken your Bat-pills, Anon?

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pls wait im sorry im late

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cringe. replied to own post. you have permission to go to space without me now. driving to home depot for rope

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Fuck shes cute. Even cuter shes wearing a motorsport shirt.

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Are we expecting any announcements this week? I get hard watching the spikes

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wow what are the odds you guys all got the same ID? this is exceptionally bullish for BAT. buying 100k.

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cmon now Anon

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I will never invest in BAT because I fucking hate ads. ublock on every device and premium service to skip ads if available. Suggested advertisement is the new indoctrination, just like TV commercials which is why I never watch TV

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this is FUD you posted the exact same thing in the other thread

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sorry im new :D

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>buying a useless token just to make the devs rich
Tell me, why can't Brave just use literally any other token? Paying users for watching ads could easily be done via stablecoins, and advertisers would probably prefer that.

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if you buy now while its still under a dollar, it'll make YOU rich.

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Brave literally can't support Trezors anymore.
Opera is a better browser.

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Why not just use Brave and opt out of ads? You can invest in BAT and make money from normies and the people in these threads that are complaining that they can't see ads, while still using a fast and actually secure browser

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