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is this pump sustainable? how hard will it correct?

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Link fud gets funnier everytime

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>*inhales while weezing loudy
>f-f-fuck off link marine
>*exhales and gurgles simultaneously
>the only one here a-a-aquiring g-generational wealth is me
>sharts while not wearing pants
>s-see ya friday!

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I swear to god the link memes have always been the highest quality and highest effort memes since 2017. Hadn’t seen this one before but it’s fucking kino

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Holy kek

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What pump?

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Its happening tonight

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That chart looks bullish as hell you turd

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We are the laughing stock of this board

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i wonder what sergey thinks of this shit

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why do you think he doesnt care about investors lol?

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what the fuck is going on here. stop discussing this trash, im tired with your zero trade and fake bullish. your spaceships are shit. is that so fucking difficult to invest in smth good kek???buy phore token, have the graphene airdrop and stop being so dumb

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>they're making fun of me again

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he doesnt care, he dumps multi-million dollar bags on the weekly and you link faggots eat it right up lmao.

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didn't read
still dumping

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Take your meds

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Sounds a bit much man, better sell before we see a -75% crash tonight

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Nobody steps on a church in my town!

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It will hit 30-31 again and then there will be another big btc dump
I have called this like 4-5 times. Screencap this.

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I can't stand obese people. They're lazy and eat trash.

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im checking order book on binance and someone is buying a lot of link. there was a 50k link order that filled and now theres another one.

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