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Toad.Network is unironically the next 100-1000x
Current marketcap is <250k
200k total supply (not inflationary)
Unique new farming concept, LP farming. In the LP farm you earn TOAD-BNB (not just TOAD). The pool has a 10% burn in/out to incentivize and decentralize the liquidity and make it rug proof. It also gives more rewards to stakers every time that someone enters/exits the pool.
Coingecko coming any day
BUSD and BNB staking pools coming this month
Meme contest just started, first set of NFTs coming soon (1st,2nd,3rd place in the contest will be the first 3 toad network NFTs)
Dev is based and works pretty much 24/7
CEX Exchange listing next coming next month
Savings accounts and game built with token coming in the future
Two new farming pools coming this month



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